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Star Trek Collector's Edition Magazine Series

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    1 Review
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      21.07.2008 23:02
      Very helpful



      Full of information useful to trekkies

      As many of you may know and from reading some of my earlier reviews, my husband is an avid Star Trek fan. Not me, although I will now have to shamefully admit that I do know quite a fair bit about the 5 different series (6 if you include the animated series as well) and can tell people about some of the subtle differences sometimes.

      But then again, that's what comes of living with a Trekkie - all of the useless knowledge and trivia rubs off on me! I can be a blooming good asset at pub quiz nights, especially when star trek gets mentioned!

      This magazine seemed to be the perfect way to keep him indoors happy and quiet (at least for a little while!). We saw the first magazine in the series in our local NAAFI (haven't seen another one since funnily enough!) and my hubby just had to get it! If you can imagine a 3 year old jumping up and down and almost having a temper tantrum - well hubby was almost on a par with that, he wanted this so much.

      Published by GE Fabri (the same people responsible for the Stargate series of this kind and for Charmed as well!), the first magazine was sold for the princely sum of only £2.99, with all subsequent issues priced at £7.99. Not too bad for a DVD and a magazine? We shall see....

      In total there are 70 magazines as well as the DVD's that accompany the series. The DVD's have been separately reviewed. There were some freebies with the set. Hubby got a free t-shirt, baseball cap, watch and folder, and has paid for another 3 folders at a price of £4.20 each.

      The total price for the 70 magazines, 70 DVDs and all of the folders came in at £566.90. Yes it is a bit pricey, when you consider that you can get the same DVD's for about half this price on amazon.

      Well, as you can all guess, hubby has made me sit and watch every single DVD that arrived and also proceeded to bore me into submission with little snippets of mindless information from the magazines. I feel like I know all the characters from the DVDs and quite a lot about all the various ships and features.

      The magazines are full of information that your run of the mill trekkie would find. There are character biographies, timelines, storylines for the episodes, technical information about the ships and features. Not to mention all the info about the alien species that are encountered and loads of other snippets of information.

      I mean did you know that Guinan (played by Whoopi Goldberg in the series and also in Star Trek Generations) is a member of the El-Aurian race and she is also the bartender in Ten Forward, the bar of the Enterprise D! See I told you I was full of all the useless information!

      I think I'm turning into a trekkie ... HELP!!!

      Personally I feel that the price is a bit steep but my husband would beg to differ. He feels that the price is just right, considering it is a magazine and a DVD. I felt that the price of the collection of DVDs was high - simply because you can get the collections on Amazon for a heck of a lot less, but again this is without the magazines. And hubby quite categorically stated to me that the magazines are a great source of information on all things trekkie!!

      Thankfully if you shop around, you can get the magazine on its own, without the DVD for the princely sum of around £3.50 a copy.

      One thing I have noticed is that all of the information available in the magazines has previously been published in Star Trek Fact Files, so if you already own the fact files, then the magazines are surplus to requirements!

      My advice would really be to just buy the DVD sets because they work out far cheaper than this package. However, if you are interested in Star Trek, then the magazines would be of interest to you as well. But then again, I would buy the DVD sets separately from the magazines as it would probably work out a heck of a lot cheaper in the long run.

      I'm going to give this magazine series a 4 star recommendation. Simply because I'm not a trekkie, the content of the magazines is really lost on me. Hubby feels differently though and he feels that £3.50 per fortnight would represent money well spent to the trekkie.

      However, if you are a trekkie and you already own the fact file series, then this would be a waste of money as the majority of the information in this magazine series is exactly the same as that in the fact file magazines.

      However, I am just reporting hubby's opinion - he is the Star Trek expert in my family after all. He is adamant that it is good value for money and that it is full of useful information.

      So thank you for reading and enduring yet another Star Trek review from me! Di x


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