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Easy Living Magazine

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Covers every aspect of women's lives from fashion, beauty and health to home, food and relationships.

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    7 Reviews
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      11.12.2011 12:19
      1 Comment



      a good magazine for real women

      December 2011
      In this issue of Easy Living, there is a free £20 Monsoon gift vouchure and there are clever ideas on how to spend your gift card on page 99 with this years must have season's favourites.
      There is also a 40p off coupon on Tetley Redbush range on page 97.
      Plus, a mini booklet about Rituals, skin and body care for both men an women, and inside a vouchure to claim a shower foam for free.
      In addition, if you wish to subscribe to Easy Living, you can save 59% on retial price, plus a free gift- Jane Packer fragrance. see pages 190-191

      Inside the "in the know" section there is an exclusive interview with Kirstie Allsop withher ideas and opinions of having the perfect christmas and her "cut out and keep" section on how to make christmas decorations. Plus, opinions of Sophie Conran and Chrissie Rackers idea of a perfect christmas with their prepations.

      Inside the "gift guide" section you will be able to find the perfec gift for someone this christmas with the gift guide divided into sections with clever qoutes form authors.

      Inside the "fashion" section the items that have been selected are very eye-catching and outtstanding, with full range of clothes and jewellery from many designers. Because of thedesigner price tags attached to most items in this section, it's not going to fit everyone's budget.

      Inside the "beauty" section, there's a special page about Yasmin Le Bon's make uo after dark and how to make atatement wit hthe make up they've collected. The piece in in this section that is inspiring to most women is "the elixir of beauty". This has 3 real women age 31, 45, and 51, showing and modelling their best day and night looks. It goes to show you can wear make up and still look good after your teen years. Plus this section talks about judging fragrance before we get to know them.

      In the "health" section it tells us why we are eating, even when we are not even hungry and some facts busted about our drinking habits.

      In the "food" section its a 20 page special teaching us how to make "eggrog" a boozy drink that Americans find essential during christmas. Plus lots of yummy dishesincluding frozen christmas pudding.

      In the "house" section it shows us how to give our homes a make over for this season with the simple ideas.

      In the "travel" section there are many places to visit abroad during the christmas period if you don't want to stay home, plus a secton of winter warmers to survive during the winter.


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        08.02.2010 18:18
        Very helpful



        Woman's magazine

        Glossy magazines are nice to flick through whilst waiting at the doctors (as long as you don't think about all the germs on them!) or when on a long journey but how many people really read them from cover to cover. I had received an offer about a year ago for a trial subscription to Easy Living for just £1 a month for 12 months and suggested to my son he could buy it for my birthday. I didn't know much about it but it said it had fashion, health and beauty, recipes, homes and much more so I decided at that price it was worth trying.
        My copies come through the post so I always get it nice and early and in fact had the March copy over a week ago. It varies in size March has 192 pages, whilst February only had 160, without physically counting I can't tell if the difference is adverts or not, but there are quite a few pages of adverts and sometimes ones with free samples of creams stuck on them.


        In the Know
        This section has short articles with pictures on new films, books, may be jewellery or foods. In last months edition there was several pages written in interview form with Michelle Obama, which was really interesting. A section full of information, very helpful.

        As the title says this section is about emotions and tends to have short articles on different problems.

        Sometimes you get what the editor picks for a holiday, clothes to cheer you up etc. In February there was an article about 3 generations wear 4 classic trends, the White shirt, the Blazer, Jeans and a Pencil skirt. The women were in their 20's, 40's and 70's! Interesting reading, and made me think about clothes in my wardrobe.

        In Depth
        Different articles covering varied subjects - whether it's about who gets the cats when a couple separate, how long should a woman be off work on maternity leave, how a man copes with a large family of females or a woman copes who has six sons.

        Whether it is make-up trends, going green, Botox queries all things to do with beauty are found in this section. Picture guides on how to shape eyebrows etc.

        All health related things are covered and recently there was a useful article on just making a difference with one small change. Like checking labels to avoid extra sugar, can avoid that 3pm afternoon fatigue and help lose some weight. Eliminating white carbs and munch on fruit and veg can make a huge difference.

        Some lovely recipes which I have tried and they always give how many servings, preparation and cooking time and the calories and fat for those concerned! Also hints about buying wine and useful information like using Seville oranges to make your own Marmalade.

        Recently one of the articles was on how to organise your home the easy way, and showed useful storage in different rooms. New things to look out for like glass, cushions, lighting etc. Sometimes you get to see inside other people's homes and how they can be changed.

        Not in every month but sometimes interesting information on places to visit and recently some hints on how to be organised when travelling. One I can remember was to use the free plastic shower caps to cover dirty shoes before packing- useful if they are sandy too!


        Currently £3.40, although I think originally it was £3.20, as I said I bought mine on offer at £1 a copy, and they keep sending me letters to renew at £18 for a year. In the book they are advertising a subscription at £29 for 2 years, which means you get 15 copies free compared with the cover price.

        *Do I read it all?*

        I always read the Editor's letter and there are pictures of things mentioned in the magazine with the prices, which are linked into the letter, so if anything really interests me I can flick to the page. I quite like reading the "Your letters" usually they area bout articles in a previous issue. I pick and chose what I want to read out of the "in the Know" section, I quite like this section and in this months there is a page on homemade gift wraps with some nice ideas. There is a page on Horoscopes but I don't bother with this as I don't believe in them!

        This month the Emotions is all to do with Forgiveness, and although covering some sad cases this is something I have read.

        Fashion I tend to flick through as most of the clothes are aimed at people younger than me! Not difficult I hear you say! But it still provides information about what is in fashion.

        In Depth - well the heading of the first article in this magazine really caught my attention! A quote by Allegra (thought that was a car!) McEvedy "A GLUTTONOUS woman is one who enjoys life". There are also articles on Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, Anger, and Sloth. Another article to catch my eye is titled "What's mine is yours.... (but only when I feel like it.) It deals with joint bank accounts in matrimony. More easy reading is a few pages on Survival including a test, well worth a read.

        Beauty has pages of valuable information on caring for your skin, teeth, about moles and diet. Plus newly launched beauty items. These articles I usually read and enjoy.

        Health, this month quite a few pages is devoted to Spa's and if they help with your problems.

        Food - my favourite subject! There are lots of recipes and colour pictures and usually a tip is found in a circle near the picture. I'm not a fan of Indian meals but will eat a mild curry made at home and there is a lovely recipe for Chicken Korma. Plus a recipe for making your own curry powder which I haven't tried yet but as I have most of the ingredients I might be tempted!

        I love to read about other peoples homes and this month I enjoyed an article and lovely photos on a family home in Paris, it might not be anything like my home but I can dream! Another article was about 8 places for two people and the prices to stay there, I really enjoyed reading this.

        At the back of the book is a list of stockists and some website addresses for different things. So although I tend to have an initial flick through, I do like to thoroughly read some items.

        *Is it worth £3.40?*

        Difficult question. To young people this isn't expensive compared to many magazines, to me I would think twice before just picking it up in a paper shop to read. I do think there is a lot to read in it, equally there are a lot of pages of adverts, for the price I paid it is excellent value, paying full price I would say it depends on what you want from a magazine. If you like celebrity chat and stories about how someone coped when her partner was two timing well this isn't for you. Hard to say what age group it is aimed at probably for over 30's and although I am over 60 it is still OK for me, but I would say more for younger women, although last month the fashion mentioned women ranging from 20 - 70. On the whole good value for money and can be recycled by donating to your local doctors or dentist surgery! There is a website if you want to take a peak at some of the articles and recipes at www.easylivingmagazine.com


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          23.12.2009 17:22
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A substantial monthly glossy for women with in-depth, true to life articles, features and recipes.

          Easy Living Magazine is a women's monthly lifestyle glossy - aimed at the more sophisticated, intelligent reader.

          The magazine is published monthly and costs around £3.40 (the price reduces if you take out a subscription option at the equivalent of £3.20 per issue for a 12-month subscription of £1.25 for a 24-month subscription). This is a little more expensive than equivalent glossies (such as Glamour, Marie Claire etc which cost around £2) but I do believe the magazine offers good value-for-money, with in-depth, mature and interesting articles (and no glut of eccentric fashion or excessive promotional adverts)!

          Easy Living is published by Conde Nast - the publication company behind Vogue, Glamour, House and Garden etc - and, through this, shows the high-quality we have come to expect from the brand. The magazine is branded as being 'about making life as great as it can be' with a focus on women's fashion, beauty, health as well as home, food and relationships.

          The magazine is also described as being 'confident, useful, smart, intelligent, optimistic and upbeat' and I would concur with this completely - the magazine does come across as being useful, with positive and constructive articles you can actually use in real life.

          The magazine is divided into 8 sections:

          Fashion - seasonal fashion suggestions, in clothing as well as accessories and jewellery. The fashion shots are beautifully taken and the items featured are mostly of well-known brands and retailers which are reasonable in price, rather than having an excess of designer features. The fashion features are also seasonal, to help you keep pace with your changing wardrobe needs during the year.

          Beauty - make-up guides and 'tried and tested' products, with most products available at high-street and department store retailers.

          Health - new health developments and, in keeping with seasonal changes, how to cope to keep yourself in tip-top shape.

          Food - loads of excellent, varied recipes for all courses and ranging in difficulty, as well as entertaining tips.

          Home - items for the home, including features on how to make the best use of your home (e.g. for storage, statement looks, decorating) and garden.

          In the Know and In Depth - usually the feature or cover article, including celebrity interviews, women's issues and other in-depth articles.

          Emotions - relationship advice and articles relating to real-life issues.

          The magazine also has a website (http://www.easylivingmagazine.com), which complements the magazine article and is an excellent source of recipes, blogs, articles and shopping suggestions for beauty, fashion and home.

          Another excellent feature of the website - which is twinned with the magazine - is the Easy Living Directory which lists around 1,000 shops, websites and outlets from which to buy food, fashion, home and beauty products featured in the magazine from all over the UK.

          The magazine often has freebies accompanying each edition (recent examples have been Cath Kidson washbag, notepad, teatowel etc) which are of good quality and are very useful.

          My favourite part of the magazine is the Home section, with articles on what is in fashion in terms of home decor, as well as home decoration ideas - I've discovered loads of new retailers and online shops with loads of gorgeous things that have really spruced up my house and that I absolutely adore!

          I love this magazine - it's grown-up, non-patronising and a genuinely interesting and relevant read. The magazine is jam-packed with articles and, despite being a little more expensive than comparable monthly glossies, is well-worth a read.


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            08.10.2009 14:24
            Very helpful



            A better class of magazine

            I have subscribed to Easy Living for several years now - since it first appeared on the shelves. I love having it delivered once a month to my house and I get really excited when I see it drop onto the doormat! It is my favourite of its genre and, unlike many other magazines, I do not get the same guilty feeling as when I read some of the gossipy, celebrity magazines, or a glossy - half-filled with ads for VERY expensive make-up, models in strange outfits and miracle rejuvenating skin creams.
            I love this magazine because it is aimed, in my view, at intelligent, broad-minded and mature women, who have grown out of the celeb magazines and need a bit more to stimulate their brains. (That's not to say I don't indulge occasionally in the gossipy type mags!!)
            My favourite parts of the magazine are:
            In Depth, which discusses issues such as surrogacy, hormone problems, germophobia and feminism.
            The Food Section, which offers some excellent recipe ideas.
            Gone Surfing (on the last page) - details of some really interesting websites, which I often check out.
            The occasional free gift (a tea-towel this month, a notebook next month).
            I pay for my subscription yearly and it works out that each magazine costs me £1.50. That's a lot less than the £3.40 it costs off the shelf. If you pay for a 24 month subscription, each magazine works out at only £1.25. I will definitely go for this option when I renew my subscription.
            Easy Living is a good quality, interesting and stimulating magazine, through which I always learn new things. I keep every issue. £3.40 is expensive, but you do get hours of quality reading for your money.


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              27.09.2009 18:03
              Very helpful



              A great magazine for women.

              Easy Living is a magazine that I had never read before and to be honest the name isn't really that inspiring it wouldn't have motivated me to pick it up off the shelf. However my mum lent me the magazine to read so I thought I would give it a try. On opening the magazine I discovered that it was published by Conde Nast who are the people who also publish magazines including Vogue and Glamour.

              The magazine costs £3.20 and is published monthly. The August Issue which is the one I am reviewing has 188 pages so it's quite a good size. It's sometimes difficult to determine who the target market is for a particular magazine but I would guess that it is for women from 30 upwards.

              The magazine is split into various sections made easy to find by the contents page at the front and a colour coding at the top of the pages.

              These sections are -

              In The Know - which is really about what is in this month including new products, films, books. There are also interviews, in the August issue it's an interview with Patsy Kensit. There are also topical issues such as money issues and in this issue an interesting article on how to shop the high street at any age.

              Emotions - This included an article on how various women of different ages overcame their own body issues.

              Fashion - Good choice of clothing that you might actually wear and could actually afford which is a refreshing change to some magazines.

              In Depth - This is a good section with some good thought provoking issues discussed including a look at the way different people react to disaster and survival issues. There is also an interesting article on whether we have gone "germ crazy" and have taken cleanliness to an extreme level.

              Beauty - Good advice and style ideas including a look at new products available.

              Health - Again another section with good advice on various issues from stretching before exercise to how to motivate yourself to get fit.

              Food - some great recipes for everything from picnics to mid week quick meals.

              Homes - some inspiration on how to make your house or garden look great.

              I enjoyed reading this magazine. It's a bit more grown up that some magazines out there and is well set out with good interesting topics. There is quite a bit of reading in it so it's great for holidays or a journey. For those who like celebrity gossip it's probably not your kind of magazine but for those who like articles with a bit more reading and a bit more lifestyle kind of magazine then this might be for you. I think if they thought up a more inspiring title it might sell a bit better as the name to me makes me think of an older woman's magazine which it isn't. Give it a try and you might be surprised.


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                30.08.2009 16:06
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                A women's lifestyle magazine with the emphasis on lifestyle

                I have no real loyalty to the various titles in the women's monthly lifestyle magazines category in the magazine racks; I generally choose my magazine based on the articles advertised on the cover. However I have found myself frequently attracted to the contents of Easy Living magazine over the past few months.

                This is a 180ish page publication retailing at the fairly average price of £3.20. Published by the company responsible for Vogue and Glamour I think the intended readership for this magazine is women in their early thirties onwards.

                This magazine has sections similar to the majority of women's magazines:
                - In The Know - the obligatory what's hot info (which I actually find genuinely interesting and have tried to track down the film or object they have advertised); a celebrity interview (this is the cover star too and has recently included Patsy Kensit and Sarah Jessica Parker) and another celebrity's list of favourite books; along with various pages of how to advice (including topics such as improving your credit rating and how to eat with a man and not put on weight)
                - Emotions
                - In Depth - Real life issues and readers stories
                - Beauty
                - Fashion - generally quite chic, smart looking outfits aimed at its readership and including a nice mix of designer and high street (even Topshop and New Look get a look in from time to time)
                - Health
                - Food
                - Homes
                (Having just had a look through an older copy it turns out these section names may not be fixed but the info they contain is just put in a different section)

                I really enjoy this magazine. Its focus is much more on your life than on celebrities lives, which I find refreshing. It has a classy grown up feel to it both in the topics it discusses and the products it includes in fashion and beauty, and in the style and layout of the magazine. It is also not overly packed with advertisements. The magazine has the quality look and feel to it which you would expect from the publishers of Vogue. The articles are not too long and the how to sections take up on or two pages each - although some of this information can be a little simplistic at times but I suppose they have to assume a basic level of knowledge to start with. My favourite sections are fashion and homes I really like their style and love getting ideas from this magazine, however I have found some of the items they show hard to find in the shops - not sure if this is due to the delay between creating the article and publication or maybe because I don't buy the magazine as soon as it comes out (first week of the month in case you were wondering).

                This magazine is not only a good read but a useful guide too.


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                  25.06.2009 09:19
                  Very helpful
                  1 Comment



                  A good mag to sit in the garden with and flick through all the different ideas!

                  I don't usually buy glossy mags (they are a bit on the pricey side and seem to be full of adverts),I usually go for Heat,Closer or Reveal. A few months ago my husband rang me to say he had found this voucher in a newspaper where you got Easy Living Magazine For a £1 ( I think it was for a £1 anyway) and it was giving a bag away. So I said go for it, I hadn't heard of this mag before.

                  When I saw the magazine it was quite thick and very glossy. Straight away I thought I'm not going to like this (but I couldn't say as it had been brought for me!). To made things worse when my children saw it they said mum you are getting old as they thought it looked like an older womans mag, but much to my surprise it was'nt like the other glossy ones on the shelves.

                  It has 188 pages which are set out into sections ;

                  In the Know;
                  This is a section about whats new this month ( as an example in the July one ), What to wear at Glastonbury, Different websites for weekends away and gardening equipment. There is also a page were a well known person writes what books they like to read when on holiday.

                  This has horoscopes, plus stories about real people who have had to overcome completely different things in their lives (as an example in the July one ), A woman who would wear only turquoise, a woman who is to depressed for sex and a woman addicted to junk food. Quite a different variety!

                  There are about 30 pages on fashion, from hats, shirts sarongs to shoes.
                  They vary in price from not so expensive to some that are, a bit of a mixture
                  so it is interesting to see a variety.

                  In Depth;
                  They will have a celeb talking about their lives and problems (not a wag in sight so far!) plus things like adults getting braces fitted, men being grumpy ect.

                  The beauty is particularly good as it covers all kinds of beauty from fake tans, perfumes, nail varnish, face wipes and hair products, there are again about 30 pages on these items.Some are reasonable some are expensive.

                  Health covers the usual items like dieting what diets are about at the moment, what to look out for in freckles , what the pill does to our body and different body issues.Plus there is a health notebook at the end that covers
                  a variety of different things.

                  The food section has a nice selection of different recipes to make which are easy. They do cooking with the things that are available now and in season.
                  Plus there are new items to look for in the shops!

                  Homes covers inside the home like decorating , materials and nic naks. It then goes outside to cover gardening like what flowers have the best scent in what places. Also different gardening items.

                  There is also a letters page at the beginning, all in all you get quite a lot squeezed in this magazine. There are a few adverts but some of these have free samples on which is always good!
                  I have signed up for it for 12 months in which you get it at a big discount
                  and a free gift, I got some very nice hair products which were full size!

                  So all in all it wasn't like some womens weekly and at £3.50 a month it works out not such an expensive mag as I first thought!


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