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    18 Reviews
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      30.08.2012 03:08
      Very helpful


      • Cheap


      • Boring

      Not a star of a magazine for me!

      I love a good celeb magazine me! I love gossip and fashion and so on and along with Heat and New! and this is magazine I read alot...until reading the last issue actually (3rd September) and going right off it to be honest.

      Of course this is a glossy magazine sort of aimed at 20+ really and its a glossy one at that and very much aimed at women. At 99p and a whole 66p cheaper than Heat in my experience of reading the magazine it pretty much tries to replicate that magazine and follows much the same stories as a rule.

      The Magazine Itself:

      Well its a weekly magazine this one and of course a glossy covered magazine as I have previously mentioned. You get on average 110 pages and as you flick and as you open the magazine you get a general layout of as to find what story where. In Septembers issue you get lots of celeb Big Brother Gossip plus Towie including lots of photographs....great if you watch them shows and actually care about them but me well I found all that rather boring as they are shows I am not currently watching! Of course like a lot of magazines such as this you get a lot of pages of 'celeb' gossip again great if you want to known about Zayn (One Direction) or David Beckham cheating (supposidly so) on their partners. The only bits interesting I ever find in this magazine is ratings on what stars are wearing and where to find the best bits of fashion in stores which is if wanted to I could get my hands on. There is a huge tv guide in this magazine to which I do find handy to be fair.

      All In All:

      I've always been a fan of this magazine but this time at almost 39 years of age I find it totally boring and rather juvenile to be honest with you. The fashion segments I do find interesting though as there is a good mix of it and where to find what and some things do appeal to a woman of my age and the tv guide is comprehensive and rather good. However the focus on this is at much younger stars than I have heard of! Maybe now I have matured to beyond this magazine and for me it is a younger aimed version of Heat so from now on I will be sticking with Heat and New! I think as this edition made me feel rather ancient lol.

      Available in all good supermarkets and newsagents and so on!

      This review is also posted on Ciao under this same username.


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        23.05.2010 09:00
        Very helpful



        good quality, low priced mag

        I do occasionally like to buy a couple of magazines, yesterday I bought Star in preparation for an afternoon of sunbathing.

        ** The Magazine **

        The weekly magazine is full of stories on celebs, interviews, tv guide etc. The front usually contains the most juiciest of the stories featured, my edition had 'surprise, surprise' Jordan on the cover lol. Hollywood Star is also included in this magazine which is about half way through the magazine and lasts for approximately 15 pages. Obviously this is stories about celebs in Hollywood.

        ** The Layout **

        I think the layout of he magazine is very simple and effective, its easy to get to the story of your choice, thanks to the contents page (pg. 3).

        ** Price and Availability **

        This magazine is becoming more and more popular and most places sell it, such as all the major supermarkets, newsagents and convenience stores and it costs 90p.

        ** Overall Opinion **

        Well I think this is just as good as other magazines, the stories included a lot of relevant information and were fun to read, the magazine was packed with stories etc and definitely served its purpose well as my sun bathing accomplice.

        The interviews were fun and interesting to read and I loved the fashion tips and the music review pages.

        I think it's a little cheeky how it says on every front cover 'were cheaper than heat... why pay more for less? Obviously we all know the magazine is cheaper than its rivals but I don't think theres any need to point it out.

        In addition to buying this magazine I also picked up a TV mag as well as I forgot that it was included in Star, which is a nice surprise.

        For 90p, I have nothing bad to say about the magazine, the mag has been printed to a high standard and looks no different to its competitors, although adverts are present throughout they are not excessive and on most occasions will be relevant to the reader.

        Overall I will give this 5/5, purely because it's a laidback magazine that is informative and I think it is less artificial than most magazines. Obviously the price is a huge bonus.


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        15.02.2010 13:12
        Very helpful



        If you enjoy celeb shenanigans then it may be worth a look

        I bought Star magazine one morning, as I fancied a bit of a lazy day, a few DVD's, chocolate and a trashy mag, and that is exactly what I got.

        Star is touted as a celebrity gossip magazine, with the slogan on the front cover reading 'We're cheaper than heat ... why pay more for less?' which I don't quite get. Are they saying they are more trashy or less trashy? Well, what ever, this magazine is a right load of old cobblers.

        Star, launched in 2003, is published by Northern and Shell Media publications who also publish Ok and New magazines. Inside Star you will find all the latest celebrity news, celebs exposed, fashion and beauty, celebrity bodies, travel and reviews of the latest movies etc.

        This magazine is aimed at 18 - 35 year olds, this is how I possibly don't get it, with me being 'over the hill' in terms of readership age. Although I'm giving this tabloid/gossip magazine a bit of a hard time, I can see how it would appeal to the young and trendy who are interested in the trials and tribulations of Katie Price, Peter Andre et al.

        I did enjoy the fashion sections though, and the TV listing section at the back of the magazine will come in useful over the coming week.

        Will I buy it, or would I recommend it? No and Yes. I won't buy it again as its just not to my taste, but I would recommend it if celebrity gossip is your thing, because its packed to bursting with celebrity scandal and small talk. Enjoy!

        Oh yeah, before I forget, you have to part with 90p if you want to indulge.


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          02.02.2010 08:33
          Very helpful




          I had seen Star magazine gracing the shelves alongside other celebrity style mags in my local garage, where i generally pick up a magazine once a week when I fill up my car. I generally go for closer magazine or Now but on this particular day last week they were waiting for deliveries and so the shelves were particularly bare. The most appealing to me out of the magazines left was Star magazine. So i thought I would give it a try.

          The cost of the magazine is 90p which I thought was very good value as there are 114 pages which contain celeb gossip, fashion advice and a good reviews section, in which new films, dvd releases, books and music are reviewed. Althouogh I have to say there are a few members of dooyoo who could do a better job!!

          However my initial joy at containing so many pages of celeb gossip for such a good price was soon burst when I finally sat down to read.I was really unimpressed with the amount of pages in this magazine that are dedicated to advertisments. There were atleast 12 pages that were wasted. These full page adverts covered products such as mobile phones and chocolate mousse. I was quite annoyed that so much of this magazine space was wasted with these adverts.

          Generally I thought that the magazines celebrity gossip was quite poor. This magazine covers all the usual array of high class celebs such as Katie Price and Kerry Katona. Although in fairness there was a small article about sinitta!!

          There was only one full celeb interview in this issue and this was Helen Flanagan who plays Rosie in Coronation Street. This interview was well constructed and quite enjoyable. I felt the interview provided the reader with a greater insight into the actress and how she felt about the character she plays.

          This magazine would do well to include a couple more of these celeb interviews. Instead of taking up a whole double page to inform its readers 'the celebs who have been tangoed' this is accompanied with before and after pictures of some super A class celebs such as Danielle Lloyd (yeah rite!!) before and after they have had a spray tan. Quite frankly I find this low level journalism should belong in the school playground!

          Towards the back of this magazine, is the hollywood Star supplement. If you are intrested in what shoes suri cruise is wearing then you will love this part. Although there were a few bits of hollywood celebrity news. There were other American actresses who I had never heard of. Who is Nicole polizzi? answers on a postcard.

          The only saving grace to this magazine is the tv supplement. It is very comprehensive and assists readers with their daily choice of tv programmes.

          Now dont get me wrong, when i bought this magazine i was not expecting high brow reading. indeed Iwas looking for a bit of gossip while I enjoyed my lunch. However this is a really low standard magazine. Although Katie Price and Kerry Katona appear in my usual choice of celeb magazines. (they are like sand in your pants they get everywhere and are very irritating) Other mags offer far more interviews and real life stories from readers. This magazine didnt even offer a page for readers letters. Why? because they were too busy filling the pages with advertisments for a clear alternative to braces!!????

          My advice if you see this on the shelves of your local shop. Walk on by because it is a serious waste of money!!!


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            01.02.2010 17:22
            Very helpful



            A cheap and fun way to catch up on gossip and fashion!

            The magazine in the picture looks like the US version, but my review is for the UK version (just to be clear!)...Back in 2004, I was sucked into the world of Heat magazine where celebrities, gossip and fashion are the religion.... And why not? I'll be honest, I wasn't that bothered about celebrities before reading Heat, and am still not that bothered, but its trashy, fun, light reading, and with all the seriousness around us, it doesn't hurt to have something fun to read!

            I came across Star Magazine perhaps a year and a half ago, attracted by its glossy cover and cheap price, and it was love at first sight! The magazine is much cheaper than Heat, and the contents are pretty good, as there is a good balance of celebs, fashion, health (translation: dieting) and TV news... there is even a section from the Hollywood version so we can catch up on our friends across the waters...

            After buying a number of edition, I decided to subscribe to save myself even more money (I do this through the isubscribe website - and quite often, you can get a £2.50 voucher off your next subscription for filling out a survey, which doesn't expire for a long time). All is well and I still receive my weekly Star magazine (although I have to wait a day and get it on a Wednesday in the post rather than on Tuesday when its released). I do sometimes buy Heat magazine as an additional treat (the content is much better recently, as I think they have new people on board or in management) but I am pretty happy with Star and am not planning to leave it anytime soon! My husband sometimes reads it before I've had a chance to read it, so it can't be all that bad!

            My only gripe with the magazine is that its sometimes annoying when you see so much stuff on the Z list type celebs (not even sure if they can really class themselves as famous), namely people like Katie Price and Kerry Katona - I would much rather read about "real" celebs like Jennifer Aniston et al, but I suppose there's a lot more gossip to be said about the Z listers than the A listers!


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            13.11.2009 12:48
            Very helpful



            A celebrity gossip magazine which is not the best but ok for a flick through

            Star magazine is a magazine I had never heard of until a friend popped round to visit me and brought me an OK! magazine pack which came with several other celebrity magazines. Star is a magazine along similar lines to Heat which gives celeb gossip mainly of B and C list celebrities.

            Star magazine retails for 85p and is weekly. The magazine I have is the issue from 2nd Novemeber.

            On the front cover surprise surprise there is a large picture of Jordan and Peter with the headline "Our real feelings about the divorce." The photo even has a little red arrow added to point out that Peter is holding the official divorce paper (like we care!). I think from the front page you get the idea of the type of magazine you are going to be reading or looking at. Its not exactly going to be intellectually stimulating so if that's what you want in a magazine then don't buy it!!

            Inside the magazine there are lots of photos and not very much reading. This is a magazine designed to be flicked through rather than read. As such I find this kind of magazine doesn't last me very long so its not the best kind of thing for a long train journey as you will have finished it really quickly.

            Inside the magazine we are treated to a Jordan exclusive with Jordan (or Katie Price, not really sure what she is calling herself these days) talking through some of her outfit choices from 2003 to the present day. I did find this article amusing to see some of the terrible choices she had chosen. There was only one outfit I thought looked ok and that was one she commented that she hated!!

            There is then another article about the Peter and Katie divorce. We then move on to the X-Factor and learn 15 things about John and Edward including how to tell them apart (John is on the left and Edward the right, John has a scar on his nose and Edward has a scar on his lip and John has a pointy ear!! So now you know!). We then learn that Joe from X-Factor was once 13 stone and how Cheryl is worrying that she cant win the show.

            We then have the celebs bad photos where they show photos of celebs not exactly looking their best. There are then several pages of fashion including fashion in the shops and giving celebs ratings out of 10 for outfits that they have been seen in recently.

            The next section is actually its own pull out magazine and is Hollywood Star where at least the celebs are a bit better known however calling it a magazine is a bit cheeky as it is only 8 pages! It consists mainly of photos of celebs with small comments after them.

            The main magazine finishes off with articles on Celebs bodies, an interview with Katherine Jenkins, the 6 best shopping destinations and reviews of recent films, dvds, books and singles before finishing with the weeks TV guide.

            This magazine wouldn't reach my top 10 magazine list as I do like a magazine with a bit more reading in. However it is great for flicking through and finding out the latest celeb gossip and looking at the outfits they have been wearing. There is perhaps a little bit more reading than some other celeb magazines. For 85p its not too bad but I wont be rushing out to buy another one.


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              14.05.2009 20:10
              Very helpful



              A brilliant cheap read

              I like many people enjoy a good gossip from time to time especially when it involves celebrities. The internet is the best source of tasty tit bits but sometimes only a good old fashioned magazine will do.

              I usually ignore the gossipy type publications on the shelves but last weekend I was in the mood for something to read, something light and frothy with a fun side that I could mooch over with a cup of tea and biscuit after work. Star magazine caught my eye mostly due to the very cheap price and also the rather interesting looking bits and bobs on the cover.

              Star magazine at the moment costs only 65p and is available in newsagents and supermarkets up and down the land. Its 120 pages are packed to the brim with stories, news and exclusives from celeb land, some which are unputdownable (is that a word?!) and others frankly laughable but thats half the fun.

              Like most magazines there is an index at the front listing the contents which I surprising (I think) includes a TV guide, I didnt realise that when I first bought it and thought that to be a nice added bonus as I do like to know what is coming up over the next 7 days without having to fork out for the Radio or TV times which are frankly a bit dull and dry.

              The majority of the magazine is divided up into sections as follows:

              Breaking News - as the name entails small newslash style tit bits of the latest gossip.

              The Big Picture - More indepth stories including star interviews with the likes of Jordan and Beyonce etc...

              Celebs Exposed - the section that the celebs hate, the latest issue for instance pictures several female stars on their hols caught off guard not looking their best

              Star Fashion - The latest famous fashions including do's and do not's

              Star Bodies - hints and tips from the great and good regarding diet and exercise and the lengths they will go to to keep in shape.

              Plus - the rest including readers letters, book, music and film reviews, travel features and horoscopes.

              I love this magazine and I find it hilarious that my boyfriend does too, he's quick to grab it when I'm done for a good ole nose himself. For less than £1 you get a big dose of trashy celebrity gossip thats enough to satisfy the bitchiest of people out there.


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                15.01.2009 20:23
                Very helpful



                A celebrity filled magazine!

                I'm celebrity mad me! I love all the juicy gossip and finding out who's dating who , how much so-and-so earn a year and where the stars go holidaying. So of course , I need something to feed my obsession ; that is where star magazine comes into it.
                Star magazine is a British celebrity gossip magazine , printed on a weekly basis. Star covers all the latest gossip from the United Kingdom as well as news from the States ; all for a small price of 99p. There are two-magazines-in-one ; the main one which has all the British gossip and then a one inside called 'Hollywood Star' which keeps you up to date with all the gossip from the States. Star is available to buy from most supermarkets and newsagents and is also available in other countries such as ; Italy , Austria , Malta and Greece. Star magazine is very similar to other magazines such as Heat , Now and New.
                You can even keep topped up on celebrity gossip on the magazines website at : www.star-magazine.co.uk
                I see Star magazine as a 'cheap' version of HEAT magazine!

                The Star magazine which I am going to review is the 12th may 2008 issue (that magazine's 227th issue). The cover is very bright and colourful. The cover story is about Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole ; a picture of her looking quite fragile along with the words in yellow and white ; "Fears as Cheryl's weight plunges to 6st'. I would say that this story takes up at least half of the cover. To the left is a picture of Jennifer Anniston and a man who I don't recognise. About the picture are the words in a white font with a pink background 'Jen's hot fling with Cameron's hunky ex'.
                Above this is the magazine's titile ; Star in a large red font and white background. A photo of David Beckham takes over a chunk of the 'r' in the word 'Star' along with a blue arrow with the words 'Ewww! Becks grows a dodgy beard!' inside it. In the top right corner in a 'bubble' , it says '2 mags for only 99p' as well as the cover of the other magazine which is attached inside to the main magazine. And finally the last cover story is ; 'Jordan & Peter's secret holiday snaps , along with a couple of photos.
                I like the cover as it is very attractive and colourful. It also features the celebrities that I am huge fans of , like Cheryl Cole and Katie Price. So far , so good!
                I turn over the cover and am faced with an advert to my left about the mobile phone operator '3'. I cannot get '3' up in the hills where I live , so therefore I skip the advert as it doesn't apply to me. Over to my right is the magazine's 'list of features' of what is in this issue of Star , along with a couple of photos. There is also a 'We Can't Stop Talking About...' which is about one of the 'stories of the week' where the magazine gives their opinion. This issue the guys in the Star office can't stop talking about Jennifer Anniston's 'hot new fling'. I like Jennifer and I liked Friends , although to be honest , I'm sick of hearing about her love life.

                Over the page , I am greeted with a double page feature on one of my favourite celebrities ; Katie Price! The article includeds photos of Katie and Peter riding horses on holiday , as well as pictures of the couple with Junior. I found this article very interesting , as I am a massive fan of the couple! Over the page , the article continues with more pictures!
                To the right of me is an advert advertising the magazine's website. The advert includeds a few pages of what the website looks like as well as a short description. I visit the website on a regular basis , as it provides me with all the information I need from the 'world of celebrities' and also sometimes , I go on the website instead to top up on gossip rather than buy the magazine (surely the magazine lose a lot of money from putting all the gossip that's in the magazine on the website ?). It means I save 99p some weeks! One thing I find with the website is sometimes it does not load and I no matter how many times I try and click the refresh button it still won't load. Although when it is in working order , it is a really good site for celebrity fans!

                I flip over the page. The next article is on a double page. Cheryl is the 'star' of this story , all about her 'weight loss'. This article includes comments from a pal. I am a fan of Cheryl , but stories like this don't really appeal to me ; I just don't get the whole obsession with 'losing weight'!
                I'm not a fan of Sex And The City (I always thought it was called Sex In The City ...?) so the next article didn't appeal to me either! This story is about the show's stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall falling out! I thought the way this story was portrayed was quite childish , considering the actresses are in their 40's/50's ; it was as though they were children in a playground!

                The story over the page shocked me! It shows a photo of the actor Kris Marshall face down on a road after been knocked over! I like Kris , especially in the BT adverts , so when I read this I was quite worried! Luckily he was ok!
                Another advert to my right ; based on a new deodorant called 'Nivea Double Effect'. I was already buying this deodorant when I read this , but although I was already using it , it still informed me more about the product which was good. It also had a competition with it about spending an evening out in London! The competition looked good but because I am 17 and the competition was for over 18's only , it meant I couldn't enter!

                The next feature is called 'Heard The Latest ?'. This section includes seven different stories from the week! I enjoyed this as the stories were quite short instead of the really long double page ones you get sometimes , yet still bursting with juicy details! Celebs featured included Amy Winehouse expressing her opinion on the claims that she had cheated on her husband , Blake and how David Beckham made an appearance on Sesame Street. I enjoyed this very much!
                Over the page is a feature which tells about the latest celebrity romances by the words 'Loves Up' and at the bottom by the words 'breaking up' shows celebrity couples who have recently split up or heading for a split! I enjoyed this section as I like to know 'who's dating who' and who's splitting up! It's also nice to know that celebrities also get their hearts broken not just us 'normal' people!

                The next story is about WAG Melanie Slade who is dating Arsenal and England footballer Theo Walcot. I was surprised to see a story about her , as considering she is a WAG she keeps quite low profile , so it was nice to read about her rather than the usual WAGs such as Coleen Mcloughlin and Victoria Beckham.
                To my right is an advert about sun cream. It is a Boots advert. I already had my sun cream so this advert didn't really apply to me!

                The next article was about teen pop star / actess Miley Cyrus (also known as Hannah Montana). In this story Miley is apologising about her 'raunchy pics' as she is only fifteen. Although , I felt sorry for Miley , it is nice to see that some child stars do mess up like the rest of us rather than being 'perfect teens' as the media try to portray them!
                There is a column at the end of this page which tells us who the people behind Star magazine are. Each issue the 'office' are asked a question which all members of staff have to answer. The question this month is 'What was the last song you couldn't get out of your heard'. I found this 'question and answer thing' to be quite interesting , as well as funny as some of the staff give humorous answers. It also gives us a chance to 'get to know' the staff.
                I didn't enjoy the next double-page feature which is called 'Party Crash'. It tells us the gossip from the latest celebrity parties. I didn't like this because it just makes me jealous of all the parties the celebrities get to go to and being a party animal myself , I hate to see what I'm missing out on! I do like to read about the freebies the celebs received in their goodie bags though!

                On the next page is a thermometer with what's hot at the moment and what's not. At the top of the thermometer , there is always a male celebrity with his shirt off! 'Notches' on the thermometer include latest fashion items and new food out in the shops!
                Another advert to my right ; this time a Nesquik advert. It is obvious that this advert is aimed at parents , and because I don't have children , this advert doesn't apply to me.

                The next story is about Naomi Campbell playing basketball in an episode of Ugly Betty. I am not a fan of Naomi nor Ugly Betty so I did not like this story , so I turned over the page without reading it.
                I was disgusted by what I was greeted with on the next page; a naked picture of Trinny and Susannah! I didn't want to read the short story accompanying the large photo so I immediately turned over the page.

                To my right is an advert for babies. Once again , as I don't have children , this advert does not apply to me.
                Over the page is a photo of Eva Longoria kissing her husband and also a photo of Madonna's daughter Lourdes in her new glasses. I'm not a fan of these two celebrities so I turned over the page.

                I was shocked when I saw the photo of David Beckham with a beard over the page. His hair in this photo is blonde , is moustache is a light brown colour , whereas his beard is a very dark colour! He looks very odd in this picture! Definitely not like his usual good looking self! I did enjoy reading this article though!
                The next page is the letters page ; something I really enjoyed reading!

                The next article is called 'Celebs Exposed'. This section was very interesting as it showed photos of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie together when they were younger! I enjoyed this section very much! Over the page shows photos of celebs 'out and about' as well as a long list of where celebrities have been spotted this week. I didn't really enjoy this secion as the places featured where places I'd never heard of.
                Celeb Spy shows the latest 'silly photos' of the celebs , such as Big Brother's Brian falling over. These pictures give me a good giggle and made me realise that even celebs take bad photos which made me feel good!

                Saint or Sinner was something I enjoyed reading. Each issue , there is an interview with a celeb , this month it's Big Brother star Nikki Grahame , there are asked questions such as 'what was your last act of kindness' at at the end of the interview the magazine decides whether that star is a saint or a sinner! A good read!
                The next seven pages were based on fashion ; I'm not really into fashion , but I was still entertained by this feature. It was also good that the items featured were available at affordable prices!

                I've now arrived at the 'magazine' called 'Hollywood Star' which is the magazine inside the main magazine. Britney is on the cover of this , with the words 'Britney's new diet secrets'. I turn over the page. The double page has six photographs of six female celebrities in the same colour. This issue the colour is 'pink'. Celebs featured include Joss Stone and Catherine Zeta-Jones. There is also a comment from the magazine on each star's outfit. I enjoyed reading this as sometimes I think celebrities always look good , and then 'fashion' people tell them that it looks terrible! So that makes me feel good!
                Ashley Pearson provides us with all the latest Hollywood gossip! Something I love to read about! I think I prefer Hollywood gossip more than British gossip! This section is more straight to the point than the gossip sections of the main magazine.

                The next feature is called 'couples news'. Here you can find out all the latest news on celebrity couples such as Eva Longoria and her husband and Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend! I think it's sweet to see the celebs all loved up , yet I do get slightly jealous if they have hot boyfriends! Hehe!
                The next double page is all about Britney's new body telling us how she got her figure back as well as pitcures of her at the gym! It's nice to see Britney healthy again.

                The next few pages are all about fashion and beauty , something I didn't read all of , just bits. Features included how much a celebrity's item of clothing cost as well as how to get their 'make up' look. An interesting read , especially when you can afford some of the items the celebs are wearing.
                The next 'booklet' is about Star bodies. It shows four pictures of Micha Barton and how her weight has changed in the last two years. An interesting read , especially good to read that she's left her size 0 image behind and is now a healthy size 12.

                Rihanna takes up a double page telling us how she maintains her size 8 figure and how she works hard for it! It did inspire me to exercise more! This article also features a 'diet plan' and an 'exercise plan' of what Rihanna eats and does to keep looking so good! I never follow diets in magazines so this feature didn't really apply to me.
                On the next page is an interview with singer/actress Samantha Mumba. Here she tells us information such as what she eats in a typical day and what her top diet tip is. I enjoyed this interview very much. On the bottom of the page , it also tells you foods which are the same yet some have higher calories than others. For example it says here , swap fried chips for oven cooked sweet potato wedges! This is good as it tells you how to make your favourite fatty-foods healthier

                The next four pages consist of an interview with the new Gladiators' presenter Kirsty Gallagher. I'm a huge fan of the Gladiators and I think Kirsty is a great television personality , so I enjoyed reading this interview.
                The next feature is all about holidays! Although I enjoy reading the holiday features I never actually use the guide when I go on holiday! But this is good if your stuck for ideas on where to go and what to do. It's good that the holidays also feature destinations abroad and in the United Kingdom, although most of the time it's usually other countries that are featured.

                The rest of the magazine is dedicated to Music , Films and Book reviews. Something I find extremely useful. There is also a tv guide for the week ahead which I find helpful!
                I do enjoy reading Star magazine , although I found that this issue isn't as good as some of the other issues! It's great for celebrity gossip though , so I would consider it a must-have! It's cheap too at only 99p!

                Thanks For Reading - I really appreciate your ratings! :)
                January 15th 2009


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                12.12.2008 13:20
                Very helpful



                A cheap trashy magazine ideal for reading on a train

                I bought this magazine for the first time yesterday. I fancied something trashy and easy to read and priced at 99p and claiming to be the Hottest Celeb Weekly I thought I'd give it a go.

                I am not sure why I read these types of magazines to be honest. I am not overly interested in celebrities, I think its my vain attempt at keeping young.

                This magazine had the usual celebrities pictures on the front and bold cleverly edited headlines.

                This weeks magazine is 114 pages and at least 100 of those are just full of various paparazzi photos which to be honest you will have probably already seen flashed across your internet homepage or the pages of the Sun newspaper.

                There was a couple of interviews which were written quite well. Not award winning investigative interviewing but easy to read, somewhat informative and midly amusing.

                The magazine I would suspect is linked to Heat as the format is near enough identical. They have a spotted section like Heat, they have a letters page formatted the same and the final page again is amazingly similar to Heat.

                Also like Heat the latter part of the magazine is the next weeks TV listings so if you already buy a TV guide and you also like a bit of celebrity, albeit heavily Z list, then this is a good buy.

                As you would expect there are various pages of advertisments but they, unlike other magazines, are few and far between and easily ignored.

                My overall opinion of this magazine is if you want a trashy, non taxing celebrity magazine to flick through then this is ideal. If you prefer something with a bit more depth and a lot more words then move on.


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                26.11.2008 14:24
                Very helpful



                Celeb tabloid for gossip hungry people

                Star Magazine is a celebrity tabloid magazine that covers all the trivial events happening in the lives of your favourite pop stars and Z listers (think Big Brother, X Factor, everyone Darren Day ever slept with).

                There isn't much reading in the magazine and it mainly relies on lots of pictures of famous people with no pants on etc. One section of the magazine which does have a bit of reading is where they feature an interview with a 'famous' person/group. Sometimes that person can be quite interesting and accomplished, but generally you will find an interview with someone who didn't even win Big Brother. Having said that, it can be interesting to read if you watch those sorts of programmes to discover whether that person really is as stupid as they come across. You will find the latest X Factor loser will be featured in an interview somewhere near the front of the magazine, but that somewhere in the back depths there will be another interview from someone a bit more established, like someone in Doctor Who (don't ever expect Hollywood A-List interviews).

                Another section which I personally find entertaining is the 'Mouth Almighty' page where a list of random celebrity quotes is published usually in order to make them sound vain or stupid. I don't know why but these always tickle me.

                You will also find sections called:

                Readers letters
                Clocked - A boring list of who has been spotted doing what (eg. The editor spotted Simon Cowell picking his nose at the bus stop)
                60 Seconds with...... - A half page interview with a has been asking none of the questions you really want to be answered.
                Eye spy - Cruel picking out of celebrity flaws (eg. sweat patches)
                Star fashion - the latest trends
                Hollywood star - gossip from Hollywood
                Rated or slateed - Style 'experts' Herskey and Jess make judgements on what particular celebs have been wearing that week.
                Inside the wardrobe of....... - info on where to buy clothes that are similar to a star who you admire
                Star bodies - A breakdown of what to eat etc to get the body of that weeks star
                We're all heading for....... - an article about a trendy travel destination
                Reviews - film, music etc
                TV guide for the week
                Starscopes - Horoscopes
                AND an inevitable story about Posh and Becks

                Don't expect anything educational or moving in this magazine, it's a cheap crowd-pleasing gossip publication. To be honest, a lot of the stories are complete fabrications as well so I would take most of it with a pinch of salt. Look out for front page stories that say something like 'The true about Bob and his co-star's relationship' because when you get to the story it'll be a charming but dull piece about how Bob likes to spend time with his wife and kids, but that he thinks his co-star is a very lovely woman. It isn't rocket science, but it isn't really harmful either, so if you like a bit of easy gossip on your lunch break this is a fairly good magazine to go for and quite a bit cheaper than the competition.


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                  16.10.2008 04:14
                  Very helpful



                  ...don't bother

                  You might wonder why a guy in his mid 20s is reading a magazine like Star. Wonder you might. I don't really read these magazines, I flick. Sometimes whilst waiting for a train, I pop into the station's WHSmiths and...flick. If I'm lucky enough, I'll find one left on the train for me to...flick. Why flick? Well, quite frankly, this magazine is duller than Dully McDull the dull Doll. However, it does sometimes have pretty good photos. Admittedly they are paparazzi photos (booo, they're bad, I've been papped more than twice, it's not a nice experience, they blind you with flashes then you bump into things from blindness...don't ask) but still it can be remotely interesting to find out who the latest victims of these killer pappos are. Now, I'd like to make myself clear, I'm not interested for the sake of gossip, I'm interested just to see what is going on in the world of sensationalized media...a magazine like Star is great for this.

                  Star is a magazine full of celebrity gossip. If you like the sound of this, then you would probably like this magazine. I mentioned the photos and the pictures, that is for a very clever reason, the news and stories...hang on, I wouldn't go so far as to call it news...the bitchy writing in this magazine is about as useful as a British Rail conductor - therefore pointless. The writing is simple and bland. The news is worthless and cheap. The stories are shallow and unimpressive. If you find it hard to string a sentence together and need to look at a close up of Mischa Barton's (who the hell is she anyway) new zit, confirming in your mind that you are prettier, before you can grant yourself the courtesy to walk into a room without gasping that someone is actually wearing something from Primark, then this magazine is right up your street.

                  The magazine has different sections, like all good magazines. At a glance, they include Breaking News, The Big Picture and Celebrities Exposed. As well as fashion and beauty, there is also horoscopes and TV listings. Doesn't sound too horrendous so far, but on closer inspection, the only desire to just 'flick' through the pictures makes itself evident. Breaking News has contained a recent story about Annette Benning and her support of Republican VP Sarah Palin. What's this? Politics...in the same magazine that consumes itself with whether or not someone looks better on the red carpet in indigo or darker blue...Yes, politics! Hang on, well no, not really. You see the article tells us that Benning thinks we should respect Palin, even though Benning is self confessed Democrat. Interesting stuff, but that is all the article says. There's no mention of what Palin's main views are, or even what time and date the VP debate is on, so you can watch it if you so choose. I assume the writers think their readers would be too busy watching Hollyoaks, or paint dry, to concern themselves with whether or not Biden is going rip Palin apart, or if he is going to stand back and make herself look like a complete loser on her own. Ahhh, now do you understand why I just...flick.

                  Star Magazine is part of the Northern and Shell Media group, who also publish papers such as the Daily and Sunday Express, the Daily and Sunday Star, as well as OK! Magazine and New Magazine. This isn't surprising, when you consider that in order to make Star magazine, they sweep the editing floor of these 'fine' publications, filter out the relevant and interesting stuff (which they throw away), then mix what they have left with the remains of the makeup room's bin, add a few bright titles, then hey presto, they have Star Magazine. Alarmingly, N&R Media have reported a 50% rise in sales from last year (bringing their readership to 4 people, instead of 2...haha). It was launched in 2003 and circulation has grown to 250,000! Who is reading this stuff? Well, their main target audience is young women, who look for a more unconventional read, steering more towards celebrity gossip and salacious news. The magazine says about itself that "Star readers look for exclusive, unposed pictures that show celebrities enjoying life to the full in their own environment." Which is another way of saying, that their readers only want to see Paris Hilton with her knickers round her ankles, falling out the back of a limo, after a romp with some man, causing her makeup to smear, making her pooch look prettier than her. Or perhaps that their readers would prefer to read about Posh Spice's new diet trick, or newly failed boob job after Lindsay Lohan tried to rip them off in a brawl outside L.A's finest nightclub. Clearly, the need for global news or even a whiff of politics or anything news worthy is left in the bin...makes sense now.

                  If any of this appeals to you, you can buy it from any decent shop or newsagent (or Tesco), for 99p. Be careful though, if you keep reading this magazine, the price will go up. I prefer to grab a copy whilst waiting for the typically unreliable public transport to turn up, to save my penny short of a pound for more stimulating things, such as paying a decorator to let me watch his paint dry. Although with past headlines such as 'Stars Get Fatter', what can be more stimulating...let me think...

                  If you can bring yourself to it, have a look at their website: www.star-magazine.co.uk

                  Thanks for reading :)

                  © MarcoG 2008
                  (also on other sites)


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                    10.10.2008 19:33
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                    Another celebrity photo based magazine with a mixture of star quality

                    Although I'm not an avid follower of the modern celebrity circus that seems to pervade our lives evermore, I am interested in the phenomenon of modern celebrity culture. I confess that I do not intrinsically follow the comings and goings in the B- list, C-list and Z-list celebrity gossip columns, nor am I a regular buyer of celebrity gossip magazines, however, I did manage to get pick up a grubby copy of Star magazine in my local dentist and have also studied closely this weeks latest edition in my local Kwik Save. My interest in the celebrity industry was enhanced recently whilst completing a degree in social psychology. This has led to my keen interest in the rise of what might be described as an artificial celebrity culture and its association with consumerism and the moral fabric of society. I have incorporated many of my own discoveries and conclusions in this review, but have done my best to refrain from using academic language. Also, instead of being cynical, sarcastic and just slagging off Jordan and her mates, as I would normally do, I have ardently tried to restrain myself and come up with a more non-biased critical approach to Star magazine.

                    The Owners
                    Star magazine is owned and published by Northern & Shell, a media company that was founded in December 1974. They began with a single music magazine but soon expanded to publish many other magazines and newspapers. In 1983 they acquired the UK licence to publish Penthouse and a number of other adult titles, which were sold in 2004. But most recent success has come within the field of women's titles and celebrity publishing - the most famous being OK magazine launched in March 1993. In February 2003 another celebrity magazine called New! was launched. The company also owns Express Newspapers, The Daily and Sunday Star and has interests in TV.

                    The magazine
                    Star magazine is a British publication and costs a fairly reasonable 99p. The magazine uses the marketing gimmick of selling itself as 'two magazines for the price of one,' on account of the fact that there is an inner section devoted to the celebrities of Hollywood. Star magazine is a weekly publication first launched towards the end of 2003. According to the publishers, Star magazine differs from OK! and New! In that it is supposed to be more "provocative" and humorous. Personally I did not find this to be the case and if anything, Star magazine in terms of content seems rather light weight in comparison with other similar publications. The magazine focuses on celebrities relaxing and enjoying life in their own environments and is filled with photographs depicting celebrities and the lifestyles they lead. The magazine is divided into different sections with titles such as the Star interview (usually involving a minor celebrity), Breaking News, 'Celebs' Exposed (Celebrities in their less flattering moments), and an extensive section covering fashion and beauty - all pretty basic stuff. The most 'cerebral' section is the review section where the latest Films, DVDs, books and CDs are given short reviews. There is also the customary mindless horoscope section and a full TV listings section to fill up some extra pages. The target audience of Star seems to be aimed at young female fans of celebrity culture. In its first year of publication the magazine sold more than 100,000 copies. It's current circulation is around 250,000 per year.

                    General Content
                    The magazine is packed with photographs. I would say that at least 80% of page space is made up of photographic content. One interesting observation here is that most of the photographs are of women. There are quite a few celebrity male stars, but by far the majority of the images are of female celebrities. If truth be told, there are very few written articles in the magazine. In fact you could probably gain a lot of satisfaction from this magazine even if you were a celebrity fan who was completely illiterate. The literary style is simplistic to say the least, in fact at times it borders on the child-like. In many ways the content might be categorised as 'eye candy' due to its multitude of pictures of pretty people or plain looking people trying to look pretty. Advertising is scattered throughout the magazine and is surprisingly not too abundant. Given the target audience the adverts mostly consist of beauty treatments, deodorants and make-up. These are often accompanied by the ubiquitous mobile phone ads.

                    In a recent October issue there was an interesting leading article on skinny celebrities and this included a discussion about the physical attributes of Sarah Harding, Cheryl Cole, Keira Knightley, Hilary Swank and Kate Bosworth. The cover of the magazine was adorned with some rather startling pictures of these seemingly malnourished stars. The picture of a skeletal-like Cheryl Cole in particular was the most alarming. Keira Knightley also looked like she could have done with an emergency trip to the local pie shop. Here one does wonder though, especially with the picture of Ms Cole, whether some distortion of the camera lens has been used to exaggerate her skinniness. I found this leading feature rather ironic given the fact that within the magazine there appears to be so many articles in which female celebrities divulge how they are keeping trim or trying to lose weight.

                    Themes and Social Representations
                    Perhaps one aspect of this magazine that differentiates it from similar publications is how the content ranges across a broad spectrum of celebrity culture. It is interesting to note that there are pictures and articles that go right across the celebrity range from A list Hollywood stars to Z list Big brother evictees. So you get offered an insight into high end celebrity culture - 'Brad and Angela are having a tiff' - to the pond life of celebrity culture - 'Big Brother's Nicole might dump Rex for cheating on her'. Although there are plenty of images of glamour and luxury, there are also images of stars shown in a lesser light, caught off guard, with weight problems or skin problems, or for example, articles in which embarrassing secrets or private turmoil is revealed. In a recent issue there's a photo of a podgy looking Carol Vorderman - the thinking man's sex symbol. She has apparently been piling on the pounds due to stress, no doubt caused after she received news of her pay cut on Countdown or perhaps it was the stress of working with Des O Connor. Other major themes revolve around celebrity love life and the gossip surrounding new emerging relationships between celebrities. Another common theme is the celebrity feud. In the recent edition there was an article about contestants on the TV show "Strictly Come Dancing". Apparently there was a "catfight" on screen between Jessie Wallace (of Eastenders fame) and model Jodie Kidd in which the Eastenders star described the polo playing model as looking "like a horse". In general though, I would say there are very few shocking or controversial images in Star magazine such as B-Listers falling over drunk or Z-listers bending over and showing their bottoms. Despite the 'celebs exposed' section and one or two bad fashion shots, overall the publishers and editors seem to show a certain empathy towards their subject matter.

                    Modern celebrity culture.
                    It's easy to be cynical about modern celebrity culture. Fame has long ceased to be based on any notion of real talent or on actually achieving something substantial through ability, hard work or intelligence. A large segment of the public seem satisfied with what I would call the glorification of mediocrity. People no longer seek true virtues, outstanding achievements or accomplished skills in our 'stars'. This worship of the talent-less and all that is superficial is popularised ever further in publications like Star magazine. Shout loud enough, appear uneducated enough or date a footballer and you might make the front cover of Star magazine. Then when you reach the ripe old age of 25, you can get someone to write your autobiography of how you did it your way.

                    The Manufacture of Celebrity
                    One overriding theme in the magazine is the obsession with self-image and in particular the physical and sexual appearance of the individual in the context of a consumer culture that promotes such an obsession. Hence the adverts for clothing and perfume and the many photographs of well dressed stars. In so many similar contemporary magazines virtually all the social representations of gender are situated within or connected to aspects of consumer culture, whether it be the selling of perfume in advertisements or the promotion of films and books in interviews. This fits well with the theory of how a superficial celebrity status has been developed for the sole purpose if promoting consumer products in an ever expanding market place. This has led to the creation of a celebrity industry. There are plenty of perfumes, clothing, and other items being promoted in Star magazine, but one could argue that the celebrity is the main product being sold. The magazine therefore acts as a vehicle for perpetuating celebrity culture by promoting celebrities of all types. Minor celebrities such as Jane Goody, Peter Andre or Kerry Katona can now extend their shelf life by doing articles and photo shoots for magazines like Star. For a Big Brother contestant to make the cover of Star magazine is a major achievement... probably their only achievement. It is also in the interests of the publishers to expand the celebrity base. More celebrities means more stories, more photos and more gossip to fill the pages of such magazines.

                    The Target Audience
                    As mentioned above, the target audience of Star seems to be the younger - under thirty - female fans of celebrity culture (although I imagine older women buy it too and men glance through it if they find it lying around the house... or a dentists waiting room). One might argue that many of these young female readers see celebrities, their lifestyles and the world they inhabit as a kind of ideal to which many of them aspire. A magazine like Star is supposed to bring you closer to the secrets and inner lives of the famous, but in reality it is a rather superficial experience. It must also be acknowledged that the celebrity obsessed media, as in many forms of marketing, also conditions its audience and helps to create the demand. The young women who buy Star magazine are in many ways products of the celebrity age.

                    Of course many will say lighten up... it's only a bit of fun. But I think the obsession with celebrity culture says a lot about social and cultural emptiness of our real lives. Magazines like Star can also be seen as extensions of tabloid journalism that ignore or push aside important issues and ideas for more trivial matter, and it really does get trivial at times. I am indebted to Star magazine for the following information: that giant of British literature Katie Price aka Jordan now only weighs 8 stone; Victoria "Posh" Beckham has a new running regime in which she claims she now runs nearly 30 miles a week and... thank god those rumours about Brad and Angelina were not true - they're not splitting up after all. Even when the 'truly talented stars' get a look in, their talent is often ignored with the focus always on something trivial. If Daniel Craig makes an appearance you know you're never going to read anything about his acting talent or the demanding role he's about to play in his next film. Instead you'll see a picture of him in those tight blue trunks next to a commentary in which he vows never to wear them again. At times it seems that trivia is drowning out all other information. A superficial celebrity culture of the talentless and the infamous now dominates our media. Star magazine is yet one more publication that feeds upon and propagates this celebrity circus of the banal that affects how people view themselves and degrades their aspirations. When will the conveyor belt of celebrity end? Surely we've reached the celebrity saturation point. Where once we sought inspiration from mythical heroines we now aspire to be like Paris Hilton, or at least have the same hair extensions.


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                      06.10.2008 11:24
                      Very helpful



                      A Celebrity gossip magazine

                      Like all girls I love my celebrity gossip magazines and spend an absolute fortune buying them. I like everything from Hello and Ok to Heat, Closer and Star. Why do I buy them? Well the lives of celebrities' interests me and I love to read the ins and outs of who is up to what with whom and so on. They are also very easy to read and keep me occupied on my journey too and from work, in the bath or during my lunch break when I just want to leave the real world behind and disappear into a world of fairytales and fantasies. I am not that big a fan of reading books and novels, they just don't interest me, so whilst other people are happy to spend a few pound on a book, I prefer to spend the same amount on some magazines.

                      Star magazine can best be described as a weekly celeb filled magazine which costs £1 and is available in most supermarkets and newspaper shops. It consists of around 120 pages which are full to the brim with tit for tat stories on everyone from the very exclusive 'A' list right down to the not so exclusive 'Z' list complete with shenanigans and tales of woe and is very similar to Heat magazine except for the difference in price.

                      The one thing I like about Star Magazine is the way in which it is written and that is of a trashy nature, unintelligent language, lots of pictures and very similar in style to your below average tabloid newspaper such as The Daily Star of whom this magazine has the same publisher.

                      This week I was treated to two magazines for 99p and for that money I got eye catching headlines such as "Posh - I run 20 miles a week" and "Angelina and Brad in crisis talks" well for anyone who loves celebs as much as I do, I quickly handed my money over to the cashier and headed out of the shop to the bus stop ready to get my latest celeb fix. As with most magazines inside the front cover is the general index of what you are likely to find within the magazine. Within Star magazine there are eight different categories:

                      Breaking News - This section covers mostly the topics and headlines found on the front of the magazine with a few more stories added in for example this time an extra story features Rachel Stevens, formerly of S Club 7 and how she has dropped from a dress size 10 to a tiny super skinny size 6.

                      The Big Picture - Again more celeb filled stories which Star don't feel warrant front page headlines but are still big stories which sell the magazine and this week we can read about Cruz Beckham banging his head complete with accompanying pictures. Justin Timberlake and girlfriend Jessica Biel being caught in a steamy snog and the very gorgeous Brad Pitt dressed from head to toe in yellow clothing looking like a banana (yet incredibly yummy).

                      Celebs exposed - This section of the magazine is somewhere celebrities would be embarrassed to find themselves featured. Similar to Heat, Star drags out some dodgy looking pictures to 'expose' stars. This week sees Lisa Snowden and her 14 year old modelling poses, Celebs seen out with boobs hanging out, knickers and worse on show and those dressed in the oddest of clothes.

                      Star Fashion - This is my favourite part of the magazine I have to admit where I get 13 pages of Fashion and Beauty with tips telling me where I can buy the clothes that are featured at high street prices and as someone who loves fashion and beauty I am almost always tempted to buy everything I see. So here you will see everything from 'This weeks must have items' which can be anything from shoes and bags to coats and hats and usually there is a picture of a Celebrity wearing one of those items.
                      Hollywood Star - This is the second magazine which is free inside Star and it mainly features all the top stories from the US and the celebrity culture over there. Over 13 pages you are likely to read stories about Katie Holmes and Posh and why they have really fallen out and which couples are dating and which ones have split up as well as rated or slated which will show some A listers looking fantastic in the most beautiful clothes imaginable and some who quite frankly should be ashamed of themselves and are seen in something resembling a potato sack which the likes of you and me still could not afford to buy.

                      Star bodies - Within this section we are informed usually about the latest Celeb Diet with hints and tips about how to get a body like someone, this week to happens to be the TV Presenter Donna Air and her tips on how to stay slim. There are also pictures past and present of Celebs who recently gave birth and now have the audacity to fit back into their size 8 attire.
                      Star TV - Here you will find the TV listings section for the week ahead, TV previews with information and storylines from the soaps and an interview with TV Presenter Gethin Jones this week.

                      Plus - This part of the magazine features articles which are slightly more serious such as a write up about Crete and why we should all go there on holiday, the letters pages in which the letter of the week (or email) will win some Tigi products, Film, DVD, Book and Music reviews all of which are rated out of 5 stars by Star magazine and finally Starscopes which to you and I are the horoscopes and there is always a featured celebrity whom this week happens to be Simon Cowell who is 49 this year.
                      Like all magazines this one is filled to the brim with advertisements from many leading companies such as Muller Yoghurts, Tesco, Ford, O2 and Asda to name a few buy I have never found there to be lots of junk mail leaflets slotted inside which fall out as soon as you open the pages which is in my view brilliant because I hate having to constantly pick these things up from the floor in my attempts not to litter the place.

                      For anyone who hasn't read Star magazine before and are still unsure as to whether or not to purchase it can look on the Star website which is www.star-magazine.co.uk and looks wise the website is very similar to that of the magazine and at the top right hand side of the screen you should be able to view this weeks front cover and by clicking on it you will be given an insight as to what is featured within the magazine itself.

                      I know these magazines are not the choice of many, but I happen to really enjoy reading them, it is the cheap escapism for me combined with information and celebrity gossip from eye catching headlines which encourage me to spend 99p of my own money. As a previous avid reader of Heat, I do admit I prefer Star magazine, it is much trashier, easier to read and holds no information back to leave you guessing between stories. An easy, fun read and for me I love it!


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                        03.10.2008 00:31



                        Overall I wouldn't recommend you buy this magazine as theres better ones out there.

                        I agree with the low star rating that everyone has given this magazine. My husband brought this magazine for me yesterday as there wasn't a reveal magazine in the shop which I normally buy alongside closer. I was very disappointed in this magazine it is just so boring. I no it is dedicated to the celebrities but there's not actually much information about the celebrities in there, loads of pages are made up of adverts or just fashion tips that aren't even that good. All the information you get in this magazine you could get in another magazine but with better interviews and more interesting stuff. The do have a extra section in the magazine for the Hollywood stars but even that didn't interest me as I had already read about all of it in closer magazine. I must admit when big brother was on I did get this magazine as it was the main magazine that had the most information in about the contestants and had there interviews in, but after getting it yesterday I won't be buying it again what a waste of money.


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                        02.10.2008 19:19
                        Very helpful




                        I'd hate to admit that I like celebrities, but I think because I'm a girl, there is a part of me that is interested. The first magazine I ever bought was called Heat, I chose this purely because they showed pictures or sweaty celebrities, or ones with spots and gum on their shoes, nothing important at all, but my kind of photo!
                        I then became a regular buyer of this particular magazine, until I came to the conclusion that the people writing it were bitches, they were rude, rude to people writing in, and rude about celebs. That is the trouble with these magazines, it's now very popular to bitch about celebrities, and point out their flaws, I think this is down to jealousy really, us jealous readers, and the jealous magazine editors!

                        I'd never read this magazine before, I always thought it looked like a cheap copy of Heat magazine, if you look at their covers next to each other you'll see what I mean. The writing of 'star' is identical to the font they use for 'Heat', I'm sure Heat has advertised star before, so maybe Star is a baby Heat, if you know what I mean.
                        I always thought, if the cover looks so much similar to a bigger more expensive magazine, it's obvious the whole content is going to be very similar, just, cheaper.

                        What is it?

                        Star is a magazine purely about celebrities, you'll find no important news here! If you like photos of celebrities you'll like this. They show of a load of photos of celebrities with nice clothes on, horrible clothes on, spots on their face or sweat patches under their arms. All the things you'd love to know about current celebrities.
                        They focus on fashion, and make up, just like most of the other celebrity magazines. Star is mainly aimed at girls, but I've found lots of my male friends would skim through all my girly mags and take longer than I would do!

                        My Star magazine

                        I think the easiest way to review this magazine, or any magazine, is to review what I see as I see it, so I'll try to explain what is in the magazine as I skim through it. (I've already read this once now, can't do it again, the last time took me three days to finish it!)
                        We're all talking about...

                        In this particular one I've bought, the first page you turn to shows you a what ''we're all talking about'' section. Most magazines like this tend to do this as a way of starting of their magazine with the hottest news and this example is about Lindsay Lohan's current girlfriend. This is very similar to Heat magazine's style.

                        On the cover

                        It lists what you can find in the book so it is generally quite easy to find a section you want to read, but usually if you're going to buy a magazine like this then you'll skim through the whole thing anyway.
                        I do think this magazine looks quite eye catching, it looks so much like Heat magazine and that was the only one I ever wanted to read. It has a white background with photos of the celebrities inside, and clippings from stories that are inside to make you want to read it.
                        Usually the main headlines go along the lines of 'Celebs are skinny again' or 'Celebs get fat!!'
                        Winners and losers

                        I turn the page to see a group of photographs of celebrities like Heidi Klum and Jennifer Love Hewitt, this double page is commenting on their clothing, with a big thumbs up or down to say whether they look good or not, again this is a very common thing for a celebrity magazine. They leave a little caption explaining why the thumb is up or down, and one good thing is where Heat magazine gets a bit too bitchy, this one seems a bit more friendly, so far.. Oh and this goes on to the next page too ( I have to point out I have already has to turn past a few advert pages too which annoys me, I never look at them).

                        Breaking news

                        This is where the most important celebrity news goes, in this case its 'Brad and Angeline in new crisis talks' and you read about their failing relationship to such detail you're not sure whether it's the truth or lies, but it's still fun to read, it's the girl gene in me that loves it.
                        I'm not sure I'd ever call celebrity gossip as breaking news, but it does make you want to read this section!

                        Oooh and the next page breaking news exclusion Rachel Stevens has lot a stone on strictly come dancing! I saw her in London once, she is a lot shorter than you think, and moody.

                        More adverts

                        I always think these are wastes of pages, I never get tempted by these phone adverts or make up adverts, but I guess the magazines need to get a bit of extra money, but you just can't get away from adverts these days...

                        Breaking news appears to continue on the next page and does a double spread on the latest celebrity enemies, this time it's someone calling someone else a horse face basically, all very entertaining to me!

                        The latest 7 stories you need to know this week!

                        This week the type of stories they have used are:
                        1 Carol Vorderman has put on ten pounds - because of stress', with before and after photos.
                        2 Jordan weighs herself on live TV to prove she isn't underweight, she is actually a whopping 8st, so still lighter than me, a normal 20 year old... anyway....
                        3 Jamie Oliver's wife is pregnant, wooo
                        4 Jade Goody returns home after hospital visit
                        5 The guy who plays Ali G has apparently caused an uproar by jumping on a catwalk during Milan Fashion Week
                        6 Dermot O'Leary swore!!!!
                        7 Javine is arrested ( I won't say why, just to make you wonder....)

                        Who is dating who?

                        This lists which couples are together, or have broken up, or might be together, again this is very typical of any other magazine like this I have read, there isn't much to really say about celebrities so you got to except most mags will be similar.

                        More breaking news

                        This is a story on Victoria Beckham this week, say how she now runs four miles every day, not that she needs to lose any weight at all, she makes me feel like an elephant. A funny bit is Her new daily high-intensity workouts means she even allows herself the odd slice of bread and the star claims she's happier for it. I don't know who's stupider (is that a word?), her, or me for buying this story!


                        It now lists who makes the magazine and what they do, on this section they ask all the editors and assistants a question and they all answer it, they do this in Heat magazine too, surely these magazines come from the same people as this is blatant copying now, I'd be annoyed if I made Heat magazine!

                        After more breaking news, we come to Scary skinny celebs are back

                        Here we have a double page of photo graphs of women with strange large lollipop heads and tight trousers, all looking rather miserable really.

                        The Party Crasher

                        This shows photos and says who is at what party, who is smooshing who.... This section is a little bit boring to me really.

                        What's hot, what's not?

                        This lists what is hot topic this week, here it is about cringeworthy auditions on The X Factor, and the Not hot topic is about how terrible corsages are now........I love how unimportant all these things are but these magazines make it seems like you can't live another week without knowing.

                        Big Picture

                        These are big photos that cover two pages somtimes, this time it shows Victoria Beckham putting a plaster on her son's head.... Or Cheryl Cole still wearing rollers in her hair...

                        This goes on for a few more pages, and a few adverts later I come to the Letters page.

                        This is where readers write in or text in about anything they like celeb related really, one thing i've noticed is the editor isn't replying to their comments, which is good in a way. In Heat magazine I noticed sometimes they were a bit rude to their readers which seemed a bit strange to me. For example, someone wrote in complaining that they swore too much in the magazine, and they replied to that comment with swear words..
                        The Letter of the week wins a prize, this week it's beauty products worth £60.

                        Celebs EXPOSED

                        The part of the magazine that is most suited to what I enjoy, here we have runaway boobs, wobbly knees and scabby feet, love it! The pictures are large and unflattering, with big yellow circles pointing out all the flaws with the particular photo. Another page in this section lists where celebrities have been spotted, with some photos to prove it. There is a bit where you can send in a photo of a celeb you have taken yourself the best photo gets a prize, and this week it's a phone.

                        Bad clothes

                        Here we have more photos of celebrities wearing horrible clothing with small captions saying what the magazine thinks.

                        More adverts and now we're onto Star Fashion + Beauty - Your weekly 13 page guide to shopping and style

                        The above sentence is pretty self explanatory really, here we have a large selection on what celebrities are wearing, where you can get similar products. The best shoes at the moment, and what dresses work best for the season. I never used to look at these parts, but now I've succumbed to being a girl, I can't help but look at the pretty shoes.

                        It's confusing, this 13 page guide only lasted for about 3 pages, and now i'm onto Hollywoods hottest gossip.
                        This double spread tells you all the little bits of information about who is dating who and who's not talking to who (I'm sure they already covered this earlier in the magazine).

                        After a few pages of photos of celebrities and boring info about them we get to more big photos with a slightly different theme, celebrities with their babies now, and then onto couples. I'm sure this magazine is repeating itself..


                        There are two pages with coupons for particular newspapers you can cut off which I think it definitely good, if you read the daily star... which I definitely don't.

                        Rated or Slated

                        This section again shows celebrities wearing dressy outfits and has two of 'Star's style experts' giving their verdicts on this weeks outfits. This is why it took me three days to read this magazine, it's very repetitive, and just boring really.

                        Seen it? Buy it!

                        Here is where you write in saying which top you have seen on which celebrity and where can I buy it? The magazine generally gives a cheaper alternative that doesn't really look 100% like what the reader was asking for.....

                        Inside the wardrobe of....

                        Here they pick a celebrity and show you things that they wear, how much they cost and where you could get it.

                        Trend spotter

                        This lists what is in fashion at the moment, this week it is Headbands, they are showing four different celebrities wearing completely different headbands, and apparently that makes it the hottest item of the week! (I'm getting a bit stressed and sarcastic now having to go through this magazine so slowly...)

                        A few pages of make up, and 'spa of the week', we come to New mum's diet tricks

                        This is where you read about celeb mums losing a ridiculous amount of baby weight so quickly that you probably feel fat and pathetic reading it if you're struggling to lose weight. I think it's terrible reading about celebs losing weight, their lifestyles are usually so different to ours that they pay trainers to help them, pay for people to monitor their food, whereas we can't really always do that, so we feel lazy compared.
                        For example Isla Fisher losing three stone in four months, why are they putting that into a magazine? It's not healthy.

                        The star interview

                        This week it is with Lorraine Kelly, I have to admit I didn't read this, you'll only like this if you like who they are interviewing, as this goes on for three pages, and three pages of Lorraine Kelly doesn't interest me.

                        We're all heading for...

                        A double page spread on this weeks favourite place to visit, they give information about the place and which celebrities you'll find there, how to get there... where to eat... where to stay, basically lots of info to fill the pages up.

                        Reviews - films

                        I think the rest of the magazine is all about television, it starts with a small review on a film, and the rating they give the film, whether they recommend it or not. This is a section I sometimes skim through in magazines, you can imagine what it's like, it's kind of like the Radio Times actually.
                        Its listing films that are in the cinema at the moment with the magazine's ratings out of five stars.
                        There are reviews on current DVDs, again with ratings.
                        Reviews on Books, presumably celebrity themed.

                        Reviews - music

                        Here we read reviews on current albums that are out, this week one of the singers are Will Young, and a few others, then they review singles again with their 5 star rating system.
                        There is a small interview here with a singer too.

                        Oh dear Starscopes

                        Here we have horoscopes, but listing which celebrities are on each months starsign. I've never been interested in horoscopes, I think it's all rubbish really, and no matter what you read you will some how relate it to your own life. It's even worse when it's mixed with celebrities!

                        Star TV

                        Now we're onto the tv listings which usually means we are near to the end of the magazine, we have a few celebrity presenter interviews here. It says what's happening in the soaps, and again rates the episodes. A short section on This weeks best radio and we're nearly done!

                        Mouth almighty

                        Here they list what celebrities have been heard saying, and the editor leaves sarcastic comments on what they have said.

                        The end of the magazine

                        Woooo I have to say this was the slowest review I've had to do, these magazines are absolutely fine if you enjoy celebrity 'news', stories about what glamorous lives they lead, and what fashion is doing at the moment.
                        Buying this magazine purely to review it has made me remember why I stopped reading these types of magazines in the first place. They are very repetitive after a while, and you realise how much money you are wasting reading the same thing over and over again. The news they portray is not as important as they try to make out, and it always annoyed me how bitchy the magazines tended to be.

                        Their website

                        Their website is www.star-magazine.co.uk, the website looks pretty much like this magazine, but the first thing that happened was an annoying pop up advert appearing on the screen, so after doing this tedious review, I can't be bothered with that, so have a look for yourself if you want to..

                        Conclusion on Star

                        This is the first time I have read this, and I probably never would have had it not been for ciao, my first impression was that it was just like any other magazine I had read like this, but because this isn't the first ever magazine of this type I had read, I couldn't help but feel it's just a cheap imitation of all the others.

                        Price it's 99p, Heat magazine is considerably more expensive than this, and pretty much the same, just more of it. So price wise, go for Star.

                        These magazines get quite boring, and to be honest I didn't know how else to review it without just listing what was in it like I did, so this is probably a very dull review.

                        A dull review for a dull magazine I'm afraid.
                        I would re-read my review before I post it, but I don't think I can..


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