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N64 magazine has evolved into this new title!

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2002 18:40
      Very helpful



      N64 magazine was always the read of choice in the N64's heyday, and Future Publishing have always I feel been one step ahead of other publishers when it comes to producing a quality 'unofficial' magazine for whatever console they're writing about. NGC is no exception. Primary content by quite some way is obviously given to the Gamecube, (hey, it's title after all is NGC - Nintendo Game Cube!), but it does give a few pages cover each month to the latest and greatest Gameboy Advance games if you're lucky enough to own one of Nintendo's hand-held babies also. The magazine has grown in physical size if not number of pages, which makes they're front cover claim of being the 'world's biggest Nintendo magazine' right in one sense if being a little cheeky with it. Other publications do carry a few more pages in each edition. Not to say this lessens the quality of this mag however, Future have stuck by their religion of producing huge colourful articles, packing massive amounts of screenshots from the actual game and not other format versions of it, coupling this with writers who I feel still are some of the best in the business. The magazine looks great sitting on the shelf with an ultra modern looking cover most months and usually being first with the biggest game reviews and previews as well as printing the more reliable rumours in the respective industry instead of seemingly making things up just to fill their pages. There's always a complete directory in the mag of every game currently released on the Gamecube, with the magazine's review summary and score of it. Their reviews I have found to be fairly reliable in most cases - a game they say is good usually is, and one they say isn't is usually best avoided. I find their letters page most months fairly intelligent also, not just one filled with ramblings on "the Gamecube is much better than X-Box, PS2 etc", the dirge of w
      hich often appear seemingly in other magazines. A worthy companion to you if you own a Gamecube, although there's other good GC mags out there this is still in my opinion the best value for your cash.


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