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(Glasgow) Sunday Herald

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2001 02:04
      Very helpful



      The Sunday Herald was voted Newspaper of the Year at the Royal Bank/Drum Press Awards 2001 and Sunday Newspaper of the Year Runner Up in the UK Newspaper Awards 2001. So, how good is it? NEWS: lead story 8/4/01: "UN CLAIMS LOCKERBIE TRIAL RIGGED. Court was politically influenced by the US." This 'exclusive' story (which also appeared on 7/4/01 on the BBC news website and also appeared in a rival newspaper) was certainly IMPORTANT; more important than Sophie Wessex who monopolised the more trashy papers. "Kochler's report (Austrian Kochler was UN observer at the trial) said the presence in court of 2 state prosecutors from the US Department of Justice was 'highly problematic.' They were not listed in any of the official documents about the Court's officers yet they were constantly briefing Scottish prosecutors." "Kochler added, 'This created the impression of supervisors handling vital matters of the prosecution strategy and deciding in certain cases which documents were to be released in open court... " 'The trial seen in its entirety was not fair and was not conducted in an objective manner...'" Yes, a GREAT story, and if Kochler is correct, a shocking and worrying story. Does the CIA really have the power to influence our courts? 10/10 to the Sunday Herald for printing the story. Other typical stories: 1. Silicon Glen: Government money is given to companies who set up factories in Scotland; but too often the wealthy companies take the money and, later, run. 2. Depleted Uranium from shells... has found its way into the food chain... 3. UK soldiers 'were nuclear guinea pigs.'...'The Sunday Herald has uncovered evidence... 10/10 for the Sunday Herald. FOREIGN NEWS : typical stories : 1. 15/4/01 Chocolate and child slavery. A bit sooner than some of the other pap
      ers wakened up to this. 2. Israel : 'One of the boys showed me what looked like a slice of salami. It was, in fact, a chunk of his friend Mohammed's skull...' I feel there are gaps - where is the news from South America? Are there enough time charts and maps? Score 8/10 PHOTOS : the photos tend to be bigger than they need to be. 8/4/01: a photo of a scared little Arab boy wetting himself as he is seized by Israelis (Reuters/Hockstein) is effective because the eye can take it all in. But a photo of the boring front of a Compaq factory, taking up half a page, seems a waste of space. I'd rather see more, rather than bigger, photos. Score 7/10 SPORT : a 20 page section, concentrating more on SCOTTISH sport (including climbing) than English sport. The standard of writing is high. Score 8/10 BUSINESS: 20 plus pages look a lot; but some of the space is taken up with job adverts. the emphasis is on Scottish companies. This section is probably not as good as the business section in the Telegraph; and Scots probably have more of their money in London rather than Glasgow. Score 7/10 FEATURES: it is difficult to compete with the likes of the Times and Telegraph and Observer; but the Herald does not too badly. the emphasis is on Scottish culture and politics. The photos are, again, too large; the articles tend to be over long; too much waffle; there are too many of the old faces; the politics is too conservative. I'll give you an example of an article I liked - Colin Waters reviewing "The Cold Six Thousand" by James Elroy : "Pete Bondurant...he's drawn into a CIA plot to fund the anti-Castro cause by importing heroin from Vietnam into the States. the plan is to sell it to Vegas Blacks..." Score 7/10 DIRECTORY : films, music...Scottish emphasis...days out in Coatbridge to theatre in Inverness... well written...Perhap
      s the presentation could be brighter. Score 9/10 MAGAZINE: Some reasonably interesting articles and colourful pics, but no great EXCITEMENT. Most magazines fail to be as sharp and stunning as the old Sunday Times magazine several decades ago. And the Herald's TV listings are possibly the worst layed out and the least revealing. Score 7/10 Worth buying? Yes, particularly if you want Scottish news and features.


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