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2 Reviews

Fashion and Flare for teens!

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    2 Reviews
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      08.02.2009 16:18
      Very helpful
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      A brilliant fashion magazine.

      Teen Vogue is a US magazine that is quite self explanatory - VOGUE magazine for teens. The magazine has various celeb features and has similar features each month on fashion, celebrities, beauty, music and much more.

      Some magazines can be too large and thick so you can't take them anywhere other than your house, and only a few magazines, like Elle, do smaller versions of the big mag. This magazine is a great size - around 17cmx23.5cm or A5 - which is perfect for fitting in your handbag or school bag and light enough so that you can take it anywhere.

      Teen Vogue can be bought in the UK but the prices in the magazine are in dollars - although, many of the shops have UK equivalents or shipping to the UK. Depending of the thickness of the issue, teen vogue ranges from £2 to £3.50 in selected newsagents; WHSmiths is one of the nationwide retailers. Subscriptions can be bought from the website - currently the offer is $35 (just over £23) for 10 issues to the UK, $25 for Canada, or only $10 within the US. When you subscribe you receive a free gift (or two) - at the moment you can get a beach bag and a poster.

      An issue is released roughly every 4 or 5 weeks, which is basically 10 issues per annum. Some newsagents, such as the one at the top of my street, get the issue around 3 or 4 days later than WHSmiths, but are reliable and always have it in stock.

      The cover normally is based on three bold colours, such as bright pink, yellow and blue, and then some text in black and white. It usually features a celebrity teen or young woman, in most cases they are female. They range from singers to sportstars, actresses to models. In the last issue Leighton Meester (Blair from Gossip Girl) graced the cover and had a 4 page photoshoot and interview.

      I have based these sections on the categories in the contents pages. The articles in Teen Vogue manage to be relevant, interesting and not patronising, which is rare for a magazine aimed at teens.

      There are usually one or two fashion shoots, done by teen models and based on current catwalk fashion but more aimed at teens and cheaper prices. Every season (Spring, Summer, Autumn/Fall and Winter) there is an A to Z on that season's fashion, which is always really good. There are articles on Top 10s/25s etc. and new brands and outfits to look out for.

      -Beauty and Health
      There are many different Beauty and Health features on a range of topics appealing to teens, showing new products and different beauty techniques. There are often beauty features on finding affordable clothes, especially at the moment! There can be articles on acne, weight, eating disorders, depression and many things teen girls are unsure about.

      There are horoscopes, music, tv and film features, stockist lists, letters pages, competitions, a 'People Are Talking About' section which is explained in the title and a 'shopping spree' spread which is relevant to current events, such as Valentines Day (so pink, basically) in the last issue. There is also a regular DIY section showing you how to turn, for example, a navy sweatshirt into a 'Lacoste polo shirt' style pencil skirt. These are always really interesting and good for teenagers as they help you save money but gain a unique outfit.

      Breaking up the articles are adverts which are aimed at teens and young adults, ranging from a Louis Vuitton advert to Got Milk advert! In larger issues there can be too many adverts but they are usually good for cutting up and making collages, which is good for me doing Art.

      Overall, Teen Vogue is a fantastic and relevant magazine to many different teens. I would strongly recommend it - it is good value, informative and has great features and is interesting from the first to the last page.


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        08.09.2008 18:19
        Very helpful



        Fabulous well worth a read

        Teen vogue is what it pretty much says on the cover- vogue but aimed at teenagers instead. this means that you get all the fashion tips, makeup ideas and articles in a similar style and class to vogue but aimed at a younger age range. i have been reading the magazine for two years now and love it. it is pretty good value- around £2.50 from most newsagents (i would recommend whsmith as not a huge number stock it) however i have a annual subsrciption which gave me 10 issues for $20 which is $2 an issue so approximately £1! The magazine is american so most of the clothes and prices etc shown are from american stockist which can be a bit annoying but you can usually find equivalents in english stores!

        The layout
        The layout of the magazine makes it fun and easy to read. every month the cover model is either a model, actress, singer or sports person that the main article features. the girls (usually girls oppossed to women used in adult vogue) have been chosen for their role model ideals or for a good cause they are promoting. as can be expectd with a magazine there are many adverts throughout but being teen vogue they are for things that would most likely appeal to that audience.

        Every month, alongside the feature article on the cover star, there are several regular features including- editor's letter, review of previous articles, a people watching page, a music blog, a true life story, 10 most wanted health and beuty items and a check list of the 20-25 most wanted items of clothing for that month. on top of that at the begining of each seasons there is an a-z of the items to watch. the articles are always fairly balanced and written to the teenage audience (without being patronising as many magazines easily do). there is always a good mix of fashion, health and beauty and music and film so there is a section for everyone. the articles often focus on issues that have been recently in the news or that might affect the reader at that time of the year e.g exam stress

        the selection of clothes featured within the magazine is always fantastic. they take key cat walk images and find near indentical pieces and create outfits aimed at you. however i do wonder sometimes where you would wear some of them but i think that is pretty much the same for all fashion magazines. the photo shoots are fun and quirky making the fashion pages really interesting however they do seem to feature very similar poses every month.

        Teen Vogue is a brilliant magazine and i would thoroughly recommend it particuarly if you find some of the articles in vogue or elle not relevant. i do hope they bring out an english version though.

        thank you and enjoy


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