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Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

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6 Reviews

Brand: Amazing / Type: Concealers

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    6 Reviews
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      02.07.2013 12:11
      Very helpful
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      One of the best concealers I have tried

      I must have tried every brand concealer over the years at all price levels. My criteria being that they stay put, don't dry out my skin, make my face look like patchy where I have applied it and actually cover red thread veins.
      With the advances in technology you would think this would be possible but they all seem to fail on at least one of my criteria.

      I saw the Amazing Cosmetics concealer on QVC and it looked like it would fit the bill.

      The Product
      This comes in a very small 6ml tube. I bought mine from QVC, which seems to be the only UK stockist and they sell it in a kit with 2 concealers a brush, a small pot and a make up bag for £29.04 plus postage and packing. I didn't pay that much when I purchased , but I bought mine several years ago.

      You can buy this in several colours fair to light, light to medium and medium /dark so the kit contains 2 different colours so you can blend them together to create a custom colour.

      It is quite thick and dense in consistency and is highly pigmented.

      Based on my experience it doesn't deteriorate or go off once opened as I think I have been using this for at least 3 years.

      I can remember watching QVC and the presenter said that when you first use this you will squeeze out far too much and she was right. You only need a tiny amount as it will cover once blended most discolouration and if you put too much on it will look cakey and sit in pores. So start with a small amount and apply more if needed.

      They recommend applying pin dots with the brush to the areas you want to cover.
      I do that with a brush and then blend with my fingers on my cheeks to cover the red spider veins, under my eyes to cover light shadows, in the corners of one eye, which is always red, and sometimes I use on my eye lid. I use the brush to lightly touch any small areas of discolouration and then lightly pat.

      I find I can cover a large area with a really tiny amount which I dispense onto the back of my hand and then apply with the brush but even with a tiny amount I always seem to have product left over. You could out that in the pot that comes with this kit , but I think the product dries out when it is exposed to air and becomes too dry to apply.

      The Results
      After several bodged attempts I now have the knack with this concealer. I apply a tiny dot on my cheek and then spread as you would a foundation, then pat with my fingertips. I apply 2 or 3 even smaller dots under my eyes and gently pat and smooth to cover and do the same at my eye corner and on the lid.

      You need to work quickly as this is quite a dry formulation and I look into a magnifying mirror to check that it is evenly applied, to try and avoid having obvious patches of concealer. I apply foundation on top but I wait a few minutes before doing that, and that way the concealer stays put and I don't redistribute it to areas of my face where it isn't needed.

      You need to take your time applying this, as it looks awful and patchy if you rush.

      It provides great coverage, which stays put but it is quite dry, and a matt finish, so it doesn't always work for me when my skin is really dry and I end up with flaky patches. It always works best around my eyes where the skin isn't as dry and I tend to use this as a base for my eye makeup and to cover the pesky red corner on one of my eyes.
      If my skin is very dry I apply straight after moisturising and add a small amount of moisturiser to the product. The coverage isn't as good but I avoid creating flaky patches.

      It does feel and look quite heavy when you first apply, but if blended properly will not be visible when you apply foundation on top. Having 2 shades is really useful as I use the lighter on my eyes and to the darker on the thread veins and you can mix to get a mid shade if you need to.

      Make sure you remove any excess product on your hand as I once managed to ruin a jacket as I caught some of the product and the stain would not come out.

      Would I recommend?
      This isn't perfect as it is quite dry, but it is a heavy weight in the concealer market and will cover anything and it stays put. I would imagine that it would be perfect for oily skins, as at times it doesn't suit my very dry skin.

      I tend to use this when I am going out and have more time to apply my make up as if you rush this, you will end up having to take it off and start again as it will look a mess if you apply it badly or put too much on.

      I find concealers are either too dry and look patchy as you cant blend them easily, or are too wet and the concealer slips off, so although this is on the dry side I can use this successfully most of the time, but when my skin is very dry I have to add moisturiser so the result isn't as good.

      I don't have dark circles under my eyes but I do have shadows and it covers those very well.

      I am fair skinned and my skin is very sensitive but this hasn't irritated.

      Although it seemed expensive you only need several pinpricks for each application and I have been using mine for years so it lasts for ages.

      I don't use it every day as I don't have the time to spend, but it is one of the best I have tried and if they just added a tad more moisture it would be perfect.

      I wish I could get away without wearing makeup, as I tend to wear it mostly to cover up discolouration on my skin. As I need to cover up I think concealer is essential and what I like most about this one is it does stay put underneath foundation

      I am going to give it 5 stars as it is a 4.5 star product and 4 stars feels too mean. Plus it is the best of a very long list of concealers I have tried even though it isn't perfect.


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        05.10.2010 19:08
        Very helpful



        The best concealer I have ever used.

        Amazing cosmetics concealer comes in quite a utilitarian looking matt black tube, black with white writing and small white line drawing of an eye, which seems to be part of their 'branding'. The tube has a flat screw top lid, which is small but easy to handle. The item did come boxed and with an insert but I have had it so long now that I have lost the insert and box, even the writing on the tube has almost rubbed off, so apologies for not being able to tell you the secrets the insert imparted. QVC sells this at £22 for a full size 15 ml tube, there is a set available at the moment which gives you two shades in 6ml tubes (one lighter shade for winter, and one the next shade darker for summer), you also get a small screw top pot to mix to your exact shade if you need to and a concealer brush, all for £23.24. There is also postage to take into account of at £3.45. You can buy direct from their site, but the prices seem about the same. The price of this concealer seems very high (and I did think twice, or even 4 times before purchasing), but to be honest I would have gone through several other concealers in the time it's taken me to make even a dent in this one, and would in the long run have cost me far more, so genuinely offers good value for money.

        The instructions include the information that you should use this product within 12 months of opening. However I use it almost every time I leave the house.... Well not just to go into the garden or peg my washing out... my face isn't that bad, and I am nowhere near the end of the tube after about 3 years. The performance and consistency of the product hasn't changed over that time. I always use a concealer brush (which is regularly cleaned) so I am not rubbing my grubby fingers over the mouth of the tube so I suppose it is being kept as clean as I am able. If you are very fastidious you could throw the tube away after a year, but I agree with an article I recently read that said that cosmetic use by dates were over estimated to err on the side of caution (and it doesn't harm profits if we throw something away just because they tell us to, and go and buy another identical product). If something looks icky, smells bad, starts to irritate your skin when it didn't before, or simply doesn't work any more chuck it. Otherwise I would go with common sense and not waste money on replacing perfectly good cosmetics unnecessarily... Rant over.

        The consistency of this concealer is creamy, almost like a thick liquid foundation, and I wondered if it was really up to the job, as I am more used to the stick or 'pot' variety. I find that liquid concealers can be a little too 'thin' to cover blemishes. However 'Amazing Concealer' really is as extremely highly pigmented as the advertising says it is, and your really do only need a minuscule amount to cover half your face, should you so wish. A pin pricks worth will easily cover a couple of blemishes, and it covers them extremely well.

        The concealer spreads like a dream, and works into the skin invisibly, it won't disguise any flakiness as nothing will disguise rough texture. Also if you have open pores and or wrinkles it may sit in them if you apply too thickly, due to its creamy formulation. I use a primer so don't usually get the problem of the product 'settling' into any nooks and crannies where it shouldn't be, but if you apply a thin layer, blend well (as you should always do) and set with a light dusting of powder you shouldn't get a problem with it collecting in creases even without primer. It works well on areas of discolouration and broken veins, but it seems to need a little more touching up on these areas than on a spot for some reason, but still far less than other concealers I have used. This product works very well with a brush, I never thought I would take to using one for anything other than eyeshadow, or redecorating, but I can really see a difference in application using one with this concealer.

        The concealer lasts very well on the skin, and will easily take you through a normal working day, and into the evening if needs be. I recently used it before a friends wedding which took me from application at 9,30 am through to the following morning at 2.30am, all it needed in the way of freshening up was a light press with my finger to 're-settle' it and a light dusting of powder and it still looked perfect by the time I scrubbed it off at 3.30 a.m., (It does come off as easily as any other concealer and doesn't take any special routine). My skin tends to be oily and usually repels make up so I don't expect anything to stay long on my skin without frequent touch ups but this did much better than most products I have used. If you have dry to normal skin then this concealer is ideal as the creamy formulation will pretty much stay where it is put.

        I don't usually use this concealer on under eye circles, as I find a lighter formulation such as Aldi's Lacura under eye concealer, or YSL touch eclat works better there. However after a particularly tiring week recently I had quite impressive circles under my eyes and did give it a whirl, and it worked very well. Again using the tiniest amount, and working from the inner corner out it covered the dark areas perfectly. It is a tiny bit dark for use under eyes as you usually need to use a colour a little lighter than your foundation etc. for under eye circles, but it didn't look silly and blended out well enough to look natural. You can mix it with a tiny amount of under eye moisturiser (which I did) if you like to make a lighter formulation, it works best here over well moisturised skin. Also this concealer doesn't have the light reflecting particles which help to blur and reflect light that products made specifically for this area usually do. I wouldn't use powder over it when applied under the eyes as on this thinner skin it could make it look heavy, and 'claggy', perhaps emphasising any lines you may have.

        I can't say this is definitively the best concealer there is, but it's certainly the best I've ever tried, and I've tried a lot, more than I can remember. A big plus point for this product is that 'Amazing Cosmetics' do not test on animals and I will definitely replace this when it eventually runs out, even if I have to save for it.

        List of shades
        Ivory. Fair. Light Golden. Medium Beige. Medium Golden. Tan. Tan Golden. Dark Tan. Deep Golden. Deep.

        Paraffinum Liquidum/Mineral Oil, Petrolatum, Lanolin Oil, Ozokerite, Pvp/Hexadecene Copolymer, Cetyl Alcohol, Cucumber Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Tocopheryl Acetate, Silica, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol. May Contain: Titanium Dioxide (Ci 77891), Iron Oxides (Ci 77491, Ci 77492).


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          26.12.2009 20:26
          1 Comment



          try a different brand

          mmmmm, well
          I rushed to purchase this after hearing amazing reviews, raving on how good this concealer was. How wrong could I bed.
          Im fair skinned, with a little redness on the cheeks with some very small broken copailaries, and thought this would be the answer to my prays.
          My skin colour being fair, with yellow undertones, and with my blonde hair i decided to purchase the fair colour a hope this was the right shade.
          I was a little suprised as it was darker than i expected, and on followin the instructions to the letter went about the routine to cover the areas of concern.
          you have to use the smallest amout, like a grain of rice, and pat around the area to spread it. patting it witht he finger next you you little finger to ensure its done lightly.
          i found that the area looked caked, and did not last the day as expected, and when you put the powder ontop to set, it made you look old and as if you had 1/2 a tube of the stuff on - not a nice look, even with the smallest amount used, i got the same result.
          as the day went on, i found the concealer set in the creases around the eyes, making the crows feet too far worse than they really were.
          so if your after a good concealer, look else where, as ive found smashbox far better and a few less £ as well


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            15.11.2009 18:37
            Very helpful



            brilliant - worth every penny

            This concealer in a word is amazing - it does just what it says in the description! It uses its 'highly pigmented and super-emollient' formula to cover all different types of inperfections from spots to redness, blemishes and shadows! The texture is billiant as well, as its not greasy or dry so should work well on most skin tyes (although this is only my opinion from people i know who have used it). It also lasts (on my skin) a brilliant 12 hours...which i absolutely love!

            I bet you are thinking - like I did - that alright it may be a good concealer, but why pay £22 for a small 15 ml tube? Becuase not only does it work pretty much perfectly, you only need a very small amount for each application, so it will probably last as long as your existing concealer only with better coverage!

            I think this would make a great christmas or birthday gift, as it is quite pricey but totally worth it!


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            01.11.2009 23:32



            Well worth giving it a go!! dont be put off by the price.

            Wonderful concealer!."I bought this concealer after stumbling across it on a TV show, and as I had bought all the big name brands in the past and been disappointed I thought I would give this a go. I have dark circles under my eyes and even though I get enough sleep, they never disappear so I thought this may be the answer to my prayers...and it is. I have NEVER used a concealer with so much pigment in it, and I found at first that I was using WAY too much as a tiny amount goes a very long way. The best way I found was with a thin, small brush and then use a fingertip to blend. I have been disappointed with products from the high street that have cost more than this, and although its not the cheapest, I find it gives the best results. I will be ordering it again when just before the tube runs out!"


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            07.07.2009 18:12
            Very helpful



            Brilliant concealer

            Amazing Cosmetics Concealer

            Best friends Sue Katz and Lisa Thurman became business partners when they founded Amazing Cosmetics in 1999. They both had a passion for makeup and felt a woman's skin should not just be treated with skin care but with makeup as well.

            They both agreed a woman can look great with just the basics and look great. They found themselves disappointed with concealer after concealer (which is a woman's best friend) so they decided to start their own brand, Amazing Cosmetics. Their first launch was Amazing Cosmetics Concealer, which is called Amazing Concealer.

            ~About the Product ~
            Amazing Concealer is a make up artist's best known secret. The hottest Hollywood makeup artists swear by it and so do the celebrities. It helps to create the perfect flawless complection, whether on film, TV, red carpet or just us 'normal' people.

            It has been called the magic eraser by beauty writers.

            It conceals dark circles, blemishes, sun damage, broken capillaries, redness and more.

            It comes in 7 different shades:
            ~ Fair (Ultra Light)
            ~ Light Golden (Golden Light)
            ~ Medium Beige (Light)
            ~ Tan
            ~ Dark Tan (Medium)
            ~ Deep Golden (Golden Dark) and
            ~ Deep (Dark)

            It comes in a 15ml tube.
            Use within 12 months of opening.

            ~Where to buy and Price of Product~
            You can purchase Amazing Concealer from QVCUK for £22.00 + £2.95 P+P.

            Alternatively search for it in Google and see if you can get a better price.

            The packaging is good, it comes in a 15ml tube, which you think isn't a lot but you do not need a lot of it so it will last a long time.

            It states on the back they don't animal test, they also list their ingredients.

            ~Personal Review~
            I have been using my first Amazing Concealer for over a year. It does state on the back use within 12 months of opening but mine is still perfectly fine and I have loads left. A little does go a long way.

            I have tried nearly every concealer on the market. I have quite dark circles and suffer from breakouts. They wouldn't cover enough and I would have to plaster it on for it to look half decent. Not even by half a day it would have disappeared and I would need to re-apply thus being caked some more.
            I saw Amazing Concealer on QVCUK and I was hooked and bought my first one. I have never looked back since.

            Now I apply a tiny amount under my eyes where my dark circles are, tap the product into my skin with my ring finger and its gone. If I feel I need more coverage I apply a tiny but again until I am happy. I then apply it to my broken red capillaries around my nose and by magic they have gone. I then start on the redness I have and my blemishes. After I have blended it in I look fresh, not tired and I look like I have great skin.

            For me this concealer lasts all day, I dont have to re-apply in the day anymore. Those days are long gone.

            The formula is really pigmented and richly concentrated, so a little really does go a long way.

            I have bought another concealer a month ago as I was 'sucked in' and I have to say it went back. I am sticking to my Amazing Concealer and I will never leave you again.

            ~Would I buy again?~
            No need to think about it, a 10000000% YES.


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