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3 Reviews

Womens magazine published in UK.

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    3 Reviews
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      16.11.2013 18:03
      Very helpful



      An entertaining enough read

      I have to admit that I am not a huge buyer of magazines. I do like them it's just I generally find them a bit expensive for the amount of reading you get out of them, especially compared to a good weekend paper. I do tend to make an exception of this when it comes to the summer however and will often buy a couple of month's bundle to take on holiday with me. I normally go camping, so I have quite a bit of time with not much else to do but read.

      Prima is one of the magazines that I normally buy and is one of the cheaper monthly women's magazines at £2.99. It generally comes in at around 160 pages.

      Perhaps a good way of describing the content of the magazine is to describe the content like the index does.

      Fashion inspiration:
      These articles are mainly around seasonal fashion and incorporate fashion shoots and examples of where to buy high street examples of trends. In this issue I am currently reading, this refers to a sort of photographic list of all different types of shoes for autumn. For the most part the fashion featured is probably mid-to-higher end high street eg Joules, Jones bootmaker, John Lewis, Laura Ashley, Marks & Spencer etc.

      Beautiful you:
      This comprises of beauty and make-up tips, such as new products, a reader makeover, reader testing of a particular beauty product.

      Real lives:
      Some stories of people who are sharing interesting life stories, generally career-related, travel-based, overcoming tragedies etc.

      Life etc:
      Tips on money saving, legal matters, gadgets and problem pages and family life

      Home style:
      Ideas for interior design, gardening tips, home and garden makeovers and advice.
      Make it:
      Ideas for crafting clothing and items for the home - largely knitting or sewing. Every month there is also a pattern available for readers to obtain by calling a premium rate number. Subscribers get the pattern with their magazine delivery

      Everyday cooking
      20 pages of food related information including a a number of recipes and cooking tips.

      Health advice:
      Advice and articles - mainly medical, but also some alternative therapies, fitness, problem pages and wellbeing.

      Every month:
      Readers short stories, letters, contirubtions and tips, competitions, surveys, travel articles, antiques, horoscopes.

      Quite often, the magazine comes with a separate recipes or craft booklet.

      To start with, its probably fair to say that as a 31 year old without kids, I am not in its main target demographic. I believe it is mainly aimed at women from their late 30s who probably have families who are not that young,looking at the people who are featured within it and the fashions/shops that they promote. I do not mean anything against it because of that though as I still find it an enjoyable read.

      It contains lots of tips to do with the home and cooking which I have found useful. My favourite part of the magazine is probably the recipes. They generally choose ones that are tasty and well-thought out without being overly complicated or expensive. I collect recipes and frequently use ones that I have obtained from Prima as they tend to contain a lot of stuff that I already have in the house.

      It seems that its main focus is to be informative, which it is. There is a lot of focus put on providing short sharp tips on all sorts of things, from household ideas to cookery. They are also very big on getting readers to send in their own tips.

      It is perhaps fair to say that as a relatively cheap monthly magazine, it does not go into depth with its articles in the way that say Red or Good Housekeeping do. Even the features and short stories are incredibly brief, which can give the impression that it is quite bitty and not all that substantial which I suppose in places it is. That said, on the occasions that I have read it I have always come away feeling like I have gained some ideas from reading it, particularly around cookery.

      Maybe it's due to the size of the magazine, but I have to be honest and say that it does not appear to be quite so burdened with the need to fill itself up with adverts as the expense of providing original content like so many of other women's glossies do which is something to be commended. Also, it is very straightforward and does not seem to be one of those magazines that sets impossibly high expectations for women as regards beauty and wealth and in that way is more friendly and approachable.

      I also like the sheer breadth that it covers with the subject matter that it covers. Whilst, as alluded to before it does not really go massively into depth about things it at least touches on a lot of things that I think would be of interest and useful to its target demographic. That said, it does not really seem that interested in popular culture which is slightly surprising. It could be that it does not want to be tied to other women's magazines which have a celebrity on the cover and those types of interviews.

      In conclusion, this is a solid, well put together and informative magazines. It will never break any boundaries or win any massive design awards but it is a satisfying and interesting enough read.



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      26.08.2012 13:23
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Loved it!! Definetely Recommend!

      Prima magazine is a British monthly magazine for women. The magazine is aimed at women in their thirties and above. The current price of the magazine is £2.99 (September 2012).

      Whilst I had heard of Prima magazine, I had never read it before. I was recently in the supermarket searching for a magazine, when I came across this one; judging my the cover - it looked very interesting, and so I bought it.

      The magazine features all aspects of life; home life, family life, cooking, gardening, beauty, health, horoscopes, real life stories, money, travel, craft (card making and knitting) and so there is definitely something for everyone in this magazine. One thing I like about this magazine is the fact that there a few pages dedicated to each different subject I.e cooking and gardening. So there is plenty to read on in each topic.

      Readers play quite a large part in the magazine; they send in their stories, letters, pictures, tips etc. I really enjoyed all the parts where the readers got involved as I find it interesting and inspiring reading about other readers (I.e real people's lives). The last page is even dedicated to a reader - "24 hours in the life of...". This issue features a lady who works at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, and she tells you all about her day. I found this to be interesting and inspiring. They also have a section where you can see inside a room in a reader's house, with tips on how you too can get the look.

      There is some fashion in this magazine; I liked how the looks featured are suitable for all ages as they are quite classy (quite pricey too - some items featured are over £50 etc). I like how they have the 'models wearing the clothes' and then have notes all over the page with notes like 'wear this top like this, or with this'. I think that's especially helpful especially to someone (like me) who isn't that experimental with fashion.

      There are some adverts in here; mainly advertising all 'ladies' things, such as shampoo and toothpaste and 'home' products such as washing powder etc. Whilst there were quite a few adverts; as they were things that relate to me; everyday items (and not overly expensive items etc, I didn't mind.

      I loved this magazine; there's something 'perfect' about it. It is very friendly and has a real 'homely' feel to it. I found it to be interesting, helpful and incredibly inspirational. All the tips, articles etc. seem to help you have a 'perfect life'. To me it seems that the magazine is about being the best you can be.

      I thoroughly enjoyed this magazine, even though I am 21 (and from the articles in the magazine, I could see that they are aimed at women over 30 yet I didn't feel too young at all for the magazine. I have been recommending it to loads of women and will definitely continue to buy it.

      Thanks for reading!
      August 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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        22.04.2012 10:02
        Very helpful



        An affordable monthly magazine containing lots of useful information

        I'm not one for women's glossy magazines for a number of reasons as a good 50% of the pages are taken up by advertising for products that are way out of my price range and the magazines themselves are so expensive. The only time I will ever purchase one is when there's a freebie that catches my eye on the cover. A magazine that I have been subscribing for the past few years is Prima and I can remember purchasing it many years ago when it was first introduced, particularly as I looked forward to receiving the accompanying sewing pattern as I was a keen dressmaker at that time.

        Prima is a monthly magazine and is slightly larger than A4 size with the copy to which I am referring for the purpose of this review being the currently edition (May), which consists of 170 pages and a cover price of £2.95. As I prefer to maximise my Tesco Clubcard vouchers each year I use a proportion to pay for my Prima subscription where I need to use £11.50's worth. The point I favour about this magazine is that there are not endless pages dedicated to unaffordable fashion where it would cost me 6 months' worth of salary to purchase the so called latest pair of shoes or the must have handbag. The magazine covers a huge variety of subjects, which are not only aimed at women and as a consequence, my husband jumps on each copy as they hit the door mat.

        The paper is of a high quality with the magazine being crammed with colour photographs to support the majority of articles. Each issue consists of a double page index where each topic discussed is clearly indicated. However, I'm not one to study a magazine index as I tend to dive in and flick through the various categories, such as fashion, beauty, real life stories, cookery, health, home and the regular features consisting of readers' letters and competitions.

        I'm not generally one to study fashion pages in magazines, as whilst I adore shopping I detest searching for new clothes. However, the items advertised in Prima generally catch my eye due to the fact that they carry affordable price tags and can be purchased from what I class as "normal" shops as opposed to me needing to maximise my credit card. The magazine is modern and as we are now in spring (although the weather would not suggest we are), the pages carry the theme where some of the fashion focus on pastel flowers. I always look forward to each new edition of Prima as it is such an inviting magazine where I will always read each and every article as opposed to skipping the majority when I've purchased one of those glossies solely to obtain the accompanying freebie.

        The magazine is up to date and has a real modern feel to it with the May edition looking at various styles and colours of tops, skirts, trousers and dresses. What I love about this magazine is that they concentrate on the shapes of real women as opposed to those expensive glossy magazines, which seem to generally cater for size zero. The May issue focuses on 54 ways to look younger and my eyes were drawn into this article as I always interested in trying out new products to slow down the visible signs of aging. I gain much inspiration from this magazine as over the years it has taught me many things such as the different notes contained within perfumes and where best to apply them to obtain maximum benefit and how to choose the correct foundation for my particular skin type. The current edition focuses on the best instant tanning mousses, which as someone who doesn't worship the sun, is of great interest to me. Consequently, I will soon be carrying out my own research of the mousses that they recommend.

        I particularly enjoyed the article named "The way we ate", which looks at the foods people ate from the 1950's to the current date and I found myself chuckling at some of the items as apparently, Arctic Roll and Angel Delight were the favourite desserts in the sixties and whilst I didn't join this world until 1967 these were two of my favourites during my childhood with Arctic Roll still being on top of the list.

        Each edition of the magazine covers garden questions and answers, which I find extremely useful, as little tips are provided on the best types of plants to use in certain soils. Whilst I own an array of gardening books and have considerable knowledge, there is always more to learn and I gain many of my ideas from reading magazine articles. There is always a small section on which plants to grow relating to the month of issue and I have realised that I only have a month to sow some of my seeds although the Great British weather currently seems to be totally out of season.

        I am particularly interested in interior design and enjoy the regular monthly feature where we are provided with handy tips and ideas on how to make the best of our homes. The current edition looks at options for maximising small spaces and in addition to providing furniture ideas it discusses how to obtain the best light in small rooms. Each month Prima takes us inside the homes or real readers where we learn of their renovating projects and whilst I have no intention of carrying out any such works in my home I enjoy reading the articles.

        The cookery pages are always a winner with me as around a dozen pages every month are dedicated to recipes and information on multi uses for certain foods. I enjoy the puzzle pages at the end of the magazine where there is a competition crossword as well as puzzles just for fun such as Sudoku and word searches. When receiving my new copy every month it is the "What's it Worth?" double spread that I always turn to first, as readers write in with an accompanying photograph of an item they wish to have valued. I am eagerly awaiting the day that I see one of my Betty Boop figurines accompanied by a huge valuation although I very much doubt it will be in my lifetime! A regular feature is holidays; many of which are very affordable with discounts being available on some when using a code provided by Prima. Whilst some magazines will solely focus on the accommodation, we are provided with an insight into the associated area and how to get there.

        Prima is an interesting and inspiring magazine as well as being excellent value for money as it covers such a huge variety of subjects. Whilst you could previously obtain the sewing pattern with the magazine in store, unfortunately, due to cost-cutting, Prima only provide the pattern to those who subscribe. Another grumble I have is that the magazine will often offer free gifts, but they are not available to subscribers. Consequently, I made a complaint and was informed that it is too expensive to send a free gift with the monthly magazine as otherwise the subscription cost would rise. Prima receives my high recommendation together with 5 stars.

        I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.


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