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Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Gemstone Overcoat

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Brand: Andrea Fulerton / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Nail Coat / Suitable for: Nails

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    2 Reviews
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      09.12.2012 16:03
      Very helpful



      A real gem! I love this gemstone overcoat!

      I received this Andrea Fulerton gemstone overcoat as a gift from my sister, who told me it was fantastic and I needed to try it out.

      The idea is to paint this onto your dry painted nails to jazz them up and add a bit of sparkle to them.

      ~ Appearance ~
      It comes in a tall glass bottle with a black plastic lid which is easy to grip. Through the bottle you can see the gem like particles in the clear polish. They are very reflective and pretty.
      The front of the bottle has the name of the product, Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Gemstone Overcoat and it also tells us that the bottle contains 5.5ml of product.
      The back of the bottle has 5 bullet points:
      - Enhance your colour with this beautiful jewel effect
      - Dazzling gem like particles
      - Apply a thin layer
      - Always run the brush along the nail edge to seal the colour
      - Can be worn alone on bare nails
      The back of the bottle also gives you the web address, www.andreafulerton.com.
      The bottle comes in a black, pink and red card box.

      ~ Use ~
      I was keen to try this out as soon as I received it based on the strong recommendation.
      For some reason I nearly always use this overcoat over the top of a dark cherry red coloured nail polish I have as I think the overcoat suits darker colours more and I have found it looks lovely over cherry red nails.
      Removing the brush from the bottle you can see that it is covered in iridescent gem like particles.
      The nail polish is easy to apply. I just brush it over each nail in a few strokes and the gem like particles distribute themselves evenly over my nails. The sparkly particles are not difficult to transfer to your nails from the brush at all, which I have found with nail polishes I have used in the past that had little sequins or large glittery particles in.
      It is honestly just like applying a normal nail polish. You can't even feel the particles in it. It feels smooth on your nails.
      On your nails the gem like particles are a gold colour and they look sparkly and appear to be dotted randomly over each nail. They look gold, but they reflect the light and appear all different colours.
      It looks really nice on your nails and really adds sparkle without looking childish or over the top. It looks smart and elegant rather than glittery and young.
      The nail overcoat lasts on your nails for as long as your nail polish. I'd say it helps to prevent your nail polish from chipping and lasts around 4-5 days. Usually I will only get 2-3 days out of my nail polishes so I am very pleased with this.
      It is really easy to remove with nail polish remover as well, which you don't always find with nail polishes with sparkle or shimmer in them.
      The bottle does say you can use this overcoat on bare nails, but I have not tried this. I don't think the look will be as effective. I imagine it would just be like wearing clear nail polish with the addition of the gemstone effect.

      ~ Price and availability ~
      You can buy this product at Superdrug, John Lewis or Harvey Nichols or you can buy it online at www.amazon.co.uk or www.yourbeauty247.com. It costs £4.99 for the 5.5ml bottle.
      5.5ml may not sound like a lot, but I have had this overcoat polish for over a year and I still have three quarters of the bottle left and have used it quite a few times.

      ~ Conclusion ~
      Overall, I think this is a great nail product and it encourages me to paint my nails more often as I love wearing it.
      People regularly ask me what nail polish I have on when I am wearing this overcoat and seem impressed with the effect.
      I really love it. It is easy to apply, looks really effective over my nail polish and makes my nail polish last longer.
      I can't recommend this product enough. It would make a fantastic stocking filler for anyone who likes painting their nails!


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      27.10.2011 14:18
      Very helpful



      a must for nail polish lovers

      The Andrea Fulerton gemstone overcoat was actually a bit of an impulse purchase for me and to be honest I'm so glad I decided to buy it, as I'd now class it as one of my favourite nail products ever!
      I have to admit when I bought this I didn't fully understand what it was. I thought it was simply a glitter top coat. I'd heard it mentioned when skimming through beauty blogs, but never seen any pictures of it in use, so didn't fully appreciate what the product does. In fact, although similar to a glitter top coat, rather than having particles of glitter, this has large flakes of something resembling gold leaf in it. These flakes actually seem almost holographic, so change colour in the light to give an absolutely stunning effect to the nails.

      The Gemstone overcoat comes in a box like many of the Andrea Fulerton products. There are instructions printed on the back, although in fairness they are not really needed, as using this is pretty simple.
      All you need to do is paint your nails with whichever colour you choose and then simply brush a coat of this over the top. The brush is quite long, but also quite wide so that you can apply the overcoat quickly. It is thick, yet quite drippy at the same time, so you may need to wipe excess from the brush onto the side of the bottle before use. The overcoat has a distinctive nail polish smell to it and it is strong but I didn't find it too overwhelming - plus once it's dried you don't really notice any scent.

      The overcoat dries reasonably quickly - I'd say within 1-2 minutes at the most - and the result is stunning. The particles of sparkle (which I'll call them since I'm not 100% sure what they are!) look absolutely gorgeous and give a look that I've never seen from any other product. As they hit the light they seem to change colour, but are predominantly red and gold tones with perhaps the slightest hint of green thrown in. The product is especially good for transforming nails from a daytime to a night-time look, as it's super quick and takes plain nails to sparkly disco nails in one coat! The flakes don't look too big and I think the overall look is more sophisticated than using a standard glitter polish.

      As the base of the polish is clear, adding the overcoat will not interfere with the coloured polish which you have used to paint your nails. I don't think I would recommend using the overcoat on unpainted nails as I imagine it wouldn't give as good an effect. I've tried this overcoat with many different coloured polishes as a base and have found it to work well with most colours. The only one I didn't really like it with was silver as I found it didn't show up too well. I think on the whole it does look better with darker, bold shades than pale or pastel ones. My personal favourite way of wearing this is over a dark red polish as the red compliments the colours in the overcoat well. It also looks really good over a navy blue or a dark purple, but of course the possibilities are endless.

      The overcoat lasts pretty much as long as your base colour. Given that the base of the overcoat is clear I don't think it will chip as such, it is only when the colour that you have used underneath starts to chip that you will need to remove it. When it does come to removal any standard nail polish remover will do, although I do find you have to apply quite a lot of pressure to get rid of it all, as the sparkly bits seem to stick to the nail quite a bit.

      The gemstone overcoat is available from Superdrug on the high street or Amazon online. It costs £4.99, which in my opinion is an excellent price and I've already bought two more to give to my sisters for Christmas (shhhh don't tell them!). The bottle holds 5.5ml.

      When I'm wearing this product the question I am most frequently asked is 'where did you get your nails done?' which I think shows that it gives a professional finish. Everyone is surprised when I say I did it myself and I have been recommending this product to people left, right and centre since I first bought it. If you love nail polish but are looking for something a bit different, then I would strongly recommend this product, it's fab!


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