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Monthly magazine with the latest snappy, edgy styling tips and ideas to create that unique look!

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    4 Reviews
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      21.07.2010 21:13
      Very helpful




      Recently I decided to treat myself to a new haircut, and as I usually do, picked up a hairstyle magazine, Hair Ideas, to help me pick a style to show to my hairdresser. The title of the magazine is pretty self explantory - the magazine is simply jam packed with photographs of various hairstyles, with the occasional tip, and a section at the back with a little advertising.

      The photographs are colourful, some taking up a full page, others half a page, and some with many styles on a page, with the magazine handily broken into sections for short, midlength and long hair, as well as sections for updos, curls, etc. This makes it fairly easy to find the section you need, and the photographs are clear enough for the hairdresser to get an idea of how to achieve the look.

      I have to say though, some of the hairstyles in the magazine are decidedly odd , as are some of the ways the models are dressed. I know that many of the salons like to do some jazzy fashion shots, but the odd look of the models makes it hard to imagine some of these styles transferred onto real people .One woman appeared to be coloured silver and sporting a 'Jedward' cut, whilst another looked like she had been dragged through a hedge backwards .

      However, I did manage to find a few cuts that I liked and eventually settle on one, and the magazine itself wasn't too expensive, so I have no real complaints. It did what I needed it to - helped me find a new style.


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        29.09.2009 15:28
        Very helpful



        Highly Recommended To Show Your Hairdresser What You Want.


        As you will all know I have been a hairdresser for over fifteen years now and I have had a salon for nearly seven of them, it can be hard work but now years down the line very rewarding as I don't have to put in as many long hours.

        Now that the salon is fully established I am constantly looking for new ideas, which can range between new treatments, training, new products and basically things to keep my clients happy.

        Every week I buy numerous magazines that range from the legendary cosmopolitan, Hair & Beauty issues, Men's Health, Nuts and many other magazines to suit all of my clients needs, I have to buy both Men's and Women's magazine so my clients can see what styles are available to them and they can also catch up on celebrity gossip at the same time. So as you can imagine this doe's cost quite a lot to replace many of them on a weekly or monthly basis.

        Anyway on Saturday I squeezed a regular client in on the understanding she knew what she wanted as I didn't have time to do the full consultation with her, anyway when she arrived she was not only fully prepared but she also has a brilliant find for me in the form of a new hair magazine that I did not know existed.


        This magazine is called Hair Ideas and the name certainly reflects the magazine as that is basically what it consists of, it has 198 pages of back to back hair styles to chose from all of which are in fully glossy colour.

        It as made up of a thick glossy front and back cover and then thinner papery pages inside, the paper is on the thin side but the magazine does the job it needs to, and shows off hundreds of different styles.

        I have not sat and counted every single hair style in the book but the cover says it has over 647 different styles, which I would personally disagree with as each page has many different styles so I would say it has a lot more.

        Inside you will find full pages styles, half page styles and pages with six styles to the page. As they are in full colour you can even get colour ideas to show to your stylist, so this magazine can kill two birds with one stone.

        Within the style pages you get hundreds of styles for short hair, medium length hair, Long hair, Hair ups, Curly hair, straight hair, fringes and in the very back of the magazine you get a men's style section which is very unusual as I normally hair to buy a separate style book for men.

        This is not only jam packed with styles but it also recommends products that have helped achieve the pictured looks, I found this to be very appealing to certain customers as many don't have a lot of cash to splash and this recommended nice cheap high street branded products and the more expensive salon products. So I have no doubt ion my mind that this caters for everyone.

        There is also small beauty sections scattered across some of the pages, these are more like adverts to promote the products, but as with any magazine you expect to find this adverts but in this they are not as slap dash as other magazines who have an advert on every other page.

        WIN WIN WIN

        In this issue there are six different competitions running, the biggest of which is a fully make over with a celebrity hairstylist for this you need to submit you photo and why you need a make over and the winner will be selected at random. There are three chances to win and you will be featured on the next Hair ideas issue.

        The others are to have a chance at winning products, hair cuts and free subscriptions to the magazine for a year.

        For all of these competitions you need to fill out the questionnaires in the magazine, which only include you name address and postcodes. You don't nee to do anything but fill them out and send them off.

        You can also enter by text but this costs 50p to register you phone number and then it is just the cost of a standard message. The 50p registration is a one off cost and you will never get charged that again.


        The magazine is issued once a month and usually goes on sale on the 10th of every month, so the cover will state September / October 2009 for example.

        Now the best bit this brilliant invention comes to you for £1.99 which is a fraction of the price I was paying for magazine, so as you can see it is very inexpensive for you to buy and have a flick through.

        You can by this from many major news agents and big shops such as Tesco and WH Smith.


        This magazine is perfect for everyone considering a change or just wants to let there hairdresser know what they want. I have gained many new customers from surrounding salons and they tell me their hair stylist never listened and they went away with a style they didn't like, I personally feel that it is very important that a client gets what they want, hence why I do a full consultation before I even lift my scissors.

        If you are one of those people who always comes away from a salon disappointed take in a picture or this magazine for instance and don't leave until you get what you want, if you have a picture in mind take it with you on your next visit to the chop shop.

        Some hairdressers will try to talk you out of getting it cut into a pictured style, this is because they don't really know how to achieve the look or you won't suit it. I past experience when I have gone to the hairdressers with a picture the girl tried telling me I would not suit it, but in fact I had the style a few years previous after perseverance she did it and mad a complete hash of it, so she was one of the few that didn't have a clue. I am sorry to say people there are many people that class them selves as hairdressers when in fact they would have made better butchers.


        If you have a salon and you would like to submit your latest creation or you have a whacky hair style that you want to show off, then it is very simple, the magazine accepts pictures to be published in there issues.

        To get your pictures published you need to send your high resolution pictures, which details on who the person is, who did the hair and who took the photograph. You will also need to send along written permission form everyone involved in the picture so that the magazine can publish it.

        The contact address is:
        Scissorhands Media Ltd
        Third Floor
        207 Old Street
        EC1V 9NR

        MY OPINION

        The only down side to this magazine is the paper pages, which seem to come loose and fall out, which can be hard work keeping the magazines tidy and there is nothing worse is you pick up a magazine and all pages fall into your lap, but for the very small price this cost I don't mind buying two of the same copy in a moth as it has proved very beneficial to my clients and also helps me determine exactly what each client wants.

        Whatever the style you have in mind this will help you out by either showing your hairdresser what you want or by making you decide what you actually want.

        I love that the magazine is half the size of a normal one, as it fits perfectly into you handbag which I really don't think helps keep the flimsy pages in place.

        I feel this is a superb magazine and I think my clients agree, since my client left me the copy on Saturday 80% of my clients have looked at and used the pictures to help determine what they want.

        I have to dedicate this review to Claire for not only giving the inspiration to write it but for also opening my eyes to what is actually out there, just goes to show it pays to open my eyes.


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          25.08.2009 21:29



          great for new hair tips or when deciding to change hair cut or colour

          Thinking of changing your hair cut or hair colour? Don't do anything unless you have looked at Hair Ideas. Most of the hair styles are really wacky and highly styled but you or your hairdresser can get inspiration from parts that you like.

          Even if you don't want to change your hair Hair Ideas is interesting to look at although I would personally rather spend the money on a gossip magazine.

          Hair Ideas has a few articles on hair products and treatments in each issue and they are very good to read and the authors know what they are talking about and give good tips.

          If you would still rather something a little bit more 'real' Hair Ideas also does makeovers for readers in each issue. It is fun to see the transformation and to get tips on how to do my hair or change my style.

          Hair Ideas is a good magazine to read if you want to change your hair or get some hair tips but I would just buy it every so often not religiously


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          20.02.2008 17:41
          Very helpful



          A great, handy sized mag for hair inspiration

          I frequently get bored with my hairstyle and just let it grow out. After a few months I'll then decide that I want to do something different with it - a complete, even quite dramatic change. It's at times like this that I find myself reaching for the latest issue of 'Hair Ideas' as it never fails to provide me with inspiration.

          Now this isn't the kind of magazine that will appeal to everyone. It's not full of gossip, health issues, current affairs and true life articles...its pages are devoted entirely to hair!

          Due to the reasons behind my purchase of the mag, I find myself diving straight in and scouring the pictures to see if there's anything that takes my fancy, completely ignoring all other content in the process. There are masses of styles to peruse over (roughly 650 per issue!), ranging from choppy crops, funky fringes and brilliant bobs to lovely, long layers. Many of the photos are large and clear - great for taking along to your hairdressers in order to say "I want that one". The magazine is also small in size, making it ideal for slipping into your handbag.

          Some of the creations are quite obviously taken straight from the catwalk/hair shows and are therefore positively bizarre. The vast majority are everyday kind of styles though...realistic, achievable and more importantly, manageable.

          To add a little bit more interest, a couple of themed sections are usually included to highlight a particular fashion (such as retro chic) and nicely shot pictures are accompanied by information on how to achieve the looks. I must admit that I'm not particularly bothered about current trends regarding hairstyles. It's just got to be something that I like. Which is where the mag comes in really handy for me as most of the styles are just a generic gallery of pictures taken from various salon collections and other sources. These are split into sections such as short, long, wavy, brunette etc for quick reference to help you in your selection. I'm usually spoilt for choice!

          Sorry fellas, Hair Ideas is most definitely a female orientated publication and you guys only get a couple of double page spreads per issue. A few styles and perhaps some new male styling products are featured for you...but that's about it!

          As I mentioned earlier Hair Ideas does have more to it than just pretty pictures and when I've finished browsing through the styles I find myself settling down for quite a good read.

          It's by no means a showcase for ground breaking journalism but some of the features are actually really interesting. We may be treated to a low down on new hair care products, electrical styling implements that have recently hit the market, or even quite simply a range of available hairbrushes. If this seasons must have is a fancy hair accessory then look no further than the pages of Hair Ideas to find the current best buys from the high street.

          The content obviously varies between issues but there's always some great little articles to grab your attention. Some that spring to mind are information about split ends (explanation, advice and how to combat them), colouring tricks and techniques, the type of styles that suit different face shapes and the latest issue contained a feature on the latest Young Hairdresser of the Year award winner.

          To add a 'real life' element to the magazine a couple of reader makeovers are featured (or re-styles as they are officially titled), for example showing how to make the best of certain features using the most appropriate hairstyle or using simple techniques to improve an existing hair cut. It goes without saying that before and after shots are included and I have to say there's usually a vast improvement!

          No mag would be complete without an injection of celebrity and Hair Ideas is no exception. Hints and tips are given as guidance to achieve the look of a particular star. Slight variations are also shown so that you can adapt a style to suit yourself, making them accessible to nearly everyone.

          And if you fancy winning some goodies there's also chance to enter some competitions with prizes such as a day of pampering at a top London salon. You can even try your luck at bagging some freebies by calling the giveaway phone numbers.

          A huge gripe that I have with many glossies is the amount of advertising. In Hair Ideas there are a few ads to be found throughout (only about 15 out of 200 pages) but it's inevitable as it generates revenue for virtually all magazines. It's therefore got to be expected but the ratio in this publication isn't bad and I don't feel ripped off as I flick through the pages. At £1.99 for each monthly released issue I think it's a great price for this handy little mag. It's not something I would buy on a regular basis but it's certainly my first port of call when I'm searching for some hair inspiration.

          Overall I think that Hair Ideas is ideal as reference for hairstylists, people interested in hair and hair related products, and also those looking for their ideal 'do.


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