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Almay Lip Shine

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Brand: Almay / Type: Lip Shine SPF15 gives lips shimmering shine and keeps them beautifully soft with vitamins and aloe. / Suitable for: Lip

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    3 Reviews
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      19.03.2009 15:07
      Very helpful



      Great! I recommend this

      What the website says:
      Give your lips a high-shine with shades that are sure to flatter. This sheer gloss brushes on smoothly and never feels sticky. Nourishes lips with aloe, avocado, sunflower seed extract and moisturizing coconut oil, while a burst of peppermint refreshes your lips. Available in 8 shades of perfect neutrals, pinks, berries and reds.

      I first tried this lip gloss when I was given it as a birthday present from my friend Jess who is a total Almay lover! I have it in several colours now and love them all! The lipgloss delivers just the right amount of shine without being too sticky like MAC Lipglasses or GOSH Cool Lip Jams. But what sets this lipgloss apart is how long it lasts once applied. If I put it on at 8am, I only need to retouch at 12pm after my lunch. There is a nice variety of colours and they are not too sheer nor too sticky. I also find them fragrance free and they do not dry my lips out at all.

      The doe foot applicator is of quite good quality and manages to apply just enough gloss, and is hypoallergenic.

      The perfect, moisturising lipgloss for Spring!


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      17.12.2007 21:17
      Very helpful



      Decent lip gloss with a lot of shine and better than average staying power

      ~~The Company~~
      I like to know a bit about a company before I buy their products as I am becoming increasingly concerned about the ethical background of my products. According to its website, Almay has been around since 1931, and was founded by a husband and wife team, Alfred and Fanny May Woititz (hence the name Almay) due to the fact that the cosmetics available at that time were too harsh for Fanny May's skin. Almay make a range of skincare and cosmetic products, all of which they claim are made with "pure, safe ingredients that are good for the most sensitive skin". Importantly, Almay don't test their products on animals.
      ~~On to the product~~
      I have been using Almay's triple effect mascara, and absolutely loving it (unfortunately it's no longer available in the UK. sob) so I was interested to try another of their products. This is a lip gloss, which also contains an SPF. It was this that appealed to me, as I liked the idea of being able to protect and beautify my lips at the same time. To make it even better it contains aloe and vitamins to apparently soften your lips.

      A quick word on the look of this product. First, it is sold with a minimum of packaging- just the bottle, no extra packaging to throw away. The bottle is an attractive square shape, with a silver lid, and a see through tube, which means you can see the colour of the product, and tell if it's running out. There is a sponge applicator fitted to the lid, which, as is the norm, sits inside the gloss when closed so that when you want to use it you just pull it out and there's the gloss ready to apply.
      It's easy enough to apply. The applicator allows it to go on nice and easily. After one coat my lips look shiny with just a hint of colour. The shine and colour deepen as you apply more coats, but I think 3 is probably the maximum you would want to apply as more than that doesn't actually seem to enhance the effect at all, so you're really just wasting product.

      ~~The feel~~
      After application I can feel the product on my lips. They feel a bit wet and ever so slightly sticky. It doesn't appear to dry out my lips at all, but I'm not convinced it's made them any softer. The gloss doesn't seem to dry as ten minutes later I can still feel wetness on my lips, and when I touch my lips a bit comes off my on my fingers. I guess this is normal for a lip gloss, but it's a slightly uncomfortable feeling, and it feels as if the gloss will come off on anyone/thing I eat, drink or kiss.
      ~~The taste~~
      Unlike some lipglosses this one is not flavoured so there is no pleasant fruity or artificial sweet taste. Actually when licking my lips I notice that it has very little taste at all. A definite positive as some lipglosses leave a horrible chemical taste in your mouth every time you lick your lips.

      ~~The Look~~
      Like most lipglosses it doesn't add a lot of colour, just a hint, but it does, as the name suggests, give them a lovely shine. When first applied the shine is very strong- it almost looks as though your lips have a plastic coating, but this fades a little after a few minutes leaving a more subtle shine.
      ~~Staying power~~
      The staying power is actually quite good. With no eating, drinking or kissing you will get a good few hours wear out of it, albeit with the slightly sticky feeling I mentioned earlier. I have noticed that if I kiss anyone on the cheek while wearing this that a stain is left on their cheek. Drinking yields the same result on the glass unfortunately. After one full drink most of the shine is gone, but a hint of colour remains. A full meal will completely remove any trace of product. There seems to be just a tiny bit of bleeding of the product around my lips but I have only noticed this as I was looking for it in order to report on it, so it's not a major concern at all.

      ~~What about the SPF~~
      In all honesty, I rarely notice my lips burning, so I can't report that they burn less when I wear this gloss. It does make me feel a bit more protected in the sun I guess, but as there has been precious little of that lately, this factor hasn't really had a chance to come into its own.
      I find I can remove most of this just by wiping my mouth with my hand- a touch of shine remains. Any make-up remover will complete the job with no hassle at all.

      ~~Would I recommend it~~
      In a word, yes. It gives a lovely shine to lips without too much colour, and staying power is better than average.
      A quick search on Almay's website suggests this product may have been discontinued as it's not on the list. I'm afraid I also haven't seen it in Boots or Superdrug for a while, so you may have difficutly finding it. There are a few on sale on ebay at the time of writing, ranging in price from £1.99 to £2.99 (excluding P&P), so if you really want it you can get it there. From memory I paid around £5.99 for it in the shop, which I think is a reasonable price, especially as the bottle contains a genorous amount of product menas you won't have to replace it in a hurry.


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        28.05.2007 12:41
        Very helpful



        A good lip shine/gloss

        Almay lip shine

        I do like a bit of lip gloss, and have never been handy with anything more troublesome than slicking a bit across my lips, and being done with it; not the kind of person who has ever been able to use lip liner and lip sticks with any success.

        ~~The product~~

        The lip gloss (or shine) promises to give a glimmering shine, and because of the addition of vitamins and aloe, will protect lips and keep them soft. It is also SPF15 which is good news for all year usage…protect those lips from the elements.

        It comes in a glass lip gloss bottle with a screw on/off cap, and silver lid. When I look at it, my Violet colour does look very shimmery inside the bottle. The lip gloss wand has a small applicator at the end for ease of application – you can indeed apply it at any time and in any place.

        I apply it in the usual fashion, and the gloss goes on evenly, and with just the right amount of glossness! Too sticky and I spend my whole time trying to get the goo off my lips, and too thin and I can’t feel anything there. This one, however feels as though it really is adding a bit of moisture to my lips.

        ~~Available colours~~

        As with most lip sticks and glosses, this is available is a range of colours with spruced up names. This is no exception and is available in the following colours in Boots, although I have seen a website, www.beautyspotcosmetics.co.uk which offers more colours.

        • Violet
        • Candy
        • Chocolate
        • Icing

        ~~Price and Availability~~

        Available online and from supermarkets and chemists, the RRP is £6.99, although Boots have a half price offer at the moment, and you can pick it up for as little as £1 at discount stores.

        ~~What I think of it~~

        I like this lip shine. It has a good consistency meaning that once applied, it really does stay put for quite a long time- obviously not if guzzling copious amounts of food and drink; that would be too much to ask, and in my experience, lip products which promise to stay put are usually quite dry. This one moisturises my lips, and they feel all soft and supple. Not sure if the SPF helps as I can’t see it, but I assume it must be protecting the old smackers.

        I have the violet which does sound as though it’s going to be some kind of nasty lurid purple, but it’s actually very subtle, and hardly looks as though there is anything on my lips. It does however shimmer and glimmer nicely, and I do look a bit glossed up, so that’s good.

        I have had mine for a few months now, and it continues to serve me well- no drying out, and still seems to be plenty of the lip shine left.

        So, for a good glossing stay putting lip shine, I would recommend this one, especially if you can find it at a bargain basement price.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela xx


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