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Woman & Home Magazine

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Beauty, health, lifestyle food and all the rest of the topics women talk about!

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    4 Reviews
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      07.02.2014 10:44
      Very helpful
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      A great magazine!!

      I am a huge fan of magazines. One of my favourite ways to chill out is by reading a magazine. I used to read all kinds of magazines from real life to celebrity gossip ones. However, realising how much I was spending a week on magazines, I decided to stop buying the weekly ones and buy only the monthly ones, which like this one, at £3.99 I feel is expensive, but I feel I get more value for my money.

      Woman and Home magazine is a British Women's magazine which is published on a monthly basis. The magazine is currently available from most newsagents and is available at the current price of £3.99 which I do feel is quite expensive, although as I enjoy the magazine so much, this is certainly not enough to put me off buying the magazine.

      The magazine features a 'cover lady'; usually some one well known and usually someone aged thirty of above. There is then a big interview with the cover star in the magazine. I like how these interviews are done; rather than a usual magazine-asks-question-celebrity-answers style of interview you find in most magazines; this magazine does the interview so that it looks like the star is telling you all about themselves. I like this style of interview as I find it more interesting, and you feel that the interviewee is telling you their story honestly, rather than the magazine asking the nosy questions. I also find the cover stars are usually inspiring people which is good.

      Obviously the magazine is called 'Woman and Home' and so basically it covers everything 'woman' and everything to do with the 'home'. The magazine covers most 'lifestyle topics. Such topics include: beauty, fashion, real life, health, money, home, food, problem pages, letter pages, horoscopes, work, travel etc - so It covers all the things that the majority of women care about. I am currently twenty three and getting to the age where I am thinking about buying my own house etc, and so in that respect I find this magazine very, very inspiring.

      I do feel that the level of journalism in this magazine is excellent. The articles whilst they are not short and sweet, they are 'straight to the point' and I feel that they provide the reader with a decent amount of information. So in that respect, I would definitely say that the magazine is very well written.

      I enjoy the articles very much, for example in the issue I have here in front of me (October 2013) - they have an article titled 'Too Busy To Enjoy Life' and gives you tips on problems such as how to deal if you have too much on your plate or when life throws a curve ball. In this particular issue, there is also an article featuring entrepreneur Karen Brady and she shares her tips on how to become your own boss. I always find the articles to be interesting and I always come away feeling inspired and that I have learned something which is good.

      Another good section, which is a regular in this magazine is the 'Through Our Eyes' section which usually features four celebrities and how they live their lives. For example, this issue features the Actress Cherie Lunghi, Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen, Singer Beverly Knight and Actress Katherine Kelly; here they talk about how time is precious and how they spend their spare time. It's inspiring to know how the stars live their lives and you can be like them.

      The fashion pages I think are generally aimed at younger women as the clothes they feature tend to be young and I couldn't imagine a lady in her fifties or sixties wearing some of the dresses they feature. However, I do like how they explain how to work the current fashions such as 'add a necklace like this' to this outfit or 'have a red bag to go with it'. It just makes it easier and more achievable to keep up to date with the fashions.

      I like that this magazine features both celebrity and real people; I find a lot of the real life stories in this magazine to be hugely inspiring. I also like that the magazine uses celebrities to inspire and motivate 'real people' rather than a case of 'oh look at {insert name of celebrity here} on holiday in the Caribbean'. What I mean by this is that the magazine uses the celebrities to make the readers feel good and to inspire them rather than feeling bad that they can't live the lives of celebrities like gossip magazines do.

      Obviously this magazine is aimed at all women as all ages are covered from people in their thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and beyond so there is definitely something here to suit everyone (even if the fashion pages are quite 'young'. However, I do feel that the magazine is aimed at the middle class and professionals rather than anyone else; what makes me say this is the fact that they will quite regularly feature an item of clothing for example that costs a few hundred pounds; so I don't know about you, but I wouldn't spend around £200 on a dress or £449 on a kitchen mixer and call it a bargain?! Although, I like the whole 'luxury' thing about this magazine which makes one of my guilty pleasures.

      Another section which whilst I don't necessarily find interesting, I do find it helpful is the 'Tech Edit' page. Whilst I can use a computer and have a smart phone, I wouldn't consider myself to be 'up there' with technology - so when I saw that one of the articles in this section this issue is all about 4G - I found it to be really helpful and learnt a lot as whilst I had heard of 3G and 4G I had no idea what they actually meant. So after reading this article, I can now say that I have a rough idea of what 4G is and so I would say that this magazine is educational and explains 'complicated things' in an easy to understand way.

      As most magazines, this magazine does feature a lot of adverts. You can almost certainly find an advert on every other page in this magazine. To me a lot of the adverts in here are a 'load of old rubbish' mainly consisting of very expensive face creams and other such items; things I am never going to buy or things I would consider never spending my hard earned money on and so I do feel that the adverts are very annoying and 'clog' the magazine up.

      One thing which I love about this magazine is the fact that it aims at helping the readers live richer lives; helping them to improve their lives and taking simple steps to make life easier. I can't emphasise enough how inspiring I find this magazine. It definitely promotes living a 'perfect life' but in a easy-to-achieve, 'no stress' which is good.

      I would definitely recommend this magazine.

      Thanks for reading!
      February 2014


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        04.08.2010 15:07
        Very helpful
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        A great read for a magazine

        I will admit that I don't often buy magazines, in fact hardly ever, and tend to pick up copies of magazines from those that my sister, my mum or even my mother in law have passed on to me. One such magazine that I was passed on recently by my mother was 'Woman&home' which she picked up at the airport. It currently costs £3.60, and it is a pretty thick magazine, unlike some of the very thin gossip magazines.

        On the front of this issue is a glossy picture of Tamzin Outhwaite, but surrounding her is information about other articles in the magazine such as exercise and diet, gardening, beauty tips and fashion and family topics. It also states at the very top of the magazine that this is the 'magazine of the year', it doesn't appear to state who gave them that credit.

        Like a lot of big thick magazines, there are plenty of glossy adverts to flick your way through, before actualy arriving at the contents page, which takes up 2 pages. After a few more glossy adverts, you will eventually reach some articles. One of the first articles is about the cover star with an interview with her, but it isn't so much 'question and answer', it is written in a way that makes the star look like they are simply talking to you about a variety of things, rather than answering specific questions. The article on the cover star is very well written and easy to read.

        Following this there are several pages of fashion photographs advertising the latest trends of the sesason, along with some prette hefty price tags. This is where I miss the cheaper gossip magazines, but they really do display high street clothes at high street prices. One of the dresses features costs £575 - a bargain!! This is followed by an articles about dressing for your shape, showing different styles of clothes from the season, mixing and matching with accessories. I at least recognise some high street names amongst here.

        This month's issue is with Karren Brady, best known for being one of Alan Sugar's tough interviewers, but she gives her opinion of a variety of matters.

        The next section of the book takes us through some of the places that the stars like to spend their time in, with the articles heading 'where my heart is....; featuring Carol Vorderman and Katie Derham.

        Beyond this you can read articles about real life events, and struggles that people have faced and how they have learnt lessons and turned their lives around. I have to say most of these are very well written again, and very encouraging and inspiring and certainly not trashy, like some magazines.

        Further on in the magazine there are a few make overs that revolve around the wardrobe style of seveal readers and thes are quite interesting to read, and include much more reasonably priced fashions, that the average person could afford. This is followed by beauty advice for the summer holidays, alongside keeping skin and body in top shape and condition, as well as making sure you hair looks great at all times (wih secrets of great hair days from some top stylists). There is also information about health issues such as headaches and natural products.

        Near the end of the magazine are the problem pages which I like to nosey at. Issues around sex, love and marriage are discusses and solutions suggested. There are also glossy colour good pictures alongside recipe near the end of the magazine, finishing with household furniture ideas and a fictional story.

        All in all, I have to say that there really is plenty to read in this magazine, and this would be perfect to buy if you were having to wait around at an airport, doctors surgery etc as it will keep you going for a while. LIke most magazines, they have attempted to provide something for everything, and articles have been interesting to read and well written.

        As I said I don't buy many magazines, but next time I do, I will def look at buying this one, especially if I want something otehr than just celebrity gossip.


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          27.07.2010 22:11
          Very helpful



          A very full packed magazine for real women!

          ***Women and home***

          Now this is a magazine title which speaks for itself... It is a women's magazine which addresses a long list of issues obviously first and foremost including the home. I first bought this magazine because of an article that was written in it about influential women in the beauty industry and how they got high up in their jobs as well as these women discussing their best beauty tips. I thought this looked like a very interesting article because I am so interested in beauty and cosmetics. The article was five pages long and talked through seven influential women. I loved this article and showed it to my mum because of how interesting it was. I then sat down to read the rest of the magazine from which I was very impressed by.

          ***What magazines I used to buy and advertisement***

          I normally buy magazines like Cosmopolitan and Glamour but the amount of unnecessary and uninteresting advertisement they consist of has started to hack me off so I think they are a waste of money now. Whereas Women & Home does feature advertisement pages but the featured adverts are actually of interest to me and are well thought out for where they appear in the magazine. Women & Home also includes many small sachet samples attached to the advertisement which is nice since samples are more influential than anything. The adverts also cover a wide range of topics from skincare like Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair serums to Laura Ashley advertisement to Febreze air fresheners.

          The issues covered in this magazine include:

          1. Features

          Features are particular articles by celebrities about glamour, love, sex and life. But despite them being celebrities they do come forward and say the good and bad things about themselves and what they wish they could change about themselves. This is very interesting because usually you only see and hear about celebrities being head to toe in makeup and money and you rarely hear about their personal problems unless they are weight problems or drug or alcohol related. For example in June's Women & Home magazine Kim Cattrall (best known for her role in Sex and the City) talks about how her life has mainly been made up of just sex not actually relationships but how she is changing to warm to relationships and sex combined.

          2. Glamour (hair and beauty)

          This is the part of the magazine which particularly interests me. With beauty products I love that the writers of this magazine include very detailed information about particular products. They usually do around a three page spread for a product including the brands background on the product and the scientific background as well as why the product works and who will benefit. But the most interesting and important part to these write ups is that they include real women's reviews on the products and they give you links for more information.

          There are also very useful articles on cosmetics surgery or what top experts opinions are on particular problems to a women's body and what they can do to relieve these problems.

          Also included in the glamour section in the magazine maybe the top beauty buys or top hair product buys. As well as expert hair advice and other top ten products for example, the top anti-ageing products.

          3. Food

          This is a part to the magazine that I love because many magazines provide a one page recipe however Women & Home often provide around ten or fifteen recipes including starters, mains and desserts. They also provide a least of ingredients they recommend for example, in the June magazine it showed edible hearts and stars to put on cupcakes from Lakeland, which my mum actually bought for me after seeing them in the magazine.

          On food adverts in Women & Home there are often coupons off the products which are a great way to encourage you to buy and try the product. I often cut them out and put them in my purse just in case I happen to buy them when I go shopping.

          And of course the magazine does not leave out the most recommended wines. These are also featured. I find this very helpful because I am not great at picking out wines and the guide they occasionally do for wines tells you the wine of the month, and other very recommended wines and the price and where to buy them. I have bought one of these recommended wines (a rosé) and it was very good indeed.

          4. Home

          The home section consists of day to day realities like how to make your garden beautiful and how to style parts of your house.

          It also looks at what appliances are handy for in your home and occasionally this section has a snippet of a home brochure from a particular brand like Marks and Spencers home ware.

          5. Fashion

          What is so great about the fashion pages in Women & Home is that the clothes worn by models are tailored to a particular theme for example, summery romantic outfits. This is a really nice edge to looking at clothes as it actually gives you ideas on what to wear at particular times of the year or to particular occasions.

          Women & Home also features one off pages of the top ten beauty must haves, or glamour updates. This is nice because although it is great to look at models in clothes you don't often look at the accessories they use to make their clothes a proper outfit. So these pages home in on accessories in particular to finish off an outfit.

          Sometimes Women & Home also feature exclusive offers for discounts in particular shops, and alongside these offers they also put a selection of clothes that the shop is currently selling. This is a great way to allure you into using the discount! The magazine producers are not stupid! I think they must have psychologists in the background telling them where to place each article in the magazine and the best ways the human mind works to draw in information.

          6. Diets (health and wellbeing)

          Now this section really is a reason I would buy Women & Home again and again. They often give you an article with the Do's and Don'ts on what to do when dieting for example, 'do not skip meals' since this can make your diet far more difficult to complete. It also usually gives a 7-day diet plan which is set out day by day, meal by meal. So this is very easy to stick it. It is a realistic diet as well as it includes snacks. I couldn't be without my snacks!

          In this section it also contains even more recipes! Perfect to teach you how to make new healthy recipes! Plus it points out the calories in these too!

          However this section is not all about dieting, it also includes ways to cope with stress and other features like the best foods which contain the most antioxidants.

          7. Lifestyle

          This section often has lots of articles on how to deal with redundancy and ways to find a job. It also contains other such lifestyle articles like '10 reasons why sex is better at 40' and features on motherhood. Lifestyle also includes how to have better relationships and weekly horoscopes! Horoscopes I think are one of things that most people claim not to be interested in or read but virtually everybody secretly does! I always find a way to relate them to my life probably because of the way they are psychologically written to link to everybody's lives in some way.

          8. Travel

          I suppose this is the section of Women & Home that I find the least interesting but I can see how most other people would find it interesting.
          It includes celebrity's favourite places to go on holiday, the best spa places, reviews of restaurants and many other travel articles. I suppose I find it the least interesting section because I know I could never myself afford to go to any of these places on holiday until I am much older to fund them myself.

          In June's magazine it included 'The world's most glamorous holidays.' These were very nice to read about but by gosh did they make me green with envy! They were beautiful but not terribly realistic to what most people can afford. But I suppose that is why they were called the 'most glamorous holidays'.

          9. Entertainment

          The entertainment section is very interesting especially if you are in need of a good summer read or a movie to see at the cinema. It reviews books and films and often interviews an author on their inspiration to write.
          Most issues of Women & Home also include a short story by a new author. These can be highly amusing reads and I always look forward to these in the magazine.

          10. Offers and competitions

          This is the section which is in all magazines. This includes a page of how to subscribe to Women & Home... which I have just got my brother to subscribe to for my mum for her birthday present. It also came with a free Elemis product. So twelve issues of Women & Home and the free product cost £23.99 altogether which I think is a bit of bargain since each issue normally costs £3.50.

          This section also includes competitions which you can enter online or via the post. This includes many very nice prizes such as winning a luxurious break for 4 people or winning over £500 worth of cosmetics.

          ***My verdict***

          This is a fantastic full packed magazine! It contains approximately 250 pages. I always take this magazine to work to read on my breaks. It usually lasts me a whole week of work breaks... that is how full packed it is!

          I usually cut out all of the recipes I like the look of and have an attempt at them when I have some free time.

          If you are looking for a magazine that contains a little bit of everything then this magazine is perfect! I love how it has an equal amount of each section in so everybody can find something to interest them.

          I particularly like all the very unique articles like the one I mentioned in my introduction of this review of the most influential business women in beauty. It gave me such an insider's look into the beauty industry and allowed me to see how normal each of these women were. This is great for readers to see so they too believe they can make it in their careers whether it is in beauty or not.

          In my opinion this magazine has the perfect balance of adverts to articles. Plus I love that it is a magazine for real women! It is not showing pictures of celebrities on the red carpet completely airbrushed and it is not updating you on celebrity's marriages and breakups. It is talking about daily issues that women go through and would like answers on.

          It is always an eye catching magazine for example, the last month's issue had an actress on the front with a lime green background.

          Although £3.50 is a little pricier to pay than some other magazines on the market it, it is well worth that bit extra. Some of the cheaper magazines I can read in all of about 20 minutes whereas if I read this magazine from cover to cover in one go I think it would take me a good three hours. This is perhaps why it has been called the fastest growing women's magazine. However it has been stated that it is for women of 35 years onwards which I do not agree with at all. I think it is interesting for women of 20 years onwards.

          There is also a Women & Home website with forums about recently published articles in the magazine. This is great for people suffering with particular issues at home to be able to talk them through with other people in similar situations: www.womanandhome.com/

          A great full packed magazine!


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            07.06.2009 19:03
            Very helpful
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            They promote a brand new attitude

            I find most Woman's monthly magazines are packed with adverts and feel that I have paid out my hard earned cash to be bombarded with their sales tactics. Woman & Home magazine does, of course, have adverts - but there are many articles in between them and therefore unlike other magazines I haven't read them in no time. I would say their target readership is anyone from 25-90 as long as the older they get, they maintain a fresh attitude to life. I have my current copy in front of me and the article counts are 23 feature items, plus 5 on fashion, 6 on beauty, 5 on health & wellbeing, 5 on home & food and 3 on travel, add this to the regular items e.g. reader's letters, shopping news, competitions and their special offers and you should have plenty to keep you interested. My opinion is that the standard of journalism is very good. Give it a go- I am sure you will be glad you did.


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