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Popular UK magazine for the over 50s.

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    4 Reviews
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      18.01.2012 11:34
      Very helpful



      We all enjoy reading it

      Yours magazine is a fortnightly magazine priced £1.40 and aimed at the 50+ reader. I brought this magazine because my mum sometimes has a subscription of Yours magazine as a birthday or Christmas pressie from us ( her last subscription has since run out) and she passes it on to me. I used to read Yours magazine even before I reached the grand old age of 50 and I always found this magazine interesting.
      What I particularly enjoy doing is the competitions, I am mad on them, so when I saw the January edition of Yours in the Co-op , with PUZZLES &COMPS WIN £6,670, written boldly on the top of the front page I thought I will have a go. There was also an offer for 2 free books that I thought I might find interesting, being the sort of offer where you get the books free but have to pay the p+p.
      This book is aimed at women although the men in my family enjoy reading it too, my dad likes reading the real life stories that are sent in by readers and my husband loves any magazine or book that keeps me quiet while he is watching the sport on TV (if I am bored,I nag apparently.)
      So for £1.40 a fortnight Yours magazine is well worth buying as it keeps us all amused for hours , and maybe even contributes towards helping a happy marriage.


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      08.06.2011 20:10
      Very helpful



      Magazine especially aimed at over 50's

      My daughter finished up work recently prior to having a baby and apart from loads of vouchers, her colleagues gave her a fun bag with an assortment of things to take with her to pass the time whilst in labour, and one of these was a magazine called YOURS. She thought they had just picked it up without checking that it is aimed at the older woman and so gave it to me!

      It is A4 size and has a glossy cover, my copy has 130 pages but my first impression was the inside pages were made of cheap paper. The more I read it I got used to the paper, which could be recycled by the feel, and the colour pictures were OK. This first impression did put me off, but the more I read the magazine, the more I realised it was excellent value at only £1.40 and in fact if you take out a subscription it reduces to only £1 a copy. It is published fortnightly.

      This magazine was a most enjoyable read, which came as a big surprise to me as so often magazines are full of celebrities that don't interest me, or how to change your house with things that the average person will never be able to afford and especially the fact our house would fit into one of their rooms!

      The index clearly sets out the different sections and a short message from the Editor. There was a section on star chat about Arlene Phillips, but even I could cope with a couple of pages and also Kevin Whateley, who admits to being surprised as he is described as a "Heart-throb!" I enjoyed the Real life section about a real Vicar of Dibley, a lady vicar who moved from Sheffield to the Dales, very different for her to cope with, but less stressful.

      A wonderful article about some children who were born with Downs and who started a dance troupe and had been on television and another about a Granny who is in the TA and has been nursing soldiers in Afghanistan. These were real life interesting stories not a load of scandal.

      Several pages of letters about things people want to rant about, want to share or just tell others, including a Senior moment's column with some funny incidents, that people didn't mind sharing and had me laughing!

      A page on Talking point I found very interesting about Toilets - you might think an odd subject but it said that there are only 4,000 loo-cations in this country now. I have a medical problem and often need to visit a loo quickly, I always check where they are when visiting somewhere new, and have found many toilets boarded up, so found this article interesting, and may well write to my MP as was suggested!

      Fashion and Beauty aimed at the older woman was interesting with fashionable clothes aimed at the 50+ and the result from testers on bust firming cream. Recharge your health had lots of paragraphs about different things that you can change to make improvements. I particularly enjoyed an article on losing weight and lowering cholesterol.

      Advice was given in the "Ask us Anything" section, lots of questions were answered and tips on how to avoid being scammed. Continuing in this section there was an article on how to plant an Easter container, and medical and money matters were discussed too. Anti-ageing beauty tricks for the 50's, 60's and 70's remind the reader to change their beauty regime as they get older. Another gardening section appears later in the magazine.

      The Memories section showed clothes people wore, and reminded me of my wedding back in the 1960's. There was a section for people looking for friends - this surprised me as hadn't expected men to buy this magazine, although some articles were suitable for both sexes, but primarily I would say it's a woman's magazine. Also people looking for named friends and relations they have lost contact with.

      No magazine would be complete without some cooking articles and this edition had some recipes for meat free meals.

      A lovely pattern for a striped short sleeve cardi was included andas the pattern would cost more than the actual magazine, I considered it great value, and would be good to take on holiday to one of the places suggested in the travel section. There was even a page of offers from Yours with a smart travel bag or luxury memory foam topper on offer.

      This magazine as I said is aimed at older people and so many older people are now carers so a section about caring seems very fitting. I enjoyed the puzzles section with crosswords and sudoko amongst other things, and there were several prizes you could try to win by going online or phoning. An excellent short story filled a coffee break and for people who like to read horoscopes there was a page to read. I was impressed that weren't too many pages of adverts and they were aimed at older people including some holidays at home and abroad.

      Yours is also available as a Tape version who the blind and partially sighted from TNAUK.

      I picked this magazine up so many times and read a few pages at a time, it would be an excellent magazine to read when travelling and one I will happily buy in the future. It is definitely aimed at the more mature lady, but not old fashioned in any way. Excellent value for money.


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        22.10.2010 02:03
        Very helpful



        I'm hooked, and you might be too!

        Although I've never been the world's greatest magazine reader, plus I loathe those which scream celebrity fever at me, I did used to enjoy publications such as Cosmopolitan, and She magazine when they seemed a lot better than they now appear to be. In more recent years I've found that the 'glossies' are largely aimed at an age group which I long ago slipped out of, and as I found many women's weekly magazines somewhat repetitive and boring, I abandoned them altogether.

        Stuck in hospital back in July, feeling bored and needing something to read which wasn't too demanding, I collared the lady who wheeled her trolley through the ward each morning, selling things like newspapers, magazines, Maltesers and Pringles. Amongst the selection of crossword magazines and things like Woman's Own, I noticed something I'd either never seen before, or maybe I had had seen and took so little notice of that it didn't hook itself into my memory bank. The magazine which was catching my eye seemed to jump off the lady's trolley and drop onto my bed, almost as if it was made for me and urging me to read it.....this magazine is called Yours.

        Yours magazine is issued fortnightly and is aimed at the over-50s - primarily intended for women, although I'm sure some men do read it. It currently costs £1.40 and contains approximately 140 to 145 pages per issue - so is pretty thick - and is printed on slightly lower quality paper than other magazines, but so long as what's inside is readable, that's not a problem for me.

        On buying Yours whilst I was in hospital, I was astonished to find that I really enjoyed reading it from cover to cover, and it somehow made me feel safe and secure. Up until then, I'd viewed magazines of this nature which are aimed at the not so young woman with some scorn, as they didn't seem to be racy or in touch with any kind of buzz, or something like that, but reading this issue of Yours made me not want to wait a whole fortnight for the next issue, as I found it extremely interesting.

        I've since bought Yours every fortnight, and it keeps me out of mischief for a few hours whilst I read it, and I can honestly say that so far, I haven't found it in the slightest 'fuddy-duddy-ish' or boring - in fact, quite the opposite.

        There are regular features each fortnight, such as a readers' letters page, problem page, a section where readers send in photos of themselves taken way back when...some as early as the 1930s/1940s - that's probably my favourite section - plus a 'find a friend' page, and a section whereby people write in who are looking for something, such as an old books, old knitting patterns or music records....anything really, in the hope that somebody else out there may be able to help them find what they want.

        Probably due to the age group the magazine is aimed at, there are quite a few health-related articles, some of which I personally have found very useful.

        Each fortnight the magazine will contain a couple of interviews with famous people, but they aren't conducted in a frantic 'celeb-fever' way - they are much calmer and not in the slightest bit sensationalist...they are merely an 'on the couch' type conversation between the famous person and the columnist/interviewer. The latest issue (at the time of writing this review) of Yours contains interviews with Felicity Kendal and Judy Finnigan, both of which I found very readable and interesting, despite not especially being a fan of either of those two women.

        Like most magazines, there is a regular horoscopes feature and a puzzles page, and each fortnight there will be a special offer, whereby if you buy a certain advertised product, you will receive a freebie - this fortnight's issue of Yours gives away a 'free' amethyst bracelet, apparently worth £13.95, if you buy a matching amethyst necklace costing £11.95.

        The magazine also contains various little articles which some people will like to read, such as travel/holiday features, gardening articles and other things of ordinary day to day life interest.

        Of course Yours has its fair share of adverts, but I don't find most of them boring. These adverts are, like with the other articles and features contained within, largely aimed at a more senior age group and are for things such as bathroom aids, retirement properties, reclining chairs, housework aids, clothes and lots more. There is also at least one knitting pattern published with easy to follow instructions.

        One thing which has always irritated me about magazines is the plethora of leaflets etc. which shower out and onto the floor the minute you open it, and Yours is no exception - but is less guilty of this sin than lots of other publications.

        To make life easier for those of us whose eyesight isn't what it used to be, the print size throughout the magazine is slightly larger than what we would normally expect, but not so large that some people who still have the visual capabilities of a hawk, won't feel belittled or insulted.

        It's October now and I've read every fortnightly issue of Yours since the first one I bought from my hospital bed back in July. I can't promise that I'll always look forward to dashing to the local newsagent to snare myself a copy, as in time I predict that I may find the regular contents of the magazine a little on the repetitive side, but until that day comes, I shall buy and read each copy with relish.

        Overall and in my opinion, Yours is an intelligent and so far (for me) interesting magazine aimed at females who are no longer spring chickens, and its attitude towards its readers is respectful rather than patronising. The general mood and feel is gently upbeat, recognising the fact that just because a woman is over 50, she's not necessarily over the hill, and is still in full possession of her marbles.

        I so far don't really have any complaints at all about Yours, and already I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms having to wait yet another week for the next issue....maybe that could be seen as one tiny gripe I have, in that I would prefer it to be published on a weekly basis.

        I'd strongly recommend Yours to any female over a certain age (and males too who aren't ashamed to read and enjoy things which are supposedly intended for women) who find other magazines a little on the facile side. Yours isn't what I'd call deep reading, and you won't need a masters degree in English literature to enjoy the contents, but it does in my opinion have quite a bit more enjoyable substance than some of its rivals.

        Thanks for reading!


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          27.11.2009 15:39
          Very helpful



          A great subscritpion gift for the older members of your family or to take on a hospital visit

          Looking at the choices of magazines to entertain me on a train journey there was quite an array but-I have no interest in so called "celebrity gossip" and that ruled out an awful lot of the choices available. I am house hunting and not being successful, so the home and design magazines would just depress me at the moment. I am not a spring chicken so that rules out all of those packed with youth fashion, dating and make up. I hate magazines that have more adverts than articles and more pictures than words. So here I am faced with racks and racks and more racks of magazines- but seemingly very little choice.

          Then I saw a magazine called YOURS with articles advertised on the cover that looked of interest - a quick flick through and I saw that for £1.40 I was going to get quite a lot of reading material that was aimed at me - the over 50 team.

          So rail ticket and Yours mag in hand off I went.

          I had 164 pages of mag and enough to keep me entertained without coming up for air for the next hour and a half of my journey.

          Let me take you inside one of the issues, ( it comes out fortnightly).

          Four real life stories.
          One article campaign on GP charges.
          Six celebrity articles ( not gossip!).
          Three nostalgia pieces eg. I was a supermodel in the sixties.
          Three articles on health and beauty.
          Three pieces on fashion.
          Three special feature articles- in this copy, moving home and health on a budget and having fun with your grandchildren.

          Then there are the regular features, gardening, cooking. travel, puzzles and competitions, moneysaving, horoscopes and readers letters. In this issue you can also send of for a free necklace worth £15.95.

          Now I do not deny for a moment that I am still too young to appreciate some of the articles and tips and appreciate some of the readers letters. The adverts are mainly aimed at people much older than myself.

          But penny for penny I found that this mag kept me interested for my whole journey and at the end of the line- I still, if I so wished could have taken the mag with me to do the competitions and the puzzles. Certainly value for money.

          But more importantly I found at the end of the magazine I had learned quite a bit and it was still worth the money even allowing for the sections for which I am still too young to appreciate.

          I felt at first that picking up a magazine aimed at the over fifties was a bit-errrrrrrrr-well you know- don't you ladies! and being seen reading it- oh dear! But then that is one of the advantages of getting older- as long as what you are doing isn't illegal, immoral or fattening- you know longer give one iota of care on what anybody else thinks.

          I shall certainly being checking out later this month when I am off on the same journey again and I look forward to it.


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