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(Beverley) Beverley and East Yorkshire Advertiser

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Local paper delivered every Friday to houses in Beverley.

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    1 Review
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      07.05.2001 03:16
      Very helpful



      The Beverley Advertiser, as you have probably realised, is a local newspaper, that circulates around the Beverley area. Its official name is “Beverley and East Yorkshire Advertiser” although it is commonly known by the name I gave at first. The Beverley Advertiser is part of a series (as they put it) of local newspapers published by the Hull Daily Mail, which is a bigger, regional paper. Each Town in the area, has it’s own paper, for example “The Driffeild Advertiser” or “The Hornsea Advertiser”. The papers in Beverley, are delivered every Friday (although my paper does often arrive on my doormat on a Saturday Morning), and are free. Otherwise, The Advertiser can be bought for the expensive price of 5 pence, from local newsagents or the Beverley branch of the Hull Daily Mail offices, in North Bar Within, Beverley. Apart from giving local news (which as you can probably guess is basically lots of photographs of local kids visiting places such as bakeries with their nurseries etc), the main use of the advertiser, is for people, and local businesses to advertise. There are around 52 pages in each issue of the paper, and the front page is made up of one colour photograph and a bit of text saying “Go to page so-and-so”, and around 10 adverts, all from local shops such as “Togs” (a local children’s clothing shop) and “Victoria Fisheries” (as you can probably guess – a fish and chip shop). In a place like Beverley, the best place to advertise would have to be on the front of this paper, as many people do see the advert, whether or not they actually read the newspaper. The next few pages are mainly made up of local news stories, and again many more adverts. Then, there’s “Memory Lane”, which is a regular feature of the Beverley Advertiser. This section is for people to send in photographs, mainly of Beverley past, or photo
      graphs of people. Whilst living in Beverley, and reading the paper, I have noticed that most of the photos sent in, are school photographs, or places such as pubs. Some people send photos in for no particular reason than showing people what Beverley was like in the past, though some people do send them in to get in touch with old friends or relatives. I suppose that in a way, Memory lane can be quite helpful, especially is you yourself want to know who a certain person is, on the issue I am now looking at, there is a photograph sent in by someone wanting to know who that person is, and any information about them, because he is something to do with their family tree. Near the Memory Lane section, there is a part of the newspaper that shows the up and coming events of the town. I suspect that most local papers like the Advertiser have this sort of section. People, or groups write or send an email to the Hull Daily Mail, giving information, such as “Save the children stall on Saturday Market”. This section is mainly advertising charity events or things such as school or church fetes. There are also some sports clubs, such as The Beverley Golf Club, that writes in regularly. I’m not that sure if many people take much notice of this slot, for one because it is tucked away in a corner and not very obvious. Some must do though, otherwise no-one would know who or what to write in to, to advertise their event. Another regular section, is “The Beverley Bar”, which is a tiny little section written by Tony Fairhurst (I’ll have to say here he’s not a famous journalist or anything spectacular, so don’t worry if you’ve never heard of him!). As most columns in The Advertiser, it isn’t fantastic, though it does give some strong views of the local people. The next big section of the paper is the one that advertises pubs. There’s a big article (most probably the longest in the whole of the pa
      per), which tells the reader about the pub that the writer thinks is best, mentioning things such as pub lunches and quiz nights. Underneath this article, there are usually lots of adverts from local pubs, which are mainly in Kingston – Upon – Hull or in the surrounding villages of Beverley, such as Walkington, Roos and North Dalton. To me, this section isn’t really much use, for one, because I don’t visit pubs all that often, and also because Beverley is the town that the Advertiser is based in, and there are few pubs given for this Town. People consider the best part of the Advertiser to be Ernie Teal’s column, which is called “Ernie Teal’s Country Diary”. As you can probably guess from the title, it is really about the countryside of the district. Some people say it is so good because he is a great writer, but with respect to Mr. Teal, I do not think he is so. Others say it is because he is a local, having lived in Walkington (which is a few miles away from Beverley) all his life, and that he knows the area so well, and everything going on there. I think the second explanation for the reason why people like him so much is more likely. The property guides and classifieds are basically a smaller version of the ones given in the Hull Daily Mail. They are really what you would expect from a local paper. The Classifieds are in 16 sections, ranging from weddings to computing. There are also a few jobs always listed, which can be very useful. I have never personally bought anything from one of these adverts, though I know people who have sold things through this, and have said it works very well, as people take more notice than selling things using posters in shop windows etc. The Sports page on the back mainly covers children’s’ teams and matches, and things such as the Beverley Athletic Club’s meets. It also gives a bit of information on contacting some teams, though not real
      ly a wide variety. In conclusion, I would have to say that the Beverley Advertiser is quite a good paper, mainly because of the information it holds. I suppose that it is quite good for publicity reasons, such as big events like The Walkington/Beverley Hayride, which is a huge local event. I do have a few complaints about the Advertiser, the first being that it’s layout is awful, and it is often extremely hard to find things. The second is that it can at times be a bit biased. But to be honest, I can’t really complain to much, as it is delivered free, and I personally wouldn’t miss it if it didn’t come. Noodle.gorillaz2001©


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