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Accessorize Merged Eyeshadow

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Brand: Accessorize / Type: Eyeshadows / Suitable for: Eye

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    3 Reviews
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      11.12.2012 14:37
      Very helpful



      An eyeshadow which is simply pretty to look at

      Superdrug is one of those stores that I don't seem to shop in often but when I do venture in I always end up coming out with a decent selection of make up as my local store has an extensive brand collection so it is easy to add a few new items. One of my recent purchases was the Accessorize Merged Eyeshadow. I knew Accessorize had a range of make up as I had one of their nail polishes but I wouldn't have gone out my way to try another product but whilst in Superdrug I decided to try the eyeshadow.

      Accessorize is the brand associated with the stores filled with gorgeous accessories ranging from handbags, purses to wonderful collections of jewellery. Their make-up range is fairly recent and a new addition both in store and to their website (their website doesn't feature the full collection). Their items all seem very reasonably priced without being ridiculous making them easily purchased by most should you want to try on of their products. As far as I am aware their make-up range is only available in Superdrug.

      == The Eyeshadow ==

      The Accessorize Merged Eyeshadow is quite simply an eyeshadow which has been created using several shades giving a marble effect which from a visual point of view does make it look quite appealing. The eyeshadow formula has been baked instead of pressed and has been specifically made to give you two types of application. One being a dry application to give a "softer shimmery finish" and the second, a wet application for "a more dramatic intense colour".

      Regardless of the application used Accessorize to claim that this merged eyeshadow will give a rich, colourful application which is long lasting.

      == Packaging ==

      The merged eyeshadow comes in a plastic gold case which has a clear domed lid which features two gold butterflies. Butterflies are the Accessorize theme and is generally used on all of their products. The bottom of the case features the product information, contact information for Accessorize as well as the shade name. It is worth mentioning that you don't get an applicator with this eyeshadow so you will need your own.

      == In Use ==

      I bought the shade "Golden Caramel" which is a mixture of a very pale beige (or very light gold) with swirls of caramel coloured eyeshadow all finished off with a lovely metallic hue. I opted purely for this shade as I thought it would be ideal for everyday wear, especially at work. There are quite a few other shades in the collection ranging from the pinks to the blues but this is one of the most neutral.

      I generally use this as a 'dry' application as I find it much easier to apply. I think my main problem with this eyeshadow for me personally is that it is a baked product rather than a pressed product as it is a lot harder in texture compared to other eyeshadows I use regularly and I found it hard to get enough colour on my applicator to cover the eyelid. I found that I had to apply it several times to build up a noticeable colour but again my shade of choice isn't the brightest so I knew the colour wouldn't be noticeable straight away.

      The only plus side to it being baked is that you don't get any excess waste like you get with others, you know the powdery finish which can go everywhere including on the apples of your cheeks when you apply. Accessorize claim that these are "highly pigmented shadows that instantly bring colour & eyes to life". Now I had to disagree simply because of the shade I own, compared to others it is pale and doesn't really stand out when applied but this statement may be true with the brighter, more vivid shades.

      The finish it gives has quite a shimmer to it thanks to the metallic hues which is nice but again it isn't overly noticeable unless you look closely. As for its lasting power, I am quite disappointed simply due to it not lasting as long as I would have liked. It does need re-applying which for me was a bit of a hassle giving that you need to apply it several times to build up the colour so for me now I hardly use it.

      I have though tried it using the 'wet' application where I just dampen the applicator foam tip and I do get the colour easier rather than applying several layers which is good and the colour is definitely a lot more noticeable although still a nice, decent neutral shade and by using the 'wet' application is does seem to last longer which is obviously better.

      == Overall ==

      A lovely eyeshadow to look at but to use can be a bit fiddly. I probably chose the wrong shade for the 'dry' application but when using the 'wet' application it works a lot better. However, due to not being able to use it properly with the 'dry' application this is one that I don't really use all that often which is a shame.

      Would I recommend? Well yes and no. I like the idea that you can use this eyeshadow two ways but I would definitely recommend that you get a more noticeable colour as although the Golden Caramel shade to look at is a lovely neutral colour it doesn't work so well when applied (unless of course you use the 'wet' application every time). Only 3 stars from me unfortunately.

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Accessorize
      Price: £3.95
      Shades: Various
      Availability: Superdrug


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      25.06.2012 16:30
      Very helpful



      A nice eye shadow that doesnt crease

      Make up is something I have rather a lot of especially eye shadows that I have managed to collect, despite my rather large collection of eye shadows I couldn't resist purchasing the Accessorize Merged Eye Shadow whilst in Superdrug. I was actually shopping for mascara and foundation but had a quick browse at the other things in the make up section whilst I was there and this particular eye shadow caught my eye as it was totally different to anything else I had at home, surprisingly it was very reasonably priced so I decided to purchase it and give it a go.

      The Accessorize Merged Eye Shadow packaging is nothing fancy but combined with the colour of the eye shadow it does look quite pretty. The eye shadow comes in a clear round case which allows you to see the eye shadow inside, the top of the case simply flips up to allow you to get to the eye shadow and clips back in place once you have finished. On the front of the lid is the name Accessorize written in gold writing and a butterfly just above it, again in gold, this is it for the front of the packaging but the gold over the top of the colour of the eye shadow inside really does look quite pretty. The bottom of the case has a round gold sticker on it containing a small amount of product information, at the top of the label is the name of the product which is Accessorize Merged Eye Shadow, beneath this is the colour which in my case was Shade 6 Cocoa. The only other information is the ingredients which are clearly written in black so they stand out against the gold background. Whilst the information is limited it does contain what you need to know.

      The Eye Shadow
      Accessorize Merged Eye Shadow is described as being a baked eye shadow rather than pressed, this is something that I have never heard of and am not sure what the difference is supposed to be, it is also highly pigmented. The eye shadow is a large round dome shape which takes up the majority of the case. The colour of the eye shadow is actually quite hard to describe, the main background colour is a maroon/brown colour with a marble effect of silvery blue shades mixed in, it is this marble effect that caught my eye and drew my attention to this eye shadow. This marble effect of different colours allows you to make slightly different shades of eye shadow depending on what you fancy. The eye shadow has a metallic look to it, however this is quite discrete.

      The Merged Eye Shadow can be applied in two ways which I did not know until I looked it up online, you can apply it in the usual way with the eye shadow being dry or you can apply it wet which gives it a more dramatic finish, personally I have only tried it with a dry finish so far but now I know it can be applied in the two ways I will be giving it a go by applying it wet. As I have mentioned I purchased the Accessorize Eye Shadow in Shade 6 Cocoa, however it does also come in a few other colours as well including
      * Gun Metal - silver, grey and black shades
      * Moon Dust - Creamy gold shades
      * Golden Brown - Brown, gold and bronze shades
      * Golden Caramel - Peachy, gold and slight light bronze shades
      The eye shadow makes no promises of being suitable for sensitive skin, personally I have had no problems with this so far, however the ingredients are on the back of the packaging so you can check these before wearing it just in case it contains an ingredient that you are allergic to.

      Price and Availability
      Accessorize Merged Eye Shadow is available anywhere that sells Accessorize make up, it is also available from the actual Accessorize shops and online. I purchased my Merged Eye Shadow in Cocoa from my local Superdrug and the 3g pot cost me £2.95 it can be purchased from Accessorize for £4.50. Whilst the eye shadow is more expensive than some other brands you can buy it is not the most expensive on the market. Personally I feel that this reasonably priced as you do get a lot of eye shadow for your money and I always find that eye shadow lasts a long time so you do get your moneys worth with this

      My Opinion
      I have used my Accessorize Merged Eye Shadow several times now and have been extremely pleased with it. I have never tried the Accessorize eye shadows before so I had no idea how good they were, I was hoping that it was going to be long lasting and look as good as it did in the case. I have only tried the eye shadow with a dry finish and apply it with a small eye shadow brush as it does not come with an applicator. I found that when applying the eye shadow you do not need much at once, you do not need to keep applying more and more coats to get a good finish. When applied the colour of the eye shadow is really pretty it comes out as a maroon/ brown shade, if you wish it to be lighter you can sweep the brush over the silvery blue parts more, when on your eyes the eye shadow doesn't really look that metallic however this does not really bother me.
      The Merged Eye Shadow is extremely long lasting, I can apply this in the morning and by evening the eye shadow has not creased and the colour still looks pretty much the same as when I applied it, it may have faded slightly but not so much that I feel I have to re-apply it, the fact that it lasts well and that you do not need much at a time makes the eye shadow long lasting and good value for money. I will definitely be purchasing some of the other colours that are available in this range as they look very pretty in the case and give a lovely finish, this is certainly one I would recommend.


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      23.06.2012 00:46
      Very helpful



      A lovely product

      I purchased my Accessorized Merged eye shadow around six months or so ago after spotting it in Superdrug. I had never heard of the product but when I saw it I fell in love with the cocoa shade and wanted it immediately. Unfortunately they only had testers left and after several weeks and several visits to different branches of both Superdrug and Accessorize trying to find one that was in stock, I finally ended up purchasing this online.

      Accessorize make two different eye shadows, the standard ones which are one solid colour and then the Merged shadows which are multi-tonal. The Merged shadows are baked but rather than using just one colour, they have other colours (typically metallics) running through them to give a marbled effect.

      The first time I saw make-up with this sort of effect was when I spotted Laura Gellar's range of products on QVC, which are made in a similar way. I had bought her Balance and Brighten powder, but it was expensive, so that was my one and only purchase. These shadows from Accessorize are the first time I've seen this kind of make-up on the high street at an affordable price, and as well as the eye shadows a blusher and bronzer are also available

      The eye shadow comes in eight different shades, from pinks, purples, browns and silvers hopefully you will find one to your taste. As mentioned, I bought cocoa, a deep brown with silver and almost lilac tones running through it.

      The merged shadows are packaged in a very simple round compact, made from clear plastic. Although simple, I feel it is ideal to showcase the product inside, which is something of a work of art.

      No applicator is supplied so I use my Ruby and Millie eye shadow brush to apply this. The brush picks up the colour well with only a few sweeps and the powder feels soft and smooth against my eyelids. There is very little fall out from the powder, so I am not left with speckles of eye shadow on my cheeks.

      The colour comes out quite dark, but the veins of silvery purple running through it leave me with a slight shimmer to the colour. I think it looks quite nice on, it adds real definition to my eyes, but being so dark I tend to save it for evenings as it creates quite a dramatic look when black mascara is added.

      I usually use a primer with my eye shadow, but as with all my eye shadow reviews I tend to try it without too as I know primer is not something everyone uses. I found, sadly that without a primer the shadow did not last long at all. It seemed to crease quite badly, so I was left with naked lids and a dark brown line in the crease of my eyelid. With a primer however it is excellent and long lasting with no creasing or smudging and keeps the colour well. I last used this last night and it lasted at least six hours. For the record I use Urban Decay Primer Potion.

      The eye shadows are available from both Superdrug and Accessorize stores and retail at £4.50 each. You get quite a decent amount of powder for your money, so I don't think that price is too bad.

      Overall, I'm very pleased with this product. It looks good on and is a little bit different from my usual single tone shadows. I will continue to use it until it runs out and will be happy to purchase more products from this range.


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