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  • Reasonably priced
  • Good Fashion
  • Only available in travel/handbag size
  • Sometimes not relatable to daily life
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    84 Reviews
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      17.11.2013 16:36
      Very helpful



      A reasonablly priced woman's glossy magazine

      ===The Product===

      Glamour Magazine
      7 x 9 inches and over 300 pages.
      December issue comes with free nail enamel and Body Shop Joy Card.
      'No 1 Woman's Magazine.'


      £2 per month.

      ===My Opinion===

      This magazine dates back to 1939 and was first launched in America. It came to the UK in 2001 and is also on sale in a smaller handbag size edition.

      I must admit that being more penny pinching these days I have virtually given p buying glossy magazines as they all tend to be very similar and you can whizz through them often in a matter of minutes.

      However I indulged myself recently with the December issue of Glamour.

      There were inducements - a free Body Shop Joy Card which was worth either £3, £15 or £100 - needless to say mine was for £3 - and only able to be used in store and not online.

      Also this December issue came with a free bottle of Nails Inc polish by Kate Spade - coming in four shades - Gold, Silver, Black or Scarlet.

      So I did well - having a lovely Gold Christmassy bottle of nice nail enamel, £3 off Body Shop products and a magazine to read - not bad for £2 outlay.

      Some people have been so keen o the nail enamels that they are buying more than one copy to get the different shades.

      So to the magazine itself.

      This is a glossy magazine which has over 300 pages and is shown as also being available on Ipad or Kindle.

      £2 these days is quite a reasonable price for such a thick magazine.

      Admittedly there are lots of colourful adverts throughout the magazine - many for expensive perfumes ad make-up items.

      The magazine is obviously aimed at a younger reader, mainly for those between 18-49, than I am but I still enjoyed looking through and reading it.

      The adverts and fashion pages are colourful and interesting and the make up and hair pages informative. One nice touch with some of the make up pages was that they showed the model at first with no make up and then we saw her transformed with three different styles of make up - vamp, smouldering and sexy.

      There is advice on doing designer style nails - but I think you would need a very steady hand to paint your nails in two tone blue and then finish it off with a snowflake in white.

      There are the usual celebrity interviews - this time with Cher, Katy Perry and Piers Morgan. Also one girl detailed a day working as a QVC presenter.

      Although this is the December edition it is not overly seasonal - there are a few Christmas jumpers n one page and a list of gifts at the end of the magazine but it is not filled with the usual Christmas articles like how to cook a turkey etc.

      Being aimed at younger women there are one or two pages on sex and dating.

      There is also an interesting article on women who are HIV positive.

      The editorial is about 'just going for it' which ties in nicely with another article which instructs you to not be afraid of 'no' - so that you should not accept rejection but persevere.

      Some of the pages in the magazine are card adverts to draw your attention - the Marc Jacob's one is even acetate covered. There are also two pages with perfume samples embedded in the card - one for L'ea D'Issey and one for Katy Perry's Killer Queen.

      All in all a good colourful magazine that tends to cover both high and low price adverts and items. For £2 it is good value and if you get a free gift as well it is a bonus.

      More of interest than quite a few magazines I have had before - so not a bad buy at all.

      ===Star Rating===

      5 stars.

      ===Would I Recommend?===





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        24.06.2013 15:27
        Very helpful



        Good enough.

        ~*~*~ Glamour Magazine ~*~*~

        ~ What is it? ~

        Glamour is a women's monthly glossy magazine. It comes in two different sizes, one being the regular size magazine and the other being a smaller handbag friendly sized magazine. It is the smaller of the two I often buy, not really sure why as I only ever read it in the house/garden but it is the one I tend to pick up!

        ~ What's it all about? ~

        Glamour isn't filled with real life stories like some women's weekly's, this one is more celebrity/fashion based.
        I often buy the weekly's like Take A Break, Pick Me Up etc. But I will do buy this some months too.
        Glamour has a bold statement across the magazine which tells us that it is -

        Britains No 1 women's magazine.

        It's easy to see why it is quite popular as it covers quite a large range of stuff, but I think it is more suited to women in their late teens/twenties/thirties - I don't mean to sound ageist! But this isn't something my mum or grandmother would tend to read!

        Like many glossies this magazine does have a lot of advertising pages throughout. I have Issue 148 July 2013 in front of me now and just opening the front cover I am greeted with a two page advert for a Lancome product, the next two pages are for Chanel, the next two for Prada, one for Peugeot and then eventually we do get to the magazine, the index plus more adverts for other random products!

        Throughout the magazine we are shown lots of celeb fashion, high street fashion and then there are a few pages of stories mingled in, but still as we flick through the pages there is advert after advert!

        Some of the stories are quite meaningful and this issue has a feature on rape which makes for a good read and is trying to get a good point across, the magazine will usually have a big topic to talk about each month.

        This issue also has Glamours Women of the Year Awards and this takes up quite a lot of pages in the middle of the magazine. The magazine is available with four different covers although I can confirm the inside of each is the same. There is a section in the front of the magazine with a Win the cover looks competition where you can enter to win prizes ranging from hair products to make up.

        ~ Price & Availability ~

        I usually pick Glamour up in Asda, but it is available in most supermarkets, shops and newsagents. I am not sure how much the regular price is as I do tend to buy it more often when it is on offer and I bought this one for £1.

        ~ Freebies! ~

        My main reason for buying Glamour this months was simply because of the freebies!

        I ended up buying two.

        The freebies they are giving away are Model Co make-up products.
        You can choose from eyeliner, lip liner, mascara and lipgloss. I chose the mascara and eyeliner as these are the two make-up products I use the most!

        The eyeliner has a RRP of £15 and the mascara's RRP is £16 so I do think I got a great bargain!

        ~ Overall ~

        Despite buying it for the freebies which is something I do quite often I do read the magazine, I tend to flick through it bit by bit and read a feature here and have a quick look at make-up/nails/hair there.

        I do like the fashion pages, especially when it's high street stuff rather than designer as I usually spot something that I love and end up buying. It is quite a mixed bag though with random items being on one page, for instance -
        £349 trousers in one section and then a £38 dress just below it, £125 glasses and then £8 glasses, it is all quite mixed but you get the gist as you go along!

        I do quite like the hair pages, where they show great styles for the seasons and will usually end up copying a few of them.

        In general it's an okay magazine, it's great for flicking through I find, and not for reading all in one go. The few stories thrown in generally talk about relationships, or celeb items and are quite interesting.

        I do quite like and will continue to buy it. The freebies that come with it are certainly worth it anyway!

        Thanks for reading :o) x


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        18.04.2013 17:09
        Very helpful



        An average mag, would be great with fewer ads

        I would class myself as a regular Glamour magazine reader, although I now buy it on an 'ad hoc' basis as my subscription rate turned out to be very similar in price as buying it separately after the first year! It's usually on an offer price of £2 per issue and it's issued monthly. It's primarily aimed at women in their 20's and 30's and covers a variety of issues - celebrities, fashion, make up, beauty and relationships being the main topics they focus on. It's a very popular magazine and so is available in all supermarkets and newsagents - the price is set by the magazine themselves so you'll always pay the price specified on the front wherever you buy it from. Often you find a freebie on the front cover - I've had all sorts of free things in the past included in the £2 price - benefit cream and nails inc nail polish are two that immediately come to mind. The nail polish was a full sized bottle and individually would have cost a lot more than the magazine itself! The magazine comes in a travel size issue, there is no full size edition. It fits nicely into your bag as it's only A5 size. There's around 300 pages in each edition.

        I personally find it a good read for the articles. I used to read Cosmopolitan a few years ago but felt I grew out of it as a lot of articles just seemed too young for me. Glamour feels much more appropriate for my age range (I'm nearly 30). But, another reason I don't buy it as often nowadays was because I started to get quite annoyed by the sheer number of adverts. I assume this is how the price of the magazine to consumers is kept quite low but it is frustrating when you open the first page, then the second and third - looking at the issue I have here with me for example, apart from a contents page, the first 'article' is a letter from the editor on page 11! The adverts are for a variety of things but mainly perfumes and make up and to be fair the odd time there's a sample to be tried. I'm not interested though in a two page picture of someone wearing Next's latest outfits or Julia Roberts smiling advertising a perfume for Lancôme - I don't even particularly like adverts anyway but I've paid to see these ones! The adverts really ruin the flow of the magazine. When you read an article in there (after finally reaching one), you turn over and there's another advert or two before the next small piece. This goes on and on throughout. I would say at least a third of the magazine pages have adverts emblazoned all over. There's also usually a 'promotional' article where a piece is written around say a 4 page advert - at least you get something to read with it but alongside that is the fact that the advertised product is mentioned time and time again in the piece.

        Adverts aside, the regular pages include a letters page that shows readers letters about articles in previous magazines and a few do's and don't pages usually based on a fashion that's doing the rounds - they say what they think works and what doesn't with celebrity outfits. They usually have a celebrity interview each month - the most recent one being Jessica Alba. Sometimes though, it can be someone I've never heard of, usually because they're in a programme I've never watched. Sometimes they have male celebrity interviews too, but these aren't very often. The front cover usually has the celebrity image on the front, presumably to attract readers. There's a 'Hey It's Ok' page that I find quite amusing - they start every sentence with those words and then finish it with something that some readers secretly do - eg 'Hey it's ok to organise a night out just because you want to wear your new pair of shoes'. There are often articles on some serious real life adult issues, a lot of which include readers experiences too. For this reason, I would definitely only recommend this magazine to adult women and not to teenagers. There's a health and diet section, a small travel section and horoscopes too amongst other things. It's hard to mention any other sections as they tend to change fairly often but their are many other 'one off' articles included too.

        I would like to recommend this magazine for the articles, but if you don't like looking at adverts, then I really wouldn't buy it because the magazine is littered with them! I rate it 3 stars overall - I think it's earned those as the articles are enjoyable and it covers quite a broad range of female issues.

        Thanks for reading :o)


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          24.06.2012 16:17
          Very helpful



          A glamorous magazine for women

          Glamorous is a British Women's magazine. It is a monthly magazine and there are 12 issues a year. The magazine is usually released at the beginning of the month (usually the first week). Each issue costs £2 which I think is good especially when compared to magazines of the same category (Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire etc. which sell between £3-4 an issue.). Every few months or so, you'll find the magazine on sale for just £1 which I think is excellent.

          Annoyingly, there are many, many adverts in this magazine. You will find at least one advert on every other page. So you will have an article and then turn the page and there's an advert, turn the page and there's an article, turn the page and there's an advert. I wouldn't mind if they were advertising products which actually apply to me; instead they feature expensive brands (think Lancome, Chanel, Prada etc), so brands which aren't affordable. At the end of the magazine, you will find about 8-10 pages of pointless adverts - you know the pointless ones advertising cosmetic surgery and jokes; the kind no-one really pays attention to.

          There are some interesting features in this magazine. Features in this particular issue (July 2012) include: What No One Tells You About Living Together where couples tell their stories about living with their other halves. I found this to be amusing, as I found the 'Why Date Just One Man' article.

          Each month there is an article called 'Hey It's Ok...' and then there will be around ten different bullet points with something like: 'if you laugh so hard when telling a funny story that you can't get the words out. Then when you do finally speak, no one else finds it funny'. I like this feature as it is funny and interesting and easy to relate to.

          Other features I like include the horoscopes which provide a bit of fun reading. If it's your 'birthday' month then you will have one page just for your starsign, whereas if it's not your birthday, you'll just have a paragraph.

          Glamour also covers everyday lifestyle topics such as health (6 sauces that love your body) and money articles (how to buy everything cheaper). There's also some great health features. This issue focuses on going abroad on holiday; knowing which medicines to take (and what's not allowed in certain countries), what to do in an emergency when on holiday abroad etc) - so very useful information.

          Fashion and beauty play a huge part in the magazine. Whilst I like clothes etc, I'm not totally obsessive about it, and I am certainly not very fashionable (as in I don't have to have the latest trend). I find that there is too much fashion in this magazine (this magazine isn't a fashion magazine but it does spend a lot of time on the subject, bearing in mind that it is a balance between fashion and other 'normal' features. Of course if you love fashion then you will be in your glory flicking through all the fashion pages. I myself would rather look at clothes when I am out shopping for clothes. On a positive note, the fashion featured is affordable though which is good.

          Towards the end of the magazine, there are a lot of reviews; movies, DVDs, music, books etc. To be honest, as the magazine is a monthly one, I always know what's hot and what's not before I read this magazine. I do take notice of the book reviews though, as I never really know when new books are out etc.

          When I heard that Danni Minouge would have a column in this magazine, I was quite excited. Although as her column is written like all the other features (which are written by the Glamour staff), I feel like I could be reading any feature in the magazine. She just gives fashion tips really although these are the kind of things which you could find online, etc and so I don't really like this column, even though I like Dannii. Of course, if you love Dannii's fashion and want to look like her, then you will enjoy this column.

          All in all I would definitely recommend this magazine to all women between the ages of around 18-30. I would definitely consider it to be one of my favourite magazines.

          Thanks for reading!
          June 2012
          Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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          30.01.2012 18:18



          A good read for the commute to work or in the bath

          Glamour is a magazine that most of you will have seen on newsagent shelves. It currently costs £2 and is issued monthly. There is a range of articles normally in this magazine. But you should expect to find articles on sex, men, fashion and real life stories.

          This is a magazine that I find myself buying more and more. It is less expensive than say Cosmopolitan and a little less risky! This months articles include the happy body issue, liposuction killed my mum, the making of Mrs Thatcher and a host of money off vouchers!

          I do like the articles that are written. The magazine is very much about females being in control - of their lives, career sex and relationships. And I like the perspective they are written from. The magazine is very much about knowing what you want from various areas in your life and how to get it! I'd say this is aimed at early twenties to late 30's and anyone else who fancies a read!

          This is in the same price range as other monthly magazines and it's a good read with not too many advertisements in it (I don't read Company any more as this has too many adverts for my liking.) There are also interesting articles on fashion and beauty and tricks and tips from beauty experts. If you haven't tried this before I would buy it one month, see how you get on with it. This magazine comes in a handy travel size so you can pop it in your bag to read on the way to work!

          There is also very often a free gift with Glamour. In the past these have included full size Nails Inc varnishes and small Benefit products!


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          13.11.2011 20:14
          Very helpful



          A good light and easy lunchtime read. You'll learn nothing but whether you're good at sex.

          I have completed a Grazia review and decided to do one on my personal 'twin' magazine, Glamour. A few years ago at college, this was really the first magazine I became addicted to and bought every month. I think I was a gullible teenager and taken in by the glossiness and found the content rather comforting: ways to improve this and ways to improve that (dietary, ways to improve your sex life, meet a bloke etc.). Teenagers are susceptible to that sort of thing, aren't they. I even know the first time I bought it and I think it was the June or July edition in 2007. I'd finished high school and returned home from having decided what to study at college and it was a hot day. I had bought this magazine and decided to get it out of my bag and have a read of it. I sat on something in my porch in the heat and happily soaked up the contents on a balmy midday. From then on it became my 'must buy' women's magazine. Maybe it was simply the good feeling I was experiencing that swayed me to this magazine because I certainly don't bother that much with it all now - it was a summer's day and I was making a new start and felt like I was growing into a woman so perhaps this was part of the change. Perhaps it was simply a sign of my age and teenage vulnerability to these things.
          I felt as though I was learning things from this magazine, as though it was some sort of agony aunt.

          This magazine is a monthly glossy which claims to be Britain's no. 1 women's magazine and is usually on sale at £2 but is often on offer at half of that (I wonder why?). It is attractive and it is a more pocket sized magazine to that of Grazia or most of the others, so it fits quite nicely into your bag. Of course they know how shallow and gullible some women can be with anything that we deem colourful, pretty or small so I'd say that this possibly makes them a more attractive option.

          On the cover you are usually presented with a posing celebrity who is featured as the main interviewee within the magazine. This is something else that I no longer understand: why was I interested in these people? Anyway, I was and to be fair, these celebrities are always women and usually successful, famous A to B-list women. Usually. I think that the first edition I bought featured Jessica Biel. It can be a slight
          contradiction to constantly tell women they are great and can achieve anything yet present them with a false, airbrushed woman as their idea of perfection. Mind you, they are not the only ones as we know and I'm 100% sure women are not that silly to think that anyone can manage to look that perfect, no matter how beautiful they naturally are so they're no longer fooling us.
          Elsewhere on Glamour's glossy cover they have smaller headlines featuring the contents such as Cosmopolitan-style sex or relationship advice and real life stories. Just recently there was a small headline and article asking, 'Are you good at sex?'. Er... I suppose we will have to buy it to find out!
          Often Glamour give away a small, free gift of which I have had books, mascara and nail polish by the likes of Benefit; another way of taking advantage of a woman's gullible spot.

          Inside you get a lot of adverts. I did mention on the Grazia review that I enjoy fashion photography so to me it's like the content but generally speaking most people see it as useless filler and let's be honest, it is.
          Most adverts are of course fashion and designer orientated - perfumes (including the flaps and tabs with testers on), clothes, accessories, make up, beauty etc. Popular companies advertising in Glamour include L'Oreal, Next, Links of London, DKNY, Dolce & Gabbana and Marc Jacobs. So a range of companies across a relatively vast financial bracket. You're usually greeted with an advert as soon as you turn over to the first page...

          Then you have got a contents page and the editor's welcome just like any other magazine as well as a letters page featuring the readers explaining how the magazine's articles helped them through difficult times - this is where the magazine gets to publicly pat itself on the back and the readers get to butter them up. A little condescending on the magazine's part?

          Further in to the first few pages and you have the typical celebrity fashion scrutiny and odd one-off pages on I don't know what else - relationships, celebrities, dos and don'ts and yay, men! I'm being serious. Men's magazines are full of hot women and women's magazines are full of... other women in bikinis and dictating how they should look. Okay that is shallow I accept, but even women are human; I mean, a good looking guy versus a woman in a bikini and an accompanying article debating whether she's too thin or fat? Unless you are very insecure, it's a no debater that most women don't want other women to be bullied and endlessly scrutinised over their appearance. This is not what the sisterhood are supposed to do and yet these women's magazines get away with this time and time again. Glamour does do a lot of dietary articles but in fairness you'll never find it pointing arrows at a woman's cellulite. Not as far as I have seen which means it stays slightly higher than other magazines in my estimation. It tends to be the clothes they scrutinise. However.. they do a top 50 sexiest men list every year. Each to their own on that one but it's an interestingly shallow addition as is the magazine's annual best dressed list. Cue the debate!

          They did do a recent article comparing current celebrities with old Hollywood ones and as an old Hollywood obsessive I jumped at it. Sadly all it involved was taking a picture of Jessie J and stating that she probably took her hairstyle inspiration from Louise Brooks or how Rita Hayworth inspired Diane Kruger's latest hairstyle. Clutching at straws, perhaps, but it made it another good photo opportunity.

          Then you get these weird pages like, 'Hey, it's okay to..' and they proceed to giving you an amusing list of what they deem normal in spite of your fears that you are probably the only one; I think. Nothing intellectual but a little amusing, certainly.

          You're given one or two spreads of fashion photography and a model or two posing in the latest fashions. Sadly these clothes tend to sit comfortably in the hundreds, maybe even thousands of pounds range rather than the high street prices. They do tend to be nicely shot photos though with nice, fresh looking models. Although they seem to be so creative with the clothes that sometimes it's as if they've just thrown anything together but any woman half-interested in fashion will enjoy it even though there's a good chance she won't be able to buy any of the items listed and particularly in the current financial climate.

          In the magazine you get usually two celebrity interviews: the one with the cover girl on which is usually suppose to be the in-depth one but the interview is made up more of journalistic words about her appearance or how much she fidgets during the interview than the interviewee's own words. Nothing riveting with these interviews but if you like the celebrity being questioned you may like the accompanying photos; which again, take a lot more space than what the celebrity has to say (which is never a lot unless it's simply not published because not a lot of it seems to be). Photos usually cover whole pages and feature the celebrity in some designer clothing and make up and posing in a model-like way. Airbrushed, also. These have included the likes of Britney Spears, Beyoncé and Fearne Cotton.

          The other interview is a more pretentious, smarmy one with a famous man. The interviewer from the magazine meets this celebrity at a lunchtime haunt, usually in London or L.A., and unlike the other interview, this is more of a straight out question and answer session. Again, you don't get much in way of stirring conversation. The magazine explains what the interviewer and celebrity respectively enjoyed at their lunch and off we go with about three pages' worth of questions and answers. Don't expect questions about what he thinks of the situation in Afghanistan because it's nothing like that. You're more likely to get something like, 'Who would you enjoy a threesome with?'. Marvelous.
          Off the top of my head the men that have taken part in this amusing lunchtime discussion have included Jay-Z, James Cordon and some other people.

          There are pages of make up and hair-styling tips which can be quite useful to girls but again, more photos there than tips. If this was a blog, it would certainly be a photo blog.

          We're also given a life story or two written movingly by an ordinary woman which actually gives you the most textual content in the entire magazine sometimes. Sometimes these stories are shocking and other times simply moving.

          Then you have the CD, books and latest cinema offerings section. Not a lot to put on this except we all know that most magazines feature this and this is all so subjective, anyway.
          Horoscopes are given their usual magazine slot and at the back of the magazine you're greeted with what seems to be ten pages' worth of advertising, from fashion to beauty to working with Glamour or the trekking the Himalayas.

          There are also the Glamour Awards which are there to represent great women and their achievements (readers are given the opportunity to vote on their biggest female inspirations from sport, music, TV etc.) and once a year the ceremony is held in London featuring a host of famous people from the world of showbiz all treated with the whole red carpet shebang. This is reported in both diary style and photos annually in the magazine. Who wore what, who won what and who snogged who as they sipped on rainbow coloured champagne. It does serve to highlight some very hardworking and successful people though, outside of all the celebrity agglomeration, which is something we don't do often enough as a nation.

          I think as a magazine it is of mixed usefulness and entertainment and it depends on how seriously you take things. Of course sexiest men, sex tips and trashy interviews are probably just light fun and judging alone by the cover (not that you should ever do that of course!) it is not going to be a magazine that is back-to-back seriousness throughout.

          If you want a light, easy read and are interested in gossipy style writing and fashion, then this will provide you with an hour or so of fun reading. It's quite small, about half the size of say, Hello or Grazia but double the thickness so will fit neatly into your handbag. However the thickness is definitely increased due to the perfume adverts and their smelly flaps.
          Just don't expect any upmarket, in-depth Vogue-style articles with plenty of text or stimulating interviews alas even free newspaper magazines.

          I commend Glamour on one thing: it is devoid of any trashiness that some downmarket weeklies offer with the latest Essex girls frolicking on the beach complete with, uh-oh, follow this arrow to her celluloid, and the Big Brother winner is dating the previous Big Brother winner-type thing. Glamour doesn't do a lot of sensationalist absurdness although bar the true life story, you'll be pressed hard to find anything all-encompassing or stimulating so I'd say if you like photos, particularly celebrity or fashion-orientated and want an easy, amusing and relatively quick read at your lunch or coffee break then this magazine will provide you with everything required.

          Also, check out their website which is at: www.glamourmagazine.co.uk. They provide you with ways to subscribe to the magazine itself, latest celebrity gossip, make up / hair tips, quizzes, the editor's blog and sex and relationship features as well as the opportunity to rate the article or comment. I quite like the website, actually and with that style of content, it is probably a better option than paying the pound or two on the magazine in the shops. Again not lots of writing but it is simply designed and easy to enjoy and a laid back read.


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            29.05.2011 16:48
            Very helpful



            A well-priced, uplifting magazine - well worth buying!

            I have to start by saying I love Glamour magazine, and the price, around £2 (varies due to offers) is around the same price as most women's weekly magazines, so for a monthly mag I think this is great value! Also there are various subscription offers available - for example, I have just paid £19 for 2 years/24 issues of the magazine, plus a free gift!
            I find Glamour a really feel-good magazine starting with the 'Hey, It's OK...' section which lists silly things many of us do in an entertaining and light way, lots of positive real-life stories/lessons - for example in 'June 2011' issue 'The bravest thing I've ever done..' is a list of small but happy quotes from women doing life-changing things. It's not all light and fluffy though, this month's issue has a report on the problems going on in the Middle East - a kind of break down guide to make the reader understand what is going on.
            Glamour contains the women's magazine staples such as a beauty section, book, film and music reviews and a fashion section. A lot is packed into the small, easy to carry around size of this mag! You also get free gifts and small sample in various parts of the magazine, as well as money-off offers.

            The main downsides I find with Glamour are the amount of adverts; the magazine would probably be half the size if they skipped all the full or double page ads! Also a lot of the products included in the beauty and fashion sections are unrealistically priced - for example, in the June 2011 issue there is a swimwear section, on one page the model is wearing a £60 bikini but has a bracelet and a necklace on, both of which cost over £200 each - who would pay that?! Not someone who reads a £2 monthly magazine I'd bet!


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            19.12.2010 22:53
            Very helpful



            I would only buy it for the offers or interesting interviews. Content is terrible.

            You walk into any newsagent or supermarket and turn towards the magazine aisle. On walking down said magazine aisle you discover 3/4 of it is packed full of magazines aimed at women. Your random 30-80p ones bursting with "My cat ate me in my sleep", "My mother threw her boob at me" or "I thought I'd never have a vagina" stories. Then there's the magazines we pay over £4 for which have more pictures than text content, such as Vogue etc.

            Glamour boasts itself to be Britain's No1 Women's magazine. A few years ago I used to get it on the odd occasion when I wanted some light reading and I was just like most women; in love with it (unfortunately not anymore). After a year of not going near this publication I picked it up last week because I had nothing to read at home and it was on offer for £1.

            Glamour has a lot of offers which I commend it for. This month for example (Jan '11) is offering free tickets to see Love and other Drugs for free on one specific date with no catch such as "must bring at least five full paying adults and spend over £50 on snacks". I have just printed off my tickets (maximum of up to two per person). The showings are reasonably local as well at the cinema chain Odeon. Not independent cinemas that are placed in Aberdeen, Cornwall and Belfast then that's your lot. This mag also offers some great giveaways. Sometimes you do get an offer to good to refuse such as "25% off a colour at the best hair stylist in your city" then discover you simply must purchase a trim at £30 the colour itself is £50 (without the 25% discount) then also discover your nearest shop of this chain of stylist is three cities over.

            It starts off with a thoroughly labelled contents page but this can get useless as the magazine is so packed with double page adverts that only half of the magazine has page numbers. The mailbox/readers' letters is also at the beginning of its pages with this months issue offering the star letter sender a TomTom Start satnav. On the letters page there's also a Glamour-to-go section with a picture of a reader in a weird or far away place. The winner of Glamour-to-go this month gets a Casio point and shoot camera. I find the letters pages are just letters from women sucking up to the magazine in the hope they will be the star letter. Not one letter is general they are all saying "I recently went through a bad break up, I was with him four whole months and your *Get over him fast without mess* article really helped me past it" or "I recently decided to have a career change and your *Get me a job!* article helped me get my dream job in Amsterdam, I couldn't have done it without Glamour!".

            Following those pages is a few celebrity bashing captions. There is usually a section on men and love etc which frustrates me. Women's magazines give the most TERRIBLE relationship advice and in some cases sparks up immense paranoia in otherwise healthy relationships. "Why won't you invite me to your work party?" to which Glamour advises "There's no reason your partner should be there- or want to be". Yes I agree with every person newly taken or married should have their own privacy but I DO NOT agree with not questioning your other half's "I don't want you there". Work and personal should be kept separate but the ONE time you get the chance to introduce your special someone and you pass it up? Nu uh. I was invited to my husband's work do last year, his work friends who had never met me forced him to try to force me to go and he works in a very professional office environment. Not all men are snakes but if your other half is insisting you don't go I'd get suspicious.
            If no one else's partner is going and it is strictly work then fine, go nuts.

            There is one reality article in, sometimes more. This one is the worst article anyone could wish to read. A doctor of all people passes the 24th week of pregnancy (when the baby can live outside of her if complications were to occur and an early birth ensues) and she faints and it turns out she is in a situation where it is her or the baby and the doctor makes it. My heart goes out to women who suffer anything like this but the article is nothing but morbid, it doesn't paint the situation in a "this is a rare occurrence but you need to know it can happen" light. It paints it as though it is inevitable for most women! At the end of the article the "What you need to know" box states "Firstly a miscarriage like Katharine's is rare. Although one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage..." WHAT? Not only will women be worrying about a 'rare' after-24-weeks miscarriage, there is still a one in four chance they will miscarry in the first 13 weeks?
            The doctor who went through this trauma somewhat 'boasted' her colleagues tried to resuscitate her baby for twenty minutes because it was 'her' baby but if it was anyone else they would have given up at ten.

            The magazine includes a few short movie and book reviews (no ratings out of five or ten though). Quite literally every other page is a perfume, jewellery or technology advert. Some of them are very interesting to look at, most are just annoying and make the magazine look messy. Random articles about how to look good in heels, or how to save money next month are scattered throughout. There are usually four or five in one issue covering a whopping two pages maximum.

            Just like any women's magazine it includes the ten pages of clothes that we can only dream to have. For example, Glamour's depiction of a female biker is a £785 everyday jacket (NOT a biker jacket despite claiming it is) worn by someone barely 18 with £300 wedges and a £210 jumpsuit on wearing big, white on-ear headphones.

            Florence Welch, Kylie and Russell Brand interviews this month. The Russell Brand one is hilarious and very entertaining, so is the Florence Welch one. Random make-up pages with reviews of decent products and how to use them, on what skin etc...

            It is a pretty magazine to flick through but some articles can ignite worry about things you never knew existed. I realise now why I stopped reading these, I turned into a subliminal hypochondriac on top of my severe OCD and reading these did no good for my relationship. It is all well and good for someone to say 'well don't take it in then' or 'just don't worry' but for some women it is not that easy.

            Usually over the course of two years you see the same articles rehashed and in there again but the odd couple of offers are worth it. Thanks to the £1 I shelled out this month my husband and I are going to the cinema for free which would have otherwise cost around £12.

            One thing I find hilarious in this issue which I simply have to mention is a section stating "Need a last minute gift?" - "Teddy bear keychain (Prada) - £100" - "18ct gold rings, £495, £410 and £830".
            Anyone who is worth this money would have been thought of FIRST minute, not last minute!


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              20.10.2010 21:37
              Very helpful
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              Glamour is 10000% recommended by me!!

              Whenever I get paid, I treat myself to a few different magazines to keep myself going through the month. One of the ones that I always pick up is Glamour.

              **The magazine**
              The magazine comes in a new mini size, or you can pick up the original large magazine. I always pick up the mini magazine as this fits into my handbag so I can carry it around with me and whip it out whenever I feel like reading it.

              **What's in it?**
              Glamour has a wide range of different articles, which can attract several different people. These are all listed in the contents, under headings, to allow you to find the articles that you prefer easier.

              The first heading in the contents is 'on the cover'. This section shows what pages the articles featured on the cover are on, this is a great section as it is the cover stories which usually attract you but then you have to search through the whole magazine to find them.

              There is also a 'features' section, these are the articles which are only features once. For example, How do you turn a man into a monkey? Again, this saves you from searching through the whole magazine to find a decent article.

              The magazine has an entertainment section, this has the new movies and music of the month. It also includes 'dos and donts' and celebrity quick interviews.

              The fashion and beauty section takes up quite a lot of the magazine and basically gives you the latest trends, best deals and advice on what to wear.

              'Living Glamour' seems to focus on life issues, for example health rules for every woman. I believe that these usually include cooking tips etc.

              The final section is 'YouYouYou', this includes questions that readers have written in with and problems that they are asking for help with. Also, it tends to focus on one issue each month and looks into it in detail, this months was how to get pregnant.

              Under the contents, there is an 'in every issue' section which gives you articles that are included every month, these are:

              -Editor's letter
              -Glamour mailbag & Glamour-t-go
              -Glam happenings
              -Subscribe to Glamour
              -Dos and don'ts
              -The Glamour list

              As well as having a wide range of articles, Glamour constantly have competitions in their magazine for you to enter. They also give away a lot of freebies with their magazine on a regular basis, usually every other month.

              **My Opinion**
              Glamour is definately my favourite magazine, the new size is great and fits in my handbag so that I can pick it up wherever I am. The range of articles is brilliant, it means that I can read real life when I am in the mood or about fashion if I need some tips. Also, the fact that they give freebies with their magazine is a bonus, especially since it only costs £2 anyway!!

              I definately recommend Glamour!!


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                26.08.2010 10:54



                give it a try!

                I love this magazine, one of my all time favourites. Love the size as fits in handbag and doesn't get dog eared as pretty tough! Good balance of articles for someone who is reading for all aspects of life and not just fashion photos. Also good for those who may want to not spend as much in all cases and good for those who want REAL fashion advice, realistic for your budget and also not always for those who look like stick insects (though hate to admit that sometimes the lardier amongst us may not always benefit from this mags fashion slots, myself included). its a full read with interesting and varied content, you can flick through this one and then go back and read properly, its very versatile. Well presented and glossy and well priced for the amount you get in it. I will continue to buy this one and hope they have bigger bummed people in more often, they do sometimes...


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                15.08.2010 11:33
                Very helpful



                Packed full of info

                I have this magazine on subscription as it is cheaper that way- I pay £6 for 6 issues though it usually retails at £2 a copy and can be purchased from any newsagents/ supermarket.....though before I got my subscription I used to buy it from Boots as then it would get me another 8 advantage points....but thats a side issue!

                I like Glamour, as it is a chatty, light but informative read and is in a handy A5 size, thus I can just slip it in my handbag and dip in and out of it whenever I can.

                There are several sections within it-On the Cover, Features, Fashion and Beauty, Entertainment, You You You.....

                On the Cover are the articles that feature on the front of the magazine which vary from relationship advice, to celebrity style and (I think) more fact than fiction about celebs than in some magazines, from real life (many times) hard hitting stories to the latest beauty must haves.

                Features has really interesting articles that can be about careers to lifestyle and again from relationships to celebrity talk.

                Fashion and Beauty contains great advice on the must-haves to be found in high-street shops with some designer style and some great beauty product reviews.

                You,You,You contains Health and Body talk Life and Happiness advice.

                I really like this magazine- it is always so pro-woman and makes you feel so good about yourself and that its normal to worry about things...everyone is doing the same! Each month, it has a celebrity on the front and has an in depth interview with them- which I like- they do a fab job of making you feel like you are getting to know the featured celebrity.


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                  16.07.2010 21:53
                  Very helpful



                  I've only bought this magazine 5 times in my life!

                  I buy this magazine on the odd occasion cause it doesn't always have interesting in it!
                  But sometimes I do get the lucky issues when it's actually interesting, usually they are the January when it's a new year, new you.
                  The magazine is sold at two pounds and sometimes has a free gift like a bag, book, make-up or nail varnish (the make-up is usually an expensive brand - but you only get 15 ml or 25 ml if you're lucky!)
                  the magazine is sold at two pounds.

                  The magazine includes:

                  fashion - but most of the clothes advertised in here are designer, something not everyone can afford!
                  true stories - they aren't really that interesting, climax tension or making you want to read on - the most interesting one I read was when I was holiday and it was a London person who lived across the road to Kate Moss! But I only read that story once and never again!
                  make-up - that's usually OK, but it doesn't give loads of info out usually like a few lines, the maxium a paragraph.
                  competitions - these are usually good like win breaks to New York and London, and they have the odd competition where you can win a shopping spree of a thousand pounds! One woman won a competition where she got the chance to interview Gossip girl star Chace Crawford - i'm very jealous!
                  horoscopes - don't give accurate results!
                  advertisement - all about sex and getting plastic surgery
                  How to do - every week how to do this sex position - not every woman in the world is in a relationship!
                  What do blokes like - this is sort of useful.
                  celeb cover - they post the most boring interviews - its only good if you're fav celeb! they interview celebs from pop stars to hollywood stars.

                  Thank god, I don't buy this magazine every month otherwise that would be 12 pounds and about six pounds wasted on rubbish issues. So I only buy them If i'm bored of my current magazine or going on holiday. So buy it you want, but I promise you at times you will be a bit disappointed!


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                  11.07.2010 10:09
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                  An enjoyable enough magazine

                  Glamour magazine is a glossy monthly women's magazine which touts itself as being 'Britain's No1.' Its selling point when it was first sold a few years ago was that it was the first to be sold in smaller - travel-size format. It costs £2 and the magazine also has a website at www.glamour.com.

                  Typically coming in at just over 300 pages, the magazine features the full gamut that you would expect a typical young woman's magazine to cover. It does have a particular onus on beauty and fashion which is not surprising given its title. It is also particularly celebrity focussed - choosing to exhibit new fashions and styles to be displayed on famous preopl rather than models. A large part of the fashion section at the front of the magazine takes the view of displaying its information as a bunch of dos and donts. That said a lot of the fashion featured is affordable or from the high streets, although there are some designer pieces thrown in.

                  Other sections include sex, reality (ie true life stories), men (?!), ethical campaigns about issues that directly effect women, self discovery, love, hair and makeup, health and travel.

                  Amongst other features which are to be expected and which you will find regulars such as a readers page, quizzes, starsignes, competitions, promotional features.

                  I think that it is fair to say that this is not really a heavy read by any stretch of the imagination. The size of the pages mean that the features and celebrity interviews do not have any real space to get that involved and detailed. Aside from the fact that there is also quite a bit of advertising (for products of a generally mainstream price range), there are also a lot of 'advertising promotion features', perhaps more so than I would typically expect.

                  It almost sounds silly to say this, but this is a really female-friendly magazine - it really does wear its heart on its sleeves with its campaigns and also it runs a very high profile 'Women of The Year' awards ceremony where it celebrates a number of successful women from a number of fields which are not exclusively kept to showbiz types but entrepreneurs and sportswomen as well.

                  It is fair to say that for the most part this is not a magazine which takes itself too seriously. A lot of the articles are written in good humour. Yet when it needs to adopt a more appropriate tone it succeeds also. For example, in the July 2010 edition, several pages are given over to an article giving information about skin cancer which provided me with some very good information as well as photographs of various mole abnormalities which I am planning to keep hold of for my own reference.

                  Despite its low price, it is one of the best if not the best for the quality of freebies it give away. At several points that I have known of it has given away full size brands of a well-known cosmetic. For example I have picked up Nails Inc nail polish and just last month there was a give away of any one of three different Benefit products which were each worth £14 in their own right. Be warned, however, that when these giveways happen they tend to get sold out in stores pretty quickly!

                  In conclusion, this is a satisfactory read, but generally something I only tend to buy when they are giving away really good freebies!


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                    13.06.2010 13:15
                    Very helpful



                    Buy a copy yourself and see what you think.

                    I must admit, the first reason i started to buy Glamour was because as a student, I have very little money, so the thought of free 'designer' makeup was enough to sway me to buy it ( even though the free makeup is tester sized so wouldnt last that long, but it's all about what brand of makeup is within your makeup bag..shallow and ridiculous I know).

                    Ive been buying this magazine since last year and I do admit it is a waste of money but there is something about it which keeps prompting me to buy it other than the lure of freebies attatched to the front cover.

                    At £2, it claims to be a "glossy mag, for a weekly price", but a weekly price magazine would not feature outfits which cost 600 plus which I think is quite unrealistic, as if you are spending £2 on a magazine for high end fashion(which is unobtainable and unaffordable for many of us), you may aswell pay the extra £1.50 for Vogue,Elle or Harpers Bazaar.
                    In my opinion those creating the magazine should realise that a majority of their readers can afford and would most probably choose to shop at New Look rather than one of the ridiculously overpriced designer shops which they feature.

                    Many of the articles on diet and beauty are slightly unrealistic and contradicting from issue to issue. However, the real life articles are very interresting to read as they touch on certain serious matters which touch all women at some point in their lifetime.

                    Some of the celebrity interviews are quite interesting, but sometimes it just seems that you are reading the same interview which has been printed time and time again and lacks exclusivity.

                    This magazine is supposed to "Fit into your life, as well as your handbag"..well unless I have a ridiculous amount of disposable income coming my way anytime soon..I will have to disagree with that statement.

                    I know I will continue to buy it for the free gifts and shop dicounts,rather than the content of the magazine but many people obviously like to read it, so I would recommend purchasing a copy and see what you think for yourself.


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                      12.06.2010 10:53
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                      A friend introduced me to Glamour a few months ago and although I'm not the biggest fan ever I do really like it, and get it whenever I remember, especially if its on offer!

                      I bought June 2010 about a month ago, weird as its not even halfway through June now! It has Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover, fairly representative of the type of stars they normally get for their covers they generally tend to be very high profile and either actresses or singers, although I'm sure they may have been a few exceptions. Examples of whose been on the cover lately - Leighton Messer, Lily Allen and Cheryl Cole. Even if I didn't really like who was on the cover I think I'd still buy it because the cover person doesn't actually take up that much of the magazine as there are so many other stories. Glamour seems to have around 300 pages everytime I get it, maybe about 40 of them are adverts, they do get a bit annoying but they are all things that are appropriate to the magazine and targeted towards the audience. I'd rather have a few adverts than pay more!

                      With all of these 300 pages, there's a good variety of features everytime, there are some things that are always there and some things which are different each time. There's always a fashion section and it makes sure that it caters for all of its readers - there have been some things in which I have really loved but wouldn't afford but at the same time they always have cheaper high street things on their pages. They also try to show fashion for all sizes - when there was a bikini feature they showed ones that would be good for each shape which I found useful because I wasn't sure which ones would be good for my shape before. There's normally a hair section, although this isn't a big bit, the same with the make up section which I really like and I've bought some of the stuff they recommended and have also found some of the tips for your beauty routine really quite useful! An example of a non fashion feature this month is the guide to the TV, film and music this month. Also a diet bit which suggests healthy alternatives to your normal food and points out the calories and fat content in each meal.
                      It's normally £2 which I think is really quite a reasonable price when you think about how many pages you're getting for your money, especially compared to some of the other glossy magazines which seem to be around £4 which I really think is far too much for a magazine! The other thing is that it has been on special offer for £1 quite a few times and I always make sure that I buy it when it is this price as I see it as really good value.

                      I'm going to keep buying this and may subscribe at some point, its one of the best glossy magazines I've come across!


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