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Almay Amazing Lasting Eye Pencil

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2 Reviews

Brand: Almay / Type: Eye Pencil / Suitable for: Eye

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    2 Reviews
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      18.07.2011 18:26
      Very helpful



      Although it doesn't like water too much, I still love this product for everyday use.

      I am a great fan of black eye liner as I love the definition which it gives your eyes and the different styles you can experiment with it.
      This Almay Amazing Lasting Eye Pencil does exactly what it says it will in the name, mine lasts me really well all day without smudging, fading, or changing at all! I am really pleased as this is the first eye liner I have ever owned which can last so well.
      The texture of the pencil is great, and draws on just the right amount of product, some do not work as well and you have to press pretty hard on the pencil for it to draw, but this applies really easily.
      The price of this eye liner is pretty reasonable as well, and the product is definitely worth the money.
      The only thing that I can fault with this product is that it doesn't stay on in water, and does come run a little if it is raining badly, but it isn't too bad, and I still love the product overall.


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      22.04.2008 21:44
      Very helpful



      A masterpiece!

      How annoying is it in life when you find a range of products you love and go to the shop knowing exactly what it is you want (it doesn't happen often cos your indecisive) but you have a list in your head knowing that said range offers everything exactly as you want it?

      Well a few months ago this happened to me in Boots. For anyone that has read my reviews you can see I'm not particularly faithful to any brands in particular apart from Soap & Glory and Lee Stafford but until this range left the shelves out of the blue from Boots I was a fan of Almay! The stand had vanished into thin air overnight. Nothing in its replacement either and it left me in a quandary to which eyeliner to swap to.

      Now to some people this may sound silly but I had found my perfect product. One that was simple and looked amazing and was easy as pie to apply and bang gone from my life just like that with no apology! It's led my life down a different path, and now my make up bag is full of disasters when I've bought different types and makes of eyeliners that are quite frankly pitiful in comparison. I've only just recovered from the shock of losing Almay not that I was bothered bout any other make up in the range but R.I.P my eyeliner it was a very sad day.

      However I've bought loads of eyeliners as I said and then one day I was in TJ Hughes and there it was! So I cleared the shelf and it cost me pennies! It's made my life back to perfect again and I shall be ok now on the eyeliner front for the next few years!

      So as you can guess already this is a positive review and before I start it is difficult to get hold of this product but it can easily be purchased online as I'm sure Almay fans are already aware of and also on markets, discount stores and keep your eyes open in pound shops and the like! I've seen it as little as £1.00 and I was paying almost £8.00 in Boot's at one time for this!

      The Packaging....

      Long shimmery silver plastic, thin, recyclable 'pen' with matching long push on lid. On the side in grey writing I'm told it is Almay ,Hypoallergenic, Amazing Lasting Eye Pencil and then near the base of where the push on lid goes to I'm shown a band of colour which is the colour I have bought. Round the back there is a white bar code and I'm told my colour which is, in my case Precise black and then I'm given contact details for Almay. Really nice packaging but does have a small problem to be honest with you.

      The 'pen' is robust and none scratching but I've owned quite a few of these over the years and I'm not sure if it's me but I keep pushing the lids down too far and putting breaks in them which means the lid is in effect broken and doesn't sit on the pen right and in some cases won't go on at all! Really annoying and the reason I do it is because its such a long lid! Now the slightly moist colour is within the tube and you twist the whole of the pen case up as far as you need to to apply the tip to your eye. This you never have to sharpen so bonus!

      Using It....

      Now the thin colour is blunted slightly at the tip and this gives the impression that this will go on your eyes quite thickly. It doesn't it goes on as thin or as thick as you want. It goes on like a dream because it is slightly moist but really it's ever so slightly damp and this prevents clumping on or dragging the delicate skin around your eyes. Also if like me you have a few fine wrinkles on your eyes this sits on top rather than showing them up more. Although moist and easy to apply it looks like eye pencil when on your eyes so it really does define and gets into the corners very well.

      Now my colour is precise black and it is just that, a matt black. I find it easy as anything to put on thick in a goth style or really thin and if I want to I can fan it out and create shapes.

      This product isn't heavy or thick no matter how much I apply to my eyes and if I make a mistake its easy to fix with a cotton wool bud and doesn't leave shadows. Another nice thing for me is that the top of my eyes are getting a bit droopy and if they touch the rim of my eye when I've applied this it doesn't transfer and even though it's moist and I touch my eyes by accident it's 'set' so I don't get into a mess.

      My friend came round yesterday and at the last minute decided she was off out on a date later that night. I said stay and get ready here and use my make up which she was really pleased about. Now I use my eyeliner under my eye rim and along the top she uses it on the bottom eye rim (up close to her eyeball) and the top rim and she actually said she loved it and asked where to get one she was so impressed as it didn't irritate or get bits in her eyes.

      Never has it irritated my eyes being hypo allergenic and although it's a stay put eyeliner which lasts till you choose to remove it it comes off really easily along with the rest of your make up. No extra scrubbing required.


      A really, really easy product for anyone to use it's simply really nice. Its brilliant at achieving any look you desire, you choose and if you get adventurous and then decide you've made a mistake that really isn't a problem to correct. They last ages and they store well and don't dry out. One application is enough for hours and hours of defined peepers. Personally I've put it on at 8am and partied till dawn and it's still there with no fade with plenty of life still left in it even if I'm ready to flake out!

      If you love the look of conventional pencils but are sick of sharpening them or being in the middle of creating a masterpiece for the nib to fall off and create havoc then this is a really simple answer as it achieves the same result but is a different concept. No sharpening girls! Need I say more?!


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    • Product Details

      Long-lasting easy application with an automatic point that glides on in a clean line every time / No need to sharpen and is water and run resistant / Suitable for contact lens wearers /

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