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Health and fitness magazine. healthy brings you all the latest expert tips and advice on improving your health and wellbeing. Crammed with expert advice on alternative health, healthy helps you tackle a wide range of health problems, from IBS to depression. It's also full of tips for losing weight, boosting your emotional health and eating delicious, nutritious food.

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    4 Reviews
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      24.08.2013 00:28



      Please revert to a proper health magazine.

      I live in Spain and on my visits to the UK this magazine is always top of my list. It takes me ages to read and always keep it for reference . The Aug/July edition was read very quickly and did not seem to have the same useful HEALTH information as it used to. On looking for the address at the beginning I saw your Editor's comment "Hope you like our new format" ! No sorry this format is now just like any other general 'women's magazine' on the shelf. I don't buy it to read about recipes for barbeques and have pages of cream cake recipes. No matter how you dress this us as gluten free, low fat etc. they are still CAKES and not for such a magazine as this. There are plenty of recipe books out there On top of that advertisements for The Great British Bake Off with Mary Berry? The new exercise fad for ballet steps is but for a few and the illustrations for stretching on another page (which was interesting) showed only 3 tiny pictures. Also this habit of printing over the pictures in lighter type proves very difficult to read at times, and I have no eyesight problems. I remember I couldn't buy each new issue quick enough- good exercise routines, yoga, profound information on every alternate therapy,, history of plants, articles on vitamins, cooking healthily and showing calories,- in other words doing what it says on the label HEALTH. I picked up another health magazine in the waiting room the other day and found it full of what yours USED to be.! I do hope you wont let this just be any other type of women's reading that can be found everywhere. Your magazine used to be the ONLY one I ever bought but carry on with this new fomat, and I just won't bother. Such a shame to change something just for change and not for the good of the reader who has bought it for years. Linda Moore


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      23.02.2010 19:11
      Very helpful



      The only magazine that I buy every month without fail

      Healthy is the magazine which is released every two months by Holland & Barrett health food stores. It is primarily available instore, it is generally kept by the till. However, quite recently it has started to be available via postal subscription. Watch out with this though, as it costs £14 whereas buying in-store over a year (barring any price increases and at £1.75 an issue) would cost £10.50. That said, there are free gifts that come with a subscription that are worth more than the difference so, if that gift was something that would be particularly useful to you or you did not leave locally to a Holland and Barrett, this could be a really good option. There is also a website which accompanies it - www.healthy-magazine.co.uk. More recently, the store have brought out a 'Healthy for men' version which costs around 75p but is much smaller and focuses much more on sport and fitness issues, a slimline Men's Health if you will.

      The front cover contains a lot of text, so you should be able to gather just from looking at the articles detailed, whether there is anything in the magazine that is of particular interest to you. The magazine is typically over 150 pages long.

      Just inside the magazine you will find a two page spread of vouchers. Although Holland and Barrett are largely famed for their generous discounts on their products, you may find these vouchers particularly useful. In the edition I am looking at the discounts available vary from £4.10 to £11.25 per product.

      First off, there is a lot of information in this magazine, so the best place for me to start would be to tell you how all of the different sections are defined in the index. They are split into the following categories
      * regulars - competitions, travel, vouchers, readers letters

      *wellbeing - the debate (taking a recent newsworthy health issue and getting experts to debate it - eg Should I take folic acid?), health issues discussed by suffers of a particular condition/health ambassador, an article on particularly unsavoury health issues by 'Embarrassing Illness' presenter Dr Dawn Harper, a weightloss section, articles on environmental issues, beauty tips, and a book club which reviews new and useful books in the health genre.

      *experts - Doctors and other health professionals on their particular areas of expertise - eg dentists, dermatologists etc, as well as an a-z of ailments, a section on a particular supplement and a 'you ask the experts problem page

      *Psychology - issues around mental wellbeing eg - mental health issues, sexual issues, self help and relationships

      *Food - an article by 'Food Doctor' Ian Marber on the benefits/details fo a particular food stuff, tips on eating for a particular health condition, healthy recipes and information on how to get the best out of your food

      *Fitness - focuses on particular sports/activities as well as well photographed exercises for a particular body part/health issue.

      *Family - articles which span generation health issues from children to OAPs.

      Helpfully, there is also a separate box in the contents page which isolates particular health conditions and their page numbers.

      Alongside all of the above are advertising promotions around a particular product, 'insider' pages which are basically a collection of short articles, news and reviews around a particular aspect of health and wellbeing eg therapies, new research results, readers tips (some especially useful information here), ethical issues, food, fitness and family as well as celebrity interviews.

      I think this is a really great magazine, especially considering the price. In my opinion, every single issue has some really useful information that you can take away with you. Costwise, this has far, far more interesting and useful articles than traditional womens magazines which are half the price. In fact, these are really good to be kept for reference, especially as the key issues of that particular edition are detailed on the spine.

      It undergoes regular 'sprucing up' of its presentation and is always colourful and busy without being cluttered. You can easily browse through it without feeling like you are bombarded with unnecessary information. There is a fair amount of advertising, but not as much as you would expect for a magazine of this cost.

      The tone of the magazine is informative and friendly. It presents information without being hectoring or lecturing you. Until recently, Gillian McKeith used to write articles on food health for the magazine in her normal vicious tone - the magazine has benefitted from her no longer being there as it has made the tone more consistent.

      Contentwise it is also very fair. Although Holland & Barrett specialise in alternative and natural treatments, it does not beat you over the head with this - instead encouraging a balanced view between traditional and alternative medicine and advising readers rather than badgering them into a conclusion.

      I have recommended this magazine to a lot of people, and frequently refer articles to my family if they suffer from a particular condition. I also buy every edition and enjoy sitting down with it of an evening. I will often go back to older editions just for browsing or advising on a health issue. The recipes are also very good, photographed well and appetising and relatively simple without being holier-than-thou. For instance, they always have really nice dessets which are tasty without threatening your waistline too badly.

      In conclusion, this is the only magazine that I buy on a regular basis, it is almost endlessly useful, well written and has a good and measured response to health issues. For its price and what you get within it - it is a bargain!


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      31.08.2008 00:54
      Very helpful



      Great magazine for health-conscious people

      'Healthy' is a great magazine which can be found stocked in your local Holland & Barratt store. The magazine is informative and interesting, containing a variety of articles to grab your attention. The magazine is the glossy type and is great value for just £1.50. For such a small amount you get advice and tips for you, your health, fitness and body. The magazine also gives helpful advice about eating healthily and usually features some great recipes and ideas.

      I think this is the best magazine in the UK but perhaps I'm just a bit of a health-freak! I don't really consider myself to be so but I must admit that I live a pretty healthy lifestyle and try not to stuff myself with junk. I really enjoy reading this magazine and would choose it any day over the many on offer, which are filled with pointless articles about celebrities, who are often just as pointless themselves!

      I have read a few other similar magazines but the content never compares with 'Healthy'. This magazine is great and even if the price was to double it would still be excellent value and I would still purchase it regularly.

      There is such variety in the magazine and articles are always included which relate to the current season such as advice to keep safe in the sun during the summer, whilst advising on things like great foods to boost your immune system during the winter.

      The other great thing about this magazine is with reference to the adverts. Many magazines are full with pointless adverts however although there are advertisements in this magazine, the majority are always of interest to the reader and compliment the type of magazine it is.


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      13.09.2007 12:02
      Very helpful



      A great kick start to a healthy outlook

      Healthy Magazine is the UKs Best selling magazine. There has been a big argument going on with this magazine and the one now belonging to Boots known as Heath and Beauty. Both claim to have the UK’s best. I have read both and I think Healthy wins on both accounts. It is packed full of useful information and you actually have to purchase an issue where as in Boots all you have to have is an advantage card and you get it for free. So even though Boots may shift more issues then Healthy does, it’s more then likely that few actually purchase it.

      You can purchase a copy of Healthy Magazine from your local Holland and Barrett or from hollandandbarrett.com for only £1.50. Bearing in mind that if you buy online you also have to pay delivery charge (so may not be worth it if you are buying the magazine alone). The magazine used to be available every 8-10 weeks but after becoming extremely popular you can now get hold of a new issue every month.
      If you go into your local Holland and Barrett on a regular basis you will know that it is normally on the till point and probably on several points around the store. You may also notice that the members of staff will ask you if you want one every time you visit. So you should have no problem finding one.

      The magazine has quite a few well known people involved. Each month they have a huge input into the magazine including recipes, answering letters and writing articles.
      These people are:

      Anthony Worrall Thompson – Television Chef, also owns his own restaurant. Author of many cookbooks from normal recipes to special dietary needs (Latest being ‘The diabetes weight loss diet @ £12.99).
      Gillian McKeith – Some may recognise her better with a Dr in front of her name. She is a well known clinical nutritionist and directs McKeith Clinic which is based in London. Works closely with Holland and Barrett, including opening their 500th store. Has own range of supplements. She is also an author and fronts many television programmes including ‘you are what you eat’.
      Dr Rob Hicks – Clinical assistant in sexual health medicine. Radio doctor and is on television on a regular basis.
      Dr John Briffa – Is a GP. Well known author (Latest book – 12 keys to abundant health and happiness @ £12.99)
      Jane Alexander – Author. (Latest book – the detox kit @ £15.99)
      Dr Sarah Brewer – Used to be a GP but now works with hospital medicine. Has written over 35 books.
      Dr Roger Henderson – GP, medical columnist and author. (Stress Beaters @ £7.99)
      Nicki Waterman – GMTV’s fitness presenter. Is also a personal trainer to many celebrities.
      Amanda Ursell – Has a post graduate diploma in dietetics. Is also a television presenter, author and journalist. (Website – www.amandaarsell.com)

      Healthy has an average of 150 pages. All are glossy and in full colour. The layout changes every 6 to 8 months so I will use the last three months layout (March, April, May 2007) as an example for this review but remember that there is a chance it may be different over time.

      ----------Front Cover----------
      Despite the magazine meaning to aim at both sexes, looking at the front cover I can see why few men purchase it. To start off with the front cover is bright. The previous three have been mint green, pink and bright blue. The front cover has either a semi-famous strong ‘role model’ female or a totally unknown female model. All are happy but there is some serious air brushing going on in these photos and in some photos it is more apparent then in others. Being a healthy magazine I find this immediately misleading as it should be natural but I also think all magazine have this ‘perfect’ figure issue going on that needs to be tackled. Then there are six or seven main features in bold writing creating a border around the photo of the person. It’s really easy to read and enables you to highlight something that may interest you.

      ----------Hello/Contents/Have your say----------
      The hello is from the editor/acting editor and what you will expect form this months issues. A standard for most magazines and a nice little introduction.
      The contents page is really well laid out. It is easy to know what you are looking for and all the articles that are featured on the front page have a little C to the left so you can find exactly what you want. The articles are broken down into 9 sections including healthy…regulars, investigates, body, expects, focus and mind.
      Have your say is where the readers write in and speak their mind. The only thing I have noticed is that there is never a negative letter. Now I don’t know if this is because they have genuinely never received a negative email (which I find hard to believe) or if they don’t print them full stop. But either way, if you are a regular reader you notice this little detail.

      ----------In brief – the latest news ----------
      This is four pages of tiny little healthy snippets. The sort of things that you hear from a friend and keep in your head. Then when you pass it on to someone else it makes you look really smart. There are loads of little bright boxes crammed with information from advising you to not having coffee when you are pregnant to the latest discovery from scientists. There are also readers tips (which if yours gets published you get a nice little present) and all are really useful.

      ----------Healthy Debate----------
      Every month Healthy has a debate that is a big topic within the news. Half of the A4 page is dedicated to Yes and the other half No. Previous debates have included:
      *Is five a day enough? (Fruit and veg)
      *Alcohol during pregnancy?
      *Smoking herbal cigarettes
      Both sides of the argument are very well written and give you the ability to make your own choice about whatever situation you are in.

      ----------Healthy Investigates ----------
      The latest article investigated was the difference to allergies and intolerance. How to avoid them and the other food alternatives. On this occasion there was also recipes for people with gluten allergies for bread and cakes. I thought this was a really nice touch. A lot of magazines say you can’t have things but don’t even help with the research. This gives it all to you on a plate.
      Other articles have also included how to deal with hay fever and how to try and prevent your children from developing allergies.

      ----------Healthy Body----------
      This is the biggest part of the magazine. It is to help women who would like to lose weight but it refuses to write about ‘diets’ and ways to starve yourself. Instead it encourages a lifestyle change including changing simple little things within your daily routine to improve your diet and ways to add exercise. I find this section really inspiring. Every month I see magazines plastered with information on how to lose weight quick and ridiculous exercise programmes. Healthy shows you not only how to lose weight but how to do it safely, and how to keep it off!

      ----------10 ways to…----------
      Another every month thing which has 10 quick points on its subject of choice. Previous subjects have included:
      *Check you’re healthy
      *Boost your confidence
      *Stop sugar cravings
      Each of the main points is highlighted in a bright colour and then have a small blog explanation below.

      ----------Healthy Experts----------
      This is where the experts from the magazine give their advice on the big things in the news recently. All give advice on how natural remedies can help to treat and prevent every day problems including things like PMT, PCOS, hay fever, skin problems and inflammation. Each article is two to four pages and goes into loads of detail about the problems and what each natural remedies can do to help.
      There are also a few pages called healthy clinic. This is like a healthy agony aunt. People ask questions about how to treat their problems and the expert answers.

      ----------Healthy Focus----------
      This is the most serious part of the magazine and looks into how the media, stress and lack of awareness can affect our every day lives. The articles always hit close to home and go into great detail. Some articles have tackles delicate subjects including the need for the size zero look, how every day stress can affect or relationships and avoiding the plastic surgery route. Each article has had a lot of background research and you are given pure facts instead of the opinion of one person. This enables you to get the information you need to make a decision in your own mind and means you know more about what’s really going on instead of selected information you may get from other sources.

      ----------Healthy Mind----------
      This is simply about how to handle your mental state and the things that can affect it including sleep, stress and relationships. There isn’t really much to say about this section to be honest. Every month I feel like I’m reading the same thing. Drink loads of water, get plenty of sleep and have a balanced diet. Rather annoying.

      ----------Healthy Fuel ----------
      Tips on how to change your diet to help your body function better. Includes how to ‘eat to beat’:
      *Sleep problems
      *Food allergies
      tends to include loads of recipes which once again means you don’t have to do the research, The recipes are simple to follow and after trying a couple I found them surprising nice.

      ----------Healthy You----------
      This is where the men’s section mainly takes over. I think there is little aimed for men and it is a bit unfair there is little for them considering it is meant to be for both.
      Tends to tackle one issue aimed at men – normally stress or sleep.
      There is also more about health tips for the young ones or if you or pregnant.
      On the other hand there is also information for the older ones (seniors that is). Nice and easy to read.

      ----------Holland and Barrett/Adverts/Extras----------
      One of the big things you will notice within the magazine is the adverts. Not only plastered upon 1 in 5 pages (yes I checked – 20%. Meaning you are paying 30pence for adverts) but also within the articles. Yes, the magazine is for healthy people but you have to remember that every time you read about a herbal remedy you are probably going to have to walk to Holland and Barrett and then spend your hard earned cash. If you are sick of taking medication then this is a good way to go. The great thing about herbal remedies though is that there are side affects of few of them so no worrying about being drowsy etc. Depends on the route you want to take. Another thing you quickly notice in the magazine is there is a page dedicated to coupons for products in Holland and Barrett (you hear that? It’s the sound of the chair men in H&B rolling in money), some of the discounts are fantastic if it is what you are looking for and range from £3 off to £20 off.

      ----------My Opinion----------
      I love this magazine and read it from cover to cover every month. It is packed full of information (that is of course if you minus all the healthy adverts) which can help you shape your life into something you find more suitable. It can also make you more health conscious and the information is easy to absorb and pass on. The main let down is for men and in less your partner has it I wouldn’t bother – I doubt you suffer from PMT or the menopause.
      If you are just looking for a glossy quick read then this isn’t for you. If you read it from cover to cover it will take you a minimum of 3 hours. I am a fast reader and to absorb it properly it still takes me that long. So if you read slowly I would suggest your magazine is served with a nice hot tea or a warm bath.
      Overall though, a great read and worth your time at least once.
      Happy reading


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