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Health & Fitness Magazine: Tone Up In 10 Minutes

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Publisher: Health & Fitness Magazine / Genre: Health and fitness

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    1 Review
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      27.02.2011 20:06
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      Tone up in just 10 minutes!

      I tend to work out regularly anyway, but I tend to stick to the same routine and don't often do exercises for my back, chest or arms. I sometimes buy Health & Fitness magazines and I happened to see this MagBook and after having a flick through it in the shop I thought I would buy it and give it a go.

      ***THE MAGBOOK***
      At the beginning of the magbook it will explain how to use the book, stay safe when exercises and it also gives you some training myths. There is a page to track your progress week by week. There is a section which shows you how to warm up when exercising and a section to show you how to stretch after exercising, I found these very helpful. The magbook is split into 5 different sections' which includes Bum, Abs, Chest, and Back & Arms. At the beginning of each section it will give you six easy tips to tone these areas. After this it show's you different exercises step by step, this include a great range of exercises to help shape and tone certain areas of your body. Towards the end of each section there is a 10 minute workout, this includes work out's for beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Each work out will tell you how many rep's you need to do or how long you need to do the exercises for. It also gives you page references on which the allocated exercises are on to ensure you are doing them correctly. The back of the mag book gives you an idea of a healthy duet and what food's you should/shouldn't be eating to ensure you stay healthy and fit. There are also a few recipe ideas as well.

      I have only seen this in WhSmith which I purchased for £7.99, and after reading through the book I thought it was actually great value as it contains a lot of helpful information.
      If you go to www.magbooks.com you can purchase this from the website for £6.96. You can also purchase other Magbooks in this range as well.

      You will need a few items in order to complete some of the exercises. You will of course need supportive clothing such as good trainers and a good sport's bra, a step or a bench, Resistance band, Dumbbells, Exercise Mat and a Gym Ball. These items can be purchased from the internet and places such as Argos. Instead of using dumbbells you could use bottles of water. I also purchased a stop watch as this is quite handy when the book tells you to do certain exercises for 30 seconds.

      This is a fantastic book for anyone who wants to tone up and aren't sure how to. The exercises are easy to do and follow with the step by step guide and you can work up to the harder exercises week by week. Although the exercises are only aimed to last for 10 minutes I often feel my muscles have worked longer than this. This book gives me more than enough information to help me tone up and work out. Although the diet plan information at the back isn't that big, it's enough to give you ideas of what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. After a few weeks, I have already noticed that my stomach muscles, arms & legs have become more toned than they were before. I aim to work on 4 different sections of my body a week and I also do a lot of walking as well to and from work. Of course you don't need to do this but for maximum fat burning effects, you could 2 cardio session's a week which can include dancing, swimming, running, cycling, aerobics, walking or team sports. I actually enjoy my exercise regime more now than I did before, I think this is due to variation of the exercise's and the fact that I don't have to work out for over 30 minutes to feel as though I've had a good work out sessions. I personally think anyone can use this book, even if you haven't got a clue about exercising or toning up, this book has all the information you need to stay safe whilst exercising and how to progress onto harder exercises which will work your muscles more.

      * Always remember to warm up and stretch after exercising. Warming up means your body is more flexible and also help's to prepare your body for exercise. Stretching after exercising will help nourish and strengthen your muscles and also helps speed up muscle recovery as well.
      * Don't exercise if you are feeling unwell or have been ill and stop if you feel any pain during exercise.
      * Keep a track of your exercise's and progress so you don't try to do too much too soon. Regularly up the intensity of your work out slowly.
      * Sip water during your workouts and always nourish your body afterwards with a snack that contains carbohydrates and protein such as a recovery milkshake or Peanut Butter sandwich. Make sure you get muscle replenishing nutrients into your body within 40 minutes of your work out.

      **Review may also appear on ciao**


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