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    2 Reviews
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      19.01.2013 12:53
      Very helpful



      A magazine that covers everything you could want to know about the world of commercial aviation

      Here are several things that people have said to me when I uttered the words 'I am reading Airliner World':

      'Wow that sounds dull, you need to get out more' I couldn't agree more, with the latter part of the sentence but fortunately I don't agree with the first bit! I can absolutely see why people have this impression, they see the title and assume that it is targeted at massively over-enthusiastic people who spend their lives plane spotting. However, believe it or believe it not, Airliner World is as much for enthusiasts as it is for normal people with only minimal knowledge of the industry. I particularly love the fact that the language is consistently simple and the topics are maintained at quite a general level, meaning that it has a superb balance of historical based articles as well as industry news. It is so easy to judge a book by its cover these days but I thoroughly believe this magazine has a wide appeal.

      'Isn't there only a limited amount that can be written about aircraft and airlines' Well I am delighted to be able to report that the editors and article writers at Airliner World seem to be able to find interesting topics to read every month, for instance the December issue featured articles such as the development of 'Easyjet - the carrier that Stelios built' and also a superb three page spread all about the end of the Scilly helicopter service. However this is not a gossip type magazine, you are highly unlikely to find word searches or raunchy pictures (the closest you will get to stripping is a few aircraft having new paint jobs!!). If you like a visually appealing magazine that covers a very wide range of content from within the industry then this may be the magazine for you.

      'I can't imagine many people are interested in Airliner World' The figures are surprising. The readership is 32,000 people globally and at a time of economic recession and a lot of tightening budgets in aviation, the magazine has developed a solid base of support, indeed it is now the magazine of choice for pilots, cabin crew and enthusiasts in over 100 different countries. If you do the maths the financial figures really do speak for themselves (nb. These are only estimates and I have worked them out in order to give people some idea of the circulation of the magazine, I am not claiming them to be perfectly accurate.):

      Each issue costs £4-50 in the shops in the UK or Euro5-40 or $7-20.
      Subscriptions are £41-00 for one year or £74-00 for two years.

      Say: 20% of sales are £4-50 (20% of 32,000 is 6,400)
      Say: 60% of sales are 1 year subscriptions so £3-40 per issue (60% of 32,000 is 19,200)
      Say: 20% of sales are 2 year subscriptions so £3-10 per issue (20% of 32,000 is 6,400)
      Meaning therefore (6,400 x 4-50) + (19,200 x 3-40) + (6,400 x 3-10) = £113,920

      The Cost Of Airliner World

      When bought off the shelves the magazine is certainly not at the cheap end of the market, it will set you back £4-50 for the monthly edition. I agree that this is a lot of money for a magazine but it can also be deceptive, for instance the magazine 'The Week' costs £2-90 per issue, so assuming that there are four publications in one month that means a total monthly cost of £11-60 which is two and a half times the cost of Airliner World over the month as a whole. With regard to subscriptions you have the choice of a one year or a two year subscription, I would personally always opt for the one year subscription because the difference in cost per issue is only about 30p compared with the two-year subscription. The two-year subscription is aimed at aviation industry staff such as pilots and cabin crew who will be working in the industry for their careers. The only benefits that a subscription brings is that you will get your issue before they are put on general sale which is good but not all that necessary in my opinion. I would love to see more offers associated with subscriptions because I think that this has the potential to encourage more people to take the plunge, perhaps something like the opportunity to claim cheaper tickets to the Farnborough Air-show would be fantastic.


      Due to the fact that unsurprisingly Airliner World is not a mainstream magazine it can be quite difficult to obtain on the high-street. I have found that whilst my local news agent does stock the magazine occasionally, it does often need to be ordered. One of the main reasons that I opted to become a subscriber was that I had trouble getting the latest copy, moreover the newsagent was only able to get it if I told them that I wanted it before the new edition was published. Subscriptions mean that you usually receive you edition the same day that the magazine goes on general sale which is the second Wednesday of every month. It is also possible to order single copies of Airliner World online for the same price that they cost in the shops, this is done through the publishing companies website. Typing either 'Airliner World' or 'Key Publishing' into Google will produce the website from which it is possible to order. When ordered through this method there is no postage and packaging charge which is good considering the magazine is already quite expensive and orders are processed and sent out fairly quickly, it is almost always quicker that one working week. Magazines are sent using Royal Mail second class post.

      A Brief History Of Airliner World

      Founded in 1999, the format of the magazine has not changed an awful lot. The editors at Key Publishing Ltd (the publishers of Airliner World) tapped into a niche market for a magazine with unique appeal to anyone interested in aviation and consequently the magazine is now in its fourteenth year of publication. The look and especially the front page is virtually exactly the same as it was on the first issue that was sold, the red lettering of Airliner World has not evolved at all. The issue that followed the New York bombings was naturally somber and paid tribute to all of the crew and passengers who had died in the attacks. Airliner World has been a prominent feature in the aviation industry and has been there through the times of difficult economic recession and also the 9/11 attacks which shocked the world as never before, that said I have no doubt that the magazine will continue to develop own prosper.


      I find it very disappointing when the cover of a magazine is glossy and looks superb but the pictures inside prove to be anything but. However, the fact that the market for images of all sorts of different aircraft to be professionally published is relatively small has meant that Airliner World are able to select the very best images from hundreds of photographers worldwide. The images used are high quality and fit around both the text and the backgrounds very well. One aspect of the visuals that I really love is that each issue of the magazine comes with a different poster that can be easily removed from the magazine. These are superb for putting up on the wall perhaps if you have children who are interested in aircraft and after a twelve month subscription you will have a vast collection, trust me I know!! Overall, the images used are typically of a high quality and there are plenty of them, what more could I ask for!

      Back Issues

      There are several methods that it is possible to use in order to obtain older copies of the magazine. Key Publishing have made a section on the Airliner World website that is devoted to the previous issues of the magazine, this is a great source through which to buy from if you have missed the odd issue perhaps due to a holiday. However they only seem to stock the old magazines back by about one year and occasionally it becomes impossible to get magazines that are only four or five months old, although it is a decent resource, I have found that it is not worth relying on.

      The other option is to have a look around on general websites such as eBay and magazine forums. With this method it is often a case of being persistent and waiting for the issues that you want to be put up for sale. With the magazine not being that old the first issues are not that difficult to obtain and very often they are priced quite reasonably. The best and most cost efficient way to buy old issues is to buy in bulk, very often collectors will sell entire collections at once and this will generally work out cheaper than buying old issues one by one.

      Too Much Advertising?

      Advertising has become an integral part of the publishing world, it is just something that readers have to get used to. Whilst Airliner World is not short on advertisements, they are not splattered in the middle of articles which is good. You tend to find that after an article of four or five pages there will be another page that has adverts on it. More of often than not they are general aviation adverts such as flight deck DVD's. Most issues of the magazine feature a double page spread encouraging readers to subscribe to the magazine and details are included to enable you to do this by phone, online or post. As with most magazines the greatest number of adverts are at the end, these can typically be anything from small exerts from companies that I have never heard of right through to big, glossy back pages encouraging you to become a pilot as a career.

      The Digital Age

      The digital age of tablet computers and smartphones has undoubtably changed the world of magazines and newspapers forever. As with many other magazines it is now possible to access Airliner World in a digital format through an app that can be downloaded for nothing from the App Store. Once the app has been downloaded you can view a preview of each monthly issue of the magazine, these are eight pages long and give you a free taster of the content in the magazine. I think that it is priced reasonably at £3-99 per issue, digital subscriptions can also be bought and that works out cheaper than buying the magazine issue by issue. I cannot fault anything in particular about the digital version, I am just not a fan of spending hours and hours longer that normal looking at a screen, hence I buy the printed copy.


      I would like to hope that my review has subverted some of the stereotypes that people may have about buying a magazine just about aviation. Airliner World is not cheap for a magazine but it does provide its readers with easily readable content and some superb visuals. Key Publishing have worked hard to move with the times but in doing so they have not destroyed the unique and high-quality product that they produce. I would encourage people to give the magazine a try, and kids will love looking at the pictures and perhaps putting the posters up on bedroom walls!!


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        26.11.2001 15:51
        Very helpful



        This magazine is for Civil avaition enthusiasts which is a nice change from most other aviation titles who are more biased towards the Military aspects. It is a monthly glossy mag printed in high quality with great clear photography. It is published by Key Publishing. CONTENTS. There are usually around 20 pages of general News with photographs that are divided into world areas and a general world news non area specific.These pages are then followed by articles of specific interest, here is what is in Decembers issue. Europe's Regional Airlines of the Year Focus on ERA award winners - Eurowings, Widerøe and Air Dolomiti. Opa Locka Snapshot Florida propliner Haven with interesting visitors from Central America. Great pics of DC3 DC6 etc might make me want to visit Florida! With services set to restart in November, the Editor went to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to find out how Air France proposes to use its aircraft. Good Article witha lot of detail on the upgrades of safety. Tikal Jets Central American BAC One-Eleven operations. A good story of how this airline is still using a well built and popular British built plane Prestwick Update Robbie Shaw revisits this Scottish gateway as it grows with 'low cost' traffic. Bombay Mix A 1980s picture spread from a little photographed part of Asia. A photo shoot of rare airliners in India Gazpromavia A Moscow-based airline that is trying to improve its Western image.Showing what the Russians are doing in the business jet field. Flight Deck Door Modifications We look at one of the security measures being introduced by US airlines.This is showing what is being done post September 11th. Feedback An extended selection of readers' comments and photographs. Agreat area for readers to submit their photos and opinions. Price. The best way to get this is by subscription which
        usually means you get it at least a week before the shops and is only £3.10 per copy including postage. In the shops it is £3.40 per copy. Value for money it certainly is if you are an enthusiast of air travel past and present. I highly recommend it.


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