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17 Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks

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  • works well....
  • Nice format
  • ..... But apply with care!
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    3 Reviews
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      10.09.2014 18:52
      Very helpful


      • " works well...."
      • "Nice format"


      • "..... But apply with care! "

      Go easy with this bronzer!

      What is it?

      This is a bronzing powder - with a bit of a difference. As with all bronzers, they are designed to give some natural colour to your cheekbones (and other parts of the body if you so wish!). But the difference is in the format.

      Instead of being a compact powder palette, or bronzing balls, these are little rocks - although I would more realistically describe them as pebbles! The little pebbles come in an array of gold and bronze shades, and some of them have a more pinky gold look to them.

      How much?

      A pot of bronzing rocks will set you back gbp4.99 and is part of the Boots SEVENTEEN range of cosmetics, so is only available from Boots. It is currently part of a 3 for 2 deal on SEVENTEEN make up.

      Using the product

      The pot of bronzing rocks is square but, as you can see in the main image, the rocks themselves sit in a little circular space inside. It's the perfect shape and size for a nice big bronzing brush, so this packaging is well designed.

      I always apply bronzer with a large brush and then sweep it onto the apples of my cheeks. This goes on nicely and as easily as other bronzers I've used, so it is certainly no problem to apply this, and it can be done in a matter of seconds.

      This definitely gives a good, strong hit of colour to the cheeks and is not one for fans of a more subtle look! I actually find this is bordering on being a little too much for me - even though I have olive skin so am a tiny bit brown to begin with!

      Unlike other bronzers I use, this one does look a lot more unnatural to me and I have to be very careful with how much of this I apply. It is definitely one that I am more likely to use in the summer months when I have a bit more colour to my cheeks and a hint of a tan. Otherwise I find it can easily verge on looking fake!

      The verdict

      I like the style of this bronzer - the rocks are attractive and the packaging is well designed. However I do find that it is a bit strong for me so I have to apply it very liberally or I risk looking like I've been tangoed! I will continue to use this product on occasion but I will handle with care.

      In summary: A good bronzer that needs careful application!


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      10.07.2013 13:37
      Very helpful



      17 bronzing rocks

      These rocks rock!

      I recently had quite a bit of money saved up on my Boots Advantage card so decided to treat myself to a few products I had my eye on for a while. One of those product was these cool bronzing rocks from the 17 range in Boots.

      I had seen some advertising for Boots 17 bronzing summer range and this was one of their featured products. I love shimmer and bronzing products during the summer time and find them a great way of adding a bit of colour to my face and body without looking too tanned and orange.

      These rocks come in really cool packaging, a square see through plastic case where you can see the rocks in the bottom in a round space in the middle of the case. Once I figured out how to get the top off I could get to the rocks. The top is a square plastic lid and you actually need to twist it to get it off, not pull like I tried to do for the first five minutes or so after I bought this product. I find this lid stays on really well and never comes off in my make up bag as it's so hard to do. Then you will find a protective piece of foam which is handy and which I keep in there to make sure none of the bronzing dust comes off and doesn't end up going everywhere.

      Boots say, "Rock on...with the SEVENTEEN Instant Glow Bronzing Rocks. These gorgeous pink and bronze rocks can be used to contour, highlight, and create a bronzed shimmer. Just dust on with the SEVENTEEN Shimmer brush, or use the rocks individually to create a more intense effect."

      The rocks are actually really cool looking. They actually look like rocks and have a really gorgeous shimmer and shine to them, they almost look like semi-precious gems, they're that cool. I guess it's the same principal as bronzing pearls but I think the rock effect gives more angles for the bronzing powder to cling to so you get a better coverage in my opinion when you dip your brush in. I have the 17 bronzing brush and I only have to dip it lightly into these rocks to get a good coverage of the powder which I can then dust on my face.

      I would say there's a half and half mix between bronze coloured rocks and pink rocks and it's this colour combination that gives my face a really even glow and doesn't make it end up looking like I've got too much bronze highlighter on. That being said you do need to go quite sparingly with this. When I first tried it I got quite a bit of shimmer on my face and it looked unnatural so I find one or two dips of the brush will do the whole face and just give it that nice glow rather than being scarily bronzed. For my chest and arms I can go a bit deeper and apply a few more brush strokes.

      The powder lasts quite a long while during the day and just gives me a really nice summery glow. The rocks only cost £4.99 which I think is a great price considering more expensive make up brands can charge quite a bit more whilst you only achieve really the same results.

      A great way to shimmer this summer.


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      07.05.2012 16:46
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Bronzinf rocks for a sun-kissed glow.

      This product is made by 17 which is Boots own brand, so is only available in Boots stores. The 17 range is very good value for money and their products are of good quality. I previously used the bronzing pearls by the 17 range; how-ever they have since re-designed this range and bought out many new products to add to it, including the bronzing rocks. The bronzing rocks are suitable for face and body to create a bronzed/sun-kissed glow. The rocks are best applied with a bronzing brush which is also available to buy in the 17 range. The rocks can be used all over the face and body or just the apple of your cheeks to give your face a light shimmer and some colour. The rocks give you an instant glow and can be washed off easily using warm water and a little soap.

      This product is only available to buy in Boots stores and cost me £4.99.

      ~ PACKAGING ~
      The bronzing rocks come in a square acrylic pot which is clear so you can see the bronzing rocks inside. The lid is also square and is black in colour with gold writing on the top. There is a small blue sticker on the lid which states that the product is new. On the lid it states that the product inside is instant glow bronzing rocks, which are wash off. On the bottom of the pot there is a round sticker with a list of ingredients and how to use the product. The packaging for the product is quite unique as I have seen bronzing pearls in round pot's which are very simple in design. If you look thorough the side of the pot you can see there is a cut out circle in the middle of the pot in which the bronzing rocks sit in. The way the pot has been designed and shaped gives the impression as though this product is quite expensive. Personally I think the pot is quite bulky and a little heavy, how-ever I do like the look and design of it.

      The lid of the pot is easy to unscrew, and once this has been done it reveals a foam circle which sits on top of the rocks, which I presume is to protect them from moving about. The rocks are all different shapes, but are quite similar in size. Some of the rocks are a bronze colour, whilst others are a very light metallic pink colour. There is no smell to the product at all. I ran my finger lightly over the rocks to see how intense the colour would look, as the last thing I wanted to do was look orange or fake! A nice amount of colour was transferred onto my finger which was very shimmery and light pink in colour.

      When purchasing the bronzing rocks I also bought the shimmer brush to go with the product which didn't actually cost me anything, as it was in the 3 for 2 offers which is currently on at boots. I swirled the brush around on top of the bronzing rocks, ready to apply to my face. (I had previously applied foundation before applying this product, how-ever my foundation is a very natural colour and doesn't give me extra colouring such as tanning or a sun-kissed look, which is why I am using the bronzing rocks). Using the bronzing brush I swirled the brush around on top of the rocks to ensure I picked up some colour from them. I looked on the brush and there didn't look as though there was actually any product on the brush, how-ever used the brush to dust the product all over my face anyway for a sun-kissed glow. I looked in the mirror and didn't really feel as though the rocks made much of a difference, so I swirled the brush over the tops of the rocks for a bit longer and then dusted this over my face.

      ~ RESULTS ~
      The 2nd time I dusted the product over my face, I looked in the mirror and this time my face had some extra colour to it. My skin looked sun-kissed and had a nice summer glow to it and there was a hint of shimmer to my skin as well. I loved the way the bronzing rocks gave my face some colour and it made me look sun-kissed. I didn't feel the need to put anymore of the product on as I didn't want to look too sun-kissed or start to look orange. The bronzing rocks gave me a natural looking colour without looking fake. I was really impressed with the results.
      The product stayed looking great on my skin all day until the evening which is when I took the product off. The product is easily removed with facial wipes (I use simple wipes), and there were no allergic reactions or effects from the bronzing rocks. The product was kind to my skin and didn't leave it feeling oily or greasy.

      This is another great product from 17 that does everything it claims to and is good value as well. The packaging makes the product look more expensive that it actually is and although it's a little bulky, it's a nice shape and design. You only need to use a small amount of the bronzing rocks in order to achieve a sun-kissed looked which means the product should last quite a while, depending on how often you use and if you use it on your body as well as your face. I will personally only use this on my face as I use other fake tanning products on my skin. I give this product 5 out of 5 stars as it looks natural and is kind to my skin.

      (review also on ciao)


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