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    35 Reviews
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      25.05.2016 13:05


      • "Usable TV Guide"


      • "Bit cheapo"

      Does the job

      My dream job is to be a TV and film critic. I love being opinionated and why I – and most of you –enjoy Gogglebox on Friday night. If you want honest TV reviews then Gogglebox is the place. They represent a cross-section of the public and as equally critical and cutting as you and me in front of the TV when we are relaxed and at home. There has been some editing on the show to cut out swear words and libel and stuff but in general that’s you and me sitting right there. Now, in the real world to enjoy TV we need a TV guide. There are people out there who don’t need to plan their week around telly and have lots of things to do out and about with their lovely friends in the evenings and weekends but in general we need TV and DVD like Joe Brand needs chocolate. Its part of our routine and the brain needs routines to function.

      My chosen TV guide in the summer is the cheapest one, normally TV Choice or Whats On. They cost between 50 and 60p and available in all major supermarkets and in most newsagents and minimarts. For the football season I buy the Mail on Saturday or Sunday as it’s the best paper in Britain for sport and has two great TV guides over the weekend. The Saturday one is probably the best in the country. It has all the main terrestrial and cable channels primetime viewing set out in front of you in two pages and off you go with your pen to ring your favorites. But it’s the summer now and so it’s the cheapo small ones until mid August. I’m out more so less telly anyway. I really just want to know when there is new series of Salvage Hunters and American Pickers is on and any new films I haven’t seen.

      TV Choice is very busy and the smaller magazine size. You get those people who want the complete TV guide experience and buy Radio Times but I don’t think there can ever be a time when a TV guide should cost more than a takeaway, RT nearly four quid now! But there is a Radio Times gang out there and they will buy it on principal because they think its middle-class or the official BBC TV guide or something and so deserve to be ripped off. But if you can do cheap and get the same thing then do cheap is my motto. Some people do buy TV mags because they like a certain critic’s views so fair enough but generally they are commercial products and so sometimes not as harsh as they should be on some TV shows and not reviewing others for the same reason. When they big up shows they know are crap because their magazine relies on adverts from that groups who owns the show then that’s where I got annoyed. Again TV choice is not really in that business and there just to list and briefly provide generally un-opinionated information on TV shows and a little more information on their picks.

      The magazine is like all TV mags with the first few pages reviewing new shows and series on the coming week and month. There is a Have Your Say page to send in letters. I used to back in the day chasing the £20 book voucher but when one finally went in they edited it down to nothing. There is TV Choice Awards entry where you can box tick your favorite shows and send that in and then a US TV Drama finder that outlines what channel your American shows are and what day in the week they are on, the classic magazine filler. The soap planner page is the same story as you should really know when your favorite soap is on. The ‘Sport Choice’ double page is useful to see what’s on where on the various cable and terrestrial stations. Film Choice follows that although subjective and lists most of the films on that week. But it’s not all of them and so that is an issue. It tries to list the ones they think are the best or popular, Black Swan and Drive Angry neither of those.

      We then get into the main TV guide with BBC1 to Channel 5 on the first double spread and then the lesser channels like ITV4 and BBC4 that you all get on the Freeview package on the next two pages. The next two pages are the even more niche channels on Freeview and then we get into the pay channels on Sky etc with three pages in total. The listings run from Saturday to Friday. The magazine ends with the perfunctory prize crossword, horrorscopes and tons of those ads with impossibly sexy and airbrushed older people that advertise Stenna stairlifts and adaptable baths.

      So summing up I would say most of the cheaper TV mags are aimed at older and more ‘working-class’ people. I say that because the middle-class don’t like to be told what they like and should watch, hence Points of View with Anne Robinson and the Radio Times. They go big on soaps and ITV shows. ITV is traditionally a blue collar channel. If you didn’t realize that then you are blue collar I’m afraid. It puts on populist shows


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      31.12.2012 16:05
      Very helpful



      A useful magazine

      Before we had Sky, we always used to buy a 'TV Mag', although since having Sky and being able to see what's on every channel, it seemed to be a bit of a waste of money as I we could use the 'forward planner' to see what was on. However, every Christmas, we make sure that we buy a TV Mag so that we don't miss out on any 'good programmes'.

      TV Choice is a British magazine which is published on a weekly basis. The magazine features all the television listings on all British channels for that week. Each issue costs 45p. There is a double issue over Christmas costing 90p which I think is good value for money.

      The first twenty pages or so tells us about the T.V highlights. For example, if there is a one-off show then there will be a 'little article' about it. This is good, because it informs you about a show which you may not have watched had you just seen the title in the 'schedule'.

      If you like your soaps then you will be pleased to see that they feature quite heavily in this magazine, with stories on what's coming up on all the soaps; Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. This is my favourite part of the magazine. I find that whilst this gives the storyline away, it does also make me go 'ooh that's going to happen- I have to watch that'. So I would say that the magazine doesn't spoil what's going to happen but makes you want to watch it more.

      The schedule itself takes up half the magazines. It is very detailed and there are no 'gaps' in it, meaning that you know everything exactly that is going to be on the television. It also gives extra details such as a brief description of the show and also has little symbols, such as 'R' which means that that specific show is a repeat; this is useful, as there is nothing worse than getting excited about a show, only to sit down and watch it and see that it is actually a repeat of something you have seen before.

      The films have their own section, and then when they are featured in the schedule they have a box around them so that you can see that it is a film. They also have a star rating which I think is good as you can see whether it is worth watching or not. Although, then again, everyone's tastes are different so someone might like a film that someone else hates, so I tend not to take the star ratings too seriously.

      There are some competitions in this magazine; such as win a family holiday to Australia. There's also some puzzles and crosswords etc, if you like that kind of thing! There's also some horoscopes and a letters page which I find interesting.

      All in all, I would recommend this magazine. Personally, I only buy it at Christmas as I think that when you have Sky you can see what is on the telly on there anyway and so you can save some pennies by not buying this magazine. It's not a magazine I enjoy reading, just something that I grab to have a quick look at before I sit down to watch the television

      Thanks for reading!
      December 2012
      Xdonzx / xd-o-n-z-x


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      16.01.2012 20:16



      A great TV mag that is still 42p in 2012!


      Hello and welcome to this review,

      After getting a little fed up of What's on TV I turned to TV easy, but after 1 month of buying it, I tried another one, I wasn't fed up of TV easy, but I just decided to try another one. And it was... the TV Times, (see my review on that) I have brought it last week and this week, but, today (3 september) my dad bought me tv choice...


      Tv choice was launched in August 1999 at a special price of 35p, but over the years it has gone up and down, from 35p to 40p, 33p, 30p, 33p (again) 38p, 40p (again) and then finally 42p, (which it is today.)

      Tv choice carries the weeks listings and soaps stories for the week ahead, priced at 42p, launched every Tuesday. Their is a website, www.tvchoicemagazine.co.uk and the company (H Bauer Publishing) behind tv choice, also make Total TV guide. (which costs £1 weekly and covers 88 channels)


      PRICE: 42P


      SOAP PAGES: 3

      FILM PAGES: 4







      The front cover of tv choice has the tv choice logo in white with a red background and the date is in the red back ground with the week (week 36) featured.

      The big bit of the front cover features usually a soap star, sometimes eastenders, and corrie and emmerdale. Other soap stories and tv programs are featured around it.

      When you turn the page you are welcomed to the best of the weeks tv, underneath this their is a us drama finder and a top 5 soap moments bit for the best soap stories of the week. Underneath this is a guide to the magazine and the adress and an email adress.


      From pages 4-11 are the best of the weeks tv. This is where I find tv choice lacks a bit, even though their are loads of tv programs to make up for it, the writing is a little weak, it may have interviews with one or two persons but the way it is wrote is possibly a little weak, but thats in my opinion, the writing in the rest of the magazine is well written though.


      This includes 3 pages of the weeks hottest soap stories/plots. The writing in this is incredible as it tells you a lot about the plot but dose'nt give it all away, e.g if it is a trial it will tell you a lot about it but dose'nt give it all away so it dose'nt tell you if he/she is guilty or not guilty. Their is no soap diary but it does state if their is another episode added or times are switched.










      That is a broad range of soaps and if you watch all of them, this will be good for you. Sometimes this magazine has a soap preview so if you bought an issue for the 30 July - 5 August 2011 you would have had a sneaky Autumn soap preview.


      The first page of film choice has the best movies for that week aswell as the best movies for different genres aswell.

      Their are only very few pictures for a pick of the day etc. and it is colour coded so









      These are the same colours for the listings too.


      *****DON'T MISS







      Six pages of listings per day same colour as the movies. Pages 1 and 2 have the 5 terrestrial channels including S4C, pages 3 and 4 entertainment (mostly covering freeview in this bit) with factual/lifestyle icluded on that page too. And finally, pages 5 and 6 have childrens channels, sport and movies. The listings overall have covered 62 channels. This makes it the 5th biggest and best TV guide in the UK (that is quite impressive for 42p)


      This features 2 pages of competitions such as a trip to Paris, France or a £1,000 prize crossword and a £25 su-doku/


      The last page of the magazine has a your stars down the left side, whilst a letters page covers most of the page. You recieve £5 if you're letter is published and £10 for a star letter. (they are a bit tight compared to What's on TV as they give £10 and £25 for the star letter.) A last 1 quarter of the page reveals highlights of the next issue, covering soaps and TV etc.


      In my opinion tv choice is worth a try or even worh buying, for 42p every week you get a cover of 62 channels, 3 well written pages of soaps, and a good movie section.




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      02.06.2011 17:09
      Very helpful



      An average television magazine

      TV Choice Magazine

      I have bought a range of different television magazines over the years, and only a few have something different to them. Unfortunately (or fortunately which ever way you look at it), TV Choice is the same as many other magazines. Of course, if you want the basic television guide without a lot of articles on different programmes, then this is perfect. Personally, I like reading about upcoming programmes and storylines in detail, and although this magazine has a fair amount, it does not have as much as some other ones I have purchased in the past.

      The magazine is the average television magazine price at a reasonable 42p and can be purchased in any store which sells magazines and papers.

      The particular issue I have in front of me is from 4th to 10th June.

      The front cover is glossy with a range of pictures from various highlights on television, mainly with a soap picture taking up the larger part of the cover. On the very first page there is something I particularly love, and that is an easy to read US drama finder which covers US shows such as Bones, Glee, supernatural and more. This tells you when and where each US programme is airing at a quick glance. You also get the usual top five soap moments of the week.

      The next four pages cover the magazines choice of best programmes on the television this week. In this issue, there are seven different picks which is a good amount, though for people like me, and in comparison to other TV magazines, this is a minimal amount and not as detailed as I would have liked.

      Next, there are four pages of soap news which covers all the main soaps. This is followed by four pages of chosen films of the week, with the first page showing the big film and the digital film of the week. You can then see a selection of films and their synopsis on a day-to-day basis, though this only covers a selection per day.

      Then comes the main television guide with Saturday to Friday listings, each day having a six page spread. On the first two are the usual five channels, with entertainment channels on the second and part of the third, factual and lifestyle channels on the other part of the third page, children and sport channels on the next and movies on the last. Obviously, if you are a Sky viewer and wish to have all the sky channels listed then you are better buying a magazine specifically for digital as this magazine only covers the main channels both on terrestrial and digital (sky and freeview).

      There is also a TV Choice awards voting double page in this magazine, though this is not always here. You also get a fair amount of advertising in an attempt to get readers to purchase such items as jewellery. Personally, these pages get passed over quickly by me.

      At the back of the magazine, you will find a two page spread of competitions with a final page of letters and stars.

      One thing I hate about all magazines, and this one is no exception, is the junk that is slotted into the pages which are on separate pieces of paper which fall all over the place as soon as you open the magazine! These I usuall take no notice of apart from throwing them in the bin! There is enough adverts in the magazine itself without needed extra!

      As far as a television magazine goes, this one is average. If you are looking for simple listing pages then this magazine is fine, with a great price, though I recommend buying a digital specific magazine for those who want more information on sky channels.


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        22.01.2011 16:55
        Very helpful



        You can't go wrong, it has all you need from a T.V guide.

        I've been buying T.V Choice magazine for quite a while now, I switched to this one because for a start it was a lot cheaper than most, only 42 pence, and it tells you the same things as the more expensive ones do.

        --The front cover--

        Always bright and colourful to attract your attention, usually featuring characters and a headline from the soap opera with the most interesting storyline of the week.
        The price is displayed twice. (so you don't forget how cheap it is)
        Displayed across the bottom are 3 or 4 small pictures and headlines from programes that may be of interest to you.

        --The magazine--

        At the beginning of the magazine there is a "Best of this weeks T.V." section spanning several pages of various drama's, documentary's and entertainment programes schedueled for the week.
        Soap choice is next, spanning around 4 pages or so. This gives you all the soaps updates, with pictures and details of the best story lines that week.
        Then there is a section called "Film choice" this is listings of all the films showing on all channels, Saturday through Friday of that week.
        Next the actual T.V. listing pages for the week. The five terrestrial channels are featured first, then the following 2 pages give the listings for 56 more channels.
        The weekly crossword puzzle is next, followed by horoscopes and letters viewers have sent in, with their own views on various programes.
        Lastly there's a small section with "what's coming next week".
        82 pages in all.

        --Back cover--

        Usually an advert.

        --My opinion--

        Good, straight to the point television guide. It dosn't go on and on about things in major detail, it just tells you what you want to know.
        The magazine is put together very well, so you can get to the part you want to read easily.

        --Over all--

        All in all it's well worth 42p


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        05.08.2010 23:04
        Very helpful



        tv choice magazine which has around 74 pages full of great tv guides

        A few months ago when I was doing my usual weekly shopping they did not have the usual TV magazine I always bought so I purchased TV Choice Magazine instead and my husband thought it was much better so I have not bought any other TV guide since. It is great value as it is only 42p and has around 74pages in every issue!

        Each week the magazine features a hottest stories part which gives you a description of the events which are happening in the best soaps that week such as EastEnders and coronation street and also an update section which lets you know the current events which have been happening in previous weeks. There is also a 7day film guide which informs you of ever film which is going to be on that week on BBC 1 and 2, ITV, ch4 and five. The reason my husband likes this tv guide so much is that it gives you the weekly tv guide for 61 channels from kids tv to sports and movie channels.

        Other features which are in tv choice are horoscopes and letters which viewers send in and a select few are put in the back of the magazine and the best letter will receive £10 and every other letter which is published the person will get £5. There is also 'play to win' competitions where you can win things such as a break for 2 to places such as bruges, a tv and even £500 by either completing a crossword or by answering a question and sending your answer away. A great weekly TV guide and would definitely recommend it to anyone who regularly buys TV guides.


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        07.06.2010 14:54
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        A great TV magazine at the right price

        TV Choice

        Oh, What a Choice

        I usually buy the television guide that comes within the Sun newspaper though after getting up early with my daughter on a Saturday I decided that I would rather buy it a day earlier to try to save me from early morning children's television for once. I knew I could just simply look through the sky guide on the television though that doesn't have what women love - the soap write ups!

        Let me begin by saying that this is a general review on the magazine, so don't worry - there wont be any spoilers for anything you haven't watched yet!!


        TV Choice began in 1999 and is one of the biggest selling television guides around, possibly one reason being the price (see below).

        Many television magazines have masses of stories both about average everyday people and also stories about celebrities which we don't actually care much about (sometimes there are decent stories though I never know what stories to believe). This magazine doesn't have any of that, which is possibly how they can sell it for cheaper, though this is certainly not a problem for me as if I want to read stories I buy other magazines specifically for that. This way, the magazine also stays by the television and not wandering around the house with other people reading the stories!

        Page number varies from week to week though seem to average out at around 75-80 pages, though this does include quite a few full page advertisements such as catalogues, mobile contracts and ornaments which cost the earth.

        The magazine can be brought the week before the guide shows and runs from Saturday to Friday. Personally I only buy it on the Friday as knowing my luck my daughter will rip it to shreds before the television week has even begun!

        Let me run you through the magazine now.


        The front cover is always very bold in both colour and text and very eye catching. There is always a headline soap story for us soap obsessed women (and some men!) along with nearly a full page photo of the characters involved giving us a sneak peak of what is to come. Top and bottom of that are smaller photos of other programmes each with small captions, small but readable. The large 'Only 40p' can not be missed as it is staring you in the face, bold as brass on the side of the cover usually with a bold orange star around it. Think they are trying to push the fact that it is cheap?!

        The inside cover where you would expect to see a contents page has a full page advertisement followed by a US drama finder to see when American programmes are on here and where and no actual contents! I seem to remember some having a small contents page though the ones I have in front of me don't - which is actually quite annoying as I like to jump to certain pages, though as it is a thin magazine it isn't hard to flick through and find what you are looking for.

        Within this magazine there are four pages devoted to tv choice awards 2009 full of photos of celebrities posing and holding trophies. Usually there are some pages of celebrity photos here of random moments of celebs caught on camera, though as I said, there is no long drawn out stories, just many photos and a few short paragraphs here and there giving an idea of why on earth Denise Welch is looking rather uncomfortable sprawled on the ground! Photos are usually very clear though occasionally text can be hidden when on a matching background colour.

        Regular Slots

        In every tv choice magazine there are a few titled regulars which are always on the same (or near by) page so easy and quick to find. Perhaps that's why there isn't a contents page - they expect you to read it so much you remember automatically!

        Hottest Tv Choice - Usually a full page excerpt on a new and great programme of the week, generally one which is in its 2nd or more season and is making a comeback so viewers are on the edge of their seats awaiting it, and with the write up, they actually give away more information than a lot of tv magazines which is great for people like me who cant wait for it to air, though bad for people who don't want to be spoiled at all.

        Best of the Week - A couple of pages usually of two or three choices from the whole week with a half page write up and some photos. Not as in depth as the tv choice above and could choose much more than they do.

        Kids Choice - Usually half a page of competition and occasionally some new programmes for young children to teenagers on it. The age range of this section is vast, though the competitions are generally answering a question from the write up you have just read - so far we haven't won anything for our daughter.

        Digital Choice - A full page rundown on quite a few programmes new to freeview or sky channels, layout the same as other choice pages.

        Soap Choice - My favourite part of the magazine (yes I am soap obsessed!). Here you have between 4-6 pages of soap news all depending on how many advertisements they have decided to put in the middle this week. This is a major spoiler area and although I have tried, I just cant keep away (even though I will be watching my two soaps of Eastenders and Neighbours shortly!). The British soaps get the bigger write up which is good in one way though I would love to see more of my Aussie soap.

        Film Choice - Here you have a rundown of what they believe to be the best films on all week with the first page of the four covering the biggest movie of the week as well as the digital premier. This is probably the most annoying part of the magazine as, although it is great for terrestrial television channels, it doesn't really cover many freeview or sky channels.

        Fun Section - After the television guide pages there are a number of pages devoted to challenges and competitions where you are able to enter for prizes of anything from money to cars. You are able to enter by post or telephone or even text though this magazine has not come into the modern world yet as it doesn't allow email entries (or perhaps this is because they may lose money this way?)

        After the competitions in the same section is a page of letters and horoscopes where you can also earn a small amount of money for sending your own letter in. This is the closest bit of the magazine that is like non-television magazines.

        There are also certain feature pages within each weeks magazine which cover one off programmes and documentaries with some behind the scenes photos of upcoming programmes.

        THE GUIDE

        Of course there would be a television guide otherwise why buy the magazine!

        Each day has six full pages of television channels all colour coded with a different colour per channel on the first page which consists of the main five terrestrial channels, and then the rest of the four pages colour coded by category (for example, entertainment is in pink and movies in blue).

        There are a large range of channels shown in the guiede, repeated every day, though it does not show all of the freeview and sky channels - your best bet for this is to go for the sky magazines themselves. Of course, when everything turns to digital soon, perhaps they will add more channels to the guide though this will make it a lot longer and probably more expensive - though I can bet that it will still be the cheapest.

        The first double page has channels one to five with the evening schedule in much bigger print. Each channel title is in bold colours and all films are boxed in with a small write up. These pages are very easy to read and follow and as I said above, all colour coded.

        The second double page spread covers entertainment and factual/lifestyle again in colour coded sections though this time a different colour for a whole section. There are 21 channels within the entertainment section and 9 in the factual section. These channels are much smaller than on the first page and sometimes quite difficult to read as they are squashed together in such a small space. Films are not outlined in these pages and there is only one small photo of a film in this section. Freeview channels do have their freeview number by each channel title and as before titles are in bold.

        The last double page of each day covers children, sport and movies. Childrens have only 6 channels in a third of one page so squashed together tightly making it difficult to read and worse for young children who can read and perhaps decide to have a look. Sport has 7 channels and movies have a whole page of 14 channels. Movies are better layed out and can be read a whole lot better as they are spaced out well. Again all titles are in bold and freeview channels next to titles though there are not many of them here.

        The channel pages are easy to navigate though the main problem is that some channels have very small text and hard to read. There are also, as I said before, many channels not in here though if you require more digital channels then a digital magazine is probably better for you.


        This magazine used to be a whole 10p cheaper (yes a whole 10p!!) though it is still the cheapest television magazine around which doesn't come with a newspaper at only 40p so it really isn't breaking the bank.
        This television guide can be brought practically anywhere which sells magazines and papers.

        FINAL WORD

        Although I do have a few small gripes with the magazine such as the layout can make it difficult to read and the less important one of needing more soap write ups (yes, I need to get the soap magazine!) though otherwise really there is nothing wrong with the magazine. The price is great and you do get exactly what you are after so I would fully recommend this magazine to all unless you want more of a digital outlook then I would suggest going more for a sky magazine.

        OTHER INFO



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          23.05.2010 09:26
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          generally not as god as its rival

          This isn't my usual choice of TV mags, but as my usual wasn't available I thought I would give this one a go.

          ** The Magazine **

          TV choice is a magazine which gives you stories on the countries favourite soaps and TV shows and includes a TV guide. The front cover includes the main stories and the one they feel is of most interest usually covers most of the front page.

          ** Contents **

          Pg 3 contains the contents page, its not the easiest of contents pages and isn't in my opinion laid out very well, the top 5 'soap moments' are included on this page, however their page numbers aren't. The first 14 pages or so contain stories and information on new TV shows and programmes, then the biggest 'soap' stories are told, its usually about 1 page for the main story and the rest are packed onto the following few pages. The rest of the magazine is filled with the TV guide for the week.

          ** Presentation and Layout **

          Well the front cover looks very similar to its competitor, however the inside couldn't be more different. Theres actually only one major soap story in this magazine, in the rivals the magazine is packed and only cost an extra 5p. Because a lot of the stories are squashed onto the pages I think it makes it look messy and slightly pointless.

          ** Price and Availability **

          This magazine is available in most supermarkets, newsagents and convenience stores and currently cost 40p.

          ** Overall Opinion **

          Not as good as my usual TV mag, admittedly it is 5p cheaper but your not going to really know anything more about the soaps by reading this mag.

          If you simply buy TV mags for the TV listings then this would be perfect as this takes up most of the magazine.

          The fact the stories aren't very indepth and there is less of them than in the rivals, its not a magazine that will ever be my first choice.

          Overall I would give this a 3/5, I think it lacked information, and although the quality of the cover is fine the inside pages aren't great. At 40p its fine for the basics but I was personally left feeling a little disappointed.


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            14.02.2010 21:22
            Very helpful



            good tv mag

            TV choice is a weekly magazine which gives TV listings as well as the stories of what's happening in all of the soaps, the best picks of programs as well as interviews with TV starts on a regular basis and many different things like crosswords and different puzzles which you can also win money on as well.

            This is the magazine I probably buy the most, I don't get it every week but I do often pick one up as they are so cheap, and although I do have the guide button on my free view, it doesn't always load up the programs for the whole week, plus I really like having it on paper right in front of me so I can look through what's on telly for that week.

            The TV guide then is probably the most useful part of this magazine. However I do also read through the soap stories section when I get it, however I really only read it the day I get it and then look at the guide for the rest of the week. The stories give away most of what happening in the soaps before it happens, which probably shouldn't be good, but I still always read them any way.

            The TV best picks are pretty good as well, it gives you an idea of what the best things are going to be that week and are pretty helpful, altogether this is a pretty good magazine for the TV lover like me, its helpful, and its only 40p so its great.


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            04.01.2010 11:11
            Very helpful
            1 Comment



            A great little magazine.

            Now this is more like it! I don't know about you, but many of these TV magazines seem to have page after page of fluff that you really aren't interested in. I just want to know whats on television, for the most part.

            TV choice has some of those articles, but it mostly just tells you about the upcoming TV shows that you want to watch.

            The layout of the magazine is bright and colourful and gets everything that you need to know across in a way that is quick to pick up.

            The TV guide itself is quite clear, uncluttered, and you can see straight away what you want to watch on the TV.

            One of the good things about TV Choice is that you can post off answers for the competitions in most cases, so you don't have to pay through the nose on a rip off phone line.


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              03.01.2010 17:50
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              Good value for the price

              TV Choice is my choice of tv listing magazine. I did use to buy T.V. Times, but found that I hardly looked at half of the listings, so it was not worth the high price tag for me.
              T.V. Choice costs 40p, is 66 pages long and lists 61 channels. This is a small amount compared to some more expensive mags but it has all the main channels I watch.
              I find it a very colourful magazine, with clear print and bright coloured pictures.
              The first 14 pages are given over to advertising the very best programmes which will be on through the week. You will also get to read about all the new series' which will be starting. There is a good rundown of the soaps with reminders of the previous weeks events and what is coming up. After this you will find about 4 pages of film reviews.
              Thankfully there are not too many adverts in T.V. Choice, I really do not like it when a mag is flooded with adverts.
              T.V Choice also has a really good page for kids with reviews of the best programmes and a competition every week. At the back of the mag there are competitions for the grown-ups, including a crossword, which I do enjoy trying but never manage to complete.
              The last page is the letters page which I do read every week and always mean to write into but never seem to get around to it.
              I do believe that T.V.Choice is good value for money, unless you really want all the t.v. channels listed.


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                28.11.2009 22:16
                Very helpful
                1 Comment



                For 40p it's not bad!

                I've just bought my first ever copy of TV Choice magazine. It was 40p and the picture on the front (of Ronnie from Eastenders) and the headline: 'Ronnie's baby joy' prompted me to buy it.

                40p is a great price for a week long TV guide, it has 82 thin, glossy pages and within it you get a roundup of the week's TV. You also get a soap guide and a low-down on all the films that will be on over the next seven days. It starts on a Saturday and runs through to Friday.

                It lists 63 different channels in total, the first spread listing the days TV shows you what is on main the five main terrestrial channels. In the pages that follow the channel are listed under the following categories: entertainment, factual / lifestyle, children, sports and movies. This layout is ok, but personally I would like the sky channel guide to be more elaborate, it just lists the programmes instead of giving the reader a synopsis. Also, tthe guide isn't completely comprehensive.

                Other features within include a full page word search puzzle (if you complete it you can win £1000), gossip and an interview with a soap star. It is quite ad-heavy and the majority of the adverts seem to be aimed at the older generation.

                It isn't the best TV guide on the market, but it is worth 40p. Four out of five Dooyoo stars from me.


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                  13.09.2009 21:44
                  Very helpful



                  In my opinion it is worth 40p but no more

                  For years I never bothered with a TV guide, except at Christmas when buying the Radio Times was as much of an established tradition as decorating the tree. Instead I'd just use the Sky TV Guide to flick through and see what was on, that was until I moved in with my boyfriend who every week buys a TV guide as regular as clockwork. Now I fail to see how I lived without one, and during term time at uni I've adopted his habit of buying one every week. TV Choice magazine is one we both often opt for given its cheap price tag of only 40p.

                  The magazine, published by Bauer Publishing, is A4 in size and hits the shelves every Tuesday. On average the magazine is about 60-70 pages, though this includes those pages devoted entirely to advertising, and runs from Saturday to Friday. I buy the South and South West regional version but the magazine covers all regions due to slight programming differences.

                  The cover of the magazine is bold, both in its choice of colour and text, usually with a large picture of some soap character, accompanied by an eye-catching slogan about that weeks soap highlight. Along both the top and bottom of the magazine cover are small pictures and slogans of the weeks other tv highlights. They are also obviously very proud of their price for it is entirely impossible to miss it; in the top left corner it states in large black print that it is 'ONLY 40p' on a bold orange background and then price then appears even larger just off centre of the cover, again on a stand-out orange background.

                  The first few pages of the magazine are always devoted to small features on the weeks chows. The majority of the features are based on those shows shown on terrestrial but there is usually one page dedicated to that weeks 'Digital TV Choice.' These articles are usually on what one would class 'popular' tv as opposed to the weeks obscure and unique show, for example they usually comment on shows such as Strictly Come Dancing and The Bill.

                  This section of the magazine has no interest whatsoever for my partner, as he purely buys it jusy to check what's on tv, but for me the features section of any tv listings is my favourite section. In my opinion the features in TV Choice aren't quite up to the standard of their competitors as they are usually brief and poorly written. They usually include the main information about the programme such as what will happen and maybe the odd quote from one of the main actors but in my opinion it would hugely benefit from more critical analysis. The reviews, when they include opinion, are entirely complimentary, a stark contrast to the more in depth and critical approach of the Radio Times. However, I have come to expect this in the cheaper listings so TV Choice are not alone in their brief and complimentary approach.

                  On a more positive note the layout of the features section makes it easy when flicking through to focus on one particular article. Each is featured in its own pastel coloured box with a slightly darker border, making it stand out on the usually crowded page; ideal if you want to focus on just that section.

                  Following the features on the weeks dramas and documentaries is the soap section, another personal favourite, that is usually 3 pages in length. The soaps featured include: Eastenders, Coronation Street, Emmerdale, Hollyoaks, Home and Away, Neighbours and Doctors. I'm not an avid soap fanatic but I do dip in and out of Eastenders and Corrie and I'm one of those people who loves to read spoilers and know what will happen before it does. I haven't watched Neighbours properly since it moved to Channel 5 but thanks to tv mags I still feel like I know exactly what's going on. In TV Choice there is usually a large detailed spoiler on Eastenders, Corrie and Emmerdale which reveals the weeks main events, whilst the others are usually given about a small paragraph of text. These articles are usually quite informative and contain quite a bit of soap gossip but for just an extra 7p their closest competitor, What's On TV, also offers a full 'Soap Diary' of what happens each day per soap, on top of the in depth soap features. Another regular feature of this section is the soap updates which allow you to catch up on your favourite shows if you've missed them, due to holiday for example.

                  Just before the tv listings is the regular 'Film Choice' section that is usually about 4 pages in length. It offers a brief paragraph on the films to be shown per day and gives all a rating out of 5 stars. The information here is good but again, like the features section, the focus is largely on terrestrial tv.

                  Now we've reached the main section of the mag; the tv listings. Each day has six pages of listings with the first double page spread concentrating on BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, Channel 4 and Five, which to its credit is very well done. Each channel appears in a separate column that everyday is on the same coloured background, this is a very effective method as it's simple and quick to read at a glance. Along the left is that days Choice, which selects about two highlights. Each day's listings runs from 6am to 6pm, with the title of each programme in bold lettering and the majority of programmes are followed by a brief explanation.

                  The films are very easy to pick out as they are presented in a box with a bold 'FILM' printed before its title, and similarly new series are presented with a small bold 'NEW.' It also provides all other additional info, making it clearly visible what episode of a series is being shown and whether the programme is subtitled, for example. I cannot fault these pages and in my opinion they are clear and provide just the right amount of information on each show.

                  The following pages are dedicated to the most frequently watched digital channels, which are split into colour coded sections reflecting their genre. The first double spread page dedicated to satellite, listing 22 entertainment channels, which are coloured in pink and 9 factual and lifestyle channels, coloured in orange. These are much less detailed than the terrestrial pages and largely just list what will be shown with little programme information. The layout of this section is the same each week so TV Choice regulars can easy find the channel they are looking for. The second two satellite pages follow a similar layout and feature 6 children's tv channels (red), 6 sport channels (green) and 14 Movie channels in blue.

                  The colour coding of these pages is definitely a bonus and I believe they have chosen the right channels to list but I am in the opinion that What's On TV have again done this better than TV Choice. This is because since leaving home I have lost the luxury of Sky+ and instead watch the cheaper Freeview and whilst TV Choice clearly state which channels are on Freeview, with a bold logo clearly visible, they have spread the channels out over the 4 digital pages, where as What's On TV have opted to group all Freeview channels together, making it easily the best magazine for Freeview viewers.

                  Following the tv listings are a few pages dedicated to competitions and puzzles. Including a regular £1000 prize crossword, a £25 'Name that show' puzzle, a sudoku puzzle 'just for fun' and a big feature competition, which this week is a chance to win a shopping trip to New York. I have never entered these but one can do so by phone, text or fax, at a price of 25p, or by post.

                  The final page of the magazine provides an idea of what next weeks features will be, weekly horoscopes and readers letters. The readers letters are usually a fun read and I often smile as I read the strong opinions written and each week the star letter will receive £10.

                  In conclusion TV Choice is an average television based magazine, which for its cheap 40p price tag provides a fun little read. It may not be as in depth as the tradition Radio Times but even with its in-depth features I cannot justify spending £1.10 on a tv listings. For mainly terrestrial tv watchers who purely only care about what is on then this is defiantly for you. However, in my opinion, at just 7p more expensive 'What's On TV' is the one to buy ifor those most interested in soaps and for Freeview viewers.

                  Thank you for reading


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                  23.06.2009 10:14
                  Very helpful



                  A great choice for TV listings

                  I don't buy a daily newspaper because I feel that they're mostly full of rubbish, but I do like to be able to plan my TV watching and so I buy the weekly TV listing magazine TV Choice.

                  TV Choice is a 76-page, A4 sized magazine published weekly and appears in most newsagents on a Tuesday for the week ahead from the forthcoming Saturday.

                  The main cover image usually shows characters from one of the major soaps, and in recent weeks this has been exclusively Eastenders for some reason. Also on the cover are little teasers of some of the major story lines in the soaps (usually spoilers!) the price, the date of the issue and the regions covered (there are regional variations published up and down the country).

                  Inside, the first section is devoted to several pages of small features on programmes coming up in the week. These could be previews of new programmes, or hot stories in established ones. They usually give you a brief programme synopsis, it's genre (comedy drama, documentary etc) an accompanying picture and when and where it's on in the week.

                  The next few pages are devoted to the soaps with a section on each of the major ones. Each week I vow not to read about my two favourite soaps (Emmerdale and Corrie) because quite often they will reveal forthcoming stories that can spoil it for the viewer. So far, each week I fail miserably and eagerly read the gossip and so I always tend to know what's going to happen before it does!

                  A seven-day film guide covers the next pages, with a small feature on the weeks 'Big' film and on a digital premiere. The guide is in colour-coded columns, one for each day of the week and lists each film title, channel, time, year of release, certificate, country of origin, director and a brief synopsis along with their own star rating and whether it is suitable for family viewing. There's also a small digital movie guide, but to be honest this magazine concentrates mainly on the five terrestrial channels (more about that later)

                  The main purpose of the magazine is a TV listings guide, and that naturally makes up the bulk of the publication. Each day of the week, starting with Saturday has it's own colour coded edge to the pages so you can easily go to a particular day of the week. Each day has six pages of information devoted to it, starting with a double spread listing the five terrestrial channels in separate columns. Each of these columns is a different pastel colour giving a clear distinction between each. Listings all include the video plus+ programming number and any relevant information such as if the show is a repeat, subtitled, signed, new or part of a series. Most films are listed in boxes making them stand out nicely. The next four pages for each day concentrates on some of the digital channels and is separated into the following categories; Entertainment, Factual/Lifestyle, Children, Sport and Movies - again colour coded. Because there are just so many digital channels, I doubt that all of them are featured in the magazine, but most of the major ones are there. However, digital channel listings are not very detailed with nothing more than programme names and times in most cases. They do however clearly mark which channels can be found on Free View, Sky and Virgin with their respective channel numbers

                  Finally, the last few pages of the magazine are filled with a prize crossword, competitions, horoscopes and readers letters.

                  TV Choice is just 40p which I consider to be very good value, especially if you consider that's less than 6p per days listings. I've actually been buying this magazine since it first appeared on the newsstands, so I'm pretty used to its layout and have found it to be the user-friendliest magazine of its type around. On occasion I have been forced to buy another publication and have found that others are often far 'busier' and not as easy to navigate. TV Choice's colour-coded pages and clearly labelled titles make it easy to get to a particular section or listing.

                  If you are heavily into satellite and digital channels you may find TV Choice a little lacking in its coverage. Although it does cover digital channels, they are almost mentioned as an afterthought and certainly not featured as heavily as the five terrestrial channels. Personally I only use the Free View channels, and the coverage of these is adequate. It's worth mentioning that no radio stations are listed, which you may think is obvious, but some other magazines do feature radio as well as TV.

                  Throughout the magazine are, as usual, a few pages of advertising but a quick look at some of the products being sold will give you a clue to the age group targeted; Damart ladies elastic waist trousers, funeral plans, consumer guide books for mobility scooters and stair lifts, men's polyester shirts and ladies soft leather ultra-wide sandals. Yes, there are other adverts too for mobile phones etc. but you get the idea - the target audience for the magazine seems to be the older generation. Of course, I'm not doing myself any favours now by admitting to reading this magazine, but unfortunately it probably won't be too much longer before I start looking a little closer at some of those products!!

                  Also at: www.tvchoicemagazine.co.uk


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                    01.04.2009 22:38
                    Very helpful



                    A Pretty Good Publication

                    I bought my copy of TV Choice magazine today at a cost of 40p.

                    To tell you a bit about it:

                    It is 75 pages long and printed on a fairly thin slightly glossy A4 sized paper. The print doesn't come off on your fingers and the whole thing is securely held together by staples.

                    It gives me the television listings from April 4th to April 10th, that's Saturday through Friday inclusive. It lists 63 different channels which include all the main 5 terrestrial channels and their derivative channels, e.g. ITV2, BBC3 and E4. It has all the Sky Sports channels, a lot of their movie channels and a variety of other satellite channels.

                    It isn't totally comprehensive channel wise because that would be nigh on impossible without the magazine being 500 pages long.

                    What's nice is that it shows the channels in groups: Main terrestrial, Entertainment, Factual/Lifestyle, Children, Sport & Movies.

                    The descriptions of programmes given for the bigger and more popular channels are good but get quite small for the smaller channels.

                    There is also a separate dedicated 3 page film guide which goes into more detail.

                    Other features of the magazine are a full page word search puzzle , gossip and inside stories on the soaps and the actors that appear in them, some previews of new programmes that are debuting this week and an assortment of full page advertisements that mainly advertise products aimed at the over 50s (vacuum cleaners, conservatories, walk in baths , book clubs etc).

                    It is a nice little magazine that's worth the 40p if you are like me and like to browse the whole schedule a few days in advance.

                    I would recommend it.


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