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Competent Cleaners

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Contact: 0800 915 4280 / Specialists in carpet and furniture cleaning

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    1 Review
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      08.09.2011 22:08
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      Not to be trusted - especially when things go wrong.

      This is a brief review about how our £2000 settee was ruined by a cowboy carpet cleaning firm called Competent Cleaners. It's some time ago now, last year in fact, that we had our three piece suite cleaned by this firm. At the time of writing we still haven't had one penny in refund nor in compensation. Competent Cleaners are a cleaning firm that operate mainly in the North West region of England so this review is really a warning for people in that area.

      We decided to have our carpets and three piece suite cleaned just before Christmas 2010. Competent Cleaners were chosen at random in our local Yellow pages. The total cost of having our two living room carpets, two armchairs and settee cleaned came to just under £200.

      As I recall, the cleaning took roughly 2 hours to complete on a cold blustery day. I remember it being cold because we had to leave the front door open whilst the cleaning was done. This was to allow a huge tube like thing into the house. It was through this that the cleaning fluid for the carpets would travel from the firm's van parked in our driveway. The initial cleaning operation went reasonably smoothly and was conducted by a single employee who was friendly and polite whilst conducting his work. After the cleaning there followed an approximate six hour wait for settee and two arm chairs to dry off. The wait for the carpets to fully dry was about 24 hours. I should point out here that before the cleaning of the three piece suite no spot test was carried out on the material. I was aware of this but I assumed that the cleaner was experienced and new what he was doing. Initially the only downside was the slight pong from the carpets that lasted until they were fully dried out.

      It wasn't until the next day when the three piece suite was dry that we noticed the cleaning had not been totally effective. The carpets looked fine but there appeared to be light and dark patches of material, mainly around the head rest areas and other areas on the backs of the settee and both armchairs. Some of these areas were still soiled but some appeared to have faded slightly. We called out the cleaner again to have a look. He arrived about a week or so later and agreed with us that the material had not cleaned properly. So he went out to his van and brought back a new 'special' cleaning formula. He applied this to the areas in question and informed us that this should do the trick. Again no spot check was done, but we were promised everything would be fine. The next day however, the faded patches of material looked even worse, especially in the sunny light of day. Our £2000 three piece suite was completely ruined.

      So we rang the firm and made our complaints. The poor cleaning guy came out again (I did feel sorry for him) and later we were visited by two of the firms 'experts' to make an assessment - I think one of them was the boss. I can't remember how long it was before they sent a letter of apology - although it wasn't really an apology because they denied all negligence and said that the patches had come about because the dye in the material had reacted with the dried perspiration from our bodies. Their 'special' cleaning fluid apparently had nothing to do with the damage. They told us that the damage was unfortunates and that they were sorry, in other words goodbye we're not offering you any refund never mind compensation. I simply couldn't believe that they didn't offer any refund whatsoever.

      In order to cut a long story short.... eventually, after many letters demanding compensation and threatening legal action and many delays on their part we were offered payment to get the suite recovered - something we never really wanted to do because we loved the old material on our suite, but this was no longer available. We were tired of the turmoil that this firm was causing our family - one of our family members has been in and out of hospital during this period and we could have done without all the extra stress and time wasted writing letters and making phone calls. We finally had the suite recovered a few weeks months ago. But Competent Cowboys... er.. I mean Competent Cleaners have still not paid us any money for having the suite recovered. When we last called we were told that the boss was on holiday.

      Update: a cheque was received day after this review was first published. After almost a year of wrangle we've finally got something sorted out. Given this experience I would strongly advise everyone to avoid this firm. Given the first letter we received and the way they treated us in general, they clearly don't care about their customers nor their furniture.


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