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Magazine designed for teenage girls, fashion, beauty, celebrities.

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    10 Reviews
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      26.01.2013 14:05
      Very helpful



      Worth reading

      For the last two or three years I have read every issue of Bliss and I love it. I read Mizz for quite a few years before that but found I had read cover to cover within an hour. That's why I started to read Bliss.

      The magazine is filled with interesting information on celebrities (as most mags are) but it also has a good balance of real life issues.

      It is currently £2.99 which is expensive for a magazine, but it is worth it, it only comes out once a month. There is around 80 pages each issue and is made from good quality paper unlike some mags.

      The front cover always has an image of the celebrity who is in the main interview. This interview is always exclusive to Bliss and is usually 4 to 6 pages long. This magazine takes its own photos of the star with them wearing high street labels. This is good as if you wish you can buy them yourself.

      On the first page of the mag is a welcome from the bliss team and a brief mention of what to look out for in the magazine.

      Some regular features in the mag are:

      This has letters from readers, of which the star letter gets a prize. On the same page are 'top tweets', 'Facebook Fan of the Month' and 'like' (what's hot and what's not). I like how they incorporate social media into this page as in this day in age it is important and shows how they have changed to keep up to date with the times. There's often a poll which has been carried out on their website. E.g. 'Which celeb pooch is cutest' (Pudsey obviously, with 56%)

      Funny stories readers have sent in. The best bit here is 'porky pie alert', the one that is clearly made up.

      Real Life
      These are stories sent in by readers and are often sad or shocking. They are always accompanied by places to help if you face the same issues. (One issue I had to stop reading this page half way through as it was so sad and I didn't want to cry when I was on a plane.)

      Bliss Report
      This has shocking information on real issues. These have included bullying, loans, puppy farms, they are different every month. I cant believe some of these things have happened.

      Experts answer questions on 'Bare, Boys, Body and Bothers'. There are always helplines provided and usually a promotion from Always.

      Bliss Book Club
      I love this page as I am always reading. It has bliss's book chart of five books and descriptions. There is also a chance for readers to write a short story on a theme mentioned in the previous months mag.

      These are horoscopes which unlike other mags have one for each day and sign. This is always interesting and rarely correct. A celebs birthday is also added to the page.

      The mag also has loads of shorter interviews with other celebs and the last half of the mag is mostly style.

      Overall the mag has a great look and features. It is full of pictures and has quite a few adverts but despite this there is still a lot to read. Definately my fave mag and great for older teens.


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      14.07.2010 15:54
      Very helpful



      Be blissful that you're reading this!

      Bliss magazine is a teenage magazines aimed at girls aged 11-21. The magazine is published every month of the year, and has done so for the past ten years!
      The magazine used to an A4 size, however two years ago they changed the size of the magazine to A3 so that it was easier to reader, more information on products, stories etc and also it the A3 uses less paper!
      Every month of bliss there is a free gift which is usually make-up, bag, make-up bag, sometimes a DVD! It is sold at two pounds fifty.
      The magazine includes:

      - celeb interview - with celeb on the cover. They interview celebrities from pop stars, hollywood stars and reality TV stars.
      - newsletter - so you can share your love for bliss magazine, or what's the hot gossip!
      - embarrassing stories - feel the walk of shame! If you're confident enough, why don't you send your embarassing story you never know as the winning story wins prizes that are worth fifty pounds!
      - celeb columists, they're telling their recent stories every month and tell you what's hot and what's not for them!
      - fashion - what's the latest! Season trends to celebrity style!
      - horoscopes - this your birthday month going to be a lucky one?
      - problems - got a probelm about love, sex, life, family - talk to one of the Bliss experts!
      - beauty - what make-up to wear this season
      - hot boy posters!
      - boys, boys, boys, - yes, they have the article to solve all your lad problems!
      - quizzes!
      - film/CD/DVD reviews - book your tickers and what should be on your TV screen or ipod!
      - true real life stories - there have been some really gruesome ones! There's actually the most gruesome one in this month's bliss (July 2010)
      - celebrity gossip - who's dating who? Are they really going to be in the next summer hottest blockbuster?
      - competitions - win anything from concert tickets to beauty products to the latest gadgets!
      - the fit lad test - who is bliss talking which celeb boy this month?

      Personally, the magazine is good and I've been reading it since the age of 13 however some issues of the magazine can be a bit boring especially if the the fashion not your thing or it's not your fav celeb on the cover! But it is a good price, but could be a bit cheaper at the target audience of this magazine is teenage girls. But it's something that teen girls read as it has everything in a teen's life!


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      31.05.2010 21:22
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      A good magazine for girls aged 12-18.

      Bliss is a monthy teen fashion, beauty and gossip magazine.

      ~Packaging and Appearance~
      Bliss comes in a plastic bag with a loose free gift. The free gifts are usually very bad (I once got a Twilight DVD-ROM - I am not the slightest bit interested in Twilight whatsoever) and the make-up is poorly manufactured. I got a set of lipglosses that stank of the magazine's pages and a eyeshadow palette that when applied took ages to wash off and left me with sore eyes. The only good gift I have ever got was a make-up brush kit (which my younger brother scattered the contents of round the house) and a BarryM Shimmer Dust worth £7.95 (this gift was too good to be true). The magazine is full size which makes it hard to transport and it has glossy pages. It contains one hundred pages.

      Because is it quite a large magazine, there is always plenty to read which I like (I enjoy getting my nose buried in a good magazine). There are celebrity interviews, quizzes about life and plenty of fashion and beauty which is also quite good. There are also problem pages about love, mates, life, boys, health and sex which are answered by councellers and doctors. At the end of the magazine is a section all about boys. It contains lad advice and male celebrity interviews.

      Bliss is priced at £2.50 an issue, which is average but it's really only worth about £2.


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        19.07.2009 19:45
        Very helpful



        Great for a quick gossip break!

        Ah Bliss was my favourite magazine when I was in my younger teens! And I just picked up a copy, it's still great! Bliss is the magazine that covers all areas a teen could want, and all the areas they need to know about!

        There's a lot of humour in the magazine, it's like talking to a friend! First there's lots of funny gossip and letters from other readers, such as columns, street snaps and embarrassing moments, hehe. This makes it quite interactive!

        Celebrities feature all over the place, with exclusive interviews and little quotes. You're not overloaded, there are only celebs who we really are about!

        There's also great fashion features at affordable prices! They aren't afraid to include really cheap shops such as Primark and Matalan, which is great for us teens with not much dosh!

        Quite importantly, there is lots of boy gossip! Haha! Great tips and lots of opinions and stories from actual boys.

        A great feature is a step by step beauty tutorial, really easy and cool to follow!

        The only gripe is that it isn't too thick. You read it quite quickly and it is very light hearted- it's not something you can get absorbed in and take time over reading.


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        18.02.2009 20:31
        Very helpful



        A Great Teenage Magazine!

        * What is Bliss ? *
        Bliss is a British girl's magazine aimed at teenagers between the ages of 13 - 17 I would say.The magazine is published monthly and is available in most newsagents and supermarkets. The current price of the magazine is £2.30 which is similar to other teenage magazines such as Sugar.

        * What is Bliss about *
        Bliss has many features such as fashion , celebs , problems , competitions , beauty , entertainment and lads just to name a few.

        I am going to review the current issue of Bliss (December 2007).
        * Cover *

        Nicole Scherzinger ( lead singer of the PussyCat Dolls and now solo star) is on the front cover. Each issue features a celebrity on the cover (usually women/girls , however occasionally a male celeb is featured for example Zac Efron.
        *Your Space *

        This is the letters page where reader's can write in. This page also features "This month..." with upcoming events such as "BBC Good Food Show" and " Birthday Boys" where male celebs' birthdays are announced. Results of voting polls are featured on this page.Such polls include "would you ever lie to your parents" and "Dog or Mog ? ".

        * You Did WHAT ? *

        This page features readers embaressing moments.There are approx five stories printed per issue.On this page there is a celeb with an embarressing (excuse the spelling) pictured. This issue it's Rihanna with a picture of her performing and her boobs nearly falling out , along with the quote " Who stole the t*t tape ? I can't hold these puppies in forever! "
        If your story is printed you win a goodie bag.
        * Celeb *

        There is an interview with a celebrity each issue.The interview is with the celeb featured on the cover.This issue is Nicole from the PussyCat Dolls.Here she talks about when she was a teen.This is an interesting read because you'd think all the boys would have been after her when she was a teen but they weren't because she was so shy.This interview takes up four pages along with pictures of Nicole.
        * Hot Gossip *

        This is all about celebrities. Such things include who wore what and photos of celebs out and about
        * News In Briefs *

        This page features five teenage boys in 'briefs' (boxershorts) who share their views on the latest news such as the northern rock crisis and recycling.This is good because it makes serious stuff more interesting.
        * Sophie Price *

        This is Katie Price (Jordan's) younger sister.She has her own page in the magazine.Here she discusses what she's been up to this month.She has a lot of holidays...If I remember right she's had three holidays this year (Australia , Caribbean , Dubai) but I'm sure there's been more! There's a bubble with the title "Ask Sophie" , where she answers a readers problem.She also says what she thinks is hot and what's not at the moment such as a fashion accessory.
        * Horoscope *

        There are two pages dedicated to horoscopes in Bliss.An example of a horoscope is :
        Aquarius : Kepp your chin up Aquarius! Your'e feeling like the only one without romance in your life right now, but be patient because someone special is just around that corner , so hang in there! "

        If he's an Aquarius : Money's tight for him this mont , so if he seems distant it's just because he's worried about cash.Don't expect any expensive treats.
        Knuckle Down : 28th Novemeber
        Follow : Your heart.You've been waiting for this for ages , so let your heart lead the way.

        One thing I dislike about the horoscopes in Bliss is that they're for the whole month.Other magazines such as Sugar magazine have day by day horoscopes which I find is more interesting.
        * In Next Month's Bliss *

        Here it tells you what will be in the next issue of Bliss such as " Free pineapple Bag " and "Hot celeb goss! ". It also tells you when the next issue is out to buy.
        * VIP pass *

        Here is goes behind the scences at a for example photoshoot or tv show with a celeb/celebs. This month features sister-act Aly and AJ.
        * True Lives *

        Here readers share their real life dramatic stories for example this issue it's " Bullies Drove Me To Attempt Suicide" and "Attacked In My Own Home".
        This month there is a bullying page with helplines and tips if your being bullied.There is an interview with Shayne Ward because he is the face of the campaign.
        * Quiz Fix *

        This page has features such as 'What's your animal instict" where you have to pick an animal to reveal what your animal instict is.
        There is also puzzles on here such as wordsearches and a competition such as " Win Tickets To See The X Factor ".
        * Fashion *

        Fashion plays a big part in Bliss.This section features what to buy along with how to dress like your favourite star.This is my least favourite section of the magazine because they tend to feature clothes I wouldn't wear.However items featured are at affordable prices because it means that Bliss readers can afford them.
        * Boot Call *

        Here is where you can win prizes.Such prizes include hair straightners and clothes.To enter you have to call a number.You can also enter competitions for free on the magazine's website : www.mybliss.co.uk

        * Bliss Christmas Gift Guide *

        Beings as Christmas is approaching and it's the December issue ,the Bliss team have put together gift ideas. There is double pages with pictures of presents for each person.For example "Something for Mum" and " Something For Your Friend" which I think is helpful as it gives you an idea as to what kind of present that type of person is likely to like.The items featured are also affordable.
        * Offers *

        Each Bliss features offers such as " 20 % off at Claires Accessories " . This is good because it's a shop teens shop at.
        * Fast Fixes *

        These are features such as "Bag A Boy In Your Lunch Time " . These features are interesting and helpful. There are different fixes such as " Love Fix " and "Cash fix" where they give tips on how to get that boy and how to earn extra cash for example.
        * Problem pages *

        Each issue there are six agony aunts/uncles. Tina Radziszewiz is the regular 'Love Guru' she gives her advice on relationships. Andrea Scherzer gives advice on life problems. Mathew Whyman gives advice on boys from a boy's point of view.Dr Jane Gilbert is a qualified doctor and gives advice on body problems.
        There is usually a guest guru ( this issuye is the sheilas off the sheila's wheels advert) and a reader guru.
        * The Guide *

        This part of the magazine gives info on new albums out , new singles , films , dvds and books.It also includes interviews with celebs such as Leona Lewis and Richard Fleeshman.I'm not too keen on this part because I always know about the albums and stuff before reading the magazine.
        * Adverts *

        There are many adverts featured in Bliss , such as " clear complexion" products and Coleen Mcloughlin's fragrance.
        * Website *

        Bliss magazine has it's own website : www.mybliss.co.uk
        The website features celeb gossip and is updated everyday.You can also enter competitions on the site for free.I like this website because it's fun and gives me a quick update.However one thing I dislike about the webiste is the fact that it takes too long to load which is a shame because usually after a while of waiting for it to load I decide I can't be bothered with it and click off.
        * Free Gift *

        Each issue of Bliss comes with a Free Gift such as make up or a bag. Sometimes the gifts are good other times they're not and so I throw them away.
        * My Opinion Of Bliss *

        Bliss is one of my favourite magazines. My favourite features are : Interviews with celebs ,News in Briefs and Sophie Price's column.I dislike the fashion pages because I think there is too much fashion in the magazine.Another dislike of mine is that the magazine comes in a big plastic bag which I find embaressing because it makes the magazine look childish rather than looking like a teen magazine.I think Bliss is a good affordable price.I give Bliss a 8 / 10
        Thanks for reading! Hope this helps!


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        26.10.2008 20:07
        Very helpful



        A great teen magazine

        I think that Bliss magazine is the perfectteenage magazine. It is interesting and isn't patronising to young adults needs. The magazine is full of gossip, fashion, music, boys and real life stories. It is bang 'up to date' and knows exactly what girls of today want in a suppliment.

        I find Bliss a refreshing and funny magazine. The interviews with the stars are daring and intermate, a unusualstyle of journalisum for teens. With Bliss you get what you want. To feel close to the stars. The advice is grown up and personal, aswell as sympathetic and useful. The fashion advice and ideas are affordable for teens and is what girls want to be seen in.

        The music sections are always great as it features a range of music. Britney Spears and Dizzee Rascal to Arctic Monkeys and Kings of Leon. Bliss reviews it all.
        Bliss knows which boys are hot at the minute and always features interviews and stories on them. Zac Efron, Mcfly and Pete Wentz are favourites at the moment.
        Shocking stories of real life dramas are also a part of this magazine, reavealing and upsetting stories of fellow young girls who have survived illnesses and boyfriend problems help to educate others who read Bliss.

        I think at £2.30 Bliss is a great monthly magazines. It has recently upgraded to A4 size. Each issue has a free gift included. The Pineapple range oftens offers gifts. I remember receiveing Pineapple bags and vests. Sometimes Punkfish also give away there items as freebies. Competitions in Bliss are brilliant. Many a time I have seen a competition to wi a Wii or a paper day with friends. Sometimes there are cut-out vouchers to get 20% off on a certain web-store or in certain shops.

        All in all I think Bliss is a great magazine and I read it from front to back often.


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          07.04.2008 19:00



          a perfect thing for girls aged around 12-19

          i apsolutely love this magazine! it is aimed at older teens. It's set out in a easy to read, fun way. It features everything from: celeb news to fashion to real life stories. it costs £2.30 which is a very good price as it is jam packed with genuinely interesting things. There is also a lad section which is actually written by a lad (so you know what they're realy thinkin-ehich is useful). It always comes with a free gift (things like make-up, flip flops, nail polish).......my latest was a bag. My personal favourite bits are the real life stories which are always very shocking. The bits that i don't really like are the music / book / tv reviews (which are at the back of the mag). It gives helpful advice on those embarassing subjects that you daren't ask about yourself). it is definately my favourite mag in the older teen range.


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          08.04.2005 13:55
          Very helpful



          Bliss magazine is primarily aimed at teenagers in the range of 13-17 I would say. The magazine is A5 size, it used to be A4 but then it decreased it size along with a few other magazines supposedly so it can ‘fit in your handbag’. Well it doesn’t fit it mine, but then again mines quite small.
          So anyway the latest issue I have, is the May issue which has a picture of Lindsay Lohan on the front. Each issue they have a celeb on the front. At the top is the name of the mag is big, bold pink with the website at the side. At the bottom it says ‘136 must-have shopping buys!’ and in between these two is the-life stories headlines and other features in the mag. The front of the mag is very pink and yellow, which I suppose is appealing and stands out.
          On the back is an advert for Lacoste touch of pink perfume.

          Bliss’s editor is Lisa Smosarski, who is newly appointed. The magazine celebrates its 10th birthday this month so it started in 1995. The price is £2.10 which is the average kind of price for a magazine like this. Cosmo Girl, an equivalent magazine, is £2. The magazine contains 163 pages and I’ve just counted over 20 pages of advertisements most taking a whole page.

          Inside is a letter from the editor then a contents page. The page features all that is in the mag under specific headings:

          BLISS FRONT ~
          Contains the Mail Room which is the letters page. The star letter receives an MP100 camera phone this month worth over £100. Other features include different items to buy, blag it, where you send texts in to win prizes and cringe! Which is the embarrassing pages. This months cringe subject is ‘birthday blunders’, fitting in with Bliss’ 10th birthday. ‘That’s just so Wrong’ shows embarrassing pictures of celebrities.

          BLISS YOU ~
          This is stuff for you like quizzes, ‘be your own personal trainer’, win a prom party for your school, and animals that die for fur.

          BLISS LADS ~
          Includes Guy Spy, a poster of Mr May and interview, ‘lookin’ for luv’. This is like personal ads pages for lads looking for girls. ‘How sexy am I’ where there are pictures of three girls and the lads give their opinions. This is quite good actually as it is good to see how the girls rate themselves and the lads rate them. There are also posters in this issue including stars from Casualty, Corrie, Orlando Bloom, Will Young and Josh Hartnett.

          BLISS CELEB ~
          This features pictures of celebs in their younger days, interviews and in this issue behind the scenes at Fooballers’ Wives. The Next Big Thing tells you the essential and best things to watch, listen, read, see and what’s hot and what’s not.

          BLISS STYLE ~
          Summer’s hottest looks, previewing trends, Get gorgeous beauty tips and tips for preventing spots!

          BLISS GURU ~
          This is your typical problem pages with your love, life, body, boy, career and photo gurus. Each one of these has their own couple of pages. The photo guru is where problems are acted out in photos with speech bubbles coming out saying what they’re thinking.

          BLISS REGULARS ~
          This has everything that is always in the mag such as horoscopes, free stuff, mag blag (subscribing to the magazine) and famous last words in the form of strange pics of celebs from fans. Free stuff in this issue includes hair straighteners, widescreen TV, mobile and a NY trip. To try and win these you have to text or phone in. There are also codes and coupons for 25% off at figleaves.com and 20% off at Tammy.

          FREE GIFTS ~
          Each issue each get a free gift. These are alright. The one I got at the moment gave a free vans drawstring bag in two designs. The one they gave me was pink with skull and crossbones on it. Not really my style so won’t be using this. The other light blue I think with elephants on it. The issue before gave a Barry M nail varnish kits with stick on nails. They sometimes also give you offers where you can send away for things for free and only have to pay for p&p.

          I have recently taken out a subscription for the magazine for £9.97 for 6 issues delivered to your door each month. This is good value as it works out at £1.66 for each issue. Plus you get a gift for subscribing. The gift advertised with mine was the Rimmel perfume and nail varnish. Part of the reason I did it was for the perfume. But what I received was a Minor make-up bag with a few products. I suppose there must have been some clause somewhere saying subject to availability.
          In this issue is advertised a free Tigi hair kit worth over £26 when you subsribe. You can also do £19.97 for a whole year.

          WHAT I LIKE ~
          I like the horoscopes as they give you a horoscope, your lad life horoscope, your best day, and the lad you fancy’s horoscope. They also give you your ‘astro buy’. This issue it’s purses. I also like the ‘how sexy am I?’ feature as it is interesting to see the differences in what lads think are good features about someone and what girls do.

          In my opinion I would say that Bliss has gone down in quality recently. I can’t pinpoint this exactly but I just feel it has. So why I took out a subscription who knows! I think it was the perfume free gift that did it, which I didn’t even get in the end!
          Though saying this about the quality, it could just be because being 17 nearly 18 I’m growing out of it.

          This is the address:
          Endeavour House
          189 Shaftesbury Avenue
          WC2H 8JG

          E-mail ~ biss@emap.com

          Website ~ blissmag.co.uk


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            02.02.2003 01:16
            Very helpful



            Bliss describes itself as 'the best feeling in the world and it comes quite close to it. Bliss is a typical teenage magasine with celebrities, problems, fashion and boys, but theres something quite diffrent about it. It may be the size, or the content but it does (in my opinion) rank among the top teenage magasines. Being a teenager myself I buy Bliss when its issued every month from a local newsagents although its available in Superdrugs, Tescos and woolworths etc at £1.75. theres often free gifts such as handbags and makeup which are OK, but that also isnt the reason I buy it. Althought the magasines are small there are normally over 200 pages and I have bought every issue of Bliss since the size reduced. How to spot bliss- Bliss is easily pushed behind other , larger 'mags' as its only small but the attractive front cover has the latest , favourite popstar on the front. Posters- theres normally about 8 miniature sized posters of celbrities (but all these are usually boys) some featured celebrities are Chris Klein, Craig David, Robbie Williams and Vernon Kaye. My favourite feature- This would have to be the 'stars with out slap' they print a picture of a famous celebrity with out make up and then with. On one episode it showed britney spears and described her without makeup as 'a greasy haired bug-eyyed minger' while with the make up she was a glamorous celeb. It shows just what make up can do. My least favorourite feature- It was hard to pick but I'd say it was the horoscopes as im not really into them. But if you are into horoscopes they have a detailed account of, love life, if your single and your horoscope crush. Bliss is split into sections: ON THE COVER, BLISS TRENDS, 100% CELEBS, 100% YOU , 100% GLAM, 100% BOYS AND ALSO RGULARS. Here is a description of each section of the magasine : *~ ON THE COVER ~* This section contains things that ar
            ent normally in Bliss and are just in the magasine as a one off such as an interview with a certain celebrity, or tips for hair or make-up etc. *~ BLISS TRENDS *~ This category contains things about fashion such as : top 10 shoes or jumpers etc, in each episode of blis they have a page on a different style such as 'Street style' or 'Retro Gear', theres also the beauty police where they point out some un-fashionable items that celebrities wear. To sum up this category its full of fashion ideas, celebrity fashions, tips and tricks, lastly beauty confessions. *~ 100% CELEBS ~* This section is all about celebrities such as celeb cringes where celebrities tell you about embarrasing moments, also interviews with bands or solo artists or actors/actrices; they have 'snap attack' which is a page full of pictures of celebrities caught pulling strange faces. Some celebrities featured in this have been , Jack Ryder, Blue, Kelly Osbourne and Liberty X *~ 100% YOU ~* This secton is about the readers and stories theyve sent in such as cringe stories and real life issues. Other features are about how to do / beat something like 'mate' trouble or boy troubles. Some others are 'mate makeovers, body coach, Love coach, Life coach and Careers coach' *~ 100% GLAM ~* This section is all about make up and beauty. Features which have been included are manicures, metallic makeup, fashion and beauty coach and different scents. This section advises teenagers on how to wear makeup and which perfume is good and the prices of them. *~ 100% BOYS ~* This is quite a small feature all about boys, about how to flirt , meet a boy, boys problems and anything to do with boys ! Each issue they have 'a blaggers guide to ....' making lads laugh, text flirting , meeting boys etc *~ REGULARS ~* These are produced each an
            d every month such as problems, reviews, horoscopes and shout outs. thanks for reading


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              23.11.2002 23:16
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              Well, that's how Bliss describes itself anyway. Bliss is a magazine aimed at teenage girls. It is a mix of serious and fun. I would say it was aimed at girls of about 13-16, yet I have known a few of my boy mates to take a sneaky peek when they thought I wasn't looking ;) Bliss is out monthly, usually around the fifth of each month. I subscribe to it, which cost about £20 for a year. This means I get my Bliss 1 or 2 days earlier than it hits the shops. Bliss costs £1.75 a month and can be bought from most good newsagents, as well as places like Woolworths and Superdrugs. You will recognise Bliss by the size of it. It's really small, about half the size of your average magazine. I would think one of the most important things about a magazine is its front cover, it needs to be eyecatching, and attractive to the buyer. Bliss is definately eyecatching. The word 'BLISS' is written in a colourful colour, often pink or orange. On the cover is a picture of a star that features in an interview in that issue of the magazine. Recent examples have been Rachel Stevens, Beyonce, Natasha from Atomic Kitten, Christina Milian, Mandy Moore and for the October issue, Gareth Gates. The cover is full of features in the magazine which the buyer might find interesting. When you open the magazine, you will see the editors letter, then pages of contents. There is a lot of advertistments in the magazine, but they are mainly about make-up, phones and clothes, which aren't too bad to look at. There is roughly 225 pages in each issue, yet this varies from issue to issue. The word 'NEW' still appears on the cover, but Bliss has been smaller-sized for at least 6 months now. The magazine is split in to sections, which are: Bliss Trends 100% Celebs 100% You 100% Glam 100% Boys and Regulars. Bliss often has 'specials' where they feature a certain star througout the magazine.
              A recent example of this is when they had a Gareth special and a Boyband special. There is also sometimes Problem Page specials, too. Anyway, here is a bit about what features in each section of the magazine: ~ BLISS TRENDS ~ Bliss Trends is a section which features clothes and acsessories that are in fashion at the moment. It also features stars that have looked 'Blingin'' and 'Mingin'', which is basically where stars that have looked good are praised for their style and stars that have looked crap have the piss taken out of them. Bliss Trends is all about what is in fashion, whether it's blusher, bags, blazers, whatever. ~ 100% CELEBS ~ This section features interviews etc. with filmstars, singers, and celebrities. In every issue, there is a chance for the reader to ask a celebrity questions. These are usually about their love-life etc. In each issue a member gets a chance to become a star for the day: They get a makeover and get to sing and dance. ~ 100% YOU ~ 100% You is about the readers. It includes all the problem pages (Body Coach, Love Coach, Life Coach and Career Coach), embarassing moments, quizzes and a chance for readers to get a makeover. ~ 100% GLAM ~ This section is all about the clothes and makeup of stars and how you can look like them. It looks at the clothes that are in fashion and give make up tips, like how to apply blusher and get a perfect base. 'Celeb Style SOS' is where the Bliss team takes a star (Recent examples have been Abs, Dani Behr and Ashanti) shopping for an outfit for a special occasion. ~ 100% BOYS ~ This section is all about what boys think about different issues, like sex, and how to impress them. 'A blaggers guide to.....' is a guide to how to flirt with a boy, how to compliment him and why boys are obbsessed with stuff like cars and football. 
              9;Boy s Uncovered' is all about how to suss boys out, by his haircut or shoes etc. There is also a page where boys can write in with their problems and a poster section with 6 posters of famous boys. ~ REGULARS ~ The regulars are much like any other magazine. There is a letters page, reviews, free stuff and horoscopes. ~ OTHER STUFF ~ Bliss is a good magazine as it is a mix of fun and serious. There is a lot of issues raised in the magazine that teenagers have to face, for example: ~ Drugs ~ Disordered Eating ~ Sex > First time sex ~ Contraception ~ STIs ~ Sex Education ~ Peer Pressure For this reason, I don't think that girls of 10 and 11 should read this magazine unless there parents say it's okay to. There isn't regularly free gifts in Bliss, but every few months there is. These have been stuff like lipgloss and make-up bags. There is also regularly competitons and surveys. ~ OVERALL ~ Overall, I would highly reccommmend this magazine to any 13-16 year old girl. It's got lots of features, it's packed with fashion and beauty and it's quite a good price at £1.75. Not every teenager will like it, as they may have different interests, but if they like clothes, make up and music, they will probably like this. It's only little, but there are a lot of pages to read so it'll take you a while, which is good if you haven't got anything to do. Bliss has a website at: www.blissmag.co.uk


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