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Jumppin Jacks Funhouse

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    1 Review
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      27.11.2013 12:50
      Very helpful



      A fun place for children

      A while ago I heard a few people I know with children talking about Jumppin Jacks Funhouse in the local town of Mildenhall in Suffolk, after doing a bit of research into what it was exactly I decided that Jayden would love it , since then we have been several times and every time Jayden has really enjoyed himself.  

      What is Jumppin Jacks
      Jumppin Jacks in Mildenhall Suffolk is a 3 tier adventure play centre, it is built in a large warehouse near to the Mildenhall base.  This play centre is designed for children aged from 0 to 10 years old with something suitable for everyone.  Jumppin Jacks allows your child to run around having fun and getting exercise in a safe and secure environment, it also allows them to play and interact with other children.  

      The Play Area
      Jumppin Jacks Funhouse as I have mentioned is spread over 3 tiers and consists of rope bridges, swing rings, tunnels, walls to climb, a tube slide, rope swings and a 4 lane larger slide among a range of other pieces of equipment.

       There is also a an area containing a football goal and basket ball ring.  All areas are surrounded by extremely strong brightly colour netting to keep everyone safe and to prevent falls and injuries, all areas are also extremely well padded again to prevent injury.

       Shoes are not allowed when on the equipment but all children must wear socks, I did think this would cause problems in that you would slip over on the soft padded flooring, however whatever the material the floor is covered in is non slip even when wearing socks so you do not need to worry about your child slipping due to their socks.  

      The play area is not actually supervised by members of staff (although there are members of staff present) all parents are responsible for their own children, children are free to go off alone around the play centre however parents are also more than welcome to go around with their children, this is definitely advisable with younger children, Jayden is just over 18 months old and we allow him to go around all areas including the highest parts but someone is with him at all times to help him and make sure he is safe, every time we have been to Jumppin Jacks there is always a large amount of parents going around the play equipment with their children.  
      All areas of the equipment are easily accessible should you need to get to your child quickly or assist them.

       Right at the top of the play area is the start of the 4 lane slide, this goes from the top of the play area right to the bottom, and again is suitable for both children and adults, Jayden also goes down the slide but again is accompanied by either me or my Husband or even both on occasions where we sit him between us and hold a hand each and all go down together, the other slide is a fully enclosed tube slide in the shape of a snake, personally I have not been down this as I'm not keen on this sort of slide, however my Husband has who is over 6 ft and he easily fitted down it with Jayden so again this is suitable for both children and adults so you can accompany your child.  
      As well as the main play area there is also an area which is for under 3's, this is on one level and is a cordoned off area with a high fence around it and a large door with a handle high up so that the children cannot get in or out without help.

       This area has a soft foam floor and is full of large foam shapes and dice, a foam ball pit and little sit on rockers, all of this equipment is suitable for really young children and is even suitable for non walkers, when we have been in there there have been some children who are a few months old and just sitting up in this area.  Jayden does enjoy this area and will send time in there moving the blocks around, building with them and playing in the ball pit, although he's not overly keen on the rockers, although he does go in this area and enjoy it he does prefer the main play area as there is much more for him to do and he enjoys all the climbing.  

      The under 3's area is suitable for both children and adults making it ideal if you have older children and a baby, they can still join in while the older children play in the main play area, the under 3 area is located right next to the seating area.
      Running along the side of both play areas is a carpet area designed to look like a road, there are little push along cars available that your children can play in, there are only about 2 or 3 of these available which is not that many particularly during busy times, however although Jayden has had a go in these he would rather play in the play area than with these. 

      The Cafe Area
      Situated right next to the play area is the cafe, this is basic but perfectly suitable for what is needed and is always spotlessly clean despite constant use and the fact that it is often busy.

       The majority of the cafe area is taken up with tables with an average of 4 chairs around them, and there are also high chairs available if needed, the tables are of a good size giving you plenty of space to eat and keep your belongings, the chairs can be moved should you need more chairs around your table.

       Situated just as you come in is a long counter where all the food is ordered, there is a range of food available and what I like about it is that it is not all junk food.  There are a range of snacks available including fresh cakes and biscuits, but if you want something a bit more substantial this is available as well, children's lunch boxes are available including a sandwich (choice of filling) yoghurt, crisps, a drink and a treat, beans or spaghetti on toast are also available, you can purchase a range of sandwiches and baguettes all freshly made, along with toasted sandwiches or jacket potatoes, the prices are extremely reasonable with the most expensive item being £3.95.  

      You can purchase a range of hot and cold drinks from the cafe area including fizzy drinks, milkshakes, squash and flavoured water as well as teas, coffees, hot chocolates and others, again all drinks are very reasonably priced with the most expensive costing £2.00.  I was pleased when I saw the menu  as it makes a change for somewhere aimed at children not to mainly supply junk food, junk food is available but healthy options are as well.  

      The Facilities
      The whole area is extremely well maintained and spotlessly clean, there are plenty of rubbish bins around and all the table are regularly wiped down after use and any cups and plates cleared away.  

      The toilets again are extremely clean, they are not fancy but again everything you need is available.  There is a baby changing room which is also a disabled toilet, we have had to use this when we have been with Jayden and was more than happy to change Jayden's nappy in here, the changing board was clean as was the rest of the room, I did not have to worry about what I was laying him in or what we might be touching everything was fully cleaned.  

      You can also have your child's birthday party at Jumppin Jacks, there are a range of packages including
      * Standard party - £7.95 per child (min 10 children, max 18 children)
      * Deluxe Party - £9.95 per child (min 10 children, max 18 children)
      * Toddler Party (under 3's) - £6.50 per child (min 10 children, max 18 children) 
      * Laser Party - £180.00
      With all the packages a range of food is supplied along with unlimited squash to drink.  Whilst we have not attended a party at Jumppin Jacks they have had parties when we have been there, there is a special designated area where the children can eat but the play area is still open to the public, from what I have seen there appears o be plenty of food for all of the children and there is a range of different foods to suit everyone.  

      Prices and Opening Times
      Jumppin Jacks Funhouse is very reasonably priced, 
      * Under 12 months - Free
      * 12 Months to 10 years is £4.00 on week days and £4.50 at weekends.  
      There are discounts for concessions, nannies, schools and play groups, adults get in for free.  Jumppin Jacks is open from 10:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Saturday and 10:00am to 4:00pm on a Sunday, once you have paid to get in you have unlimited time and can spend the day there if you wish, you really get your monies worth.  

      My Opinion
      We have taken Jayden to Jumppin Jacks Funhouse several times now and he loves it, it allows him to run around having fun and playing in a safe environment, it is something a bit different to going to the park and regular activities.  We have to go around with him as he is quite young but we also enjoy it and all the equipment is suited to adults as well allowing you to easily supervise your children.

       All of the equipment is well maintained so you know that your children will be safe.  In my opinion Jumppin Jacks is extremely good value for money and it is an ideal place to take your children for a fun, cheap family day out, we have taken Jayden here both during the week and on a Sunday, during the week it is quite quiet and mainly younger children present, however when we went on a Sunday it was a lot busier with children of all ages, however it was not too crowed and you could still easily move around.  I would definitely recommend Jumppin Jacks and will continue to take Jayden


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