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(Dungannon) Tyrone Courier

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2014 21:27



      A great way to find out the news in Tyrone

      The Tyrone Courier is the local newspaper for Dungannon and the surrounding areas.

      At £1.20 it has risen in price in recent years and it is now published late on Monday evening/Tuesday each week.

      Personally, for me the Tyrone Courier is something of a ritual. I buy it each and every week without fail, and if for some reason I haven't bought it, I must borrow a copy from a family member.

      You see, I'm afraid that I'll miss some piece of vital news!

      The Tyrone Courier keeps us all up to date with all the goings on in and around the borough, from politics, charity events, births, deaths and marriages. It also covers all the local sporting events which takes up a considerable amount of space at the back of the newspaper itself.

      The public notices section and job section are always the most popular parts of the Courier, together with the classified ads.

      All in all, the Tyrone Courier is somewhat of a tradition in our home that will always have its place!


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      24.03.2010 16:06
      Very helpful



      Local newspaper that remains very popular

      I found it quite a surprise to see the Tyrone Courier on Dooyoo, it's the local paper where I live and I certainly didn't expect to see it on here, but that said, it is the largest circulation newspaper in county Tyrone so I suppose there are many people out there who do read it.

      Firstly, it is based largely around the Dungannon area. Dungannon is a fairly large town, and the paper is read by those on the outskirts too. The front page is normally about 1/2 advertisements and 1/2 current topical news from the area. Today's Courier's title is "By-Pass for Dungannon" so you get the gist; it's news that local people are concerned about. There is also a picture of two local school children reminding us that the clocks go forward this weekend. It is much tamer than the national tabliods, but in general the articles are well written and very informative.

      I know that a lot of people, like myself, buy this paper to find out what's going on locally. It is especially good for people who have children as there will generally be a small editorial about any events that are going on in the area. It is the primary way that I would find out about the festivals/ fun days that the kids can attend.

      The Courier has photographers out on the road on a daily basis, and when the paper is released on a Wednesday there are loads of pictures to have a nosey at; you can almost guarantee that you will see at least one familiar face in there; school prize givings, sport's dinner dances, Im sure everyone has had their face in there at some stage!

      I am currently job-hunting and the first page I turn to will be the jobfinder. There's not much in the area at the moment as we have been quite badly hit by recession here, but ocassionally there will be a real gem in there, and you know that if they are advertising in the courier that they are probably a local company.

      There are always a few competitons in there, sometimes they have really good prizes but I always forget to fill in the information so it's never going to be me who wins them! All of the local sport is covered in detail and there is a whole section lent to GAA teams to place their weekly notes in.

      All in all, the Tyrone Courier is possibly a bit on the quaint side, there's not much violence and definitely not much sex on the pages, but it is a great publication for the local community to keep in touch with what is going on around them. It costs £1 and you can buy it every Wednesday morning.

      If you live in the area, or are moving into the Dungannon borough it is a must-read (or else you'll not have a clue what's happening here!)


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