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17 Range From Boots

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4 Reviews

Brand: Boots 17 / Type: Cosmetics range

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    4 Reviews
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      06.07.2013 17:37
      Very helpful



      17 at Boots

      Thankfully, you don't need to be 17 to wear this make up!

      The 17 range of cosmetics and make up tools that is available for purchase in Boots and is actually Boots own range is designed and marketed towards the 15 to 25 year old age group. However, as I have found you don't need to be 15 to 25 to wear and appreciate this make up. I think what they mean when they target this age group is that they want to introduce make up for this age group that can't always afford pricey items but still want to try out all the new trends and look good.

      I have tried quite a few items from this range and I have to say it's the price that first attracts me as it is a low price range and to be honest, you really don't need to spend a lot of money on certain things.

      For example I really like to browse 17 when I am looking for a new eye shadow or new nail polish colour. They have a really nice selection of eye shadow colours that come in little individual pots for only £3.89. This is a really great way of testing a colour and seeing if it works with your skin tone and whether you like it on your eyes. Then if the colour doesn't suit you have only wasted £4 instead of more money for higher priced brands. I have bought a number of these eye shadows over the years when I have a party or a themed event to go to and really want to create quite a dramatic eye with colours I wouldn't normally wear such as blue and green. I actually use the pink colour (shocking pink) quite a lot and really like it during summer when it shows off a tan well.

      The same can be said of their nail polishes and colours. I do find then a bit think and not as good quality as Nails Inc or those kind of brans but for just £2.99 - £3.99 for a small bottle you can again try out the colour and then maybe buy a better quality one in that colour if you like it.

      Just recently I have really gotten in to their bronze and shimmer range, perfect for this summer season. I love a bit of shimmer on my arms and chest when I am going out to look a bit tan and healthy and they have a really nice shimmer brick on offer that has nice bronze and golden shades. I would say it's almost as good as the Bobbi Brown one I have tried in the past but a lot cheaper which is good.

      They also have a range of facial skin care make up such as BB creams, primers and foundation but I actually haven't tried any of these, not for any reason, just because I am happy at the moment with the other brands I use but it is nice to know they offer these for the future.

      All in all, I would say this is a really nice range, full of lots of choice, colour and good quality for the amount you pay.


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        05.07.2013 12:23
        Very helpful



        Better than no 7

        Over the years I have bought a number if things from this range, including lipsticks, mascaras and face products. Here are my thoughts.

        This regularly changes throughout the years, but it always has a young feel. There is graffiti style writing, bright colours and metallics. All of this is good quality and does not easily break or smash when dropped and is the type of quality I have come to expect from anything Boots.

        The type of products on offer:

        Al of the products are off great quality and very highly pigmented. The Mascaras are some of the best I have tried, with great wands and great curling and length power.

        I don't normally buy bronzers and I find them to be too dark and look awful with my complexion but the ones in the 17 range actually work for me, so in other words they are a absolute triumph!

        They also regularly have new products and these tend to be here to stay instead of just limited edition (which can be so annoying when you find something you love, but can't continue to buy it).

        Price and Availability
        This is exclusive to Boots and so can only be bought in store or online with them, but the benefit of this is you get the Boots points. There is quite often money off these products too.
        As there are so many different products in the range I'm going to go through everyone but I can say the prices are about mid range for highstreet products. They are more expensive then Rimmel but cheaper than Max Factor or Loreal. There are definitely some deals to be had.

        All in all a great range and better than no 7!


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        07.12.2012 21:21
        Very helpful



        great quality cosmetics

        ~Boots 17 Range~

        17 is a range of cosmetics which are exclusive to Boots stores. This range is available in most larger and some smaller Boots stores and the products are neatly arranged on a well lit display.

        The 17 range includes a wide selection of cosmetics including make up for the lips, eyes and face. Other cosmetics in this range include products for the nails, tanning products, accessories and at certain times of the year they also offer some gift sets with a mix of cosmetics from the range.

        *Eyes - 17 offer a selection of mascara, eyeshadow and eye pencils in various colours. Prices range from £2.89 - £6.49
        *Face - the biggest collection of cosmetics in this range is face make up. The 17 range includes a few different foundations, powders, concealers, blushers and also a BB cream. Prices range from £3.49 to £6.99
        *Lips - here we have a selection of lip gloss, lipsticks and lip pencils. Prices range from £2.59 -£4.99
        *Nails - everything from quick drying nail colours to glittery top coats. This range also includes press on nails. Prices range from £2.00 - £5.49
        *Tan - bronzers and liquid tanning gels. Prices range from £2.19 - £3.66
        *Accessories - brushes and sharpeners. Prices from £1.99 - £2.99.
        *Gifts - Lots of beautiful gift sets including eyeshadows, nail colours, lipglosses or a mixture of everything in one palette. Prices range from £6.00 - £35.00

        The 17 range is often on some kind of special offer including '3 for 2' or 'save £xx'. The current offer is spend £5.99 and receive a nice eye palette for free.

        ~My Thoughts~

        I buy make up on a regular basis and whilst I favour premium brands including Dior and YSL, I can't afford them often. My favourite Boots brand is No7 but I do like the 17 range and buy from it often. We have no less than 6 Boots stores within a 2mile radius of us - one of which is a 2minute walk from my home. The small Boots near my home stocks the 17 range and often has additional reductions so I buy from there or the larger Boots store. The entire range is also available online from www.boots.com.

        A few of my friends buy from this range so it does seem to be quite popular. The products are decently packaged in durable and fairly stylish yet simple pots/tubes/bottles. The display in any stores I have visited has been well arranged and everything is priced marked. I feel the prices are really good given the quality of the products on offer. With nothing costing more than £6.99, it does represent really good value for money in my opinion and is more purse friendly that the No7 range.

        I like to buy when they have the free gift offers on as I am getting something extra for my money. The best free gift (and one which comes up often) is a set including a full size eyeliner, lipgloss and eyeshadow. You also get advantage card points too so it is a win win situation. I don't think I have ever had a bad experience with the 17 range but then again, I haven't tried every product in the range. The tanning products for example, do not appeal to me as they aren't really my thing. I can only give an opinion of what I have used.

        ~My recommendations~

        *Eyeshadow - I love the glitter eyeshadows in this range. My favourite is 'Night Sky' which is a gorgeous, glittery black colour and is well priced at £3.89. The trio eyeshadows are great too and available in some unusual colours. Check out 'Dolly Mixture' from the Candy Collection which is priced at £5.49 - it is absolute gorgeous!

        *Other eye cosmetics - Flawless Finish Mascara is great for excellent looking lashes and is priced at £5.99 which I am more than happy to pay for a decent mascara. 17 offer a few different eyeliner products but I favour the simple kohl pencil in shade black priced at just £2.89.

        *Foundation/Powder/Blush - I'm not a fan of liquid foundations but 17 have a great range available with lots of shades to suit all skin tones. I like the Miracle Matt Loose Powder which is incredibly fine and lasts well. I have medium skin tone and this suits my skin well. It is priced at £5.49 and one compact lasts for ages. The blushers are great too and provide a nice flush of colour for my cheeks.

        *Nails - The colour choice is brilliant and the range is quite extensive. I have only tried the Lasting Fix range and find shade 'Pink Grapefruit' to be lovely and summer. These are only £2.00 at the moment and last nicely without chipping. I quite like the look of the glittery range so will be buying some soon.


        The 17 range offers affordable products which are of a decent quality. There is plenty of choice for everyone when it comes to shades to suit all skin tones, eye colours or personal preferences so I can highly recommend it. I would be more than happy to receive one of the special Christmas gift sets as they represent value for money.

        5 stars - thanks for reading :)


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          20.10.2011 17:02
          Very helpful



          A great range of affordable make up.

          The 17 beauty & cosmetics range is made by Boots, therefore this is not avaliable to buy in any other stores apart from Boots. This range of make up and beauty products is good quality and affordable, as well as cheaper than well known brands such as Maybelline & Bourjois.

          *** THEIR PRODUCTS***
          They sell a large range of products for all skin types, their products include the following items:

          * EYES - Mascara, Eye Liner (both Liquid & pencil), Eye Shadow.
          * FACE - Liquid Foundation, Pressed Powder, Loose Powder, Bronzer, Blusher.
          * LIPS - Lipstick, Gloss, Lip Liner.
          * NAILS - Coloured Varnishes & Nail Treatment products.
          * TAN - Bronzing Pearls, Shimmer Dust, Liquid Bronzer.
          * TOOLS & ACCESSORIES - Make Up Brushes & Set's, Sharpener.

          I have used 17 products for quite a few years now and find some of their products really good and of great value, I have decided to write a little more about the items in each catagory, so you can get a basic idea of how big their range actually is.

          * EYES - This includes a large range of different mascara's ranging from waterproof mascara's and one's which give your eyelashes volume and make them look longer. Their pencil eye-liner comes in a few difference shades including black, blue and more. They also have a small range of coloured liquid liners. The range of eye-shadows they do is quite large. This includes single colours on their own or you can buy a mixed palette of different colours. Their colours range from Metallic, Pastel and bright Neon Shades.

          * FACE - Their Liquid foundation comes in a range of different shades and are suitable for all skin types. Some of their foundation is thicker than other's and some give a more flawless finish. Their pressed powder is also avaliable in a number of different shades which match their liquid foundation. They have recently bought out a new range of blushers, these range from a light to darker shades so it suitable for different skin types.

          * LIPS - They have a large range of lip-sticks which are avaliable in a wide range of colours to suit every occasion. Some of their lipsticks are moisturising and may be a lot thicker and long lasting than others. They have a range of lip-glosses in basic colours such as pink's and red's.

          * NAILS - They have a huge range of different coloured varnishes for all occasions. This includes metallic, pastel and matt looking shades. They also sell nail effect paints as well which can make your nails look like they have been done professionally. They also do a range of nail care products such as nail strengtheners and base coats for when applying varnish.

          * TAN - Although this section is small they do different shades of bronzing pearls and liquid bronzer.

          * TOOLS & ACCESSORIES - They have a small range of make-up brushes avaliable to buy and although these probably aren't as good quality as more expensive brushes they do the job well when applying their make up.

          ***USING THEIR PRODUCTS***
          I have used a number of their products so have decided to write a short, basic summary of what I think their products are like and how good they are.

          * EYES - I don't use their eye products very much, this may be because I don't really use eye-shadow. I have used their pencil eye-liner once in black and I didn't really like the way this went on. I found it hard to apply and it wasn't a soft pencil so had to go over the area a few times in order to actually notice anything. I have also used their mascara just once. Their range is good, how-ever I don't feel as thought it gives me as much volume and longer lashes compared to my current brand that I have been using for a few years now.

          * FACE - I have used their long lasting foundation which has now unfortunately been discontinued. I had to try and find another suitable foundation and was really dissapointed with the outcome of their other foundations as they don't match up to their long lasting foundation at all. The pressed powder is very good quality and is long lasting, and comes with a little puff to apply, how-ever I feel this is slightly too thick so I use a brush. I found it quite hard to find a blusher suitable for me as I'm quite pale. The blusher I used to use they again dis-continued so had to find another one. I am currently using one from the 17 range how-ever I need to use the tiniset amount of it otherwise I end up looking a bit like a clown!

          * LIPS - I haven't used the gloss of the lip-liner. I do regularly use their lipstick though and find it to be long lasting and keeps my lips looking and feeling great. I do tend to apply a little vaseline onto my lips before and after applying the lipstick though to give it a little glossy effect and to keep my lips moiturised otherwise I think my lips would dry out too much.

          * NAILS - I have tried a few of their nail varnishes and I'm not a very big fan of them. I find that you have to apply at least 3-4 coats of colour before it looks any good and I find that it chips quite easily. Although they have a fantastic range of colours, I tend to use another brand. I do how-ever use their strengthening base coat and their nail tip whitener which works really well. This is something I will definately continue to use.

          I haven't used any of their tan products or any of their tools and accessories so I can't really comment on these.

          In terms of how the products affect my skin, most of their products apply really, really well. I have quite sensitive skin and their products don't irritate or dry out my skin at all. When removing their products such as foundation and mascara, I find that it comes off easily using a facial wipe and there's no need to scrub at your face to remove the make up.

          ***PRICE RANGE***
          In terms of the price of their products I think they are quite reasonable. They are a lot cheaper compared to other brands avaliable to buy in boots. Their foundation prices vary from about £3.69 to £7.00 which is quite good, considering when looking for other liquid foundation I found some were about £9.99 to buy. As the 17 range is boots own brand, they tend to have quite a lot of offers on their products and this is often on 3 for 2 with other make up. On occasion when spending over a certain amount you may received a free eye-shadow or other gift pack. These are quite nice and are a handy way to try out some of their latest and newest products.

          ***OVERALL OPINION***
          I love some of the products in this range, but get really annoyed when they dis-continue a product I have used for years. I think their prices are very reasonable and they have a great range of products and colours to suit everyone and every occasion. My sister is also a fan of this range and regularly buy's items form their range as well. I would recommend this range ot others, espicially if you don't like spending too much money on make up. I will continue to buy my regular items from here and also try out any new products which may grab my attention. The products are long lasting and of good quality.

          (review may also appear on ciao)


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