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The Guernsey Press and Star

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Publisher: Guernsey Press Co.

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    1 Review
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      23.04.2013 21:35
      Very helpful



      great newspaper

      Every day 15,000 copies of the Guernsey Press and Star are printed with over eighty percent of the islands population reading the newspaper daily. It is known locally as just 'the press' as the rest is a bit of a mouthful. The press is sold mainly on Guernsey but can also be bought in the other islands which are part of the Bailiwick of Guernsey, which includes Alderney, Sark and Herm.

      The press costs around 50p and usually has around 40 pages. Sometimes they barely manage 25 pages but that is usually on Bank Holidays.

      The press can be delivered to homes across the island which is helpful as it means if you've been at work all day you don't have to buy it on the way home. Unfortunately, if you have a slow and very inconsistent paper lady like ours it could be there at 7 in the morning or you could still be waiting at 5 at night. This is really annoying when you know something is in the press you want to read and it hasn't arrived. This is nothing to do with the Guernsey Press though.

      On the front page is always a main story from the islands and a small article. Usually the article is continued on page 3 or 4 which is good as it means they can have a bigger picture. Along the bottom of the page is always an advert from a local company and across the top shows what is inside the paper. If there is a competition in the press it will always show it on the top.

      On the back page is the sports pages. This is handy for men as they can read the sports quickly without having to search the paper. Personally I stop reading the paper after the job section which comes right before the sports. Most of the sports are local results and rarely national.

      Just inside the paper is an index and a few weather icons for that day and the following. This is good for quick access and there is a detailed weather forecast further in the press.

      The first five to ten pages of the press are news from around the island. They are presented clearly and easily to read. Most of them have pictures which I like to look at, if the picture doesn't catch my attention I don't always read the article.

      Around pages ten are a family announcements page. This includes mentions of births, deaths, weddings, funerals and missing pets. Sometimes if the page is not full it will include people who have been fined. At special occasions like Mothers / Fathers Day, Christmas, Valentines Day etc., there is a few pages for messages to family, friends or loved ones.

      The TV guide is just after the centre of the paper and includes tv listings for that day only unless its a Sunday or Bank Holiday the following day. These days are listed on the press the day before. The listings include channels one to five and some main satelite channels like ITV2, E4, 5*. There is always a one to watch at the top of the page but i rarely watch it.

      After that is a Puzzle page with crosswords, sudokus and letter squares. I never get a chance to do these as by the time I get to reading the press my Grandad has already completed them. They vary in difficulty which is good as everyone can have a go. My favourite is the Sudoku, I taught my Grandad how to do that and I wish I hadnt now because its his favourite too.

      At the back is a job section which has few jobs in and a section for selling things, anything. Estate Agents put houses for sale in the press and there are second hand cars to be bought as well. I don't take much time in this section. Ecycle is at the back which is for people who want to give away things rather than selling or throwing away, this can also be anything e.g. tables, chairs, tvs. You'd be surprised at what people want to recycle.

      Every Saturday the press has The Week inside which has recipes, fashion, films out, things to do and more. This is a great addition to the paper.

      On Mondays there is a childrens page which has articles on childrens schools or clubs, Star Birthdays and competitions. The Star Birthdays are great for children as they love to see themselves in the paper and I like to look at this page as well. The competitions often involve colouring or answering a question, I won loads of these competitions as a child. I won a My Little Pony Castle, Toy shop vouchers and designing a sand castle to be made by a professional, Bill and Ben Gardening Set. I was always eager to get home on a Monday to see what was on that page. One person involved in this page is GP Ted who is a bear that goes around to the schools and clubs and has his photo taken with the children. I have had my photo taken with him after winning one of the comps. He is a really nice bear.

      Over the year many special things are put in the paper like Baby of the Year Competition, Child of the Year, Dog of the Year, Motoring, House and Home, Careers etc. My favourite is the Nativities at Christmas (as long as i'm not in them), the children always look so cute dressed up.

      The Guernsey Press is a great paper to keep you up to date with the news and entertainment. I read it every day and recommend it for those interested.


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