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    5 Reviews
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      28.02.2011 16:08
      Very helpful



      A great, fun magazine for all ages!

      I am a huge reader, and one of my favourite things are magazines! If I am not reading a book then you will usually find me reading a magazine and vice versa. I tend to stick to my usuals, which consist of ;Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Company, More, although I do like to try new magazines.

      Today, I will be reviewing a magazine which I recently came across. Full House is a British real life magazine for women. I bought my copy for just 50p from my local newsagents.

      The magazine cover is quite attractive, although it is not glossy or as half attractive as more expensive magazines such as Cosmopolitan. The magazine itself is very thin, including the cover, but for 50p you can't expect nothing else, although this is certainly not something that would put me off the magazine, as it is the content of the magazine which I am more interested in.

      I like the fact that this magazine is all about normal real people. I love celebrities, and reading celebrity magazines, although sometimes it is annoying when you see them doing all these fantastic things, going on holiday, and spending all their money, so in a way it's really nice to read about the lives of real people.

      There are a few 'real life stories' in this magazine. I am reviewing the '3rd March 2011' issue, and have counted five real-life stories (as in ones which take up a double page or me). I am not really a fan of these stories (it obviously depends on what it's about), most most of the time I skip these long stories.

      There is a double page feature called 'Cash in with Cashin' which is all about saving money and about all the best bargains etc. Readers can even send in their questions which will get answered by the magazine's money saving expert.

      What I really like about this magazine is the many one page features about the readers. Such pages include: the letter page (where readers send in letters (obviously!) along with pictures (both serious and funny ones), and stories of what they've been up to, and celebrities they have met. I like these stories as they are usually quite light hearted and fun. When I am reading a magazine, I don't like letters which are about things like 'thanks for the article - really enjoyed it'. I don't see the point of those. So, I really enjoyed the letters page in this magazine.

      There are also pages dedicated to fashion, beauty and travel (although they are not too over the top like a lot of other magazines). Also, I find that the fashion clothes featured are suitable for women of all ages.

      There is also some recipies, a page dedicated to pets, horoscopes, and tips, as well as health pages, and so there is something for everyone.

      One thing which I love about this magazine is it's price! Full House magazine costs just 50p. I think it is a fantastic price, and I mean, what can you get for 50p these days? I think it's a great magazine and is excellent value for money, as you get so much for your 50p.

      Apart from the sad real life stories, this magazine is quite a happy little magazine, which is full of fun. It is a real little 'cheer-me-up'. It's also great for all ages. A lot of the content is made up by the readers and the readers range from about 20-80, so it really is a must-read for all.

      The magazine even have a feature where they will give a reader up to £500 to help them with their bills or something. This month's reader was given £400 to help pay for the vet bills, for some of the animals that she looks after at her dogs home, which I thought was really good.

      If you are looking for a great little read, then try this! It will certainly cheer you up! Also if you are looking to make a penny or to, have a look at this magazine, because they pay lots of money out to the readers, for their letters and tips etc (around £50 per letter with photos, and £25 for letters with no photos and tips) and up to £1000 for a story. So it's well worth taking a look at.

      There aren't many adverts in this magazine; just three pages one after the other at the back, which is good, as there are none in between features.

      The magazine is very easy to read. Apart from the real life stories, which are quite long. The rest of the magazine is quite basic in terms of the quality of journalism. In fact, there isn't really that much from the magazine team at all, it's all stuff that the readers have sent in.

      I like this magazine, because not only is it cheap, and a great read, but I also find it really inspiring! I would definately recommend this magazine!

      Thanks for reading!
      February 28th 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (also under xdonzx on ciao)


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      25.01.2010 15:59
      Very helpful



      good for a lunch hour read

      I don't usually buy that many magazines these days to be honest as I see them as a bit of a waste of money when the majority are full of adverts for stuff that I will never buy and you can view similar content online a lot of the time for free somewhere or another.

      But on a shopping trip to Morrisons on Saturday I picked up a copy of full house magazine. I think I was excited that I had recently won a competition and I knew that there were competitions in here to enter so I thought well why not. I got home on saturday and totally forgot about it until this morning.

      The issue I bought was only 50p although I think it is usually around 68p. There are a total of 54 pages. The paper that the magazine is made from is pretty thin and not at all glossy but I guess thats how they can sell it so cheap. The front cover gives an insight of what you can expect within.

      The magazine is packed pull of real life stories, some quite bizarre to be honest, a few puzzles, recipes and useful tips.

      The first page has little humorous photos and comments sent in by their readers. If you are lucky enough to feature in here they will pay you £50 for the privilage. Not bad eh, now to get your small child, pet or anyone else to do something mildly amusing capture it and send into the magazine.

      There are a number of real life stories sent in by readers here too. They will also pay you up to £1000 if you manage to get featured. These stories are a page or two page spread and have catchy!?! titles such as Bloodbath at Bedtime - one readers story of her angry husband who had shot her in bed, Falling for Darcy, the story of a dog who'd fallen 100 feet from a cliff, Who's a pretty boy and why she still loves her sex change hubby and an 'every cloud has a silver lining feature - heart warming stories that are guaranteed to bring a tear to your eye.

      There is a 'just kidding' page where people send pictures in of their kids doing funny things. **Must have a look through some pics of my daughter there must be something I could get £25 for surely.... ** Likewise there is 'potty pets' same kind of thing but with your pets!

      There is a few pages on health and well being, with a few random medical facts such as 25 is the most fingers and toes found on one person - 12 fingers and 13 toes! There is simple health knowlesge quiz and a few excercises to follow to target your back fat and jelly belly. There is also a section on superfoods and a write in agony aunt/uncle type feature.

      In the middle of this issue there is a handy 'crunch buster' pull out with money saving tips on everything from credit cards to where to buy the trendiest looks for the best price to bizarre readers tips. These always manage to raise a smile for me, I don't kow why but the tip in is of save your coloured wrappers from quality street etc and stick them to your window with a drop pf water is a no no for me! It might be ok for my 3 year old but if i really wanted a stained glass window this wouldn't be the way I'd go about it! However I like the tip on freezing leftover lemon juice in ice cube trays for next time.

      There is also a nice little feature on making stuff usuing kale - the recipes look quite tasty and cheap too. there is 4 and the page has been designed to be removed and kep in your recipe cuttings folder!

      There is also a voucher to have a Toby carvery meal +dessert for £5 - worth buying the mag just for this as it can be used for up to 6 people although has to be used before 31st Jan and there is a page dedicated to online special offers for various places so I guess this is pretty useful.

      There is also your weekly horoscope and a psychic detective feature. There are seven pages of prize puzzles where you could win money - £50 -£200 and things such as hair straighteners. THe puzzles are easy though and shouldn't take you long to complete probably an hour (max) for all of them. You can enter by text, post or online.

      Overall quite an entertaining read for half an hour or so - it didn't really take me any longer but I suppose for 50p I can't really grumble too much. There is nothing about celebrities at all in here which suits me down to the ground really! just some bizarre stories about some real people! I enjoyed this and thought it offered good value for money although I wouldn't rush out to specifically buy this.


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        14.05.2008 19:47
        Very helpful



        great magazine that will keep you hooked until it is finished.

        I have never been a great magazine reader, I like the sort of magazines that gossip about celebrities and indulge you in high fashion and beauty tips. So every month I get my local paper shop to deliver my favorite magazine cosmopolitan.

        But this month I not only got my favorite magazine, but also delivered was an issue of full house magazine. I think the paperboy had delivered to me by mistake.

        So I had a quick flick through it before ring the paper shop to inform them of the mistake. As I flicked through it I was fascinated as it not only had hair and beauty tips, low budget fashion tips, but it also had back to back pages of true life stories, puzzles and free give away, horoscopes and cooking recipes.


        The magazine has 56 back to back pages of entertainment, all for the bargain price of 68p. My cosmopolitan cost 3.95 and this great read is only 68p. Not only am I saving money but I am getting more out of it.

        Yes the pages are very thin and so was the magazine, compared to my usual magazine, but as I see it this is a good thing as I am helping the environment.

        The magazine I got delivered was issue 20 15th may 2008, On the front page you get a low down of the highlighted stories contained in this issue, basically these are the feature stories that they use to attract you into buying the magazine.

        Just inside the magazine you get a contents page that tells you where to find certain puzzles, stories, travel guides and health and beauty pages.

        With the full house you get roughly six real life stories per issue, these stories are based on real people who have endured hard times, buy coping with deaths, brutal attacks, serious illness, escaped bad relationships and so on. Some of these stories are really extreme and barely believable, but at the same time they are credible.

        In this issue there was a story that did make me laugh, an ex- alcoholic man was due to marry a lady who had met him in the pub and help him overcome is problem. The wedding was booked and he headed of to butlins for a stag do, where he met the love of his life Georgina. He then called off the wedding to the poor woman who saved him from drinking his self to death, and shacked up this the new woman.

        It really made me laugh this guy didn't want to commit to the first woman and now plans to marry the girlfriend. He has painted his self out to be a saint in this story.

        He must know that people will read between the lines and realise that he is a womanizer, an ugly one at that. Then he has the gut to sell his story to the magazine to gain him self five hundred pounds.

        It is this type of story that magazine fall over them selves to print, but to me these people are degrading themselves by selling there stupid story in a bid to earn cash, this bloke more then likely took the five hundred and spend it down the pub as he did like to drink.

        A part from these kinds of stories you can also get genuine ones that really put a lump in your throat. These are the ones that make the magazine worth reading. As these are genuine people who have suffered and just want to tell their story, to either help ease other pain or the get the details out there. Usually you find that the people who just want to tell there stories donate there money to charity.


        The thing that really got me into this magazine was all of the great puzzle and prizes that they give away on a weekly basis.

        There were fourteen different puzzles and free give away within, this week's issue. Here are some of the puzzles and prizes you could be in with a chance of winning.

        4 fit, is a puzzle that asks you to answer four questions across and four down a grid, when you have filled in the grip four yellow coloured squares will give you this weeks winning answer. On this you can win a months supply of you are what you eat goodies.

        Bingo bonanza, here you have a bingo ticket and you have to eliminate the numbers by answering the question correctly, when all answers are finished you will have one number left, this is your winning number this week. You can earn 250.00 in hard cash.

        Differences here you needed to spot five differences, the square that didn't have a difference is the winner, and in this puzzle you have 10 chances to win 25.00.

        Match the patch you need to find the page in the magazine that has this picture on it. Readers also had 10 chances to win 25.00.

        Code Z, here you have to find a place for all of the letters from the alphabet, once these are placed correctly the letter Z is your prize number, it pays out 250.00 to the winner.

        Happy birthday this is biggest give away. It is big arrow word puzzle, which features a celebrity once completed the yellow boxes will reveal that celebrity's age, this is the answer and can win you 500.00.

        The selection box puzzle is a cross word and you can take 250.00 pounds if you are selected as the winner. TRAILBLAZER is similar to the word search, any letters missed will build up to give you the puzzles answer, giving you opportunity to win a 600.00 diamond ring.

        Jiggy is a completed cross word that has been jumbled up, just put it back together to win 250.00 pounds worth of swim wear.

        These are just some of the great puzzles in the magazine, so have a go. These puzzles are relatively easy, as I am not that great at puzzles but I manage these, so I am sure anyone will be able to give them a go.

        All you need to do to enter these puzzles is fill in the coupon at the back of the magazine and send it off before the competitions close.

        To post your answers send it to FULL HOUSE (then the issue number), Admail 3223, Cambridge, CB11FA. This will cost the price of a stamp and envelope to send it.

        Or you can text in your answers with your name address and post code, to 80252. It is as easy as that and it will cost you the price of a text message.


        This is a well put together magazine, although it has some very cheesy stories, there are some very good ones. This magazine is one you can read from front to back in no time at all.

        I love this as the puzzles are very easy to complete, and they are easy to submit your answers, which is a good thing as I always had a go and never ever sent them off.

        To for 68p this is worth a try, the magazine is issued every Thursday and has different puzzles and prizes every week.


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          22.04.2008 19:55
          Very helpful



          well published, reader friendly, published weekly.

          I hate to admit, I have become a bit of a magazine queen over the past few months I cant seem to get enough of them.

          My usual read was the high fashion magazines like, Glamour, Vogue, In style and the bible Cosmopolitan, that was costing me over 3.50 a pop. This was until I was introduced to the real life Full house magazine.

          The first issue I actually purchased was issue 12 dated 20th march 2008, I was looking for new magazines to keep my customers happy while I was busy, so instead of spending 3.50 on the high fashion magazines that didn't seem to go down that well, and I picked this little gem up for the bargain price of 68p.

          FULL HOUSE

          This magazine I was very skeptical about when I first clapped eyes on it, it seemed to be very thin compared to my usual magazine, but I think is down to the paper it is printed on being a lot thinner then the paper or should I say card, the high fashion magazines use. So if you think about it, this is better for the environment if this won't sell it to you, the fact that it is roughly 2.88p cheaper than a high fashion magazine should do it for you.

          Yes this magazine doesn't contain the pages and pages of pretty models dressed in this seasons must have fashions, it contains 55 pages of back to back real life stories, puzzles, high street fashion, problem pages, horoscopes, holiday recommendations, health pages, beauty pages and my favorite pets corner.

          What more you do need from a magazine, it has everything any women would ever want including giggles, tears, shock horror and general side splitting laughter.

          So for the bargain price of 68p get hours of entertainment, from my newly named bible full house.


          With full house you get half a dozen stories per issue, which are written by everyday people like ourselves, some of which are very odd reads, but you read them anyway.

          The ones that get me are the heart felt encounters that these poor people have endured, it does make you feel genuine sorrow, but on the other hand you are thinking, god I am glad it's not me, or how did they get through that.

          These are the ones that get me every time, yes these people do get paid by the magazine for having their story published but why shouldn't they earn a few quid after the tragedy's and illness some of them have over come.

          Yes granted you do get the odd story, where you think that the people have only had the story printed for the money, these stories stand out a mile and you do not feel anything but frustration because you know it is more than likely a load of fabricated rubbish, used to earn them 500.00 notes.

          I love the fact that those who do have a story to tell, usually the ones who want the world to know about illnesses and get the facts out there, donate the cash from there story to the charity that helps the certain illness awareness. There are some very brave people out their and I take my hat off to anyone that has survived some of the horrible things the world throws at us.


          One of the main reasons I buy this on a weekly basis, is the fact that they have some great puzzles, prizes and freebie give aways. I am a real puzzle queen and love when Thursday comes so I can relax, laugh and even use my brain a little bit.

          The puzzles and prizes for issue 12 included,
          4 FIT, is like an arrow word, with 4 questions across and 4 down once it has been answered it will reveal a four letter word. This is your answer. You had the chance to win a CD.

          SPOT THE DIFFERENCE here you needed to spot five differences, the square that didn't have a difference was the answer, and in this puzzle you have 10 chances to win 25.00. This puzzle is made up of a picture a reader has sent in.

          Any readers can send in their pictures and if they are published they will receive 25.00 from the magazine.

          MATCH THE PATCH This is a Small section of a picture featured in the magazine, the page where the square was taken from is the prize answer, and in this puzzle readers also had 10 chances to win 25.00.

          CODE Z This is a puzzle where you have all of the alphabet letters and you must place them in the grid to form words, the box that has the letter z in the answer, here you can try to win 200.00 in prize money.

          BINGO BONANZA this is a bingo ticket with 15 numbers on it, you then have 14 questions the answers to the questions then get crossed off of the ticket. The number that is left is the winner and can earn you 1 of a 1000 family days out.

          MANY HAPPY RETURNS this is a big arrow word puzzle, which features a celebrity once completed the yellow boxes will reveal that celebrity's age, this is the answer and can win you 500.00.

          SELECTION BOX is a cross word that when completed, yellow squares give you the answer and can bag you fifty quid.

          TRAILBLAZER is similar to the word search, any letters missed will build up to give you the puzzles answer, giving you opportunity to win a 600.00 diamond ring.

          ROUND THE WORLD This is a small round cross word, letters from you last answer will be the start of you second answer, once this is complete yellow boxes will give you the puzzle answer. You can then enter to win ghost whisperer and brothers and sisters DVD box sets.

          GET JIGGY this is a completed cross word that has been dismantled, just put it back together to win a beauty goody bag.

          FACE FACTS is another arrow word and can win you 200.00.

          FIGURE IT OUT is a word search, one word is missing from the puzzle, find this and you can win 1 of 10 DVDs.

          CROSS COUNTRY you have a list of words that need to be placed into the grid, once these are placed correctly the yellow circles will reveal the answer and possibly win you 200.00.

          CASH COUNT DOWN this is an 80 question cross word, the letters in the yellow squares will reveal another question and the answer to this question is the winner. I know it sounds long winded but 1st prize is 600.00, 2nd 400.00 and 3rd 200.00 so it is worth trying.

          Some of these puzzles a child could do so you don't have to brains of Britain to have a go, some are also challenging and get you thinking but the prizes on these are worth having a go for.

          These are the main puzzles that the magazine runs on a weekly basis, along with this they sometime give vouchers and coupons, which may come in very handy.


          Entering for these competitions is so easy, and there are many ways to enter. You can as many puzzles as you like, it will cost you the same to enter them all as it would for just the one, so it is best to have a crack at them all, you never know you may win.

          There are two ways to submit your answers the first being by post, simply fill in your winning answers on to the coupon found on the last page of the magazine, then post it to FULL HOUSE ( then the issue number), Admail 3223, Cambridge, CB11FA. This will cost the price of a stamp and envelope to send it.

          Or you can text in your answers, but first you will need to register with the magazine this can be done by sending a text. FH REGISTER, with your name address and post code, to 80252. This will only need to be done once, and you will never have to do it again to enter any off full house competitions. Once you have registered text FH (then issue number) followed by all of the answers for the competitions you wish to answer to 80252.

          It is as simple as that, texts will cost 25p plus the normal taffif to enter the answers, but the registering will cost you the normal rate you pay on a text message.

          If you do win any of these prizes, the magazine will let you know by letter of telephone.

          This magazine is must for everyone, I have even spotting my husband reading it.

          So for 68p (you can't even buy a loaf of bread for that) you have hours of entertainment, giggles and brain activity all in the comfort of your own home.


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            15.10.2007 15:44
            Very helpful



            A good read, good competitions and not full of advertisement taking up pages and pages

            Full House is a Womans weekly magazine costing 68p. for roughly 58 pages

            The first thing you notice is that the front page is not daubed with sensational heading that shout out at you more likely they are what you can relate to.

            The Editor is male.who always puts a little piece on page 3 and tells you to enjoy the mag.

            The magazine consists of 6 headings.

            The first is True Stories

            There are around 11 stories each week usually one or two pages long. I find these stories good to read and well written. They are not too far fetched and some even you can really relate to.

            The second heading is Travel. They dont just do one place but about 4 or 5 telling you where to stay, why its great and a deal. There are also some very good tips listed for each area too.

            Then you get Full life which is usually about health and problems. The resident Doctor is Doctor Nancy Kuchemann who will answer about 3 questions each week but it seems she chooses problems ones that many people would want to know the answer to. In this section is a health trivia which is good. There is always one that I love. This week it is did you know that beween 10 and 25% of people sneeze when they look at the sun! I do!

            Then comes the puzzle prices. Every week the puzzle is the same with puzzles such as 4 fit which is 16 squares with words reading down and across, look through and find out which page this photo comes from, crosswords, word search and many others.Most of the prizes are for money.

            Do you remember the days when the male used to read womans magazines proped in their magazine or books as it wasnt the done thing to be seen to read womans magazines or admit to it? Well those days are gone not only do men read these magazines and find them interesting, and yes my son and husband do too, but they send in the competitions in their own name thus admitting to the world and hey yes they send their photographs in to the winners pages too when they win.

            Fashion and Beauty

            This magazine does not get swamped down with adverts for fashion and they answer beauty problems too.

            Pets corner is good. You can send in your pet pics and hope to get £25. There is also a pet confidential where yes the pets write in with their problems and the vet answers!

            Then you get the Plus such as problem pages and letters page. You also get Cleverclogs which if you have a good idea you can write in or if you need help with a problem about the house they write it for you and then readers write in with the answer.

            Of course no womans magazine is complete with out Astrology Your Stars!

            So why do I like this magazine? Well there are not pages and pages of advertising ie clothes and food. There is a lot of reading in this magazine too.

            One thing I have found though is that some weeks this magazine is very hard to find on the shelves and you dont hear it being advertised a lot.

            It is well worth buying whether you are male or female.

            Thank you for reading.


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