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Dance Music and Club Culture weekly magazine.

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2001 19:11
      Very helpful



      In the middle of last week I received an interesting looking letter trough the door. You know, not the usual bill-type window envelope or emblazoned-in-advertising junk mail but a plain brown A4 one! Interesting, I though as I tore it open. And indeed interesting it was as a magazine fell out. Strange I now though but on closer inspection of the accompanying letter I discovered that I had been sent a free copy of 7 magazine from filling in the insert in the groove Armada 'Back to Mine' CD I had just bought. Jolly nice of them I thought so I sat down for a quick browse. The front cover drew me in straight away. '7 dancemeusic.clubs.weekly' the title proclaimed, and adorned with a picture of Roger Sanchez looking his usual tasty self. (My copy was Issue 107: July 4 2001) I am a bit of a Ministry magazine stalwart and this seemed to be right up my alley so to speak. It was good marketing on someone's part! On a brief flick through looking at the pictures I noticed that for a thin magazine (68 pages to be precise) it was jam packed full of interesting looking articles. I decided I had better start at the beginning! Back to the front cover again and I noticed the magazine costs 1.50 and as it's strap line suggests is published on a weekly basis by DMC Publishing, hence the connection with the Back To Mine CDs. The paper quality and print of the magazine is of a higher standard than a usual weekly magazine and more like a monthly glossy. I was really beginning to fall head over heels with this one! First up is the contents page. It doesn't really make clear what sections are regular parts of the magazine, but this issue was adorned with a guy on a space hopper which tickled me enough to let the minor niggle go this time. Straight into the News section and predictably for this time of year, there is a double page spread on Ibiza 2001. I almost skipped this until I noticed the sub-headline 'get ready for the biggest
      shake up of the island's clublife since Brandon Block gave up drugs'. The article itself details the way the police in Ibiza are cracking down on the drug trade. It is written in an informative way that is neither rebellious nor conformist as far as the drug issue is concerned. This style seems to follow throughout the magazine. It gives you the facts and then lets you make your own mind up. I always appreciate a writer than can tackle the subject of drugs in this way. It is an inherent part of club culture and can't be ignored but in the same respect probably shouldn't be promoted either. Continuing on the drugs theme for now, the next News article is about an Ecstasy amnesty. In short the police have offered a nationwide amnesty to anyone who has bought pills and not taken them yet, following a serious of critical conditions and two deaths believed to be cause by a contaminated batch of 'crown' E's. This article is probably one of the most useful I have seen concerning the danger of drugs and is also informative by detailing the problems and showing pictures of the pills for easy recognition. This bit of news could save lives, it's as simple as that. Breaking away from this seriousness, the remainder of the music news is more what you would expect, namely new releases, club nights, band news and live dates. The competitions page offers three prize draws to win Cycosmos bags, Tommy Boy VIP Tour tickets and 7 Live CDs. One of the things I liked about this was you can enter by post or by email. It beats the usual scam of having to call premium rate numbers and stay on the line for a while, thus covering the cost of the prizes! The next section of the magazine is the major features, and there are an unbelievably large amount of them! It kicks off with an article about the club scene in Catalonia. Again, it is well written and informative down to the point that it even says which flights the reporter
      caught, how much they cost and where he booked them! The amount of detail crammed into the feature is incredible and accompanied by illustrative photographs rather than random club shots! Other features include a review on Jam in the Park, Gods Kitchen charity event, Manumission and of course the cover story interview with roger Sanchez. One small article that really caught my attention is called 'fad'. Anyone who is a fan of Chris Moyles' 'The Not' section of his show will appreciate this as it's a set of completely made up stories and advertisements. It's always nice to get a bit of humour into a magazine and this section does it perfectly! The next section is the club reviews for the week. This is basically a set of listings telling you what is going on where, who is there, how much it costs and whether it's worth going. I am a huge fan of Ministry's listings pages so I didn't think I would like this section but it proved me wrong! The section is in fairly small print and has no pictures, but it is organised well making it easy to find what you are looking for. One advantage is has is in being a weekly publication as the listings are a little more up to date and accurate than those of its monthly counterparts. Predictably following the club listings is the music review section.. Claiming to be 'The world's only definitive weekly dance music reviews' the section lives up well to expectations. The releases are categorised on a scale (of clubbers!) between 1 and 7 indicating their overall score. 7 has an impressive list of 43 reviewers including top name DJs, band members, producers and people who simply 'like red and blue crystals'. Spreading over 11 pages, this section is very well categorised and is frank, honest and objective in the reviews. Finally follows a charts section (top 10/20 of various dance charts), then the ever-present classifieds (well they have to make
      their money somehow). Upon reaching the end of the magazine I noticed that the advertising throughout had been very relevant and unobtrusive, plus there wasn't too much of it, which was nice! As the website says, 7 is available at WH Smiths, HMV, Virgin and all good newsagents and record stores. The subscriptions page offers a coupon to hand into your newsagent. You can also subscribe from filling in the form on the page or visiting their website at www.dmcworld.com. A single magazine costs £1.50 and the subscriptions are £20, £36 or £68 for 3 months, 6 months or one year respectively. This is quite a saving if you go for the year's subscription. Also, if you subscribe you receive a free Renaissance double CD mixed by Dave Seaman. As a bonus, the letter that accompanied by free copy offered subscriptions at a reduced rate of £13, £26 or £50 (3 months, 6 months or one year) which is even better value! My advice to you is get filling in those reply cards in your CDs! Overall I think this is a brilliant magazine. I suppose my only mild criticism would be the strong language, which doesn't offend me personally but may upset some. Parent in particular probably wouldn't want their children reading this but in the magazine's defence - clubbing is intended for over 18s, and minors really have no business reading this! (Now before you all jump on me, yes I was clubbing at 15 too!) I am not sure that I personally would benefit from having a weekly music magazine as it take's me the best part of the month to find time to read Ministry! However, if that is what you are looking for then this certainly is fantastic value! *** Update *** It just gets better! I entered a competition on the website to win a copy of the Live 7 Volume 4 CD mixed by Jazzy M, and I got an email this morning telling me I have won! I like this magazine even more now!...;)


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