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Andrea Fulerton Sparkle Shine Overcoat

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Brand: Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique / Type: Nail Varnish / Subcategory: Coat

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    2 Reviews
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      22.08.2012 01:07
      Very helpful



      Doesn't do as it claims, but it's alright for the price

      I've tried quite a few of the Andrea Fulerton nail products now and in general it is a brand I really like and enjoy using. One product I have been using a lot lately is the Sparkle Shine overcoat. Essentially this is a top coat for your nail varnish, the reason I bought it was that the box it came in said it gave the nails a wet look finish which is something I liked the sound of.

      The varnish comes in a glass bottle and has a cloudy appearance. If you look closely however you will see lots of teeny particles of shimmer suspended in it. As mentioned, it does come boxed although I feel the box is quite unnecessary. Out of the box the bottle doesn't really look anything special, but I find the lid easy to grip and the brush is a good length to apply the overcoat, which is the main thing.

      After applying my nail polish I apply a coat of this over the top. The overcoat is quite a thick consistency, yet not gloopy at all and doesn't drag as I brush it on. It actually goes on really smoothly, but can take a good couple of minutes to dry. I usually try to help the process along with the aid of a nail drying spray, just because I'm impatient.

      When I first got this product I was quite disappointed with the results. In fact, to some extent I suppose I still am disappointed with them. I bought it with the hope of achieving glossy, wet look nails, but in fact, whilst this does add shine, I feel it would be really pushing it to say it achieves a wet look.

      As well as shine, I have also noticed that it adds a very slight shimmer to my nails, as those shimmer particles I mentioned do show up. This is especially true if I wear a very dark colour. One of my all time favourite colours is Navy by Barry M and I found when I applied this overcoat over the top of that one it did leave tiny silver flecks of shimmer on my nails and I didn't really like that look. On paler shades it doesn't show up so much, so I do tend to use it more with pale colours.

      Although the finished look was not what I was expecting I do think this works well as a top coat. I find applying one coat of this over my chosen polish really seals the colour in and makes it last. On average I'd say I get an extra three to four days of wear if I apply this over the top of my nail varnish.

      A 5.5ml bottle of this costs £4.99 from Superdrug.

      Overall, I do think this works well as a top coat and it is a nice consistency and nice quality, but being honest I won't buy it again. The main reason is simply that it does not give the look I want and I would prefer a plain top coat which I could use with all polishes rather than just some. If you want a top coat with a hint of shimmer however, this could be worth a look.


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      21.11.2011 18:28
      Very helpful



      I will not be buying this again :(

      Andrea Fulerton Nail boutique sparkle shine over coat (topcoat)

      This is the first Andra Fulerton product I have tried and I had heard a lot of good things about the nail polish duos by Andra Fulerton so I though I would try one of her products out - they are only available at superdrug as far as I am aware.

      - About the product

      The topcoat comes in a normal nail polish bottle, although instead of the normal amount such as 10ml, this topcoat is only 5.5ml - even though it is still the same price as a normal 10ml nail polish! There are a number of topcoats by this brand but this is the one that most appealed to me, as it is very shimmery/sparkly in the bottle. The topcoat smells just the same as a normal nail polish and it has a normal nail polish brush.

      - What is an over coat and how to use it

      An over coat (an American term I think) is just a topcoat. You use this product after you have applied your normal coloured nail polish as a topcoat is supposed to extend the longevity of your nail polish colour and it usually prevents chipping too. This topcoat adds shimmer to your nail polish as well. Steps for good nail polish are as follows: 1. base coat, 2. nail colour, 3. topcoat.

      - Using the product and results

      I have used this product over a nail polish by Ciate called my fair lady which does not have any shimmer, so I though this would be great to make the light pink polish a bit different. I applied my nail colour without a case coat as it is a light coloured nail polish and I do not feel like I need a base coat with lighter colours. I then applied this topcoat over the top of the nail polish, you have to wait until the coloured nail polish is completely 100% dry before applying any other product over the top, if you don't then the coloured nail polish could come off onto the topcoats brush. I applied a one coat of the topcoat first as I did not know how it was going to look and also what the drying time would be. One coat dried fairly quickly - in about five minutes or so and after one coat I was really quite disappointed by this topcoat as with one coat the glitter/shimmer in the polish was very sparse and not very noticeable. So I waited for about half and hour before applying a second coat of the topcoat to try to make the shimmer in the topcoat more noticeable - as with one coat you could only see the shimmer if you looked quite closely. I then applied the second coat which was very easy as this topcoat applies quite nicely and I did find that the topcoats shimmer was more noticeable but not as noticeable as I thought it was going to be, so I am really quite disappointed by this product so far.

      I did not try to apply three coats of the topcoat, as I though that was going a bit far and in my opinion the shimmer should have shown up well with one coat. The topcoat did look nice on my nails as it did show up shimmery and the shimmer in the topcoat is a mixture of silver and golden fine shimmer so it looked great - but it was only noticeable when you get close to my nails or if I point it out to people. When the two coats of topcoat had dried fully I looked at my nails in natural light outside and the usual light pink colour of the nail polish had turned to a slightly yellow shade, which looked horrible, the topcoat has made my nails look yellow! I had this topcoat on over my ciate 'my fair lady' polish for about five days and I found that this topcoat make my nails chip easily and the nail polish usually lasts a lot longer than five days on its own!

      Overall, I was really disappointed with this topcoat, I find that the topcoats shimmer (the only reason I bought the product) was very sparse and minimal - even though there is a lot of shimmer in the bottle. The topcoat also did not extend the longevity of my nail polish and it made the light pink 'my fair lady' shade slightly yellow!

      - Price and availability

      I bought this product from superdrug and it cost me £4.99, which is a little bit expensive for only 5.5ml and it did not work well either from my experience.



      *Very easy to apply
      *Dried in about five minutes


      *The shimmer, even though it looks abundant in the bottle, it is minimal on my nails and even after two coats of the topcoat it is still only minimal and not very noticeable - unless you look closely
      *The product did not extend the longevity of my nail polish - the nail polish usually lasts a couple of days longer on its own!
      *The product changed the colour of my nail polish slightly and made it slightly yellow, instead of the light pink colour the nail polish underneath the topcoat actually is

      Thank you for reading my review


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