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2true Seal & Protect Lip Colour

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Brand: 2True / Type: Lip Colour / Suitable for: Lip / What it does: Protects,

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    1 Review
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      09.01.2013 19:05
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      A product that made little difference to the longevity of my lip colour

      When browsing the cosmetics available from the budget make up range 2true, I spotted what I first thought was a clear lip gloss. On closer inspection this turned out to be a lip sealer known as "Seal and Protect". In other words - a product to paint on your lips to seal your lip colour and prevent it fading. My thoughts immediately turned to the similar prodct known as Lipcote which I don't get on with. However as the 2true version was only £1.99 for 8ml, I decided I would be willing to give it a trial. The product was actually slightly cheaper for me, because I bought a nail polish and lipstick too and the range offers a mix and match 3 for £4.99 deal.


      According to 2true, the lip sealer is intended to seal your lip gloss or lipstick to provide a smudge free finish that "no amount of coffee and kissing will budge". It is also supposed to lock in moisture. This second claim interested me especially because one of the reasons I don't get on with the classic lipstick "lock" Lipcote is that I find it dries my lips terribly after a few days use.


      The sealer comes in a small narrow bottle, not unlike a skinny nail varnish. Like nail products, it comes with an applicator brush attached to the inner side of the lid. When I unscrewed mine, I found the brush "stem" was partially crushed and bent. I returned it to the shop and found that several others were similarly damaged. It is flimsy design, so this wasn't a good start. The brush head itself is long and slender, and as I discovered this doesn't make it the best shape to use. [See below.] The liquid is clear, and looks like a runny lip gloss. It smells a bit like nail polish remover if you sniff close to the bottle, but thankfully the scent is relatively mild.


      The lip sealer is brushed over the surface of your lips once you have applied and blotted your lip colour. I mentioned that the brush head is long. I would find a shorter one easier to use because it would have been much easier to control where it went. Applying the sealer near the lip edge was awkward, and if you don't apply it carefully all over, the lipstick colour will fade unevenly. If you can't get the sealer near the edges, the colour there fades first, giving you an odd lip line!

      The actual liquid feels cool when applied and it stings ever so slightly. The sensation feels a bit like that tingling you get when you eat strong salt and vinegar crisps. It lasts only a short time thank goodness. You have to keep your lips apart until the lipsealer has dried, which takes a couple of minutes. When I accidently put my lips together during this time, the lip surface felt a bit sticky, but once it really has dried they feel fine. The surface feel smooth, and I can't actually taste the product even if I try to. This is probably a blessing considering how it smells!


      The sealer dries clear, so it doesn't alter the colour of the lipstick or gloss you have on. With some of my more matte colours, the sealer added a small amount of gloss to the finish but this wore off within a few hours.

      I can't get lip glosses in general to last very long so I decided to try the lip sealer with those first. About an hour after first applying the sealer, I had a cup of coffee. I was disppointed to see a small amount of lip gloss had transfered to the cup. This was too long after I had put the sealer on for me to believe it had not yet dried to provide a seal. My lips were not quite bare but they were by lunchtime a few hours later, so I can't say it actually helped to preserve my lip colour at all. After that, I tried it wth a few lipsticks that I like but don't last all day for me. I found that the sealer extended the life of the colour by a couple of hours only on average. It definitely doesn't give a transfer proof finish at all.

      I have used this with lipsticks from 2true themselves, MUA, MAC, Max Factor, Barry M and Boots Natural Collection and the result is the same - the lip colour only lasts a bit longer than normal and it doesn't become kiss proof! In fact, with the last mentioned, the sealer seemed to actually dissolve the colour, and it lasted LESS well than normal! After using the product for a few days in a row, I felt an unpleasant dryness on my lips. As soon as I gave the lip sealer a rest for a few days, my lips went back to normal. I tried using it with a moisturising lipbalm too, to counteract the drying out, but in all honesty, it is a bit of a faff. I would rather have softer lips that I have to frequently reapply my lipstick to than use the Seal and Protect.


      Succintly, no. Even if it suits your lips better and doesn't dry them out, it doesn't actually do what it is supposed to and make lip colours smudge proof. Considering the product is said to survive any amount of kissing and coffee, and actually doesn't prevent a loss of some colour after one cup [or kiss!], I am rating this as a poor product. I have found several 2true products to be far better than their price would suggest, but this isn't one of them sadly.

      [This revirew is also on Ciao under the same user name.]


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