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The Handy THLS-B

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1 Review
  • Its like having your own lumberjack.
  • Easy to use
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    1 Review
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      04.03.2015 11:32
      Very helpful


      • "Its like having your own lumberjack."
      • "Easy to use"


      Top chopper

      The last time I operated a Chopper was when I rode my brother's iconic bicycle of the same name, disproving his opinion that his bike was 'not made for girls'. The Handy THLS-B log splitter disproves my mother's belief that splitting wood is 'a man's job'.

      The only concession I will make to being a 'girl' is that this review will disappoint anyone looking for a highly technical assessment of the Handy log splitter. I don't worry my pretty little head with such difficult stuff. For me, if the tool gets the job done with the minimum palaver to the operator then it's a good tool..... And this one is a very good tool.

      Essentially, it is a waist high platform with a sharp wedge point at one end and a motorised plunger at the other. The plunger slowly forces the log onto the wedge until it splits. Job done.

      The great thing about it is that you can work confortably, standing up, and the wheeled platform can me moved to wherever it is convenient whilst the 50kg weight gives it a reassuring stability whilst operating. The only real physical effort in using the splitter is lifting the logs or cordwood onto the platform. It will happily accommodate logs up to 21 inches long.

      The only issue is with particularly knotty logs, you may need to resposition the log on the platform a couple of times to find the weakest point for splitting. The more resistant logs also have a tendency to split with enough force to fly a good couple of metres away from the splitter.... Keep children, animals, greenhouses and windows well away from the equipment.

      I can easily split a square metre of wood in less than an hour and I wouldn't swap this piece of kit for anything.... Unless maybe a sturdy lumberjack in a checked shirt.


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  • Product Details

    "The Handy Log Splitter is now also available with a stand making for more comfortable operation. No more bending or crouching down to split each log - the easy to assemble sturdy steel frame enables you to work at waist height making the job so much easier and more enjoyable! The transport wheels also enable you to manoeuvre the machine to your place of work safely and easily. Supplied here with the 6 ton horizontal Handy log splitter which is powered by a 2200 Watt motor and can take logs measuring 520 mm (21"") long and between 50-250 mm (2-10"") wide. Designed for domestic use, the Handy Log Splitter with Stand comes with a 3 m cable and weighs 50 kg. 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER'S WARRANTY ON HANDY LOG SPLITTERS."

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