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Shropshire Star

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    5 Reviews
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      28.09.2009 20:52



      A balanced newspaper - recommended reading to keep up to date with local & national events.

      A well balanced local newspaper that covers politics, events, opinion and regular feature supplements. The publisher (Midland News Association) boasts that you only need one newspaper a day to keep you in the picture of events locally and nationally - The Shropshire Star. There are several variations for the main population centres, such as Telford, Shrewsbury, Oswestry & Mid Wales.

      Feature supplements cover topics such as business, fashion, farming, motoring and education are sometimes not particularly critical, possibly because they are used to attract advertising revenue.

      The Letters page is always varied and of local interest, with only the occasional distant writer with their own agenda, or axe to grind. There is good evidence that local councillors and politicians keep an eye on public opinion via this medium.

      The classified adverts are well supported since short ads are inserted for free, by phone, posted coupons or via the internet. The Star also now has a daily tv style video newsdesk broadcast on their website (www.shropshirestar.com).

      There have been several price increases in recent years, but 40p is still good value for money.


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      27.02.2009 13:27
      Very helpful



      A Great Newspaper!

      History *

      The shropshire star is a shropshire based newspaper which is published Daily.There are two versions of the shropshire star : Oswestry's and Telford.The paper first began in 1964.It's current editor is Sarah Jane Smith. The shropshire Star recieves approx. 19,000 readings per evening.
      The Shropshire Star is Printed six days a week with no paper on a sunday.

      The shropshire star's logo has a blue background. The shropshire is in a small yellow font , and below it is the word in a large white font in capitals.
      *Price *

      The shropshire Star costs 35p and is available in most newsagents around shropshire and Powys.
      * Features *

      The newspaper features both local and national news.
      Every Thursday evening , the newspaper features a 'pull out' jobfinding 'booklet' which features over ten pages of job adverts around the area.
      Printed each evening on the third page is the evenings television guide.Tv channels with programmes featured include : BBC1 , BBC2 , ITV1 ,CH4 , five , BBC3 , BBC4 ,sky1, E4 and UKtv GOLD.
      Russell Grand shares his horoscopes.
      *Adverts *

      Many local companies advertise within the shropshire star. Some adverts are in colour others printed in black and white.Different adverts take up different amounts of space.Some may take up a whole page , whereas another may only take up a corner.Local events are advertised in the paper which is good , because some of these events , without the shropshire star I would not have known that they were on , therefore it's very good at informing about events around the county.
      *Special Offers *

      The shropshire Star ocasionally features special offers.A recent offer included " 20p off Mr Brains Pork Faggotts".
      *Letters page *

      There is a whole page devoted to reader's letters. There are on average twelve readers' letters printed per evening.
      *Family Announcments *

      Family Announcements include Birthdays , Births , Marriages , Passing Driving Test and deaths. There are many ways in which you can place an advert in the shropshire star : Telephone , Online , Text/SMS , Fax , Post or in person.
      *Shropshire Star website *

      The newspaper has it's own website. The website address is : www.shropshirestar.com
      The website features up-to-date news , travel , lifestyle sections to name a few.The website is updated on a regular basis. Polls are featured on the website.These include subjects such as : " Which film has the greatest soundtrack of all time" and the answers include " purple rain" " A Hard day's night " , " The harder they come" , " pulp fiction" and " The Graduate ".
      *Recycle *

      The shropshire star is keen on recycling.It has an advert which says " Recycle this paper when you have finished" which I think it's good.

      *Competitions *

      Competitions are sometimes held within the newspaper.Such prizes include a 'flat screen tv'.You have to collect a certain amount of tokens (one printed in each evening's paper) in order to be able to enter the competition.
      * Sport *

      Sport news is featured on the back of the paper.There are many coloured photographs of recent sporting events.Such sporting events include Football , Hockey and Horseracing.One thing I like about the sports section is the fact that it includes news on national teams such as Manchester United and Liverpool as well as local teams.
      * The Shropshire Star *

      I think the Shropshire Star is a highly entertaining newspaper due to it's many different features.There is something for everyone within the newspaper whether it's sport or jobs your interested in.This newspaper is well written and very informative which is why It makes such a a great read!
      Hope you enjoyed reading this review!

      Thank you for reading!


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        04.11.2008 21:24
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great local newspaper to keep you upto date

        The Shropshire star is my local evening paper, and covers the whole of Shropshire and mid wales,printing eight editions a day, six days a week.
        It's first every copy went on sale back in 1964, and since then has kept Shropshire residents up to date with all the local, national, and international news. It was the first ever evening newspaper in Europe to be printed by web-offset, right up to the present day, with the introduction of the electronic newspaper, vast investment in new technology has helped to provide readers and advertisers with products second to none.
        Each day averages around 223,000 readers, which is just over half the population of adults in Shropshire and mid wales.

        The newspaper has lots of different sections, each relating to various subjects, The main cover normally is dominated by the top story, and then there are 5-6 other stories around it, which are carried on in the main news section.
        Opening up the paper you are greeted by whats on the tv tonight- they give you full listings of programes right up until the next day- very handy if you need know what a time a show starts,or whats on!.
        For the next 10 or so pages it focus's on news, and things happening around the area.
        In the middle section each night they do a feature on different things ranging from cars to clothing.
        There is also quite a large classified section, where people can advertise things they want to sell, things they want to buy etc. There is also a birthday, anniversary, births and deaths column, for people wanting to announce different events.
        Towards the back of the paper, there is a daily horoscope column, and the last 6-10 pages is focusing on sport, football, rugby, horse racing, fishing,etc. While covering the national sports they also try to include the county's local teams as well.
        The paper costs 32p to buy and can be found in any shop around Shropshire, or like me you can arrange with your local newsagent to have it delivered ( at a small charge).
        On a Thursday the paper tends to be a lot more bigger as this is job night, where local business's advertise job's etc, and on a Saturday the paper is bigger because they focus on various events happening in the area, local plays, theater productions, cinema listings, and also review different restaurants, cafes, takeaways in the area.


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          06.08.2008 02:36




          The Shropshire Star is published weekly and costs just 30p. A tabloid in size it has a full 60 pages so there is quite a lot in it.

          I have read a number of local or regional papers and the Shropshire Star is different from the fairly standard format of the others in that the local and national, even international news, is not strictly segregated. It is possible therefore to find a story about the recovery of a stolen camcorder in Telford next to one about NHS waiting lists.
          Overall this does give the feeling that local news is equal on a scale of importance with a national story. A jumble sale in Broseley is as important to some people as whether Dixons are trading fairly with respect to PCs and litter in Albrighton is as newsworthy as developments involving the Hubble space telescope.

          The Shropshire Star has literally hundreds of small local interest stories scattered throughout its pages. I have read other local newspapers which have grouped such stories together under headings for each local area or village but the Star does not do this encouraging a longer read of the news. For some this might be good but others might not have the time to read the paper so extensively and miss stories.
          There is no doubt that the Star covers matters a wide range of matters but it does not appear to cover anything in any particular depth. It is more like a finger buffet of stories than a feast. At present it is rightly dominated by the foot and mouth story and informatively lists all the affected farms. It covers a number of aspects including the important side issues like animal disposal, tourism etc.

          Shropshire is hardly a hotbed for sport but the county does have a Nationwide League team in Shrewsbury Town. Coverage of the side is given as well as nearby Wolverhampton. The other main local team is Telford United of the Conference.
          Some coverage is given of sport further afield in the UK and also world events like the Masters golf. The journalism here is of a very high standard and is not as clichéd as you would find for example in the Sun or The Mirror.
          There are reports, results and tables of the minor football leagues. There is also comprehensive coverage of horse racing as of course Ludlow racecourse is in the county.

          As would be expected there is a lot of averts for local companies goods and services and of vacancies in the county. Also there are comprehensive listings of local entertainment events in the county. As it is not too far from Birmingham this includes the events due at the NEC like Westlife, Roxy Music, Texas and The Corrs during April and into June.
          The Shropshire Star is a very good newspaper and is ideal for weekend read. It is entertaining, well written and edited. It is a little bit quirky in the way it jumbles stories up but this perhaps adds to its charm.


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            05.07.2008 21:16
            Very helpful



            A quality local newspaper

            The Shropshire Star is Shropshire's evening newspaper, it also covers Mid Wales. There are varying editions depending on what area of Shropshire (or Mid Wales) you live in. It is published 6 days a week - Monday to Saturday. It is easy to spot in the shops as it has a cyan (blue) masthead.

            The newspaper covers local (Shropshire & Mid Wales) stories as well as national news. The Shropshire Star also publishes death notices, classified ads, jobs and sports news.

            If you are on the look out for a new job then Thursday is the day to buy the Shropshire Star as it is job night, you will find many pages listing job adverts.

            Entertainment listings (such as cinema listings, concerts and events) are mainly published in the Friday issue.

            On Saturdays there is the "Shropshire Weekend" section featuring reviews, competitions, lifestyle and food & drink articles. It also holds the weekly TV listings (although daily TV listings are on pages 2 & 3 every day).

            Shropshire Star's main office is in Ketley, Telford, but it also has regional offices around the county.

            The Shropshire Star costs 38p per issue (£2.28 for 6 issues a week) or you can have it delivered for £1.92 a week (subject to a delivery charge) making it 32p per issue. You can also have the Shropshire Star saved with your local newsagent at the same price of £1.92 per week.

            There are other local newspapers in the area (although I don't think they are daily), but the Shropshire Star is by far the most popular.


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