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17 Lip Liner

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Brand: Boots 17 / Liner / Type: Lip Liner / Suitable for: Lip

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    3 Reviews
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      26.11.2012 21:19
      Very helpful



      A great budget beauty buy once again from this range!

      Lip liners are not something I have had a lot of experience with as a makeup user. However as soon I hit my mid 30's they are something that I have accumulated rather a few of! The reason for this is that as we get older our lips seem to lose definition and little lines appear around the mouth. When I bought one it was my intention to stop the bleeding of the colour of my lipsticks and this is one I bought, well actually I own 2 shades of this one as I got it on offer at the time.

      This comes in 6 shades, mostly pinks but with a couple of browny shades and a rather neutral one too. The colours I own are called Rose Blush and Mocha. Both come in thin pencil form and down the sides of both we are clearly told what they are and the colour is stated and contact details for Boots are given. They are made of wood with the lip colour running through them and they come with clear lids. The outside of the pencils are the colour of the actual lip colour. they look nice enough these and not one bit cheap.

      Using Them:

      All you do with these of course is use them as a lip liner.When first bought the pencil nib/colour is sharp and pointy and it gives definition, it goes on smoothly and not too thickly and is easy to use with no drag at all. Once on it stays put and stops lipsticks/glosses running beyond it and it stays there for hours and hours and with no transfer at all, in fact this stays put usually when eve the lipstick/gloss has long since vanished from between the liner!

      It does need sharpening from time to time but not too often and being a good long length you get alot of product for your money and it really is great a product this one!

      It gets a big thumbs up from me this one and I do think this is a great buy!

      Available from Boots and from Boots.com costing just £2.59 each but at the time of writing this review this is on offer at buy one get one half price which is an even better deal!


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      07.04.2012 11:59
      Very helpful



      Perfect Pout!

      Just recently I have begun to line my lips, as although they are quite full and soft already, my lips have a fairly nude colour to them, so I just wanted to add more definition to the outline of my lips. Personally, I wanted this to be subtle and 'natural' looking, also for the lip liner to match my lipstick and for it to be of an affordable price. There are 2 lipsticks which I tend to stick to, depending on my mood or outfit determines which one I shall wear - a red or pink. Therefore the lip liner shades I was looking for was something along these lines.

      ~~17 Lip Liner~~
      I decided to buy a 17 lip liner. I did this because it was an affordable brand, with an offer of 3 for 2 across the range, but also because I had an extra voucher that if I bought any other item I would recieve a free pressed powder, which actually meant I only had to pay for this item!

      The lip liner itself looks as many others do, with a coloured pencil and clear lid, very similar to that of an eyeliner but it duller more neutral tones. I was fairly impressed with the range; my Boots is quite big and stocked all the colours shown above, yet the lip liners were all very similar in colour and most of them belonged to thenude / taupe/ pale pinks kind of shades.

      ~~Price and Avaliability~~
      This lip liner is very affordable at £2.59, especially considering when some of the 'larger' brands are charging in excess of £10.

      I purchased mine in Boots as 17 is exclusive to their stores. It can also be purchased at their online store. As previvously mentioned, currently (April 2012) they currently have a 3 for 2 across make up instore so you could purchase 3, only paying for 2, and you also receive 8 Advantage card points with the single purchase.

      ~~Shades Avaliable~~
      I was impressed with the shades avaliable, however, none seemed to stand out as what I particuarly wanted. The colours did all seem to be very nude and as far as wanting a fairly vivd red liner there did not seem to be one, so I had to opt for a fairly duller, slightly purplier red. There was a wider range of pinky/nude tones avaliable, however the most prominent colour in these still seemed to be a taupey/brown which I didn't really want as at my age I think this would have looked dated on me.

      -Fawn- really pale nude colour, that would suit something really light on the lips

      -Rose Blush- a slightly pale pink colour, which still had a slightly purple pigment to it

      -Valentine- a deeper pink/purple colour - though still fairly pale/light when tested

      -Buff- a really taupe / pale brown colour, would suit more pigmented nude shades or slightly coral pinks

      -Mocha- a darker brown colour, would suit darker lipsticks, maybe even a purple lipstick, personally I don't think this would really suit pale people.

      -Claret- the closest thing to red they had, it was quite dull and did seem to also have purple pigmentation in it.

      In the ended I decided to buy the Rose Blush, which seemed to suit what I wanted and the Claret, which I was slightly dubious about.

      ~~Applying the lip liner~~
      I was really surprised at how smooth and soft these were to apply across the lips. I have used other 'cheaper' brands and they have sometimes been a little scratchy and have not seemed to move as well across the lips. The texture is similar to when using a very soft khol eyeliner, so in that sense the lip liner was almost creamy to apply.

      As soon as I began to apply the lip liner the colours were quite prominent and looked pleasing. They were not obvious, however, it was easy to see where I had applied the lip liner and the difference it had made. Due to the smoothness of the lip liner I was able to follow my natural lip line easy, without making any mistakes as at no point did it begin to 'lag'.

      If I applied the lip liner slightly over my natural lip line in order to form a fuller lip it managed to do this just as well. This did need going over a few times in order for it to look good, which did make the colour stand out a little too much, though if I just blended this in with my finger it soon looked a lot more natural.

      I was really pleased with this lip liner and the results were what I had wished to achieve. The lip liners had added definition to my lips, meaning a definite 'break' between my lips and skin, yet was done so in a natural way.

      The lip liner was able to blend in really well with the lipstick or gloss I applied over the top, meaning that the lip liner was not as noticable, yet at the same time gave me fuller looking lips.

      I was also pleased with the colours I had picked. The Rose Blush suited pale, matt pinks well as it was quite pale and was not too pigmented. This also meant it was great to wear with just a coloured gloss on top as you didn't need to do much blending. I was also pleasantly surprised with the 'Claret' colour as when applied it was definitley more of a red colour, than the slightly purple colour I had thought it had been. It as still a dull colour, yet I feel this worked better as it gave the red lips the more classic look, which was actually really nice.

      The lip liner tended to stay on longer when worn with a lipstick, opposed to when it was worn with lipstick and gloss or gloss alone. It tended to last an average of 3 or so hours before it needed touching up and when it did so, it was mainly in the corners of the mouth, opposed to the cupids bow area where it had remained in tack.

      -Very affordable
      -Currently an offer on
      -Creamy and soft to apply
      -Feels light on the lips
      -Lasts a decent amount of time

      -Although I was impressed with the colour range, many of them did seem to be brown or taupe pigmented, which was not really what I was after

      Overall I would recommend these lip liners; they are really affordable and work considerably well considering the price. Though I do not think all of the shades are suitable for everyone, there is enough difference in between each shade in order to find at least one you like. I like the fact that they define my lips, whilst still making this look natural and are able to achieve the fuller pout!


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        28.03.2012 19:32
        Very helpful



        A great lip liner/pencil - highly recommended! :)

        Boots 17 lip liner (shade: Mocha)

        I have had this lip liner for a while now and I have started using it a lot recently and I really love using the product and the shade too. There are numerous shades available too.

        - About the product and product description (from boots.com)

        "17 Lip Liner use for the perfect pout. With an immaculate finish, 17 liners smoothly glide and define your lips. Fragrance free."

        This product is a lip liner and the actual lip liner is contained within wood, unlike the plastic liners that I like. The pencil is stated to be dermatologically tested and fragrance free. The packaging is really simple and the colour of the packaging is supposed to represent the colour of the actual lip liner and it does match it really well.

        - Shade

        There are six shades available, including this one, and the shade I bought is called 'Mocha' which is a gorgeous red(ish)/dusky pink brown shade which I think looks gorgeous and I think it is a similar shade to Mac's lipstick in the shade Taupe, although this pencil is more brown. This pencil has not shimmer, glitter or sheen to it - as it has a matte finish which I like. When the shade of this pencil is swatched on my hand, it is basically the same colour on my lips.

        - Using the product, results and longevity

        Using this product is really easy, although if you use it too heavily it can look patchy, obvious and it can emphasise the dryness in my lips. I use this pencil on my lips without any lip balm and I first start to outline my lips but I do this with very light strokes of the pencil along my natural lip line. I then fill/colour in my lips with the pencil as well and I try to get an even coat of the lip pencil all over my lips - including the corners and my lip line. I then apply lip balm over the top - I either use palmers cocoa butter lip balm or the body shop mango lip butter, but the palmers one is my favourite. I apply the lip balm either with a lip brush or a cotton bud. Once the balm is applied all over my lips, I have a really nice, but subtle sheen to my lips. I apply the balm after the pencil for two reasons: firstly, if I apply the lip balm before the lip liner then then the lip liner will get on the lip balm on it and the pencil does not apply as well to the lips when there is a layer of lip balm on my lips already. Secondly, I like to apply the lip balm afterwards so then the lip pencil does not look as matte on my lips and my lips then look glossy but natural.

        I love the results of this product, as the pencil has great pigmentation so you only need a small amount of pencil to get a good colour pay off on your lips and the colour is gorgeous in my opinion. The lip pencil can highlight dry areas on your lips but this is one of the two reasons why I apply a lip balm after the pencil. In terms of longevity, this lip pencil will last for quite a while on my lips. It does slightly transfer to mugs/glasses etc. But I find that if I apply the pencil, apply the balm then wait for the balm to absorb, then the pencil will stay on longer.

        - Price and availability

        This lip liner is priced at £2.59 on boots.com and it is also available in boots stores. This product is so cheap and this product actually works so well - and the shade and formula of the lip pencil is great in my opinion. I will definitely recommend this product as it does work so well, the shade range is fairly good and it is so cheap. I think I am going to buy the shade 'Buff' next and I will be buying another 'Mocha' pencil when this one runs out - but I haven't had to sharpen this one too much yet and there is still a lot left.


        *Very easy to use - just don't press too hard
        *Matte lip colour but it can be made sheeny/slightly glossy if you apply a lip balm/lip butter over the top (also using a lip scrub before this pencil will give great results)
        *So cheap and available at boots
        *Fantastic, gorgeous, natural shade but as the pencil is really pigmented, the colour can be built up or toned down easily
        *Easy to blend with a fingertip or cotton bud

        *None at all in my opinion!

        Thank you for reading my review


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