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For celebrity gossip, fashion and beauty, soap news, real life news and ...

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    2 Reviews
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      04.01.2012 12:27



      For readers of all ages

      Woman magazine has been around for as long as I can remember, my mum used to read it when I was still a child (many years ago now!). It is still a very popular magazine because it keeps ahead of current trends and it appeals to a wide age group of readers.
      I brought the December 2011 issue last week in my local Co-op. I was in the mood for reading a magazine but did not have much money on me.The first thing that attracted me to this particular issue was the price, 60p (usual price 92p) so this tempted me to buy Woman magazine for the first time in years.
      I have enjoyed reading this issue containing lots of enjoyable features including ;

      Money saving advice
      Celebrity features

      **Useful info**
      Whenever I read a magazine I always look at the magazine website for more information. Woman does not have its own website but has a page on Goodtoknow


      Goodtoknow is an interesting website in its own right. I particularly like the fun and win page where you can find many great competitions. The community page has a forum where you can chat to like minded people.

      **Useful websites**

      http://woman.ipcshop.co.uk/cms/home Offers 10% discount on all products to woman magazine subscribers

      http://www.facebook.com/womanmagazine Woman magazine Facebook page

      http://www.womanbingo.com/ Womanbingo, join today and they will triple your deposit

      http://www.ipcmedia.com/ Publisher of Woman magazine


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      17.06.2011 19:05
      Very helpful
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      A great magazine for women of all ages - great price too!

      Those of you who are regular readers of my reviews will know that I love to read. I have always loved reading whether it be books or magazines. Now a year ago, when I was working full time during my 'year out' from education, I would buy every single magazine you could think of. Now, I'm a student again, money is tight and so now I can't really afford these 'little' luxuries as much as before. Although, when I was in my local shop the other day and saw a magazine that said 'New Money Tips- Save a bit & Live A Lot', I didn't hesitate to buy it.

      The magazine in question is a British magazine called 'Woman'. The magazine is a lifestyle magazine aimed at women in their thirties and forties (although I would say that it also goes younger and older). The magazine is published every Tuesday and is available for just 92p.

      The first thing I notice, is obviously the cover of the magazine! It is indeed a cover which I would describe as being a bun. Whilst there is an element of 'mature' about the cover, there is also a part of it which screams 'fun'. The image of Dannii Minouge on the cover, posing suggest that this magazine is for modern women of all ages.

      One of the major things which I love about this magazine is the fact that it covers many topics. Such topics include: everyday life, health, beauty, celebrities, real life stories, problem pages, horoscopes...the lot! I would therefore say that this magazine has some appeal to everyone!

      There are some interesting articles in this magazine; articles which cover all kinds of things. In this magazine, you have the usuals such as the fashion pages, and news from the showbiz world (although this topic is only lightly covered and only takes up one double page rather than the majority of the magazine like a lot of other magazines.) etc.

      There are also articles which is based along the lines of 'what would you do if your man cheated?'. There is also a real-life story about a lady in her sixties who has just had twins. Whilst I do indulge in 'real life' magazines once in a while, I do like the fact that the real life stories are limited in this magazine as they are often long and boring (unless of course they are about something you like/enjoy/find interesting).

      The articles in this magazines are ones which the readers can easily read about and are the kind of the things that the readers are desperate to know about. For example, money is tight and so everyone is on the lookout for ways on which they can save a bob or two, and so it is great that there is a big article dedicated to making and saving money. I found this to be a great article, especially as it is divided into parts 'how to make money on holiday' and 'how to make money at home' and so on.

      If you like to keep up to date with the trends, then you will be pleased to know that there are some pages in this magazine which are dedicated to fashion. Whilst the fashion is up-to-date, it is quite simple and there is nothing over the top which is good news. I feel as though I could wear some of the items featured in the magazine, whilst in magazines such as 'More' and 'Cosmopolitan', I would not have the guts to wear some of the 'straight-off-the-catwalk' kind of looks.

      If you like your food then you will be pleased to learn that there are some recipies in here as well as some diet tips such as '10 foods that turn off hunger' as well as an article comparing supermarket items.

      There is a health page which has a small column which includes questions from the readers and answers from a doctor. The article also focuses on a health problem; this week it is diabetes which I think is very useful.

      There is also a travel section which tells you about the best deals and places to go.

      Those mentioned above are just some of the many articles featured in this magazine! There really is something in here for everyone.

      I like the fact that the majority of articles are short and sweet. I think that the longest articles are the real life stories, at around two pages each which I think is good. I like short- easy-to-read articles, as it means that they are the perfect for reading whilst chilling out after a hard day at work as they do not require much thinking.

      I remember going for piano lessons when I was younger, and there was always a pile of 'Woman' magazines on the coffee table. I remember thinking at the time that this was an 'old woman's magazine. Although, now that I am in my twenties, I actually think that whilst this magazine seems to be mainly centred around 'middle aged women', I do think that there is something in there for all women.

      I like the fact that the magazine isn't too celebrity obsessed. Whilst I do love a bit of celebrity gossip, I do realise that the majority of it is made up stuff, yet there is a huge element of it which still interests me. Such so-called celebrities featured in this magazine, include 'real women' like the likes of Lorraine Kelly and Kate Middleton. I like the fact that the stars featured are real women as I think that they are more interesting, and are more inspiring that celebrities such as Katie Price and Cheryl Cole (I mean, who REALLY cares about their latest night out or who they are dating now?'.

      There are adverts aplently in this magazine. Having had a quick flick through, I counted approximately 12 adds for a magazine of seventy eight pages, which I do not consider to be too bad. When I am reading my more expensive magazines such as 'Cosmopolitan and 'Marie Claire' which are around the £3.80+ plus mark, I hate seeing hundreds of adverts in the magazines. However, with a cheap and cheerful magazine like this, I actually find the adverts quite interesting; they are mainly for household things; washing powders etc, rather than 'airbrushed-celebrities' advertising their latest money-making endorsements.

      I feel that I have to give praise for the price. There isn't a lot that you can get for just 92p these days, and for such fantastic quality too!! Now that is what I call a great and affordable magazine!

      A magazine which I would recommend to all women; regardless of your age!

      Thanks for reading!
      June 2011
      xd-o-n-z-x (also posted under xdonzx on ciao)


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