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Accessorize With Love Merged Blusher

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Brand: Accesorize / Type: Blushers

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    2 Reviews
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      07.08.2012 01:23
      Very helpful



      Try something new with not just one colour, but 3 and even 4 all in a lovely baked blush!

      I have always been fanatic about the Accessorize products, mainly for the pretty butterfly packaging and gorgeous designs. If you are unaware Accessorize is a sister company of the retail outlet Monsoon and they sell, well - accessories such as jewellery, bags, purses and make up. You can find the products in the high street shop, online or in Superdrug. I was having a look at the range in my local store and I was attracted to these blushers - for two reasons. One being that they are 'baked' blushers which mean (like a cake that has been baked) it has risen and is almost domed shaped in the casing. And the second reason is that it is a marbleised or merged blush - meaning each shade doesn't have just one colour, it doesn't have just two it has a whopping 3 different colours interlinked and merged to give you a natural and flawless glowing look!

      I love the packaging with a round, cylinder, sturdy plastic pot measuring roughly 3 inches in diameter. Around the lid is a small border of a pale goldy beige colour with the centre being a see through plastic allowing you to peek at the product which helps when choosing your shade. On top is the trademark butterfly motif that Accessorize use on all of their products with the name clearly wrote in italic gold writing at the bottom on an ever so slight slant. On the back are the ingredients and the shade name. Once you life up the lid, just like a compact, you are presented with the blush and if you turn it to the side you can see that it is slightly risen and dome like just like a freshly baked cake!

      There are 4 shades to choose from. Each shade has one main colour (either a red, pink, coral or a bronze) and then has a few different colours mixed in so that when you swirl it onto your skin it appears more natural and more glowing - as our skin is not just one colour so why should our blusher be?

      The shades are:

      Pretty Pink - This shade is mainly a dark, corally pink as a block colour that has been merged with streaks of purple, gold, blue and pink. This may not sound like it will go but it really does as the streaks are very light and just help to blend out and give another dimension. This would suit anyone really I have fair skin and I think it works really great, but my mate had medium to dark skin and it looked amazing on her too!

      Starlet - The block colour for this shade is a fuchsia pink with a lot of gold, yellow and slight red merged in with it. I would recommend that this shade would suit medium skin tones or if you prefer more of a red blush then this is the one for you.

      Diva - This shade is mainly a plum or a dark burgundy, claret colour that has streaks and hints of pale pink, dark pink and red. I would say this would suit medium to dark skin tones as it has darker undertones and the pink would compliment the lighter tones to give a warm and natural glow.

      Scandal - This shade is the darkest of the range as it is a gorgeous golden bronze colour that had been merged with gold, brown, yellow and ever so slight burgundy. This could double up as a bronzer as it is not one block dark colour that can make skin appear dirty but it is a mixture that gives a sultry glow.

      You may think that it is a bit odd that the blushers have more than one shade but this is not the case - I purchased the Pretty Pink shade and was concerned that the blue and purple was going to make me look like I had veins all over my face but one you swirl your brush around the baked blush the colours merge and mix together and activate once they are applied to the skin. Accessorize have only chosen colours that work well together so there is no danger of looking peculiar.

      I like to apply mine after I have set my foundation with powder however you can wear without because it has staying power! You can set with powder over the top however I think that takes the effect away!

      I really would recommend these blushers as they are unique, different and really natural on the skin, they blend well and smooth into the skin easily. You can purchase at Superdrug, Accessorize and Monsoon stores as well as online. They retail at roughly £5.00 depending on where you buy!


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      28.03.2012 20:14
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      Really nice, fun product, just a little 'young' for me

      A while ago I ran out of a blusher that really impressed me from the Boots 17 range, and whilst I still regard that product as a bargain and a great blusher, I couldn't help but scout around the make up shelves of Boots to see what else had hit the market of late.

      One thing I liked about the 17 product is that it was split into a pink, traditional blush-style colour with one half of the compact being a shimmery white powder, that added a touch of shimmer to your cheekbones without being trashy or too young. So, keeping that in mind, I fell in love with a Soap & Glory mixed-tone, pressed blusher...but not its price tag! It was £10, way more than I could justify spending in the last week before payday, but the tester showed how these mixed, pressed shades of powder combined to leave a beautiful, English rose, slightly shimmery tone across the back of my hand. With my sad face on, I left the store, blusherless and confused (violins, please!) and headed back to my parked car...

      ...which happened to be near Superdrug. Now, my mum moved to a new town recently and I was staying with her - one thing I've noticed is that for some reason, despite it not being a big store, her local Superdrug has a lot more concession stands than I'm used to, boasting cosmetic names I hadn't even heard of. I thought I'd nip in there and indulge my curiosity too.

      Among the stands was one for Accessorize, who I have to admit, beyond seeing some nail varnishes in their St Pancras store, I didn't realise could claim to have a full range of cosmetics - shows what I know! So, taking a quick chance to glance at what they had on offer, my eyes fell upon a sizeable blusher compact, a clip-down lid with a silver ring around the circumference and a clear lid that showed a pearlescent, mixed-tone pressed powder below, boasting shimmery light pink and occasional swirls of darker pink. Golden butterflies flittered across the lid with the Accessorize logo also in gold. I was intrigued, tried a swipe of the tester against the back of my hand and realised that the product was precisely half the price of the one I had been lusting after ten minutes previously - a mere £5 for a significant amount of product. At this point my willpower, so masterfully exerted in Boots, caved to nothing, and this product came home with me.

      ***HELPFUL LINKS & INFO***
      Accessorize, as the name suggests known for its accessories, is part of the Monsoon family and their popular bags, hats, shoes and jewellery can often be bought in or next door to Monsoon clothing stores. This product, a Merged Blusher in the colour Sensation, was my first foray into their cosmetic efforts. I had high expectations as, for all their accessories are high street and not as robust as you might always like, they are certainly superior to the likes offered by New Look or River Island, and Monsoon always screams quality.

      You can find this product at www.accessorize.com, and some of the range is sneaking on to the Superdrug website.

      ***SO WHAT'S IT LIKE?***
      Excitedly, I got home and took the product out of the bag. To open, you pop the clasp at the front of the lid and this pivots upwards. No brush is provided, but I always carry a small brush with me.

      Beneath the lid you see a pressed powder dome with those swirling, mixed-together shades of pink. You really do get quite a bit of product here and the press seems very effective (to date, this has gone everywhere with me and also took a significant smack when I dropped my make up bag off the table, but the dome has yet to crack). I swirled my brush across the top and noticed immediately that when you do this, quite a lot of superfluous powder does come loose - however not enough to make you panic and think that the mixture is unstable or that you are wasting product and getting it everywhere. You just need to use the brush to scoop out the escapee powder from the compact now and then to keep things under control - I have yet to have this fall on my clothing or make a massive mess.

      So onto the application....and here I found myself slightly disappointed...

      I always wear foundation and powder and put this on top of it. I do like the colour, but I feel that the level to which this item shimmers negates some of it, and either the shimmering could be toned down (which I would advocate) or the colour made bolder (which I would still wear).

      I just feel that, when applied, the sheer effectiveness of the light-reflective content of the shimmering light pink colour of this product makes it stand out and completely soften the darker tones. When pressed together in a pot this product looks darker than it does on my cheekbones, and unfortunately the unsatisfactory tradition of using testers on the back of your hand doesn't illustrate how this product will operate on a wider skin surface and at a different angle to light.

      I'm very, very fair but I do think I could take more colour than this and because the shimmery tones of the powder are so much more noticeable - almost like a highlighter rather than a blush - I feel that this product is a bit 'young' for me and would probably look astonishing on a youthful 20-year-old who doesn't need to plaster her fair skin with foundation!

      This said, just because this particular tone (and I believe there is a darker one in the range) is not ideal for me, it doesn't mean I'm not impressed. For a start, I wouldn't rule out picking up the darker tone and being a bit braver when this runs out - and that's going to be a LONG time! I still use this every day, particularly now it's spring, I'm just not madly in love with it and probably wouldn't buy this particular shade again. But I can't criticise the fact that it lasts, it doesn't look chalky or dry, and it doesn't transfer or flake off on my clothes (not that I'd advocate rubbing your face on your favourite white silk top!). It is a really nice product, and for the amount you get for it, the quality and sturdiness of the packaging and the longevity both in use each day and in terms of lasting as a whole, this is a strong product that, for £5, is an absolute bargain for early-20s or late teens who could easily shell out about £7 for a significantly smaller Bourjois blusher (although admittedly with them you'd have a blush brush and a mirror). Personally I just wish they'd put in a bit more of the dark pink pigment that I think I need to make my cheekbones stand out, rather than the dominating sheer pink shimmer that I just don't think I'm young enough to carry off any more - although with summer coming up, and the fact that with my currently red dyed hair may soon go brunette, this could well be far more suitable for me in coming weeks.

      I really like the idea of this product and think it is both well done and well priced. Having used this consistently in two months since purchasing not only have I barely made any impact on the amount of product left, the colours in the merged powder are still separated and have not become one big, blended mess, and the packaging has not let me down once despite my being epically clumsy.

      The fact that the tone isn't exactly right for me is not the fault of the product, but I will take one star off for being too shimmery and not blush-based enough, more of a highlighter than a blush in the conventional sense of word. To me, that sums this product up the best - this is a modern, girlie blush, not a classic, old-Hollywood glamour style blusher. This doesn't mean it's not a really high-quality effort, and for me it represents fantastic value and is a great, fun blusher.

      If you're looking for the classic blush product, look elsewhere, but if you want a light, fun, girlie shimmer, then this is a high quality option for you. A good effort from Accessorize as they break into cosmetics, but this is not Hollywood glamour.


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