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Take A Break Magazine

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Publisher: H. Bauer Publishing / Title: Take A Break

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    1 Review
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      17.07.2012 23:43
      Very helpful



      A great read!

      I am a huge celebrity fan and am always stocking up on the latest magazines to keep me entertain. I tend to stick to my usuals; Cosmopolitan, Glamour, More, New and Star. Although occasionally I do tend to go in a different direction and buy 'real life' ones. I recently bought Take A Break magazine.

      Take A Break Magazine is a British magazine for women. It costs 84p which I think is great value as it means that every can afford a copy.

      I like how the magazine provides great easy reading as it means that it is a great magazine to read whilst chilling out with a cup of tea. The language is simple and there isn't anything too complicated or too 'in depth' which is great; this however, usually means that I fly through the magazine, meaning that this is the kind of magazine which is good for when you are waiting or on a train journey etc. as it doesn't require much thinking.

      I like how readers play a huge part in this magazine; whether they are submitting their real life stories, tips, photos, letters etc. I like reading about 'real life' people. It certainly makes a change from reading about celebrities (even though I love that too!) and I also find real people to be much more inspiring than celebrities.

      If you like puzzles then you will be pleased to know that there are puzzles in here and with great prizes too (a brand new car etc). There are also other kinds of competition. For example, in this particular issue you can win; a digital camera, a food hamper and a set of fitness DVDs.

      There are some recipes in this magazine (usually around ¾ per issue). I didn't try these out however as, as the recipies in this issue were 'meaty' ones (Roasted Lamb with Orzo or Herby Lamb Chops), as I am a vegetarian, I felt 'left out'.
      There is some fashion featured in this magazine (a double page). I like how they feature affordable items (like under £20) as it means that everyone can afford them. I also like how they use 'curvy' models as opposed to skinny models like other magazines. Also the fashion items featured are from places that I have actually heard of and not shops that are 200 miles away or ones I have never heard of.

      There are some adverts in this magazine although its not over the top at all. Typical adverts you will find in this magazine include everyday products such as washing powder; things readers are actually interested in as opposed to the 'designer perfume' adverts you get in other women's magazines.

      To be honest, this magazine isn't that different to other 'real life magazines'. It includes all the usuals; real life stories, readers tips, beauty, health, fashion, horoscopes etc. So there is quite a wide variety of features here; so something to suit everyone.

      If you like real life magazines, then I would definitely recommend this magazine!

      Thanks for reading!
      July 2012
      Xdonzx /xd-o-n-z-x


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