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Sports Direct Magazine

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    1 Review
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      13.08.2013 20:49
      Very helpful



      Great for people who like most sports and shopping at Sports Direct.

      I've been directed to put my review here for the newly-launched Sports Direct Magazine, so what follows is not about the shop specifically, only the magazine.

      After making an order online for over £50 at Sports Direct, I was pleasantly surprised to also receive their newly-launched magazine as a free gift. The normal cost for this is £1.

      Within the 130 pages, there's a good variety of articles with lots of them being used in some way to also let you know the products are available to purchase from Sport Direct and for how much.

      In this first issue, for August 2013, we have the articles as follows:

      The first section, comprising of eleven articles related to the current month, is known as the 'First 11':
      Russia's model athletes.
      Nike's latest football.
      BMX star Harry Main.
      Must-have football boots.
      Catch of the day.
      Don't run - walk (The benefits of walking instead of running).
      Food to beat the blues.
      Supreme shot putters.
      Festival camping gear.
      New season's football shirts.
      Judo's Gemma Gibbons.

      Then we have the 'Regulars', which is a section that I'm assuming will be a constant for each month:
      Want it, buy it - own it (Two pages of items you can 'scan to buy' using the Sports Direct phone app).
      Competition: Win a set of Dunlop golf clubs.
      Candid Kamara (Chris Kamara's opinion on the latest football news).
      Get the Look (Buy what famous sports people wear).
      Ask the experts (Your chance to ask questions about fitness regimes etc).
      That's a bit of a stretch (Showing you a sports person stretching and telling you why it's important).

      Next is 'Training':
      Personal Training with Gemma (Training exercises, techniques, diet etc).
      Jonny Bairstow prepares (What he does through the morning before a typical Test Match).
      How Carl Foch trains (Boxing champ tells us all about his various workouts).
      Pass the Xavi way.
      Drive like Lee Westwood.
      Badminton smashes.

      Then we have a few pages of 'Style' which this month has a man and a woman in swimwear.

      The 'Features' section comes next:
      Caged with Colin Fletcher (The MMA cage fighter).
      Heather's US Open lowdown (British tennis player Heather Watson).
      Premier League training guide.
      Why Greg James loves cricket.

      The next section is entitled 'The Warm Down' and shows us more things for sale, some of which aren't sports-related at all:
      What's hot this month (A mixture of items from the DVD Spring Breakers to Hunger: The Autobiography by Sean Kelly).
      Games, Books, Technology, DVDs, Apps, Online, Unmissable TV.
      Adam Gemili's playlist (The athlete's favourite music).
      Competition: Win a bespoke cricket bat and see it being made.
      A page showing three exclusive discount voucher codes to get money off of specific items.

      Following this we have 'The Big Shop' - twenty-six pages of things for sale at Sports Direct. Obviously this is a magazine for a shop, so I don't blame them for wanting to fit a healthy amount of selling in here. I don't think it takes away from the quality of the content as I appreciate being kept aware of what they have for sale and I actually saw some items that I didn't see online and I'm now interested in buying.

      Then on the final page we have 'What if...'. This is a simple premise which takes a sportsman, such as Usain Bolt in this month's magazine, and asks 'What if he had stuck to playing cricket?'.

      Overall I can see the benefits of purchasing this magazine if you're into a variety of sports. Personally, I only really have an interest in football so it didn't interest me that much. If you're making an order and you think you might fancy a spot of reading that stretches across all your favourites, then it's easy enough to add it to your basket for just a pound. I've listed the content in this review to hopefully help you make that decision. I'm not a huge reader of magazines, so I don't know what the competition out there is for similar magazines be it price-wise or content quality. I prefer a book and I'm quite a fast reader so I can't justify paying for magazines when there is similar content online that I can access for free. I like to learn and I didn't really learn anything from reading this magazine, but I guess they're just designed to help pass the time and relax with anyway.

      So in summary, I can recommend this if you're into most sports and you think it's worth a punt at a pound to throw in with your order to see if you like it, but if you're a disgruntled Newcastle fan (for those who don't know, Sports Direct has the same owner, and he has a habit of upsetting the supporters) then there's probably nothing I can say to convince you to buy anything from this shop anyway! :)


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