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17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish

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32 Reviews

Brand: Boots 17 / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Polish / Suitable for: Nails

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    32 Reviews
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      18.09.2013 13:01
      Very helpful



      Cheap but not very impressive.

      I have a big collection of nail varnishes which are all made by different brands. I often tend to buy nail polishes simply based on their colour in order to match a particular outfit. This is exactly why I purchased a bottle of Boots' 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish. I had never used this particular product before so I had no idea about it's quality but the colour of the polish was the exact shade I needed to co-ordinate my look with my clothing and accessories!

      This product comes in a 8ml sized glass bottle. It's a rather small bottle but the top is 3 centimetres long and allows for a good grip. The wand is just over 2 centimetres long whilst the brush itself is almost 1 1/2 centimetres long. The overall shortness of the wand means that you have a lot of control when applying. The brush is not too wide, however, which means multiple strokes across the nail for full coverage.

      The bottle is printed with a bit of information about the product. The brand state this nail polish gives "up to 5 days of lasting colour" and boast that it is "chip resistant". Instructions for use are also given. You must shake the polish well prior to using and apply two coats for maximum coverage. The polish is marked as being flammable.

      I have this polish in the shade TROPICAL ISLAND although there are currently 22 shades available in most colours including reds, pinks, blues, greens, greys and neutrals. Tropical Island is a bright gaudy orange or coral colour. It is also flecked with shiny gold pieces. It looks like a very exotic and loud shade. When I first applied this to my nails I was surprised at how transparent the colour was. In the bottle it looks very dark and rich but one coat on the nails is barely visible. You have to apply two coats to see the impact and even then this shade is quite translucent despite the colour being very eye catching you can still see through the orange and the outline of the nail edges are visible. The golden speckles are also not as noticeable as they are when you look at the liquid in the bottle. Once on the nail the golden smattering is quite faint and looks more like a dulled bronze. Although the Tropical Island shade is not what I thought it would be it's still a bright and energetic colour that really makes your nails stand out. The actual hue matches that of the colour swatch and if you hold your nails up to the bottle it is the same colour, just not as dense.

      What I have noticed about this polish is that it's not ultra shiny. It isn't quite matt either but the finish looks rather dull. This does not really help to highlight the sparkles in my particular shade. It also makes the job look like it's old - as though I've been wearing the polish for a couple of days and dust has settled over the nail surface! I like my polishes to look glamorous and bright or if they are matt then they should be an intense colour. This polish is neither, unfortunately.

      Despite the brand claiming this is chip resistant and colourfast for five days I haven't been able to last that long without the polish being scraped or chipped. It's no better than other polishes I've used in this sense. However, it doesn't feel thin on the nail surface after two or more coats and it can withstand soft knocks and scratching. I tend to use my hands a lot and for lots of dirty jobs so it's possible those who are less 'hands on' might see their polish last longer!

      Although I'd be willing to try another shade in this polish to see if that makes a positive difference I haven't really been impressed with this polish. It's not one of my favourite products in my collection due to the finish it gives and it's overall quality. It is one of the cheaper nail polishes I've bought so that might be indicative of it's quality too. A bottle costs £2.99.

      The polish is available online at Boots or in their high street stores.



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      02.05.2013 10:45
      Very helpful



      A cheap fashion fix polish but don't forget the top coat

      As anyone who knows me will tell you I love nail polish. I have tons of colours and am always on the lookout for more which is why I was drawn to 17 Lasting Fix Nail polish as it comes in a range of fashion colours and at £2.99 a bottle is a quick fashion fix. It turns out I actually have four of these in my collection (although 2 came in a free gift that boots offer) and the other 2 were bought to get the free gift. However, for the purpose of this review I have been wearing their Mint Choc Chip colour which is a minty aqua colour and perfect for the spring weather.

      ***The packaging***
      There is nothing particularly special about the packaging to be honest. The bottle if fairly small (8ml) and has the 17 branding on. The brush is fairly standard for the price of polish and will cover your nail in about three coats.

      ***Applying the polish***
      The first thing I noticed is that the polish itself is very thin and watery so you will need two coats as after one coat my nails looked very uneven. Two coats looked a lot better but if I had more time I might have applied a third (which seems a lot for nail polish) just to make it look much better.
      In terms of drying time it is very quick as my nails were touch dry in two minutes which is good and they were completely dry in about four so it's a good polish for a quick fix of colour.
      ***How long does it last***
      Well according to the bottle it says up to 5 days wear but in my experience it's less than a day. For the purpose of this review I didn't apply a top coat (I always would with a cheaper nail polish) as I wanted to see what the nail polish itself was like as a good top coat will always hide a number of sins and wouldn't be a fair review of this polish. However, I wish I had now as I applied the varnish at 7pm and by the time I woke up three nails had already chipped noticeably. Quite what I was doing in my sleep to chip my nail polish but it is clearly chipped and not looks a little tatty on the other nails that haven't chipped.
      With a good top coat the colour is likely to last a lot longer so you can get a fab fashion colour (I love the colour range that you can get with them) but with far longer lasting results but on its own you are not going to get 5 days wear.

      At £2.99 a bottle from Boots (and as they often do 3 for 2 across their makeup range) it is incredibly inexpensive and they do do a great range of colours that you don't get with other brands. Therefore, it's great for a quick fashion fix but don't expect long lasting chip free nails.

      I have given it an extra star mainly because of the price and the fact I didn't put a top coat on (always advisable with cheap nail polish) as with top coat you will get more wear out of your polish.


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        05.12.2012 00:44
        Very helpful



        A lovely result, but a shame about how thin it appears with one coat!

        Sorry for the slightly exaggerated title!
        I got this 17 Lasting Fix nail polish a few months ago, while browsing in Boots.

        It costs just £2.00 at the minute at www.boots.com for an 8ml bottle, but it usually retails at £2.99. It is available in 17 different colours, which is very fitting for this brand, which is called 17.

        It comes in a wide cylindrical bottle with '17' in a bold white colour and the words 'Lasting Fix' in a nice curly font underneath and then 'nail polish' underneath that.
        I chose this nail polish in Amaretto, which is a dark purple colour with lots of shimmer. It looks lovely in the bottle.

        ~ Application ~
        On application I found this nail polish rather disappointing. It applied to my nails a purple shimmery colour, but the colour is not dark purple. It is a purple that bends towards pink.
        A few coats of this nail polish are needed to build up to a darker colour.
        It looked almost watery when I was applying it, changing it from the deep dark purple colour that you see in the bottle to a berry purple colour, which almost looks pink, when it is applied.
        It does have a shimmer to it, but the shimmer is a lot more noticeable in the bottle.
        A second coat makes all of the difference (admittedly I did apply quite thickly for the second coat) and the colour appears a lot darker and the shimmer is very evident and I am happy with the look.
        Once dry it feels smooth on my nails and it has a bit of a shine to it and the shimmer looks lovely in the colour.
        Perhaps the trick is to apply a thicker coat to start with, but I always apply a thin coat with other nail polishes and have never had any problems with other polishes, except for really light colours that are sometimes a bit translucent and need another coat. I would not have expected this from such a dark colour.
        I am happy with the end results and this nail polish takes is otherwise as long lasting as any other polish I have used - it lasts around 2-3 days before chipping and needing to be removed or reapplied. It dries at an average rate of about 3 minutes.

        I really like the colour of this nail polish, once built up and although I have found it to be pretty thin I would still buy this nail polish again. I like the bottle, the colour, the shimmer and the end result.


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        28.08.2012 17:13
        Very helpful



        Amazing product event better price

        I don't usual shop in the 17 range at boots, as the prices are so cheap I was always worried that the products wouldn't be good quality. Well about a fortnight ago I was proved wrong. At our annual, prize giving night on holiday, my Auntie Carol bought me 2 17 nail varnishes in a bronze and silver, witch if felt quite fitting as the Olympics was on at the time. Here's how I found the product.

        Looks good, nothing I haven't seen before, doesn't stand out in the shop. It comes in a plain cylinder bottle, with a black lid, if I was being picky, I felt the lid was too short, and if it was just 1 or 2 cm's taller it would allow more control when you are apply in the polish.

        Lovely to apply, gives perfect coverage in just one coat. The brush was not too thin, so it was quick to apply too. It dried quickly, and came off with nail varnish remover easily too.

        How Effective?
        Lasted well, didn't chip at all.

        Value for money
        Well I think this product proves the saying: 'you only get what you pay for' is complete rubbish. I would be more than happy to pay double the amount I did for this product (£2.99, or 2 for £4)


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        24.08.2012 17:22
        Very helpful



        17 lasting fix nail polish wins gold

        I bought a new blue dress and had no nail varnish to go with it. I was going to town with a friend to see what I could find to match it and stumbled into boots. I went straight to the 17 range as I needed a new eyebrow pencil which I always buy from that range.

        The Nail Varnish:
        I spotted the blue straight away and as I was wearing the dress, I noticed the match was pretty much perfect. The colour is called "Seabreeze" and comes in an 8ml bottle.

        The colour is quite vivid and is slightly more blue than the blue in the photo. The 17 range is only sold in Boots stores and is a very well priced range. The varnish cost me £2.99 and will last quite a while before I need to buy another.

        The nail varnish bottle states it needs 2 coats which it does. It is quite thin so one coat doesn't give a very good coverage. With my first application I was worried about it with the first coat dried. It was very translucent still and I wasn't sure if the second coat would be able to give it the colour it was showing.

        I applied the second coat and was surely proven wrong. The second coat gave the nail varnish a brilliant coverage and looked smooth and glossy. I applied this on saturday afternoon and today (friday) I have taken it off and applied a new coat. It started to chip after day 4 which is a brilliant amount of time for nail varnish to stay on.

        The brush it slightly small but when applying, it branches out and covers around half of the nail. It doesn't dry too quickly so you can brush over the nails a few times to get it even before moving onto the next nail.
        It takes around 60-100 seconds for the varnish to dry to be able to apply to second coat. I always find with these nail varnishes that I can start painting the first nail I did as soon as the last one is done.

        To test your nails are dry, I prefer this top tip:
        To stop finger prints in your nail varnish from it still being wet, check it with your bottom lip. lightly press your nail to your lip when tightened and you can then check to see if it is dry enough to check with your finger.

        My Thoughts:
        As a mum and a seamstress, my hands are constantly under pressure from washing up, sewing and preparing dinner. I was very impressed with the amount of time it had kept it's glossy shine and it's coverage still even.

        I prefer this range of nail varnish to many others. It has a great coverage and I have never had a problem with any of their varnishes or ranges of them. 17 have a few different varnishes including this Lasting Fix one. For the price I paid, I am very happy with the look it gives and the quality of the product.

        They sell an amazing selection of colours which I have a few of. The blue has to be my favourite so far. I also have a brown glittery varnish which dries matte and a dark pink colour which rocks in the summer.

        I give this nail varnish 5/5 stars for effectiveness and cost.

        Thanks for reading my review!



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          10.05.2012 17:28
          Very helpful



          I have nothing bad to say about these

          This nail polish is cheap and fashionable. It's under £3 and it comes in all sorts of different colours from matte shades to glittery shades.

          I like the nail polish because it covers your nails well. You will probably need more than one coat as it is quite thin but I find that two coats is more than enough. My advice is to wait until the first coat has dried thoroughly before applying the second coat as it can appear a little gloopy otherwise. The colours are great. They're really bold and vibrant and they last for a good length of time before chipping. The colour usually lasts me for around three to four days before it starts to chip, however you can apply a top and base coat to make your polish last even longer and these are available in the 17 range for around the same price as the nail polish.

          The nail polish lasts ages as you only need to use a small amount of it as it gives good coverage. The glittery shades look great and they're ideal for parties. The matte shades are nice too, with plenty of colours to choose from. The polish itself stays fresh for a while, although it may need a shake sometimes to revive it. Other than that I have nothing negative to say about it. Plus there's a great range of shades to go for and they're usually on some sort of offer.

          I would recommend these nail polishes. They're fab!


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          16.04.2012 10:47



          A good budget nail polish

          The Boots 17 range is not usually where I would look for make up or nail polish as I associate their products with teen girls. However, I was looking for a nail polish to go with an outfit that I had bought for a wedding and I just could not find a colour that matched my dress.
          I looked for ages and feeling defeated decided to check out the 17 range and there it was- the perfect colour to match my outfit for the wedding- 17 collection Lasting Fix Nail Polish in colour "Glisten".
          Now to say I wasn't hoping for much is an understatement- but it was the only colour I could find and as it was very cheap at £2.99, I decided to go ahead hoping that Lasting Fix would mean it lasted a good while.
          This nail polish really surprised me! The colour was lovely on; really bright and glossy- it looked just as good as the more expensive nail polishes on the market. It was also really easy to apply not at all thick or sticky- although I would have preferred a thicker brush personally.
          The down sides were that I found was that it took three coats to get the desired colour and coverage- but for £2.99 you can hardly complain about that. Also, it took ages for each coat to dry- I had to reapply a number of times as I smudged the polish by not realising that it was still wet.
          The nail polish lasted about 48 hours before I had to reapply as it did chip quite easily- however when worn with a top coat it lasts longer.
          All in all I would recommend this polish as a good low price product. I certainly will look at the 17 Lasting Fix range again!


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          10.02.2012 14:03
          Very helpful



          No17 is getting to be my firm favourite

          I am like a magpie when it comes to nail polish. I see a pretty colour and have to buy it.

          I have nail polishes from countless brands including Maybelline No.7 and Rimmel. But Boots' 17 is a firm favourite.

          The nail polish comes in 13 shades which are:-
          Smoke Signal
          Midnight Sapphire
          Sea Breeze
          Royal Indigo
          Royal Rose
          Toasted Almond
          Pink Grapefruit
          Tropical Island

          I have got a few of them now and love them. They come in cute little glass bottles with black plastic lids that hold the brush to apply the polish with. The brush is a good size and applies the polish evenly. You can cover one nail with one stroke of the brush which always helps.

          The Lasting Fix range claims to give ship resistant shine for up to 5 days, and bases this on 3 coats. As a clumsy person I have found that the wear only lasts 2-3 days before chipping, but saying that normal polish only lasts a day before I have knocked and chipped them in some way, so 2-3 days is very impressive. The colours are rich glossy shades and with the dark colours you may need an extra coat here and there but for the lighter tones, 1-2 coats are plenty.

          At a price of £2.99 each and in the '3 for 2' offer you can't go wrong!!! And I have found it applies much better and deeper than the Boots' No7 range which asks around £6-7 per bottle. I am very impressed with 17!


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          04.12.2011 22:12
          Very helpful
          1 Comment



          A nail varnish in the 17 range from Boots

          After recently finding that my nails were growing out again, I ended up buying quite a selection of nail varnishes from the Boots 17 range. I have bought many in this range before and I own a fair few that come under the 'fast finish' category.

          The varnish:
          The varnish as mentioned is from the 17 range and is one of the 'fast finish' shades which to me says it should be a quick drying varnish. I did find it dried quite quickly but I cannot really say if it's because of the type as the others in the range seem to dry just as quickly but, it does dry fairly quickly so as long as it does then it's doing what it says in my eyes!

          The bottle:
          The varnish comes in a rather bog standard looking bottle - it has a cylinder type bottle that is about average for nail varnish at 8ml and has a black coloured top that unscrews. The bottle is simple with just a clear sticker around it that highlights the shade, name, brand and applications instructions. Whichever colour you buy, it is easy to see through the glass bottle.

          The bottle states to shake well and to apply 2 coats for maximum coverage. What I like in particular with these varnishes are the brushes are slim which is perfect for me as some of my nails are quite thin, especially my small finger nails and small toes so when the brush is too big, it is difficult to use. Once the first coat is on it literally takes about a minute for it to be fully dry and I can get on with putting on my second coat. Even though they advise two coats, I would do this anyway even though after the first , the darker colours especially, don't look like they need it, simply because it is longer lasting the more layers you have on. I love how quick each coat dries as it means you are not taking ages to do your nails with two coats and plsu any top coats you want to put on too.

          The varnish is available in Boots only, either in store or on their website and is priced at £2.99 per bottle. A lot of the time, Boots run offers whereby if you buy two items in the 17 range, you get a free gift. Usually, it is only a samll gift but, nearly always includes a nail varnish so I am always quite happy to purchase two items and get my freebie!

          Overall opinion:
          I like this varnish as it is easy to apply and the brush is not too big so it makes it easier for people like me who are generally not very good at doing their own nails. The colours are very eye catching and are definitely for when you want to be noticed! It is bright, glossy and quick drying so what more could you want from a nail varnish? These varnishes are some of my favourites and I am always in Boots buying more. I think I have nearly every colour now and because I have a colour of favourites, I tend to buy these as soon as I start to get low.
          I would highly recommend these varnishes as for the price they are extremely good value and even with regular use they last a fair amount of time. If you are on a budget you can't go wrong with the 17 range of varnishes and these fast finish ones are excellent for those who are always in a hurry.


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            05.11.2011 11:43
            Very helpful



            not bad for £2.99

            I love my nail polishes and currently own four 17 Lasting Fix polishes. I do not find these to be as good as the 17 Fast Finish polishes, but if I see a colour I like I tend to buy it anyway!


            There are a total of nineteen colours listed on Boots, ranging from clear and pastel shades, through to both brighter and darker colours, so hopefully you will find something for every taste. I have four colours - pink grapefruit (I got this free and also have the same colour in the Fast Finish, also received free), exquisite - a dark, shimmery green, Fairy Cake - a sickly sweet looking pink colour and finally Orange Soda, which I was hoping would be a coral shade on the nails, but no, it is very much orange!


            The brush is quite wide and the handle comfortable to hold, so application is easy. The polish goes on easily in three strokes across each nail. I have found that two of the four colours I own (the pink grapefruit and the dark green) the colour goes on quite watery and looks best with either two to three coats. The pale pink colour goes on quite well with just the one, although can be streaky, so I find two is required for a better finish. As for the orange colour that goes on well with just the one coat, so how these apply seems dependent on the colour of the polish.

            I've found the polishes dry reasonably quickly - usually within one to two minutes and it doesn't stay sticky or tacky as some other brands can.


            The polishes all dry to a nice shine and in the case of the green it has a lovely shimmer too which doesn't look too over the top for everyday wear. The polish seems really hard wearing and I can get around four to five days wear from it on my fingers, even longer on my toes. I have to say, I do an office job and then come home to clean a modest sized flat and the odd bit of cooking, so it's not like my hands are usually used for any sort of hard manual work- depending on what you do throughout the day you may find it lasts a shorter time.


            These nail polishes cost £2.99 each from Boots, which is fairly good value I think. I know I have paid anything up to £11 for my nail polishes in the past, so I have no problems in paying this for them. As 17 is a Boots brand, that is the only place you will be able to buy these.


            Overall, I do quite like these polishes but the fact they need a few coats is a bit of a downside to me. Compared to the Fast Finish polishes also from 17, I don't think these are as good, but still for the £2.99 I do think they are good value and I have no doubt I would purchase another one if I spotted a colour I liked.


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            28.08.2011 15:23



            Buy! I'm only using this from now on!

            I read a few of the reviews below and totally disagree that this nail polish doesn't last five days!
            With some polishes by the next day the ends have chipped but this lasts about 3 days before you get a small amount of chipping at the ends. It saves you soooo much time because you don't have to re-apply all the time.
            I also think it dries really, really quickly which I love because I can paint my nails, wait 30 seconds and they're rock solid. Other polishes I've used claim to dry in 60 seconds and dont. With this one you don't have to sit around blowing your nails or even worse, waste time with your fingers sat in cold water waiting for the polish to set.
            This polish is so cheap and so much better than anything more expensive i've used.
            The colours I think can look slightly paler on nails than they do in the bottle so be aware of this. Having said that I only do one coat, if you did two coats then the colour may be darker.
            Such amazing nail polish, I'm only buying this in future because everything else is such a disappointment!


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            10.06.2011 09:09
            Very helpful



            A value for money nail varnish but not chip resistant for 5 days!

            I've recently started wearing nail varnish again as a way of stopping me from biting my nails and allowing them to grow. Because most of my old nail varnishes were dried up or various shades of pink I decided to treat myself to some new shades when I seen a 3 for 2 offer on Boots 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polishes.

            ***17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish***
            The packaging describes the nail polish as "17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish glamour that lasts for 5 days of chip resistant shine".

            Within the 17 lasting Fix Range there are 12 different shades of nail polish available. These include very subtle tones such as clear, neutral tones such as a pink royal rose colour, more vibrant bright colours such as sea breeze and pink grapefruit and also strong dark colours such s grey smoke signal. Other brands of nail varnish offer more colours in their range however I feel within the 17 Lasting Fix range there are a wide choice of colours. I opted for 3 very different shades which were Sea Breeze, a bright strong turquoise blue colour, Tropical Island; a pinky orange shade and Toasted Almond; a sparkly neatral gold/ brown type colour. My review will be based upon my experience of these three colours.

            17 lasting Fix Nail Polish is available from Boots stores and online from Boots.com as 17 is an own brand Boots product.

            An 8ml bottle of 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish is usually priced at £2.99. In comparison to other nail polishes on the market this is a lower priced nail varnish. When purchased on a 3 for 2 offer like I did this is excellent value for money and £5.98 is a very low price for 3 nail polishes.

            ***Application and Results***
            Before applying nail polish especially one that is a strong dark colour I always apply a clear base coat. Once this has dried I always apply my nail polish.

            With the 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish the bottle is quite compact but nothing distinctive. The bottle is a small circular clear bottle so you can see the nail varnish colour with a small black screw top lid. The nail polish brush is attached to the lid like most nail polish brushes are. Opening the bottle is very easy the lid screws off easily to reveal the nail polish brush. I do think the brush seemed slightly thinner than other nail polish brushes. I found this meant less nail polish could be applied but you could be more precise and apply the nail polish quite nearly. I also found that the screw top lid which acts as the nail polish brush handle is shorter than many nail polishes I own. This means that applying the nail polish is easier in my opinion as you have greater control of the brush.

            When applying all three of the nail polish colours I did find that the polish applies very easily. It glides on and when applying in strokes from one side of the nail to the other in 3 strokes I found the nail polish is thick enough to not run and be messy to apply but the polish when wet is not too thick so each stroke blends together and you don't end up with visible lines from each stroke of the brush on the nail. The nail polish has a very definite nail polish scent to it without it being overly strong. When you apply the nail polish you can smell it but it is not a lasting aroma and not as strong as many nail polishes I own.

            When applied with all three of the colours I purchased the colour the nail varnish goes on the nail is very close to what it looks like in the bottle. The turquoise "Sea Breeze " colour and the gold "toasted almost" colour are very strong colours on their application and you could possibly only apply one coat. With the Tropical Island (pinky/orange) colour I did find that the colour was slightly light and translucent after only one coat so it was necessary to apply a second coat.

            The nail polish was surprisingly fast drying; not the fasted nail polish I have used but as it does not claim to be super fast drying I did not have high expectations. After applying a generous covering on each nail the first coat was touch dry within around 90 seconds. If I apply a second coat I will always do this around 5 minutes later. The second coat takes slightly longer to dry and I leave 10 minutes before I undertake any further activities in order to not scuff my nails.

            Once dry all three of the colours had a very shiny appearance to them when on the nail. The bright colours (tropical island and sea breeze) had a block shiny gloss colour appearance whereas the gold toasted almost colour was shiny and glossy but had a slightly sparkly appearance to it.

            The product claims to give nail "up to 5 days of lasting colour". I think this claim should be more like up to 2 days of lasting colour. As a busy mum of two young toddlers , my nails take quite a battering as I am constantly tidying up and carrying/ assembling toys and various pieces of baby equipment such as highchairs and pushchairs. I would say this is definitely one of the more durable nail polishes and I will get at least one full day before chips start to appear. Most "hard wearing" nail polish products do not stand up to the test of lasting more than 2 days and only my £16.50 bottles of Chanel nail polish have lasted 5 days therefore for £2.99, 17 Lasting Fix is reasonable considering the price. I have found the block bright colours (seabreeze and tropical island) show up chips easiest as the colour is so glossy and flat. Whereas the slightly more glittery gold "Toasted Almond" colour, conceals small chips easier.

            Removing the nail polish colours is very easy and even though the colours I have tried have been dark and bright no stains have been left. A generous amount of nail polish remover and rubbing a cotton pad in circular motions will remove the polish from the nails.

            I would say I was satisfied with the results of the 17 lasting Fix Nail Polish but it is not a product that I would describe as outstanding. The range of colours available was impressive particularly if you like bright strong colours however I do not think the range offers the same choice that a brand like Barry M does.

            The biggest attraction of this product is definitely the price for £2.99 it is definitely an excellent value nail varnish and great for those that want a wide range of colours in their nail varnish collection without spending a fortune to do so.

            The nail varnish does not live up to its claims that it offer chip free nails for up to 5 days; after two days you will need to repaint your nails. The only way I could see that your nails will not chip for 5 days is if you spend 5 days doing absolutely nothing! However I feel many nail varnish products which claim they are chip free for this amount of time are less effective than 17 Lasting Fix. Not the best nail polish but certainly not the worst!


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            04.04.2011 14:54
            Very helpful



            Highly recommend this product, the longest lasting polish I have found

            As a huge fan of nail polish, the one thing that annoys me about it is that it chips too quickly. As I work part time in retail, I do not like to have chipped nail polish, especially when serving customers as looking smart is essential.

            When I saw Boots 17 polishes in the Lasting Fix range, I thought why not give it a go, especially as they are very reasonably priced at £2.99 per bottle.

            The first colour I purchased was in Tropical Island - a vibrant orange with gold shimmer that caught my eye straight away and was perfect for last summer. When I applied it, the first coat was very sheer, so another coat was definitely needed, but I was expecting this as it says '2 coats for maximum coverage' on the bottle. The polish was lovely to apply and was not streaky at all. The polish lasted around 5 days before it started to chip. I was quite impressed as I find a lot of polishes tend to chip around the third day.

            Unfortunately, as the colour was so vibrant, I didn't want to wear it in the winter so kind of forgot about it. However, when I was on a recent trip into town, I popped into Boots and remembered about the Lasting Fix polish and wanted to try another that was a suitable Spring shade. There were many colours and I chose the polish Woo Me, a pretty pastel lilac. I remembered about the polish lasting 5 days, and thought I would apply a top coat (17 Double Gloss Top Coat, £3.99) this time to see if that gave a longer lasting finish. I was amazed at the results and my polish only started to chip about 10 days after application. I will definitely carry on using a top coat with this product, although alone it still gives a good lasting finish. Woo Me is now my favourite polish and is a bang on trend colour for this season.

            There are many colours available to suit all personalities and preferences, and for the price and time they last, I would definitely recommend these polishes.


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            04.02.2011 10:59
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            A really great product - highly recommended! :)

            17 Lasting fix nail varnish

            I went into boots (again) a few days ago and online I saw their 17 nail polish range and one of the colours - toasted almond - looked like just the colour I had been after, so I bough it and here is my review.

            *About the product*

            It comes in a normal looking nail varnish container, it comes in 8ml bottle, which is a bit small, or it looks it, as other nail polishes I have come in 10ml bottles. There are 12 different shades to choose from and now (4/2/2011) there is a 3 for 2 on selected 17 products. I chose the toasted almond shade which is a nude/brown colour.

            *My opinion of the product*


            I only picked up the one nail varnish from this range (and one from natural collection and barry m too) it is in the shade toasted almond as described above.

            When I looked at this product on www.boots.com the shade looked perfect but when I got to the store the shade shown on the site is completely different to the actual colour of the nail varnish, but was a bit disappointing. The shade on the site looks like a mono tone nude/brown colour but the shade as it actually is, is a shimmery silver brown colour.

            The consistency is quite thick, it does not run off the brush easily but it applies quite thin and as with all nail varnishes it does not smell very good, but I find with this one that the scent is not as prominent as other nail polishes I have used.

            The colour which was not what I expected is actually really nice (and I got the colour I originally wanted from the barry m range). It is a shimmery silvery light brown-ish colour it is a bit hard to describe but it looks great even if it wasn't the one advertised on their website.

            It applies really well, the only bad thing about this product is that the first coat can be quite streaky, but then I let the nail varnish dry and it does not appear to be as streaky when it is dry. I don't usually apply two coats of nail polish but I did with this product and the second coat just got rid of all of the streaks from the first coat, which was great.

            The brush is quite big so it takes less time to actually paint my nails and it is also quite flat so it applies the colour evenly. It is easier to control as well because it is a larger brush - like the bourjois second nail polish brush.

            One thing about this product that I didn't expect was how fast the product dried. It does not say anywhere on the product or on the site that it is fast drying but the first coat dried in about 2 minutes, which is great as if I have to wait long for the nail varnish to dry then I will end up smudging it! But the first coat dried really quickly and then second coat took about 3 minutes to dry, a little bit longer than the first coat but still is dries super quickly - even though it is not advertised to be fast drying.

            -Results and how long the product lasts

            I really like the results from this nail varnish, the colour is even after two coats, it dries super quick, there is not patches or streaks or uneven colour, so overall I really like the results.

            I have been wearing these two coats on my nails for about 4 days now and it has started to come away at the top of my nails, which you would expect any way, but it has hardly flaked or chipped anywhere else, which is great - I guess thats why this product is called lasting fix, as it does stay on my nails for ages.

            With some nail varnishes I have used the polish can start to come off my nail within a day or two but this one does not, I think I have to say that this is the first nail polish I have tried that has lasted almost 5 days with out chipping or flaking loads, which is great I will be buying more of these , just be aware of the colour difference between the shades online and the actual shades of the products.


            On www.boots.com this product is part of the 3 for 2 offer on 17 products. I just bought this polish and it cost me £2.99, which is great for a nail polish especially on that lasts ages and dries super quickly.

            Good points

            *Dries super quickly
            *Lasts on my nails for about 4/5 days
            *Nice colour and 12 shades to choose from
            *No streaks, patches, uneven colour if you apply to coats
            *Big brush - more control over where the product is going to be applied
            *Very cheap - only £2.99 or on the 3 for 2 offer (4/2/2011)
            *Good brand
            *Widely available

            Bad points
            *Shade shown online is not the same as the colour of the actual product in store

            Thank you for reading my review


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              17.11.2010 20:18
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              A great low priced nail polish that is enduring


              I bought 17 Lasting Fix a few months ago when I was in Boots. I saw a 3 for 2 offer on 17 nail polishes and decided to get one of each in their nail polish ranges. The colour I went for in the Lasting Fix collection was a vibrant green as I wanted a green to go with a nice dress that I had bought.

              *About the Product*

              17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish glamour that lasts for 5 days of chip resistant shine.


              My top tip before picking up 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish is to apply a base coat first. This is essential for me as the colour to go on more smoothly and it also prevents the colour (especially darker ones) from staining your nails.

              On the side of the bottle it advises you to shake the bottle well before you use it therefore this is exactly what I do. Now I am ready to start applying the polish to my nails. The brush on this polish seems slightly thinner than most so I can't use my tried and tested three strokes. Instead it needs four on average and I work from the left side of the nail to the right, filling any gaps I leave as I go.

              For the best colour, add a second coat using the same method as for the first.

              Once this has dried, I tend to add a top coat to seal in the colour and give it that extra shine.

              *Price and Availability*

              17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish is available to buy at the fairy low price of £2.99. And I didn't even end up paying that much as I bought 3 as part of a 3 for 2 deal. What a saving I made which is great as I do love a bargain.

              These nail polishes are only available to buy from Boots stores as the 17 brand is an own brand of the store. If you don't have a store that is close to you or prefer to shop via the internet, then they are available to buy online at www.Boots.com.

              *My Opinion*

              The packaging: The packaging of 17 Lasting Finish Nail Polish is similar to that of most nail polishes. The bottle this nail polish is contained in is made of glass and transparent. The lid is a dark blue/navy plastic screw-top lid which feels a little on the thin side but does the job of concealing the polish well. I like that the bottle is clear because it allows you to see clearly the colour that you are purchasing. Plus the different colours look good lined up on the shelf. The nail polish brush is attached to the lid of the bottle. The quality of this brush is somewhat lacking. It is thin and as you continue to use it, the strands become rather strayed but is does the job adequately enough.

              The packaging is nothing special. It is rather plain and maybe a little cheap looking but as you aren't paying a lot you can't complain too much. It isn't the kind of product that is sat on my side like perfume so I'm not too bothered.

              Colour, texture and smell: The colour of the nail polish that I have in this collection is bright blue so I was a bit mindful that it could look a tad tacky. But I found that this was not the case and that the colour of theis was bold and solid. The colour is ever so slightly lighter than the one that is seen in the bottle but lovely nonetheless. As for the texture, it is quite fantastic. It is a good combination between thickness without being too much so. With regards to the smell, it isn't overly strong but you can smell that distinct nail polish aroma.

              How long does it take to dry? 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish takes an average amount of time to dry, not too quickly but not an age either. Approximately 40 minutes to an hour sees me apply to coats and feel safe to carry on as normal without being scared of smudging the polish.

              Does it only need one coat? It looks ok when you have only applied one coat, but in my opinion, it looks a great deal better if you take the time to add a second coat. The coverage that you get from one coat is sufficient but two coats is allows the colour to be brighter and bolder. Make sure when applying the second coat that the first one is dry or dry enough because otherwise you may find a few bubbles pop up and this really doesn't look good.

              Is the nail varnish long-lasting? It is actually pretty good which I wasn't expecting. On my fingernails, the nail polish actually lasts the 5 days that it states it will. And even better, it lasted for about 2 weeks on my toes without any chips. This I was very impressed with indeed.

              How long does the bottle last? I have had 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish for about 4 or 5 months and used it a few times, although not too many as it isn't a colour that goes with everything. How much is remaining? I would estimate over three quarters of the bottle is still left and what is great is that the longevity of the polish is so good that it doesn't have to be reapplied constantly.

              Range of colours: There are a range of 12 colours in the 17 Lasting Fix collection. These range from blue to pink, clear to green. There are quite a few unique colours and one of two of them took my fancy. I opted for the bright green as I wanted a colour like this to go with a dress that I had recently bought.

              Does 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish give glamour that lasts for 5 days, chip resistant? It most certainly does. This nail polish looks glamorous and attractive when applied to both your fingernails and toenails. And it lasts for a minimum of 5 days without chips showing which is excellent, especially when you take into account the low cost of this product.

              Is it easy to remove? 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish is fairly easy to remove, possibly due to the fact that I have applied a base coat initially. It does take a little bit of vigorous wiping when you use darker colours but when done thoroughly, you won't find horrible stains left on your nails.

              *Would I Recommend This Product?*

              If you are looking for a simple nail polish that lasts for a few days without reapplication that retails at a fairly low price then I would definitely recommend 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish. It has a great colour and good range of colours to buy in the collection. Buy it and I don't think you will regret the purchase.


              17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish is a low priced product which is actually surprisingly good. I had low expectations after having a poor experience with the 17 High Gloss Nail Polish but this 17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish really is a totally different quality. It has a long lasting finish which looks fantastic therefore if you want this in a nail polish then this one may well be for you. For me, you get a lot more than what you pay for with this product and I would definitely consider buying different colours in this range.


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