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Xbox 360 The Official Xbox Magazine

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    1 Review
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      23.08.2009 19:01
      Very helpful



      Truly, its not worth the price. If you really want to see what they say, go to their website instead

      If, like me, you have a 'healthy interest' in video games, no doubt you will always want to be kept up to date with latest news, preivews and reviews from the industry right?

      Well, for those of you with Xbox 360's, the logical place to look would be in the OFFICIAL Xbox 360 Magazine (more lovingly known as OXM).

      OXM is a monthly publication, published through Future Publishing who also publishes (i like the word publish) OXM's sister magazine, Official PS3/Nintendo and PC Gamer amongst a whole plethora of other video game, Music, technology, film and sports magazines.

      First released in November of 2001 for the original Xbox, OXM continued as a monthly publication throughout the life of the Xbox then changed its name to 'Official Xbox 360 Magazine' just prior to the Launch of the Xbox 360 in December 2005.

      During its run alongside the original Xbox, oxm was noted for its consistency of high quality, reliable reviews and its inside scoop on games and other important news, which has come to be expected from them as they are the Official Microsoft Licensed publication.

      However since the launch of the Xbox 360, OXM has been quite noticeably in decline. The quality of the actual publication of the magazine is still excellent, however their reviews are often far more objective, dependant purely upon who is reviewing and their personal feelings towards the game, and as such many former readers have been somewhat turned off from buying the magazine. It has also been noted that, despite their being the 'official' publication, oxm are often one of the last teams to find out industry news and they next to never get exclusive review or interviews as readers had come to expect. So much so is the down turn in the quality of their journalism that it often occurs that readers will find out news before oxm and then report it to them via their official website and community forums. IT has also occured on more than one occasion that through simple lazy research, oxm has wrongly reported on a news story and have suffered a degree of backlash on their official forums from people who already knew the correct information or were able to find it with minimum effort. Oxm have in recent times become somewhat notorious for not checking rumours and news reports through official sources, such as checking for official reports on a game developers or publishers website.

      As for the bulk of the publication, OCM does manage some interesting and well thought out articles at times, recommending the best TV or surround sound system to get the most out of your gaming experience for example. However, with the down turn in quality of reviews, the level of trust in the information provided by OXM has also taken a sharp decline, ultimately rendering this magazine as unreliable and not worth the money to buy.


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