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Yorkshire Evening Post

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    2 Reviews
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      13.01.2007 01:12



      brilliant to air reviews and comments

      Thatcher Vs the evil dead 1980’s movie
      Frankie Smales

      In the 80’s prime minister Margret Thatcher started
      An campaigne to ban violent horror movies from being released
      And shelved on video one of them was Sam rami’s cult movie classic
      The evil dead because it contains an level of brutal violence including
      The tree rape scene where an woman got attacked by an demonic tree
      And due to the big Sucess at the big screen along came the video release and thatcher did not want it to be released on video and labled
      The evil dead as an video nasty and according to the various tabloids
      Stated that the evil dead was one of the most vile movies ever and
      Also wanted it band along with horror movies like i’ll spit on your grave and the cannibalistic movie cannibal ferox but later in an interview with Johnathon ross the writter and director of evil dead Sam rami came clean and apoligise for any offence the movie it caused for the tree rape scene in evil dead and rami said that he regretted for that scene that was included and he even testified in court that the evil dead movie was not intended to offend viewers and the movie was
      Realy intend to shock people and make them laugh before the movie was exposed as an movie shocker nasty the novelist creator for blockbusting novels like the stand and Carrie Stephen king gaved
      The evil dead an approval to Sam rami and the director of the movie continued to protest to get the movie uncut and for general video released and the company palace video who released video hits like high spirits got the rights from the producers of evil dead to get it
      Released on both Beta max and later on Vhs format the board of censors
      Failed the evil dead movie the first time and labled it an video nasty but it did
      Not Stop Sam rami for getting the movie released on video and shelved
      At video and record stores in the united kingdom but later the Brittish board of certification finaly give the evil dead the green light and got
      It released by palace home video and got it distributed accross the uk
      In video an d record stores and the evil dead video succession was sky high and it led Sam rami along with the movies producers Bruce Campbell and Robert tappert to make the next installment of the
      Evil dead franchise and from then on it got an huge fan based world
      Wide over but the legacy of banning horror movies were far from
      Over and the battle continues and the evil dead will always remain
      One of the Most Great 1980’s horror movies ever made even after
      Margret Thatcher is gone and the movie sky Rocket the Careers of
      The director Sam rami who later did the evil dead sequels and
      Bruce Campbell who later did maniac cop and Xena and the fan base
      Will Continue to Explode.


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        28.06.2001 00:15



        The Yorkshire Evening Post is the best known of the newspapers published by YPN. The others are the Yorkshire Post, Yorkshire Sport, The Yeller and Leeds Weekly News (which I work on :-)) A daily paper, it carries all the local news, views and reviews and has award winning journalists among it's staff. It was actually founded in the late 1800s and is available throughout the whole of the Yorkshire region. Daily circulation is around the 101,000 mark. The readers' letters page is particularly lively and there is often fierce debate regarding both local and national issues. The classified section is very large and carries ads for cars, personals, household etc. Every Thursday there is a jobs section which is *the* place everyone looks first when they are looking for employment. Sport is always well catered for too as we have our beloved Leeds United to write about, and there is always loads of up to date information about our local team. Although the paper can be picked up from obvious suppliers, every so often they have a promotion to encourage people to have the paper delivered to their door. As I said earlier, some of the staff writers have won jouranism awards and the standard of journalism is every bit as good as in the nationals. Thereare designated writers for education, health, features etc and the content is always a mixture of hard hitting, local and more lighthearted features.


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