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Now: Celebrity Diet Magazine

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Publisher: Now / Published: Quarterly / Type: Dieting and health

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2011 18:48
      Very helpful
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      A jam packed inspiring read!

      Always being on a quest myself for a new, better me in terms of fitness and nutrition I picked up this magazine not realising it was a Now special series spin off. I usually favour Closer Magazine over Now for celebrity gossip so I was interested to see what this special celebrity series (a quarterly publication) had to offer.

      The cover page features Kimberley Walsh from Girl's Allowed together with Davina McColl, Clare Nasir, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Osbourne, Rihanna and Danielle Lineker as well as a 'real life slimmer' (because of course those celebs are not real people!).

      The editor's letter reveals their motto (as featured in my title) and explains that this magazine is full of celeb interviews (focussing of course on how they stay so slim and beautiful) as well as diet, fitness and exercise tips together with advice on fashion for all body shapes and a special photo shoot with the aforementioned Danielle Lineker in the latest 'sports inspired threads'.

      What's Inside?

      'Diet News' gives us a brief glimpse at how a whole host of different sized celebs from Eva Mendes to Christina Hendricks (if you have seen Mad Men you will know who she is - I was always riveted to the size of her bosom and her amazing curves on the show even though I am straight!). Unfortunately it looks like she has fallen foul to pressure and is now sporting a more slim line look although still curvaceous.

      The Kimberley Walsh feature gives us incite into how she maintains her fab curves and how she motivates herself to keep trim and healthy without bowing to too much pressure from the media.

      Celebrity Body Secrets gives tips from A list stars which you can pick and choose from to whichever suits your lifestyle best - Kelly Osbourne works out with her Wii whilst Leona Lewis is more outdoorsy, enjoying horse riding and hiking.

      Clair Nasir has allowed a rather stark picture of her looking very wobbly, untoned and overweight and the after picture is nothing short of amazing and really made me feel inspired that it is possible to shift a bulging, flabby belly.

      The experts give us advice about understanding food labels in the supermarkets as well as explaining fat content which is quite an eye opening as low fat options are not necessarily the better choice.

      I am currently doing one of Davina McColl's dvd workouts as well as using a treadmill and I found her advice very useful and again was inspired by how being fit has increased her energy levels and made her feel better about herself in general and she is no spring chicken and has had several children so it shows that if you have the determination to get fit and healthy and get a good bod back after childbirth you can!

      There are a couple of diets featured in this magazine and lots of exercise tips so there is plenty of advice to choose from which is great as everyone is different in how they approach this sort of thing.

      The real life slimmer feature also has amazing before and after photos (she is unrecognisable) and explains how Abby Butterworth went from 20stone (and a size 26) to 9stone 10lbs which at a height of 5ft 7 is within a healthy range. Another real life slimmer is now a fitness trainer!

      Several pages are dedicated to fashion and creams that boost inch loss are also put under the microscope and tested to see if they do indeed help shift fat and tone the body. Boot camps and spas are also featured if you fancy getting a good start to your new regime and have some cash to splash.

      My Opinion:

      As my New Year Resolution is to shed some unwanted pounds, get fit and healthy, I was intrigued to read this issue and to take in as much advice as I could to then tailor it to the regime I already have going and I did really find the advice within (albeit mainly from those peskily perfect looking celebs) really helpful. There is of course also advice from experts together with the experiences of a couple of those 'real life' people who we can all relate to a lot better as us real people don't have the fabulous resources the rich and famous do!

      What I think is clever about this series is that, in this celeb obsessed culture, they have very cleverly combined getting healthy with what is essentially a glimpse into many star's lives and therefore able to effectively expand their target within the market to those who love reading about celebs but also those who are serious about getting fit and healthy.

      Although this magazine cost me £2.50 it really is jam packed with useful stuff whilst still having that gossipy, girlie vibe. I did find it pretty inspirational and do feel that it is possible to turn yourself around if that is what you have a want to do and I will be following some of the tips. Yes I do like reading about celebs in respect of how they maintain their looks but this magazine also has an equal amount of expert advice that is well written and easy to understand.

      If you are not into celebs this is not the diet magazine for you but if you are curious about how they tackle the same issues that can befall us all (like cellulite or dealing with a jelly belly after pregnancy) then you will enjoy this magazine and be inspired by all the tips.

      Thanks for reading. x
      also on ciao under ryanellaxx


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