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3 Reviews
  • Lots of photos
  • Fun
  • only monthly
  • A little pricey
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    3 Reviews
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      11.08.2014 16:40
      Very helpful


      • "Helpful content"
      • "Lots of photos"
      • Fun


      • "A little pricey"
      • "only monthly"

      A fun magazine for cat lovers

      This doesn't seem to be a magazine that is widely stocked, so you're not likely to find it in a small local newsagent, but you should be able to find or order a copy from larger retailers such as WHSmith.
      The magazine costs £3.35 which is a little expensive as it's not that big, but it is monthly and a yearly subscription costs £25 so you can save a bit if you're planning on getting it regularly.

      Advertising - With most magazines I find advertising annoying, but the adverts in this are relevant and informative. For example advertising people who can "cat proof" your garden or build an outdoor, cat food, toys and equipment which you may be interested in.
      Features - A range of articles on a specific breed or a cat related project. These are well written with a good balance of opinion and factual information so it makes interesting reading rather than reading like a textbook.
      I have a May issue open at the moment as it has a guide to grooming at home including tips and photographs which is something I could really use help with.

      In that issue there's also a helpful guide to picking which breed is for you. I think it's really good as many people opt for the first cute kitten they see and don't realise how breeds can differ in personality. It suggests breeds that would be good for elderly people, those living in flats, cats that don't crave attention and may be suited to people who aren't in the house all day and good family pets.
      There is also a list of breeders which is handy as there are so many around the few listed here you would hope to be reputable and trustworthy.

      They feature rescue and adoption stories and advertise fundraising events and cat shows so it could be handy if you wanted to see what's going on near you.

      Letters & Photos - There are plenty of readers letters and photographs filling the pages, I love to look at these as you see cats of different ages, breeds and get to read some funny stories of what they've been getting up to. They also offer a small prize to readers sharing their own photos and stories.

      Other stuff - There are fictional and real life cat stories, a "catwalk" page showing cat themed clothing and accessories, write ups on cat books, a crossword, competitions and much more!

      I enjoyed reading this magazine, it has a really good balance of photos and written content. I think most cat lovers would find it a good read.
      The competition prizes are a bit naff but that's probably because there's plenty of giveaways to readers for submitting their own pics and stories.
      It's not a magazine I would be rushing out to buy or ordering each month but if I spotted it on the shelf I'd probably pick up a copy to get my kitty fix for the day.


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      11.11.2009 23:55
      Very helpful



      A purrfect pick-me-up (sorry, had to be done!)

      All cat lovers should buy this monthly magazine at least once in their lives. I like it for so many reasons. One being that it is full of contributions from readers; not just in the many letters pages but in the cat photographs pages, and focus groups where they test products for cats, such as litter trays.

      I find it so interesting reading the letters pages. They always seem to be from people with common sense and I am simply fascinated by cats.

      The editorial content is beautiful. There are always interesting articles of high journalistic standard. They have a hilarious column every issue where a fictional cat answers fictional cat problems, such as "my owner sprays me with a hose when I chase the birds in the garden". Maybe it's just my sense of humour.

      Every issue they do a "spotlight" on a specific breed of cat, for example the Persian or the Ragdoll; full of clear, specific information regarding the breed, like whether it is a generally affectionate breed, or whether they are a more intelligent cat.

      They always have a big part of the magazine devoted to cats' health, where readers can write in with any concerns they have about their cat, and a trained, experienced vet and cat lover will answer them.

      They also always advertise the many boarding catteries cat rescue organisations and show various cats that are up for adoption in the UK.

      At the back they have a classifieds section where cat breeders can advertise. Depending on your opinion this can be a good or bad thing.

      It's a bit steep at £3.50 but reading the magazine never fails to put me in a good mood and I highly recommend it. You can pick it up in WH Smith or any newsagent that likes to stock lots of different magazines.


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        24.11.2005 18:29
        Very helpful



        Glossy magazine for cat lovers

        The magazine YOUR CAT first appeared in the shops eleven years ago. It is a glossy magazine for cat lovers and contains articles on celebrities (and their cats of course), gardening, crafts, kitten-care and, of course, cats!

        Regular columns are: "Cat's Eye" which is several pages of news items, competitions, new products, gossip and other snippets, freebies, etc.

        "Caught in the Act" is a picture gallery of reader's cats and "Cat Chat" is about four pages of letters.

        There is also "Feline File" including the kitten buyers' guide which is advertisements for kittens for sale and also a pen pals column. This is followed by the classified section.

        This is a magazine that should appeal to anyone who has the slightest interest in cats, from the complete beginner to the expert, as it has breed profiles and expert advice on veterinary and behavioural problems. The experts being: Sarah Heath (Behaviour), Alison Jones (Nutrition), Megan Kearney (Homoeopathy)and Martha Cannon (Veterinary) - these are all veterinary surgeons and are joined by Barry Kirk (Showing), Claire Bessant (General care), Jo-Ann Dono (Bereavement).

        There are also true stories and fiction and even a craft section which at present is running a series of cross-stitch designs with a theme of cartoon cats.

        Generally speaking, it is a magazine that you can pick up and just 'dip' into - or read from cover to cover if you have the time. Of course, one of the most attractive features is the abundance of beautiful photographs, plus the fact that you can send in photos of your own cats for inclusion in the "Caught in the Act" page - or "Rascal of the Month" which is sponsored by Felix. The winner of this each month receives a selection of Felix products.

        YOUR CAT magazine is published monthly - usually about 15th of the month and costs £2.85 although there is usually a substantial reduction if you take out a subscription - sometimes also including a free gift. The U.K. subscription at the moment is £34.20 for 12 months.

        I would recommend this to any cat lover.

        Thank-you for reading


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        Your Cat is the magazine for cat lovers everywhere.

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