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Essentials is for women who are at the beginning of grown up life: the serious relationship, the first house and first child. Essentials appeals to them with its unique mix of stylish, useful, affordable and achieveable features as well as its convenient size.

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    9 Reviews
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      10.12.2012 18:01
      Very helpful
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      Love it!

      Essentials is a British magazine for women. It is published monthly and so there are twelve issue per year. The current cost of the magazine is £2.99 per issue, quite expensive, but I do think that this magazine is excellent value for money. Essentials is available from most supermarkets and newsagents in the United Kingdom.

      Obviously, the first thing you notice when you see a magazine is the cover and this was the reason why I bought this magazine. The cover is 'very busy' with lots going on. It even features a reader which I think is great. The cover is very glamorous and happy looking and just looks like 'a perfect read'.

      The magazine is split up into different sections; Your Fashion, Your Life, Your Looks, Your Health, Your Home, Your Time and Money, Your Time Off and In Every Issue. So there really is something for everyone in this magazine. My favourite sections are the 'Your Life' and 'Your Time Off' ones as they heavily feature 'real people' and so I find it really interesting seeing how others live their lives etc.

      There are quite a few adverts in this magazine; as is to be expected with a glossy magazine. They tend to feature products such as beauty items etc, things that will interest women but aren't really necessary (like the everyday household products you see in other magazines).

      I like that real women and readers feature in the magazine as I find them to be more inspirational than celebrities. It also means that you can take steps to be like these 'real women' unlike celebrities. One of my favourite parts of the magazine is the double page; 'Real Women Like You' which features a thermometer of what real people are loving and hating right now, a little section called '3 things you don't know about me' which is about a real reader, funny stories as well as polls.

      One of my favourite articles is the 'Life Lessons' page as you can pick up some really useful tips. I also enjoy the 'simple solutions' page as this also provides some very useful tips such as '8 ways to avoid getting a cold'. I also like that the tips featured are 'realistic' and ones normal people can actually do rather than silly 'celebrity ones'.

      The issue I have in front of me is the December issue and so a lot of the features a 'Christmas and winter inspired'. Under the health section, there is an article telling you what exercise / activity you have to do to burn off certain Christmas food, such as mince pies, 1 slice of chocolate log. I like the way they have designed this page in a fun way, it makes it look exciting and actually makes me want to do a bit of exercise. Another useful 'health' article in this issue is called ; The Cure's In Your Kitchen, which tells you how certain items in your kitchen cupboard can cure certain things such as bananas are great for a hangover and horseradish for blocked sinuses etc. So in all, some great tips. They also have a page called 'My Story' where a reader discusses a health problem and how they cope with it etc. I think that this is especially helpful especially as it shows people that they are not alone as other people have the same illness and also can learn how others cope with the same illness etc.

      If you like nosing around people's home, then you will enjoy this magazine as they have a section where you can nose around people's houses. There's also tips on how you too can also get the look.

      If you are into saving money, as I think most people are these days what with the recession and everything, you will be pleased to say that they have a few articles which tell you how you can save money with lots of useful hints and tips. The tips in this issue are Christmas related; such as how to save on postage when sending Christmas cards, and how to save when you have guests coming to stay etc. So definitely great tips!

      I think its great that the magazine features a reader on their cover. There is a section in the magazine called 'Meet Our Cover Star' which I think is interesting, especially if they have an interesting story to tell. There isn't that much on celebrities in this magazine which is refreshing as you can't seem to pick up a magazine which isn't celebrity loaded these days. So this magazine features normal people, yet still manages to keep it really glamorous and inspirational.

      I'm not someone who follows fashion, I tend to just go shopping and pick up things I like rather than being like; I have to buy this because it's 'in'. So normally fashion pages in magazines don't really interest me as they tend to feature things which are 'straight off the catwalk' and things I would never wear. However, I have to say that I do like the fashion pages in this magazine as they are laid out beautifully. They are also affordable too - lots of items are under £20 which is great news.

      The articles in this magazine are always of very high quality. They are also informative yet not too lengthy- I can't bear magazines where the articles go into depth and go on and on and on because I think that magazines should be a pleasure to read and not like a chore. This magazine is perfect in that respect.

      I love how the magazine is laid out; it's bright and colourful and just the right amount of text to provide great light reading. The magazine is written in an informal, friendly and easy to read which makes the magazine a pleasure to read.

      I like this magazine; it is the kind of magazine which makes you feel that your life will be perfect after reading this. It's quite a happy magazine and I would describe it as being very inspirational. I will continue reading this magazine and definitely recommend it to all women.

      Thanks for reading!
      December 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        01.08.2011 13:06
        Very helpful



        A magazine for real-life women

        I became addicted to Essentials when I took up cooking and baking as a hobby, and was drawn to their magazine because they usually have a pullout section of recipes in the middle. This magazine has a huge variety of features and articles, and something to suit every age group. I usually pass it to my mum after I've finished reading it (with pages missing where I've ripped out recipes!), and she loves it too.

        The great thing about Essentials is that it is aimed at 'normal' people, so for example the fashion is from the high street and at reasonable prices. They usually feature readers on the front cover rather than models, and there's an interview with the reader inside the magazine. The reader usually has an inspiring story, which I think is a much better role model for youngsters than some other magazines that only have stick thin women on the front of their magazines.

        The magazine is packed with hints and tips on all sorts of subjects, such as saving money and bringing in extra income during the recession, making more efficient use of your time, keeping kids entertained during school holidays, and health, beauty and fashion advice. The recipes are usually really down-to-earth and aimed at people with busy lives so it won't take hours on end to produce a meal.

        My brother got me a subscription to Essentials a couple of years ago, and he just renews it each year. This keeps us both happy because he doesn't have to worry about finding a present each year, and I keep getting my favourite magazine landing on my doormat! I love the day it lands on the floor and I put aside some time to enjoy it. There have been some really inspiring articles in this magazine, about women starting up their own businesses, overcoming adversity, and generally following their dreams and making things happen. I find this magazine really motivating for this reason as it encourages me to follow my dreams. Not something you usually get from the average women's lifestyle magazine!


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        11.02.2011 22:26
        Very helpful



        This is real value for money and it covers all the main topics you'd want to read about.

        I have been reading Essentials magazine for two years now. I am a 35 year old stay at home mum but I am also a wife and qualified teacher! This magazine ticks all the boxes for me. I look forward to each new issue because I know it will be relevant to my lifestyle.

        Essentials contains all the usual sections you would expect to find in a magazine. For example, it covers fashion, diet, cookery and a whole range of product reviews. What is different is that this magazine makes the extra effort to consider those of us that are interested in quality products that are good value for money. For example, the excellent cookery section focuses on cheap, healthy and easy to make meals. Perfect for someone as busy as me! In fact, I have kept recipes from every issue I have bought. Similarly, the fashion pages promote clothing items from shops at both ends of the spectrum, from the supermarket to the designer label items. If you want a magazine that covers celebrity life, then this is not really the right magazine to buy and you will be disappointed.

        At £2.80, this is great value for money. You can subscribe and receive 12 copies for £19.99 at the moment.


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          23.01.2010 12:39
          Very helpful
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          For £2.60 its a must

          There are many womans mag's on the market these days and I have read many of them, some I find helpful and other's not so. Its well worth the £2.60 compared to other magazines which will cost you £3.00 and over.

          Then I discovered Essentials, I look forward to recieving my copy every month. From the moment I pick it up I find it really informative, with handy tips and advice to some really tasty meal idea's.

          Its refreshing to pick up a magazine and not read about celebrities and have an advertisment on evey other page. There are loads of articals for everyday needs, and fashion idea's. There is a very good section on how-to and basic DIY . The christmas issue was packed with great idea's on how to have an excellent family day on a budget.

          From the first page "The Editor's Welcome" you know that you are in for a good read.


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            22.06.2009 12:14
            Very helpful



            Fabulous magazine, no celebs and no adverts!

            Essentials magazine is my one guilty pleasure in life! I got a great starter deal which was like 3 issues for £3 or something good like that, then liked it so much, I ended up taking out a subscription, which I now pay about £25 per year delivered.

            What I would say is that this is very different to other magazines, and offers practical advice rather than endless pages of celebrity gossip which is what all the other magazines seem to offer. They use real peoples stories, models rather than celebrity photos for photoshoots and the best thing about it is, there are hardly any adverts.

            The layout of the magazine is very inviting, the pages are bright and colourful and the text is easy to read unlike some much more expensive magazines.

            They have all sorts of sections in the magazines, real life, health and beauty, special features, fashion (which by the way is affordable fashion such as Matalan, New Look rather than Gucci and Prada!)

            My favourite section is the "how to" section. There are lots of moneysaving tips, best recipies, DIY know how (such as how to paint furniture, how to make a cushion), race for life training plans, christmas crafts.

            I really can't convey what a great magazine this is, it is really packed to the rafters with good ideas, and affordable solutions without celebrity gossip or pages and pages of adverts! You will be hooked!


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              20.03.2009 22:59
              Very helpful



              Essentials has it all for less.

              I very often buy Essentials as its one of those magazines that always has something of interest in it. Such a large variety of contents is unusual in such a cheap (in comparison to others the same quality) magazine. It sells for £2.60 Monthly while most of its rivals are between £3.00 and £3.99 Monthly.

              The Editor is Jules Barton-Breck and the first page has her Welcome to Essentials spread, this month she talks of 'escapism', how its good to have little crushes on famous people. She herself developed one on Elvis, owing to her mothers' music collection and the massive 'thing' she had about him. Also how to save £20 on the news-stand price of Essentials and a Free Avon goody bag worth £27.00.

              The contents page is next showing all the different subjects and sections of the magazine:- April issue is as follows:-

              FASHION SHOPPING:- Affordable luxuries.
              Your under £30 wardrobe makeover.
              Mix, match or clash, bags and shoes.
              Fashion fixers.

              REAL LIFE:- All about you.
              Boot camp got my body back.
              Life changing moments we'll never forget.
              Spring clean your life.
              Who was your first crush?
              Your top tips.
              Lifes little essentials.

              HAIR AND BEAUTY:- Lovely new hair!
              Copycat cult buys.
              Beauty secrets.

              YOUR HEALTH HANDBOOK:- pull out section including~~~~~~~~

              Bye bye jelly belly.
              Anti ageing secrets.
              Fast food that wont make you fat.
              IBS under control
              Health updates all the latest health news.

              HOME AND FOOD IDEAS:- Great value bedlinen.
              Cant afford designer?
              Style on a budget.
              Whats new in store.
              Food bites.

              CONSUMER KNOW HOW:- Secondhand, call it pre-loved.
              Easy ways to do your bit.
              Sanity saving tips.
              HOLIDAYS:- Escape..........treats to cheer you up!

              IN EVERY ISSUE:- From The Editor.
              Treat yourself.
              Coming next month (sneak preview)

              COMPETITIONS:- Win a fabulous necklace.
              Win a cool kitchen gadget.
              Win a Viviene Westwood break for two in
              New York worth over £3,000
              ......Plus loads of freebies to be had.

              My favourite section is the cookery. The recipes look fantastic.
              "Boned leg of lamb with herby breadcrumbs", "Melting Med Bake", "Amaretti chocolate fridge cake", to name just a few. The section is too long to name the whole array of recipes. There is one I cant wait to try, its Salmon and Broccoli Filo tart, shown step by step, with very clear instructions. I looks amazing.

              The natural cleaning tips on the 'How to' page are fascinating. Must try them. Example:- Three ways to get rid of fridge pongs!

              1. Leave a few pieces of bread (white) on a plate
              in the back of the fridge for a few days. The
              bread will absorb the odours. Goes without
              saying to throw the bread out afterwards.

              2. Soak cotton wool ball in vanilla extract and put
              on a plate in the fridge.

              3. Put a small bowl of coffee grounds in the
              fridge and it will absorb nasty smells.

              The final few pages are really different, they show all kinds of luxury breaks at varying prices, under £10, under £20, under £30. Places to eat, savings on spa treatments. A n extremely wide selection of places to visit for a little treat. With summer round the corner, I think we are all due a little treat or two, dont you?

              To sum up, I think Essentials has it all, I simply cannot think of anything theyve missed out (even a small crossword with prize). It is crammed with ideas and bits and odds and sods that people love to read about. Hints, tips and recipes all bang up to the minute and superbly presented in this trendy little mag. Happy reading!


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                25.01.2009 17:00
                Very helpful



                An excellent subscription present for a young woman leaving home!

                I must say before anything else that I did not buy this magazine myself. No, my daughter bought it for her and I am writing this review having picked it up for a read this morning. It is not that there is anything wrong with this magazine, it is just that it is clearly aimed at younger women than myself.

                Essentials is basically a women's interest magazine for the younger generations. My daughter has pointed out to me previously that magazines like Prima and She are only really catering to women who are in their thirties to fifties. For example, when they do make-up through the ages features, they usually start at women in their thirties.

                Essentials starts much younger and caters for women in their twenties and thirties who are setting up homes alongside their careers. They feature articles on fashion, beauty, health, home and family issues.

                What I particularly liked about this magazine was it's easy to read format. The magazine is packed with brightly coloured photographs from start to finish and it makes this as enjoyable to simply flick and scan through as it does to actually read the articles of interest.

                I also like that they've catered for budding cooks with a selection of young and fresh recipes that are easy to follow. A lot of modern families haven't been taught in school how to cook many family meals, and I think sometimes us parents forget we should really teach them this! So this magazine steps up to fill that gap by offering younger generations the opportunity to put a modern spin on traditional dishes.

                Equally I like all of the young and fresh home making ideas that have been adapted to suit modern women. No dictations that they're expected to keep their homes in pristine condition as you find is often indicated in older women's magazines. Instead, Essentials sway towards offering home style advice and recommending shopping and household products that are good value for money or add a touch of easy glamour to the home for career girls with more money than time.

                This publication costs £2.50 and have their own online edition at www.essentialsmagazine.co.uk if you'd like to have a browse free of charge.


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                  10.01.2009 22:51
                  Very helpful



                  A very easy read with great tips

                  I came across this magazine a couple of months whilst sitting in my dentist waiting room. I had never heard of the magazine before so wasn't sure what it would be like. You can normally see me reading Heat or OK so i wasn't sure if this magazine was my sort of thing, but i can honestly say i loved it and now buy it every month. The magazine is priced at £2.50 and has a very eye catching front cover.

                  Essentials is a great women's magazine packed with great easy tips to make your life that much easier, every single day. The magazine has great tips on affordable fashion,great beauty buys and advice, real life solutions, hair and beauty inspiration, home and food ideas, great holiday ideas and money saving tips. The magazine also has a brilliant 'How to' section where you will find recipes for every day cooking or when entertaining, and it also gives you 'can-do' tips for your home and wellbeing.

                  ~ Fashion and Shopping ~

                  The fashion and shopping section gives you lots of different fashion ideas that are in at the moment, and ideas on how to glam yourself up for less. If your a High Street women, you will love this section. Lots of affordable fashion ideas which won't break the bank balance.

                  ~ Real Life ~

                  In the real life section you can read about all sorts of every day problem solutions and ways to improve your life.

                  ~ Hair and Beauty ~

                  My favourite section. I particularly love this section because it gives you lots of different beauty sections, from new tricks, trends and good buys.

                  In this months issue i love the article about "The 5 minute make up bag updates". If your make up bag is anything like mine, its old and in need of a good update with all the make up that's recommended by make- up artists.

                  ~ Your Health handbook ~

                  Another great section in this brilliant magazine. It gives you great exercise tips and tricks to get you looking fab. It also has a section where you can write to Essentials very own resident GP for advice on health problems.

                  ~ Consumer Know-how ~

                  Great expert help and great savings tips to be found in this section.

                  In this months mag you will find Best Supermarket basic buys. This is great if you are looking to save money on your supermarket shop. We all trust the big brand names and never think about trying supermarkets basic ranges. I have tried several of the products on the list, i.e. Tesco baked beans in Tomato Sauce. I usually go for the trusted Heinz, but decided to give Tesco Value a try, and i was surprised to find i couldn't really tell the difference between the two. So save your money, and go basic.

                  The best section has to be the 'How to' section..

                  If you love cooking, and trying new recipes to feed your family, then you will love this part of the magazine. Every month you will find yummy mouth watering recipes, that al look very easy to make.

                  It also has a section on you and your home which covers everything from cheap chic ideas for the home and making money ideas online. Every month this changes, but you can normally find a money making idea in this section every month, which i just love.

                  ~ Overall ~

                  If you like a magazine which covers fashion, health and beauty, food, money saving, then this magazine is one you need to try. At £2.50 a month, you really cannot complain.

                  This month i noticed a fab subscription offer which offers 20% off the retail price and includes a rather fab free gift. To sign up it costs you £13 every 6 months. It doesn't seem a big saving, as its only £2 saved every 6 months, but over a year its £4 saved, and if you sign up when they offer free gifts, you won't be unhappy.


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                    21.05.2007 21:50
                    Very helpful



                    this is one magazine that no woman should be without

                    This magazine is for every girl who is young at heart. At only £2.40 it's a steal. This is a monthly mag.

                    Fashion and Shopping.
                    Every month there is lots of tips on fashion like 'how to wear bright prints' '3 ways to wear 1 eg top, skirt.
                    Glamorous new buys, what is hot on the street and of course style director Lucy Turner is there to answer any questions.

                    Real life solutions.
                    From money tips, working life, being a parent, ways to change your life and holidays.
                    Each month hear real life dilemma's and stories from other readers.
                    And dont forget the good old fashion problem pages.

                    Hair and Beauty
                    Hints and tips on the best make up products and how to use them.
                    Beauty tests where reader panels test products every month and review them.
                    Whats the best product for your hair, fancy a differant style, loads of ideas here.

                    Easy home updates
                    Fancy a change in your rooms get plenty of ideas from just £5, spend and save show you simalar items ones a spend and the other a save.
                    Got a question ask the home editor Astrid Granger she will share her top tips, best buys and know- how.

                    Health & Wellbeing
                    From ways to beat stress to how to tackle an allergy.
                    Dr. ann robinson will give her view's on current health issues, Find out what the best health products are.

                    Every month there is a cut out and keep section which includes:
                    Fabulous food- easy meals,treat yourself, kids food,recipe cards and step by step cooking.

                    Your home and garden- smart shopper, websites to make life easier,home help and easy gardens.

                    Your health and beauty - health help,shape up and feel good.

                    There is also loads of competitions each month like weekend beauty breaks, trip to barbados, clothes, books, beauty gifts, jewlery .............

                    There is so much in this magazine that it would be impossable to mention everything,
                    One of the magazines i wouldnt be without and all for only £2.40, even cheaper if you subscribe and get it delivered to your door before its in the shops.


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