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Best Magazine delivers practical editorials on a weekly basis for positive women on the run.

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    5 Reviews
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      12.09.2009 10:34
      Very helpful



      It's called BEST for a reason...

      I have been brought up in a family of very keen 'recyclers' who have the motto "If you are finished with it then pass it on". This applies to everything from old television sets to paperback books, but one thing that regularly circulates amongst my sister and mother and I, is magazines. We buy our own, read them, and then pass them on to each other, ensuring that we well and truly get our monies worth from each one!

      One magazine that is a favourite of my sister is 'Best' magazine. I therefore have had the pleasure of receiving copies of this magazine for the past three years or so - second hand of course.

      Best magazine is a weekly publication, with a new copy coming out each Tuesday or Wednesday. It costs 87 pence and has approximately 64 pages. Please take no notice of the picture of the magazine at the top of the Dooyoo page; this is clearly out-dated and today's offering looks nothing like it whatsoever!

      I would say that I think that Best magazine is different from some of the more 'glossy' magazines that regularly hit our newsagent's shelves, in that a little less attention is given to following the big stars of today. Some magazines that are available nowadays seem to focus on what eyeliner Cheryl Cole is wearing and how so and so was caught in bed with whatshisname, but I do find that this is not really the case with Best.

      I think the main reason for this is that Best is aimed at a slightly more 'mature' market, and therefore the celebrity stories contained within the magazine are generally aimed at more 'fluffy' stars such as Fern Britton or Anne Robinson (ok, she's not that fluffy, but hopefully you get my point...!)

      Not to be outdone though, Best does its best (lol, pardon the pun) to cover other bases in terms of celebrity gossip, so there is the occasional snippet about Jordan AKA Katie Price, Cheryl Cole and Peter Andre. I feel that this is done to be a little more appealing to slightly younger audiences too, whereas a lot of similar style magazines contain hardly any reference to these more 'trendy' celebrities, in my opinion.

      There are plenty of 'real-life' type stories contained in Best magazine too. I do find that these indulge the nosy side to my personality quite nicely, as I for one quite enjoy reading stories like how one woman managed to spend £55,000 to help her son become a 'Male Jordan' (this story featured in a recent issue) and casting judgement over said people. I do find that this is quite entertaining, and am more than happy to curl up on the sofa on a wet afternoon with a mug of coffee, packet of biscuits and a back-issue of 'Best' (please don't judge me too much!)

      The competitive side of the readers can be indulged too. Best contains at LEAST two or three 'prize puzzles' in each issue. These vary from crosswords to word searches, with most of the prizes being cash sums. The crossword often has a prize of £1,000, which is quite good when compared to other magazines out there.

      Contained in Best magazine too are some helpful bits of advice such as the 'Super Savers' page. This is a page made up of money-saving ideas and tips. One such tip on a page in the magazine recently was a 'Dine for Less' deal, where one well-known restaurant chain was offering a two-course meal for two people with a bottle of wine for £29. These deals and tips aren't always relevant to me personally, but I do enjoy scanning the page to see if there is anything worthwhile. There aren't many magazines out there today that dedicate a whole page to money-saving advice and tips in my opinion, so this is quite a welcome addition that Best have included, for me anyway.

      Lots of beauty and fashion advice adorns the Best pages too; tips about which make-up is best for this and that, and a recent feature about 'Bargain Skin Must-haves' proved to be quite an interesting read as I do find it quite unusual for magazines to focus on which beauty products are most budget-friendly!

      Best also contains a lot of features that other magazines contain too... Everything from a 'Best Telly' page which highlights the best TV programmes that will be hitting our screens in the coming week, to the usual Horoscopes and 'readers letters' page. I find that these 'fill in' the rest of the magazine quite nicely and I am not left feeling cheated because Best have substituted some of these well-known features for other material.

      A welcome omission from the magazine for me though is the lack of big glossy advertisements. I do find that some of the more 'trendy' or 'glossy' magazines seem to have said advertisements take up half of their volume of pages. This is not an evident problem with Best. They do have perhaps eight or so one-page adverts, but as at least two of these make up the inside covers of the magazine, I personally don't find that is too excessive. Neither am I aware of the advertisements as I am reading the magazine, whilst I most certainly AM when reading a more 'glossy' affair, and I do find it a bit off-putting.

      The final aspect of the Best magazine is one that I would say makes it stand out a little more than other similar offerings. There is some diet advice contained within the magazine, which is normal practice for most similar mags nowadays, but I do find too that an issue of Best will generally contain a bit of health advice as well. This may be anything from how best to cope with the Menopause - not applicable to me, thanks very much!! - But on occasion too I have found that there are some helpful tips from medical experts and Doctors.

      A lot of conditions have been covered in recent issues - conditions that I personally suffer from or have concerns about - such as migraine and insomnia. I have too found that the advice given about Swine Flu and how to keep your heart healthy recently, proved to be interesting and helpful. I do find it off-putting if said advice is put across in a patronising manner in magazines - which it often is - but to be fair I have never really found this is the case with Best. At no point have I felt I have received a 'ticking off' by the writers/experts/whoever, but instead feel that the facts have been presented fairly and advice has been given accordingly.

      Hopefully I have given you an idea of the broad spectrum of topics that this little magazine covers. Recipes and fashion advice, celebrity gossip and true-life stories, and all for under a quid! What more could we want, really?

      I would award Best magazine top marks. Even though I get it for free as part of our family's 'pass it on' cycle, I have actually gone out and bought this myself on occasion, if I have missed an issue or the like.

      I do find that it passes the time quite nicely, and is less 'mundane' than several other similar magazines that are available... It's called BEST for a reason after all!

      The magazine is widely available from all good newsagents stores and supermarkets alike.


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      13.07.2009 16:48
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good value magzine.

      Just to make readers aware that I am reviewing best magazine, a celebrity gossip magazine, which in fact looks absolutely nothing like the picture that dooyoo have at the top of the page. I am not sure if there are two different magazines or not, but anyhow.

      I actually didn't purchase this magazine, as I rarely buy celebrity gossip magazines, however my sister did, and passed it on to me when she had finished with it. I believe she actually got this magazine as part of an offer, along with two other magazines at the airport for part of a 3 for £1 deal.

      The front page of this magazine includes headlines advertising articles inside on celeb diets, summer fashion, real life stories and celeb stories.

      Jane Ennis is the editor of the magazine, and she begins the first page of the magazine with some of her notes about latest celeb gossip or opinions etc. Underneath her editor's notes is a short contents list, showing how the magazine is divided into different sections such asL
      Real Stories
      Food and Home
      Your best life...

      The whole magazine is only 66 pages long, and the majority of these are filled with articles rather than advertisements which is a nice change.

      Inside there are glossy celeb photographs, and with articles on various celebrities (the 30 June issue being on Posh Spice and Coleen Nolan). There is also an article featuring a 'steal HER style' , detailing how you can look like a particular star by finding clothes to dress similarly.

      Real life stories in the issue I have, incluse articles on 'Mum's love made us obese!' and 'Raped by the evil loan shark'.

      There are several pages devoted to fashion, and mixing work and evening clothes, with some of the latest high street trends at reasonable prices.

      Carol McGiffin lends her voice as a columnist about some of the lastest weekly news, and Lorraine Kelly offers words of advice of matters of the heart!

      Of course, no celebrtiy gossip magazine is without food/diet articles to make us all feel fat. In the issue I have, celebrity columnist Carole Malone is one of the five celebrities trying out the 'best diets in the world'. I have to admit, I have learnt to take little heed of such articles, but some may find them interesting. More informative however are the health articles talking about vitamins and the latest health news, as well as some yummy recipes.

      Unlike other magazines, a page devoted to allowing readers to express their opinion about various things, is actually in the latter half of the magazine.

      At the very end of the magazine along with the usual horoscope page, are competition crosswords/sudoku, giving readers the opportunity to win prizes up to £200. There is also a short section on travel featurign a particular glossy destination to tempt readers, and finally a page devoted to the week's telly.

      All in all, I have to say, that even though I don't particularly like celebrity gossop magazines and would not usually waste money buying them, I felt that there was a little bit more to this magazine. Rather than flicking through numerous glossy advertisement before getting to actual articles, this magazine is full from start to end with articles and no wasted advert pages. I feel that this magazine offers a little bit of everything for readers ' gossip, competitions, tv, diets, health, recipes etc, and for the money that my sister paid, I think it wasn't bad value for money, and if ever I was to start purchasing celeb gossip magazines I would much prefer this best magazine to some others on the market.


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        16.06.2008 01:45




        Best is a weekly magazine aimed at the female reader market. Whilst at 60 pages it is not a large magazine there is not an excess of advertising ( advertising makes up about 10 pages including self-advertising for the next issue) so it is filled with articles, stories and editorials.

        The mix within the magazine is very good. About 4 pages are devoted to fashion/clothing and this in Best this clothes for real women. We are not talking Milan cat-walk here and the clothes and accessories are all usable and accessible. A couple of photos of celebrities are used to illustrate what to wear (or not).
        It does show Best reflects real life and articles on real people are sensible and well balanced though occasionally the language grates as in 'My mum gave me away in a Chip Shop'. I sometimes wonder what motivates people to sell their personal stories to magazines like this. I understand the fees are relatively small - a few hundred pounds. If it has some cathartic benefit though I suppose it helps. In this particular story though you have to feel that this ladies abandonment had more to do with the social fabric at the time -it was 1961- than any judgement on the poor mother in question.

        Back to Best there is about 4 pages devoted to health and related topics and 1 page full of the horoscopes. Mine said new affiliations will bring me into contact with a wider set so I assume that means I must right a review for Dooyoo. There are further true life tales, a host of relatively easy crosswords and competitions and three pages devoted to recipes - nb recipes are always mouthwatering!
        The Best agony aunt is also a psychic so she probably knows I'm going to write this review. With a short (1-page) story and features on holiday destinations and decorating Best packs a lot in and no article is too long that you cannot pick it up and enjoy a relaxing read for a few minutes.

        All things considered Best is a good magazine though at 62p I thought the cover price was on the high side.


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        04.03.2007 22:09
        Very helpful



        Best, a good read for women of all ages

        I don't buy Best Magazine every week, but it is a good read and at 78p a copy it is certainly good value for money.

        The contents include something for everyone, mainly female readership though.

        On the cover of the 6th March edition is a picture of GMTVs weather girl Andrea Mc Lean, who gives an insight into her life as a mum and talks about her relationship with her partner Steve.

        There is a section called Best Club where readers can send in letters and photographs and household tips, all of which are paid for contributions.

        I particularly enjoy the crossword, which is called Star Cashword where you can win 1500 quid! I keep trying, you never know, somebody has to win it could be me!!! There are also other competitions, with prizes offered ranging from vouchers from M & S to cash prizes.

        There is a short story called 5 minute fiction, which is a good read when you have a few minutes to spare and don't want to get too involved in something. This is usually a lighthearted story, sometimes ending with a twist.

        There is a section on the afterlife where a psychic gets in touch with readers' loved ones on "the other side", relaying messages which they claim give them comfort.

        There are several pages of cooking, this week there is a section on dieting too. I often use the recipes from Best, they are easy to follow and economical to make and are healthy, which is most important. I try them and if I like them I copy them into my own recipe book as I don't like to tear the magazine as I pass it on to a friend when I have finished with it.

        In the medical section Dr Hope answers questions on medical problems - anything from embarrassing intimate complaints to childhood ailments.

        In addition to the medical questions there are more pages devoted to health problems and facts to help us lead more healthy lives.

        As is usual in women's magazines there is a problem page. Best's agony aunt is Lorraine Kelly, not sure I would trust her to solve any of my problems, however other readers do, judging by the number of letters which appear.

        In a section called Best Home there are tips on decorating and furnishing your home, with lots of nice pictures to give you ideas for a home makeover! All of the products are reasonably priced too, well within most budgets.

        The magazine also features sections on fashion and beauty, showing examples of the latest products available, mainly from high street stores.

        In addition to the usual women's interest sections there are several true stories. Some of these relate to crime, others to less horrific things, but all quite interesting.

        I would recommend Best to anyone who likes to dip into a magazine when they have a few minutes to spare, or to take with you on a journey. It is light enough to carry and will easily fold to fit into your bag. There are approx 70 pages, so not thick and bulky and the paper is nice and glossy.

        Probably Best is aimed at women in their twenties - forties, but I am sure most women of any age will find it an enjoyable read.

        It is usually in the shops in the first part of the week and is readily available at most supermarkets and W H Smiths, as well as your local newsagent.


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          22.10.2005 12:01
          Very helpful



          A magazine that is not full of outragous stories

          The first thing you notice about Best is that there are less advertisements in it than the average womans magazine. This of course means more stories etc.

          Best has 6 headings

          1. Cover

          This tells you all the stories pictured on the cover and the page number they are on in the magazine.

          2. Real Life

          There are usually 2 or 3 stories under this title. They can be happy or sad but they are true.

          3. For You

          Under this heading is Claire King who will talk about anything and everything. Remember her she was in Bad Girls and Emmerdale.

          Its your best club. Kate and Jackie with letters and odd pictures plus tips of all kinds.

          Fashion and celebritity makeover very cheap.

          4. Home Life

          This is anything from cooking, recipes, saving money and tips on all three.

          5. Advice

          Lorraine Kelly has a problem page - shes the one from itvs morning show. Dr Hope on all kinds of health issues and a lot of diet help. plus of course your stars.

          6. Time out.

          This includes the three competitions they have every week. £1000 cashword, a wordsearch and an Arrow word. Some are for money some for vouchers.

          This is not a competition like you have been hearing on tv lately with fake winners. I know because I have won £50 vouchers a couple of times!

          There is a good review of what the soaps are going to be doing next week and anything else that does not fit the other 5 items.

          You also have a snip and save page where you can snip a money coupon out or a % off days out.

          The price of this magazine is usually 78p but some weeks you can get it for 30p. It is weekly and comes out on a Tuesday.

          It is a good read. The only thing I dislike about this magazine is sometimes they go over the top with items about diets and on the front page there is always something like celeb diets advertised or lose so much in 7 days with such and such diet. Take that out and yes I would definately recommend it.
          thank you for reading this.


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