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Odeon Première Clube

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2 Reviews

If you are a frequent movie goer than you need to take advantage of the Première Clube. Choose from three different packages.

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    2 Reviews
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      27.04.2010 02:06
      Very helpful



      Great scheme


      Although I don't go to the Cinema as regularly as some I do take advantage of the Orange Wednesday's offer from time to time and really enjoy going to the cinema. That's why I decided to sign up to the new Première Club from The Odeon. I live in Taunton and my local cinema is an eight screen Odeon which replaced the Small Cinema in the centre of town some years ago. When the scheme came out I was waiting for it to be introduced in my local cinema and when it was I decided to sign up in the Cinema. With a lot of other cinema's having their own schemes it was about time Odeon came up with something for their customers and this is it.

      **Signing Up**

      It's really easy to sign up to this Première Club. All you need to do is ask to sign up in the Cinema when you order your tickets. They will give you a card which you will need to register online. Alternatively you can order your card online. You can choose one of three packages which offer you either The Classic Film Package which offers you 100 points for a one off fee of £1.99 or you can choose the Deluxe Film Package which gives you 500 introductory points for £4.99 and finally if you are a massive film buff and regularly go to the cinema there's an Ultimate Film Package which gives you 1000 points and double points for your first month. This package costs £9.99.

      **How it Works**

      When you are at the counter ordering your tickets just hand over your Première Club Card and you will receive ten points for every £1 you spend. If you are with a group of people it's an idea for them to give you the money for their ticket and for you to use your card for all the tickets. This will top up your points earnings really quickly. Once you have earned enough points you can use the points at the Cinema when you order your tickets or you can also use them when buying food and drinks. Just let them know you want to pay for them using your card. You need to wait a day to use your new points so It would be fine if you watched a film on Orange Wednesday and then watched another at the weekend using your new points.

      Here's what you can look forward to getting with your ODEON Points:

      Small soft drinks (Dispensed drinks only): 300 ODEON Points
      Small sweet or salted popcorn (Loose popcorn only): 400 ODEON Points
      Standard seat ticket: 800 ODEON Points
      Premier seat ticket: 1000 ODEON Points
      Gallery seat ticket: 1500 ODEON Points
      3D add an additional 300 ODEON Points per ticket to the relevant ticket values above.
      IMAX add an additional 300 ODEON Points per ticket to the relevant ticket values above.
      IMAX 3D add an additional 600 ODEON Points per ticket to the relevant ticket values above.


      You can keep up to date with your Here's what you can look forward to getting with your Odeon Points on the Website. Once you have logged in you can view your transaction History and change your details if you have moved house or have changed email address etc. When you are logged into your account you will be able to see how many points you have. This is very useful if you are planning to use some towards a film. I have 830 Odeon Points at the moment so I will be able to use them for a ticket if I so choose.

      With your online account you can also save your preferences like your favourite film genres and also you can see any film you have rated and any film tickets you have booked online. This gives you another great informative part of the Club and allows you to keep track of your purchasing history As you wouldn't want to book a film in advance and then forget about having purchased the tickets for a particular night and then realise it's too late. I think this is a very useful addition.


      This is a really handy card and one I would recommend to anyone who has a participating Odeon Cinema near them, You can see all the participating Cinema's on the website and as more and more are starting the scheme I'm sure you won't be too far from one. This is a must for anyone who goes to an Odeon regularly. If you watch films quite regularly it will soon pay off for you. This is a really good Card to have. If you have one then tell your friends and family about it.


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        09.03.2010 19:46
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Try it!

        When I recently went to the cinema (Odeon) I was told about their new reward card known as Odeon Premiere Club. I personally feel that they should have done this years ago, but anyway it's here now so that's what matters!

        Obviously the more times you visit the cinema the more points you get, you can also use your card if you buy tickets off the website, which is something I do frequently when going to see a film on a Wednesday or Friday night.

        You get ten points for every pound you spend. As films are around £7 to see these days that's 70 points (I know I am a maths genius). But it's all very well collecting points, so what about spending them you ask....well that's simple! You can spend your points on anything that you're purchase at the cinema, below is a guide:

        Small soft drink = 300 points
        Small sweet or salted popcorn = 400 points
        Standard seat ticket = 800 points
        Premier seat ticket = 1000 points
        Gallery seat ticket = 1500 points
        IMAX & 3D ticket = 1100 points

        One of the problems with the card is that it isn't free. I really hate that about reward cards! You can buy the card for three different prices too, but that means it comes with different amount of points already on it. I just went for the cheapest option at £1.99, where you get 100 free points. There are also options for £4.99 getting 500 points and £9.99 getting 1000 free points and double points for a month.

        You can get the card two ways, either sign up on the website or ask in your local Odeon cinemas and you get the card straight away, you just need to go online and activate your card or fill in your details on the form with the card and send it off in the prepaid envelope. I did it online as it was much easier and less hassle. The website is easy to use and you can track how many points you have on there too.

        Since getting my card I have only seen one film for free, but that is still one film more than I would have seen had there not been a reward card, so thank you Odeon. My advice to all you film lovers would be...sign up now!


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