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The Dancing Times has been serving the dance world and all who care about dancing ever since October 1910 - it is the world?s oldest dance publication. All forms of performance dance are represented: ballet, contemporary, jazz, musical theatre, film and video.

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    1 Review
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      21.05.2002 15:49
      Very helpful



      I never thought I’d see the day (although obviously I have, because you can’t start an op like that and then say you haven’t yet seen the day, it just wouldn’t be on, and plus the past tense usage here implies a completed action – the never seeing the day being done and dusted, and the seeing the day having been begun)… actually I’m going to start again, because that beginning just got totally out of hand. Although I’m not deleting it totally because, y’know, I sort of like it. And because it probably shows my dear darling mother who will read this at some point, that I have started my linguistics revision. Anyway…. I never though I’d see the day when I preferred the adverts in a magazine to the magazine itself, but that was before I picked up the latest issue of the Dancing Times. First, let’s have a little background: The Dancing Times has been published for over 100 years now and is the world’s oldest dance publication. It is available world-wide, and the circulation levels have been building steadily recently. It currently costs £2.30 per issue, and comes out on a monthly basis. It’s widely available in dancing shops and can be ordered by newsagents if you ask them to. Alternatively, you can subscribe directly for 6 or 12 month periods and, as is usual, save even more money. The magazine played an instrumental part in the founding of the Royal Academy of Dancing (RAD) and encouraged the campaign for the establishment of a British national ballet. In 1956, Ballroom Dancing Times split off from the main magazine and became a publication in its own right. It is still available today, although has a smaller circulation. It is cheaper than the main Dancing Times, although as the name suggests, dedicated solely to those who strut around in stompy shoes and flouncy skirts. The magazine covers all styles of dancing from classical ballet to contemporary
      They also feature news and information on musical theatre, dance related films and so on. Each month they present reviews, reports and interviews, as well as supplying the reader with a comprehensive mail order book and video service. At the back of the magazine is a section for young dancers, with games and letters and quizzes. In recent years (I’m read it on and off for a while) they’ve shown that they’re progressing with the times, by including the latest advances in dance medicine and teaching techniques among other things. -*-*-*- A typical issue will include: Dance Matters - a two page spread featuring snippets of news from all over the dancing world. This might be info about an upcoming national or international Dance Day, or details of a well known company’s latest tour. Classified Advertisements – the personal column of the dancing world, you can advertise your self or your school here if you are looking for work, a (dancing) partner or staff. They also feature dancing school advertisements, although the latest issue has only 25 of these, so the chances of finding a school near you are remote. Dance Scene International – containing all the latest developments from overseas, this section is usually long winded and with not many pictures :-( Obituary – with detailed biographies of once famous members of the dance world who have recently died, this is nothing if not fun. And it’s not fun, so I guess that makes it nothing. Teachers and Training – where those teachers with egos too big and bolshy (can you have bolshy egos?) write in a say “ooh, ooh, look at my pupils, they’re the best”. Now I grew up having my exam results published in the local paper by my teacher, but in a national publication? Where no one knows your name (unlike at home, “Honours again, Zoë?”, “Erm, nope, newspaper made a mistake…
      ;”). What’s the point? They also publish details of places won at residential schools, awards won in festivals and so on. Calendar – a detailed list of almost every production in the UK, from the Royal Ballet’s Tour de Force to Pam Pattisons’s Church Dancing School’s Annual Revue. -*-*-*- The problem (and you know that when the adverts are better than the content, there has to be a problem) stems from the fact that the articles are all long. And in depth. And not all that interesting. Plus, they’re all full of long words and as I said before, not all that many pictures. The average piece is 2 or 3 A4 pages of size 10 or 12 pt. That’s a lot of words. On the other hand, the adverts they have (and there are tons and tons of these) are really fun to read. They’re for dancing schools and dancing shoes and dancing shops, and there’s just something about them that keeps me captivated. They have more words on them than your average chocolate ad, and they’re better written than most of the magazine itself. Each one is usually a full or half page spread – just the size of “article” I’m after in flick through on the loo mag. Overall it’s more a book than a magazine, which isn’t necessarily a problem, per se, but it something to put me off buying it. Maybe if I were older and had lots of time to spare I might like it, but I’m not, so I don’t. If you don’t want to take my word for it, have a look at www.dancing-times.co.uk where you can order a free sample copy and see for yourself. Dancing Times 45-47 Clerkenwell Green London EC1R 0EB Phone: 020 7250 3006


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