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Spirit & Destiny

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Magazine Type: Spiritual Lifestyle / Published: Monthly

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    2 Reviews
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      08.03.2015 20:59
      Very helpful



      A glossy for all things spiritual.

      This is one of the glossy spiritual magazines which is published monthly and printed on good quality paper. I don't buy it every month but what I do like about the magazine is that it doesn't over exaggerate the content on the cover so it is easy to see if there would be anything of interest that month that would make it worth buying.
      I find that the magazine is filled with spiritual matters in general and does tend to be seasonal, for example, in the run up to summer there might be stories about spiritual customs in far-off lands while in the winter there will be the Halloween style features and then in January, tips to improve your money luck, new year, new you etc. Anyone who likes self-help books would probably find something of interest as there is usually something about boosting prospects, self esteem or confidence etc.
      While there are some real-life stories, I do find that they are generally more around a topic rather than of the 'my house is haunted by 100 ghosts' type of sensationalized stories.
      You will often find articles about natural beauty solutions along with the usual horoscopes.
      Something I enjoy trying out are the do-it-yourself style fortune telling activities.
      I do find sometimes that there is too much room given to arty images which give dramatic effect but not much to read, but I find this with quite a few magazines of this quality so it is in good company.
      For me to buy this magazine, there has to be something I specifically want to read as some of the content, such as alternative weddings, ancient customs etc aren't really my thing, but when I do buy it, I find that the stories are well-written and articles are covered in sufficient depth to give food for thought.


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      13.07.2010 15:01
      Very helpful



      A truly inspiring magazine that I love to read and I am sure others will too

      Spirit and Destiny is a truly brilliant magazine which launched in 2002.. It is it a magazine which provides all things different to the normal magazines and is based upon all things which are spiritual

      Each month it focuses on holistic health, natural beauty, celebrity spirituality and advice from many sources. This is normally psychic phenomena astrology, guardian angels, white magic, spiritual life coaching eco living and buying and many many more.

      What I like about S&D is that it is consistent. There are variations in topics, but they always use the same people to contribute every month.

      There is David Wells who is an astrologer who has appeared on Most Haunted and also on GMTV to talk about his new book. (Real People, Real past lives) This isn't a plug as I haven't read it...but for those of you who have heard of him will probably know this.
      He is very gifted in my opinion and can be scarily accurate.

      There is Silja who is a white witch and personally one of my favourites. She has 3 pages dedicated to her topics and I have to stop myself from rushing to her pages to read. She provides tips and advice on anything from spells to help you in your exams, or to how to prevent justice if you have to go to court. For those of you reading who are total non believers in all things spiritual I dare you to try out one of her spells to see if it works. I think not only will you be surprised but you will also be shocked something so simple can work.

      The beauty of what she does is that she doesn't create any spells that create bad feeling or ''black magic'' as it is referred to. You cannot do a spell for financial gain or to help you to win the lottery, but there are spells to help you retain your money in your home for example.

      Tony Stockwell is another regular. He is a psychic medium. He teaches and lectures at the London College of Psychic studies and has toured in the uk and abroad. He also offers courses and workshops for those who are interested in this area.
      Often he will have a 2 page spread in which he will either carry out a personal reading for someone in their home. It will be his reading followed by the response from the reader. Very intriguing stuff. He also a few months ago carried out a medium workshop in which you can guague ideas of a persons past life by reading from their jewellery or an item. It was wonderful as of the 6 people chosen only 3 actually believed it was possible, He therefore explained how to do it, how anyway can apply their mind to have that link. And it worked...it turned from 3 to 6 believers by the end of their full day of teaching.

      Marie Bruce is another witch, She has been since she was the age of 20 She is a popular and prolific author in the fields of personal development and mind, body and spirit.
      Every month she will create a spell which she tells everyone who reads that if they are to carry it out, that it has to be performed at a certain time, date and place.
      I participated in one of these and in the article she said that as you carry out the spell you will feel the pull as if other people are joining you ...and I have to say although it freaked me out slightly I did actually feel like that!!

      Finally there is Doreen Virtue my total fave. Every month she gives advice on communicating with angels. She is a spiritual doctor of psychology who works with the angelic realms in her writings and workshops and has written over 20 books. She is American and is based in California and I feel one of the best in the whole magazine (well next to Silja) She explains stories that have happened to her directly and you feel an instant warmth as you read. She also tells you how you can call upon your angels in times of need.
      Anyone who believes in this will not be shocked to find that this truly works.

      There are many angels (aside from a guardian angel) that can protect and help you. A particularly helpful ( and probably very busy) angel by the name of Chameul can help you to find lost items. When you have lost something all you have to do is to ask for his help in locating it.

      My boyfriend was very skeptical of the whole thing to be honest and he thinks I am a bit kooky....well I am but I digress...
      He had lost a small tin which contained a lucky coin (and he says Im kooky) anyway he couldn't find this tin for love nor money, and we had literally tipped our flat upside down to try and find it but to no avail.
      I told him of the angels and how they could help and he turned up his nose and said he wouldn't bother.

      A few days later and still not found he reluctantly said ''go on then lets try this angel rubbish'' I told him you have to believe in it for it to work. So after a lot of giggling and messing around he gave it a bash. he called Angel Chameul and asked for him to help him locate his tin. He sat there and nothing...he went very quiet, and then his forehead creased up and he said '' I know this is going to sound weird but something is telling me to look on top of one of the kitchen cupboards...but there is no way I would have put it there...'' dismayed I thought no I cant see him doing that either but told him to check anyway....

      And what do you know....there is was!!! So now he is totally convinced and often will do a little angel request if he has a long car journey or has to travel.

      Ok so aside from all of the regulars the magazine itself provides a wide range of topics and interests to suit everyone and does vary from month to month.

      There are competitions to enter (ie this month you can win a yoga holiday for 2 in Italy) there are links at the back of the magazine to books and other places you may like to visit. There are many sections on recycling eco living and where you can buy eco friendly products and bargains.

      Overall I have to say it's a fantastic magazine and I love it!!!

      It costs £2.90 a month but you can also buy a subscription for 12 issues for £26.10 which works out to £2.18 per month. I think either way it is totally worth it


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