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Personal Shopping Services

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Any Personal Shopping service ranging from flowers deliverance, filling you fridge, shopping for luxury presents/wedding gifts etc.

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    1 Review
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      10.12.2002 18:18
      Very helpful



      A few years ago the cafe's offering internet access were scarce, now-a-days theses sorts of cafes are offered in practicly all major city centres. In my home city of Leicester there have been 4 recent openings of cafe's offering this kind of service. All of which opened up sometime during this year. Why has such a phenomena caused the opeings of many cafes? Indeed internet access has been around for a long time, but it is only recently that high speed internet access has been made widely available and most importantly cheap. Prcaticly every hospital / library / school / etc. has internet access now. Add to this the prospect of making money by simply sitting on your backside charging people to use the service at outrageous prices gives you your answer of why so many cafes have opened up so quickly. The prices can be often generous but are usually hideous. Take for example my home city, again, one shop charges 50p per hour to another nearer the city centre at £1.50 an hour, triple the price. Not to mention the central library which offers the service, free. This doesnt mean that such cafes are unpopular, in fact they are quite the opposite often full to capacity even off peak times. So what makes such places popular, its definately not the price, ouch! People are probably willing to pay for the conveniance such a service offers. Often the more you pay, the higher spec the PC's will be. Often in some places the functionality of CD-burning and web-cam is included for use. Many places also have the facility of being able to become a member. For a one off fee, this usually allows access at a lower price of about £1 an hour. Many, cafes also are a sub-let of a much larger business. Take for instance Cybercuts in leicester city centre. One is able to have a hair cut and also surf the net in the same building! This is quite clever as one, sitting around waiting for a haircut could be easily swayed into surfing whilst they wait. In the n
      ew age, where business executives dominate, mobile telecommunications are almost household and digital technologies boom, this sort of business is almost certainly be expected, but shoud a person be enticed to visit such places? In a simple answer, it depends on the nature of your charachter, like computers? At least try it out, then. Run for a mile at the very thought of the existence of computers, its time to wake up. Basically if you are not going to visit cyber cafes now, you almost certainly will do so in the future. Prices are getting cheaper all the time, and computers are becoming more influential to everyday people. Already such cafes offer the prospect of online gaming. Instead of visiting a snooker bar, for the same price a group of 4 could be blowing up individuals on a truly global scale, or team up, to take on the world. Cyber cafes are a must for every community, to those who won't go near a computer, i think you should, theres going to be no avoiding them in the future, and thats not nessecarily a bad thing. Todays' cafes are pretty good and deserve a rating of 7/10.


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